: wow you get kills playing an early game bully, sick skills! ok sarcasm aside, you can get as many kills as you want but if you dont know how to use a lead and finish the enemy nexus off you will never win on your own , you will simply count on having an ally to win you the game or count on having the better late game, but since you play a hyper early game champion you will almost always lose that bet. or worst you take all the kills and leave your team behind while your champ fall heavily and would give a lot of gold to the enemy team once killed putting them ahead. notice the one win you got had a heavily fed cait in your team to hard carry.
doesn't matter if you know how to use a lead and finish if your team mates will never work with you, group, push. It is very easy to kill the 1 fed person if the other team works as a team. Seriously lost a game with all Base towers down, all inhibs down, and our team would not finish. They wanted to farm JG, Farm CS because they wanted "S" rating, enemy team held, got inhibs back and outscaled us. It is a team game and it is still hard to win 3 v 5, or 2 v 5, or 1 v 5 if your team won't work together.
: "you belong to your elo"
Going to help you a little here. ELO MEANS NOTHING in this game. It is about team mates. People who want to work as a team vs those that want to just Troll. I play with and win against Plat, Gold also. Can't get out of Bronze this season because as a support main, very dependent on team mates doing what they are suppose to do, take objectives, push lanes, actually worry about blowing up enemy nexus instead of the blue buff at 40min with all towers down, and open nexus. Just play, focus on your skills, work on what YOU can control, and remember, ELO meand NOTHING and you will enjoy the game more. Until skill actually can outplay stupid, just work on your CS and your skills.
: Can someone explain this to me?
I am taking it you were jg and not ganking them enough. Problem with an auto punishment system, you may say nothing wrong "technically" but if they have enough people report you, then you get the ban. I hate to say you just have to drop it, but you have to just drop it, accept the loss prob, and move on. Better not to get chat banned and take 1 L then have 5-10 L's because you couldn't work with decent team. Auto ban system based on numbers does not reflect or change player behavior, and when you are JG and they can't hold lane to 4 min without a gank, it really sucks for you. Saw that the other day and they were flaming my JG. Then after we won bot lane, and I went to help him push mid in, he was "don't help, I wan't JG" I just said "team game" and left it alone. Did support my JG though who did nothing wrong and said "not his job to help you hold lane at 4 min". Sorry man, People don't support those that are sometimes right because they don't want an afk. So they mute or just say nothing. Not fair, just way it is.
: Giving player "Rating" at end of game
it is very possible to be 0/4/10 and have good CS but you didn't get the kill in fights (thus the 10). If you push in towers, and keep pressure, and help with objectives (drag, rift herald) but not getting the kills, that doesn't mean you had a bad game. The Cs can be perfect and your not going to be "S" rating. Point is if your 16/0 at 15 min then spend 15 min farming CS instead of pushing your lead, and your team loses the game, you don't EVER deserve an "S" Rank. You lost, you were fed, you gave your team up.
: Giving player "Rating" at end of game
Ok Genius, since you show your maturity by wanting to call names, I didn't say you didn't have to get kills or cs to push a lane. You don't have to have 200 cs in a game that last 15-20 min if you are pushing as a team, and not getting picked individually because you want more cs. Leaving your team to get an S rating because of CS requirements does nothing to help team, usually hurts it. The point is they are not leading, they are going to CS, JG, whatever just to get a rating and not to win the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Billybaroo2314,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AHaJit6l,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-10T20:50:13.255+0000) > > Actually any "Competitive" Game, Sport, this attitude is NOT natural. Have been an athlete at very high levels and if you are toxic to team mates, and wanted just focus on your numbers and not care about winning or helping the team, you find yourself on bench or off that team fairly quickly. Most Good teams, or Good Coaches realize everyone has a role to help the team and your only as strong as your weakest link. This idea of "running over each other" only applies to the "E-sports" people who can sit behind a keyboard and flame someone without consequences. If your on a real team and you start calling someone names, flaming them, saying they suck or KYS, you may eat a fist to the face. Only in E-sports does your attitude exist. You're wrong, this isn't E-sports, this is Solo Queue. When you scrim with an actual E-sports team, your teammates don't really give reason to get mad at them, or more precisely - not nearly as often. They wouldn't int and when they make a mistake they'll be more careful next time.
an E-Sport is an "Electronic Sport", something on the computer. Not in Real life. Your point is, well you have none since you don't know what an E-Sport vs Real Sport is. Flaming is a reason to be mad at someone btw. No reason to call people names and trash talk them behind your computer screen. That is exactly my point.
: Not a player behavior issue.
You are correct, I thought I had it in the right forum, my fault. Was more a suggestion for gameplay.
: Call me what you will, but I'm sick of my team always throwing.
So you discuss his point by talking about a "champ pick"??? He has a very valid point, and a big part of the problem is the "Grading system" that rewards individual play over team play. "We lost, but I got my S so must be you that sucks" Never mind the "S" was afk farming minions, and just going for picks, and never took a single objective. The point is valid, I have lost way to many games that are thrown because of the "Grading" system rewarding KDA and Minion farming over actually winning the game.
: Giving player "Rating" at end of game
How is asking to make a player who is earning a grade on their game performance have to actually win the game, me "Mad about not getting carried hard enough"? If you are fed, and are just farming minions while your team is losing lanes, pressure, the game then how are you carrying the team anyway. Just because you have a good KDA or good farm if you don't actually do anything to help team win, you don't deserve an S. But you sound like someone who thinks you win with Kills also, can't figure out that if you don't blow up the Nexus you will never win the game, even if your 100/0/100.
: Competitive game; this kind of attitude is natural. Mute if you don't like it
Actually any "Competitive" Game, Sport, this attitude is NOT natural. Have been an athlete at very high levels and if you are toxic to team mates, and wanted just focus on your numbers and not care about winning or helping the team, you find yourself on bench or off that team fairly quickly. Most Good teams, or Good Coaches realize everyone has a role to help the team and your only as strong as your weakest link. This idea of "running over each other" only applies to the "E-sports" people who can sit behind a keyboard and flame someone without consequences. If your on a real team and you start calling someone names, flaming them, saying they suck or KYS, you may eat a fist to the face. Only in E-sports does your attitude exist.
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: I think it'd be nice if there was more teamwide gold distribution for things you've done. The tower gold advantage is great. I think supplementing other players with your accomplishments might help players individually impact their games more.
I have thought about this a lot also. Maybe eliminating individual gold for kills and making it team wide would help more. It would get away from the KS problem, and the flaming that can come with it. It would also maybe lower some of the attitudes and push of the people that go 5/5/0 at 10 minutes and yes they get strong but their mid who is still 0/0 or bot that is 1/0 and 2 levels behind them at 10min now is not made obsolete by the enemy teams jg that is 0/0/5 and way ahead as well as the top that is way ahead, because top fed himself, and 2 others from other team then wants to run around "you all suck" because they are so far behind to the people he fed, they can't compete for a while. I support a lot, nothing worse then at 10min being 1 or 2 shot by a top or jg because they have fed off other lanes, and your team always "this bot", "this adc" "you guys suck" (pick insult we have all seen). Team gold distribution may get rid of the individualism that is rampant especially in lower elo. This is a HOTS thing as well, so always hate bringing it up that way, but it is a good idea. Get if focused on the team, and less individual. Great idea.
: MMR is fine. For every loss streak you get, you're also going to get a win streak, provided you're playing on par for your elo. Play better, and you'll turn more games and earn more win streaks. Play worse, and you'll earn more loss streaks. There's a random element to it, yes. And I sympathize. It can be extremely frustrating when you play five games in a row that are straight up impossible to carry (for anyone remotely near your elo). It happens, though, and is just part of the climb. Statistically, there's _no way_ to avoid this. The more ranked games you play, the more likely you are to run into an unfortunate pattern like this. That's just reality. That's math: select an arbitrary portion of any given series, and you'll start seeing patterns. Though remember, the opposite is also true. I'm sure you can think back to plenty of amazing win streaks you've had. Maybe you felt that you "carried" them. Of course you felt that way! It feels better to. But I'm sure that, if you're being honest with yourself, you can also think of plenty of streaks that you won simply because the enemy team was _bad_. It wasn't even a challenge. At any rate, here's the deal. You can't reward players with rank based on individual performance, because the only true determinant for skill is _winning_. Individual performance metrics will cause players to stop playing to win, and instead to pad out those metrics. I've already seen this. You've already seen this. Think back to that jungler that refused to end the match, because they didn't have enough CS to earn their S grade yet. (And then they nearly threw by dragging on the game, didn't they?) Remember that with statistics, the fewer games you play, the more likely you are to experience statistical variance. But play a ton of games, and it all evens out. In the short term, random factors are a pain. But in the long term, your skill is the only factor.
You have valid points, and I do consider them. Another point is though that a lot of people can't play 200 games a week due to life issues. They are not looking to be pro's, Master, Challenger even diamond. I don't have to be that level, I would just settle for a way to be matched up with people even at bronze that are not totally toxic asshats every time they play. Give us a chance to move up a little. I am in no way the best player, don't think I ever will be, but I play this game for fun, I play it to challenge myself, having a way to get with more players, because I do think they are out there, that want to challenge themselves and stay positive when they make a mistake, and learn from it and don't have to flame their mid because they he went 0-1 at 4 min because he made a mistake, got ganked because overextended, whatever would help keep players in the game as well. Good points, good positive response, I will say every time if we keep positive, and look for ways to improve we aren't hurting anything, but doing nothing will never change anything. I will agree to disagree with you that MMR is fine at the moment though. You can evaluate a persons skill in a team game as well. Mike Trout is on a losing team, he is also considered the best player in baseball, or within the top 5 by everyone. You can see his skills but he can't carry his team every game. They walk him (focus him equiv.) they find ways to let him do his thing but not win the game. You can say this for any sport that some of the greatest players have been on losing teams, and the only reason they have gotten championships or moved up is to put better team mates beside them. That is what I'm looking for suggestions to do, get the players together that are wanting to improve, working to improve, and let it be a true skill level MMR. There are no easy solutions for this, but looking for some is better then keeping a broke system as is. Maybe make the metrics not on individual goals (I agree with you on your example of S above) make it about how much damage they did to objectives (towers, dragon, baron, RH, Inhibs). This shows an understanding that this is a team game and you have to focus the things that lead to winning the game as much and really more then your own individual numbers. Have seen many a game that I go 8/5/10 but 4 of us took out towers, pushed in won game and the random 5th that got an S because he went 11/1/10 with 300cs because he never pushed and never helped except to KS at end of team fights, "I carried you all, you all suck, look at my S" and did nothing to really help win the game, just push his own "S" score.
hotarse (NA)
: I don't think any of your suggestions would help. I also don't think any of them are implementable. Here's what needs to happen to fix the MMR/rating in order to have better matchmaking. 1. We need less variables in matchmaking. The more variables the higher the chance something goes wrong. One variable is blue vs red side. Currently, red side is disadvantaged, and to make up for it matchmaking attempts to put higher skilled players on red side. Another variable is number of premade players. I believe there should be a pure SOLO q since premades cause a lot of variance to match making. Autofill also adds another variable to the list. The team with an autofill is more likely to lose than one without it. To fix this I would suggest fixing the problem of no one wanting to play support by giving supports much of their power back. I'm talking their season 1-3 power that got nerfed out of them. By making the game enjoyable for all roles, autofill would cease to be a necessity. Riot Game, instead of fixing their problem, put so many bandaids onto that now matchmaking is incapable of creating an actual good game that feels close and fair. The fact that games are getting shorter is an indication of this. Unfair matchmaking leads to ranking not representative of actual skill which leads to more unfair matchmaking... a vicious cycle. 2. Riot needs to, simply put, make it easier for players to end up in the ranking tier that is closer to their "true" MMR. When people ask why they are being matched up against players of much higher ranking (and losing horribly because of it) Riot provides the explanation that the player is actually as good as those of a higher ranking, that his MMR is not representative of his ranking. Thus we get games where a silver player may be matched up against a Diamond player. This excuse is ridiculous. If the player is indeed worthy of a diamond ranking due to his MMR, then the system needs to find a way to get him there FAST. The longer it takes to reach your true ranking, the more uneven the games in ranking will be. It will take ages for players to finally sift into a range of rankings that they belong to.
I agree, most of my suggestions may not be implementable, that is why I said even in the post it would be hard and maybe not possible. Your point of getting people to their true MMR faster is what I'm thinking about also. Your suggestions are part of my points also, and if Riot looks at these also, and maybe finds a way to get people to their true MMR then that is my goal as well. We never fix anything if we don't point out some flaws and at least try to come up with a solution. Trying is never a bad thing, failing and learning is always a great thing. But doing nothing will always get us no where, Thank you for good thoughts and Ideas and staying positive in process.
: I already said to not say KYS early. It's 40 minutes accumulated time on minimum, because, if you afk for 10 minutes, you drain 10 minutes each from 4 people, so it adds up to 40 total minutes among the 4 people. If you afk for 10 minutes, you will likely lose the game. Games currently are 20-30 minutes, so that accumulates to 80-120 minutes wasted total, excluding the time the afker wasted, which is pardoned because they intentionally afkd, while the other people had to bear the consequences. Video games are meant for enjoyment. The reason the time is being wasted is because the people aren't enjoying playing with the afk. That's the purpose of video games.
I understand your point, and i hate it also when people afk, and "waste my game playing time". I hate it when people go 0-13 in 13 min and won't ff also, it's wasting my game time. My point is this, report them as afk, you can do that, stay away from the KYS, KYS and your grandparents, things of that nature because of "wasting my time" as an excuse. If your going to be so serious about your time to tell someone to KYS then you need to re-evaluate what your doing and why. I know you said KYS not acceptable, but don't excuse horrible behavior with bad behavior. Two wrongs don't make a right, is all.
: - You aren't going 10/0/10 in your games, or are very rarely performing on that level. I have been in bronze, players can definitely cause you to have a score a little or much worse than what you normally perform, but it very rarely makes a lasting impact over almost all of your games performance wise. - You are currently on tilt, which is probably making you perform worse and notice small issues in your teammates a lot easier. I would take a break and play normals and then come back to ranked when you are feeling more fluid/relaxed. - Riot has stated before that the idea of a "prisoner island" of toxic people being paired together is not an idea they like and does nothing to fix or resolve the issue. - I don't think changing in game values (like gold) for specific ELO's is a good idea. Consistency and equal play for all play levels is something Riot cherishes (or tries to cherish) a lot, since it allows familiarity and an even playing field for all players. - People (myself included) do say that some ranks aren't very different in skill level in some games, but rank is more determined by consistent play rather than being able to play like a gold player in a bronze game I watch. It's a generalized statement to group up ranks like that, and although some of the differences in ranks don't seem noticeable, there are a lot of small specific details that set ranks apart that I can go into a bit more detail on if you'd like. - Damage roles certainly help to carry, but I'd argue and have seen personally that certain supp playstyles can be very consistent and easy to climb with in lower ELOs (like Janna and Blitzcrank) because they can easily cover up team mistakes or capitalize on enemy mistakes when played properly. A good portion of your points have basis for concern and are legitimate propositions for changing the ranked setting, but there is a lot of reasons the current ranked system is set the way it is to cover the range of concerns for all of the players who participate in it. I've experienced Bronze through Platinum in climbing, and I can tell you that lower ELO is a ***very*** different perspective of ranked than mid to higher ELO and can sometimes look illegitimate to people (and in most cases, it is legitimate, just perspective). I can type out some more if you'd like, but I'll probably not respond till a little later because of sleep.
No, I don't go 10/0/10 every game. And most times when your top lane goes 0/5 in 10 minutes and then loses their tower at 11 min (if that long) and I'm sitting at 0/0 or 1/0 or even 2/0 odds are when his lane comes mid, and begin to 2 v 1 me with him fed more, and a second person helping him my score will prob start going down. Will prob end up 0/1, 1/1, 2/1 pretty soon. We all know how this can snowball. I can say as a sup main most of the time, not uncommon to be 1/3/15 and can't go anywhere because of lack of teamwork. This happens a lot. Have lost more games then I can count with a 2-5 tower lead because of the constant lack of pushing, 1 lost team fight, they baron, gg. Drives me nuts. To say I'm on tilt because I would like to get away from some of the toxic messes out there, not fair, trying to be constructive and find a way to help others that are in same position. I know you didn't mean it offensively so not taking it personal, and when I get on runs, I just quit the game for a while. Part of my point that maybe Riot needs to find a prisoner island, and let the trolls eat themselves is to keep players that are good for the community playing the game. The trolls don't care, they are going to troll. But if I quit playing, and others like me, then all you will have is the trolls. Already have lost numerous friends in the game because they don't want to deal with the toxicity and they will go play another game instead, HOTS or Smite as examples (not that their communities are perfect). To your second point of does nothing to fix anything or resolve the issue that Riot makes....yeah, that makes zero sense to me. People are getting fed up with the toxic trolls out there. You see all time people posting the community is terrible and good people are leaving the game because of it. I don't understand how if a person is constantly being toxic and reported as such, getting them away from the people who are being honored as good team mates is a bad thing. All you do is reward the troll maybe with a win, or worse, and more often you get the good player to quit playing. Your point of sup play style covering mistakes, I agree, they can. So can any good support. Can blitz 1 v 5 or Jana, or any support usually. Most games I would say no. So, if your team will not group, will not push, constantly just go get picked, Does that show that I'm a bronze skill level. I understand it's a team game, and I understand that there are little details in skill level that you can tell the difference between a true bronze, silver, gold,.....Pro player. Everyone has good/bad games. The problem stll remains that dropping from silver 1 to bronze 3 because teams won't work together does not show any part of someones individual skill level. We all know the MMR is designed to keep you 50/50 win/loss rate. Winning 1 game because you have a team that will work together, and losing 3 because they won't work together drops your ranking. I know there is NO easy fix to this problem, and it's part of why people feel there is an elo hell. But that is the grind also sometimes. Good players realize the difference in ranks, they also realize when a person has a bad game vs no skill. Upper level who are actually pushing for rank and trying to improve will look at their mistakes first, see if they can fix anything. I understand this, but, and this is why I said not an easy fix, finding a way to teach people the game would help also. I have seen so many games where "Kills win the game man, not objectives" and I just want to cringe. Have played to many games where ADC is farming cs wave, then goes into jg and NEVER pushes and then game turns. Not letting this happen at low elo levels may not be the fix, but just trying to think outside the box a little. Plus it may cause programming issues as well so may not even be possible to have 1 set of rules at bronze, and 1 set at gold. I understand that, just trying to find a way to help people understand the game a little better. I know Riot doesn't want to get a "Prisoner Island" but you keep losing the good attitude players to the trolls, and toxicity and you will end up with it eventually, because all you will have. No easy fix, thanks for the constructive side, I was trying to stay on constructive solutions side as well, and I know a lot can't change. But really, if something doesn't people won't come back, or continue to play. Game is good, I like Riot, and where game is most of the time, and they fix mistakes quickly. But would like to feel like my "Rank" actually had something to do with my skill vs the luck of the draw for team mates on occasion. I have noticed though that during summer, like now, when kids are out of school, the toxicity is much higher because of all the young EP keyboard warriors.
: You cannot be angry and rational. If you're angry, you're irrational. If you're rational, you aren't angry. You can be angry and be in control of your actions, they just won't be rational ones, because, when angry, you aren't thinking rationally.
To me it sounds like YOU can't be rational and angry. Try a few self help books. You will learn.
: Expecting people not to get pissed for you wasting an accumulated 40 minutes of their lives (and quite likely 80-160 minutes, given that a 10 minute afk would probably lose the game)
Your playing a VIDEO GAME. If your time is so valuable and you don't want to "waste 40 minutes of your life" don't play a video game. VIDEO GAME TIME IS WASTED TIME. Get a grip man. KYS NEVER acceptable.
: Oh here we go, another case of entitled kids. Let's pamper the offended baby who doesn't give a shit about the other 9 people in the game that HE que'd up for. Let's wag our finger at the guy who tells this kid how it is. This generation coming up is a bunch of morons and needs a huge reality check if they ever get a job.
Much better way to tell someone "the way it is" then kys and your grandparents. The only entitled ones I see most of the time are the keyboard warriors who think they can berated anyone for anything because they are safe at home and don't have to see the person so their EP is so big they have diarrhea of the mouth. Try to tell someone at work to KYS and see how long you work there. Toxicity is NOT accepted by employers, and in many cases things like that if the company does not act can lead to lawsuits. Don't talk about things you don't understand trying to put someone down. KYS is never acceptable in any situation.
: Telling people to "kys" needs to stop
People telling people to kys, uninstall, flaming in general needs to stop or be punished harder. I agree 100 percent. Hopefully this was in a normal game, and not a ranked game. Hopefully as well, you didn't know before you queued that your grandparents were coming over. Look, life happens, I understand that, but afking for 10 min is also not good for the game or the community. If in a normal game, meh....happens, but if in ranked, you can understand why people are a little upset. KYS, Uninstall, pick insult here, never acceptable though.
: Every Yasuo main after honor level gets implemented
Same, to many times people want to take all kills, and think I'm 12-12-3 I am a god, as they give away their lane, farm jg all game, chase kills, get picked. To many on the OP toons that kill easy will Carry me to a defeat over a win.
: Honor, not Game Play
Great idea, just have to make it able to be checked by Riot. This would prevent the person who does not say anything in chat all game from getting 2 or 3 negative votes from a pre-made, thus punished for it with the negative 10-15 honor, because they like to troll. Obviously you are use to the community and you know this would happen. This is always what makes honoring good behavior and punishing poor behavior prob tough for Riot. Just would hate to see a positive person lose their attitude because of the trolls we have out there that think this is cute. You know they are out there.
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: The new Honor System
I will say it is a good idea, that in the end will mean as much as a person's rank does at moment. Very little. People will dismiss honor rewards as "pre-made farming" and even if a person is a great "shot caller" will not listen to them. People will also not use the system very much in end. I will give credit to Riot for trying, but in the end, the community is so toxic overall, especially in low elo, that people will not honor those that deserve it because of their own shortcomings. But still, at least Riot is trying to do something.
Iriya (OCE)
: This whole "open mid" culture is fucking retarded
Part of the problem is they see the pro's, Streamers, "Good players", who do this without realizing that they know the enemy team is not going to let them come back. They are not going to let them free farm, and run around and chase kills, and not push objectives. The Pro teams know when you have a person down, put your foot on their throat and finish them. They realize also that Kills do not win games, objectives do. So many think that a kill score means your good. I will take an 0/3/0 Ashe/Sorak over the 3/0/0 Jhin/Malphite that took both bot towers because the other two wanted to chase kills and never pushed in a lane any day. Usually the team that does that wins even though down early. Only one way to win in LOL and it's not Kills/gold/dragons/blue buffs/red buffs/jungle camps/or Baron. The only way you win is to blow up the Enemy Nexus before they do yours. If they can't do that I don't care if the score is 30-0 in their favor they will LOSE every time.
Flugaru (NA)
: Tell me if I'm the one out of line
Ok, I will give you the fact that yes if you have a bad game you did hurt the team. I can understand that. So someone you don't know, what gives you the right to trash talk them. Going with your examples, there are jobs that do that, but guess what, people can quit on the spot also, and some places do not allow that. As a supervisor in most jobs, you tell some one "Stop Fucking Up" you can be wrote up and disciplined for it. Yes People do it, Yes it happens, but it is not always acceptable and in more cases then not, not acceptable. Also, when you are talking work and MONEY involved, the company does want results. I know your military and thank you for your service, and I know that happens there a lot. This IS a game after all where people are trying to enjoy themselves and relax from the stress of real life. What gives people the right tell them "go kill yourself", "Uninstall" (Pick whatever here) and trash talk them. What good is it going to do the team, if you piss off one of your team mates. You are only as strong as your weakest link, and as you said you have bad games also. You may not mind being trash talked by your friends, and I do with my friends, but I don't people I don't know as it can only hurt the team. More people understood, support your team mates, be less toxic, WIN MORE GAMES and things would improve also.
HarryBF (NA)
: I agree wholeheartedly. Why doesn't riot make a system similar to World of Tanks where your credits/exp is determined by your performance in game. Winning or losing a match is minuscule to how much damage you've dealt, the amount of tanks you've killed, the amount of spotting done, and the amount of damage blocked. You can lose a match but still gain more than those who have won the match but did nothing (even if you win, if you literally did nothing and died you get ~10exp and ~200 credits where as even if you lost, if you were a one man army you would gain around ~400exp and ~5k credits). I'm just sort of confused as to why your rewards are determined solely by the match outcome. Yes it's a team based game but doesn't that just increase toxicity and degrade performance? If rewards outside of LP were determined by player performance, it would be a good measurement of how well you're doing and establish the pace you progress in game. However, I separate LP because that should be (and rightfully is) harder to obtain. LP should remain as a reward determined solely by the match outcome. It may seem counter intuitive but it balances out if you think about it. Those who perform well on a consistent basis get more IP . More IP means better rune sets and more specific rune pages > better performance in game > higher chance to win. That's just my 2 cents, I still don't know much about the game so feel free to enlighten me.
You have a point, but the thing is this would make the toxicity even worse in LOL. The gold system off of kills already does this enough as it is. This is why you have games where a person can be 22/1/11 and you lose because all they do is chase stats and kills and never help do the only thing that will win you the game, BLOW UP THE NEXUS. People who chase stats and only worry about their own performance can hurt the game, and the gameplay because they never push towers, they never group, they never go for an objective (maybe red or blue as it helps them). Unfortunately since it is a team game the rewards need to stay focused on the W/L and really should improve on the W/L because maybe people would stop chasing individual stats, and actually help win the game. I doubt it, but possible.
: " I DO NOT have to help you win in ranked even if I don't want to." Stopped reading after that, if you dont take ranked seriously and dont try your absolute best, youre a POS. I dont care how well you do in unranked modes, because those are for fun, but ranked is for people who play to win, who are competitive and hate people like you who are like "hur durr its just a game" well so is football but look at the amount of people who watch the superbowl
So, a person goes into ranked, is doing all they can to win. May get off to a bad start, or even a good start, team wants to become toxic, wants to call them (insert whatever here) continues, how long do you think I have to take it? I can win the next game, and if my team will not stand up for the person who is 0/3 or 3/0 doesn't matter because some toxic troll is going off, why do I have to help you win. Love when I am playing sup (my main) and someone goes "you suck, no cs, and your 0/3". I'm like 0/3/15 ????? with 3 cs, that is what a sup does. When your team doesn't say anything and the toxicity continues to flow, as competative as I am, I DO NOT HAVE TO HELP YOU ANYMORE. You want help as a team, then treat your team mates with respect. And my examples were from ARAM not from Ranked, but the same applies. Stand up for your team mates, just even "it's ok, he's just toxic" and not pile on "yeah shit Zyra 0/3 lol, can't CS, lol (as a sup). Be less toxic, stand up for team, Win more games. So since you can't comprehend a point, I and per your own admission want to go straight to the toxic name calling, I can tell your already a troll. And bringing in the super bowl, just for you example, I bet Tom Brady wasn't on the sidelines when they were down over 18 points in the 3rd quarter telling them all how they suck, and they should kill themselves, and never play football again, and all worthless pieces of Shit. Encourage your team, win more game.
: ^ This is one of those guys who shows tons of weakness if you can read between the lines of what he's saying. XD Now watch as he continues to show tons of weakness in what will be failed attempts to insult me ;) Hey, guess what, I play norms to relax too. I'm also thick skinned as hell after growing up with 7 siblings. Come try that shit with me so I can laugh at you while I smoke this bowl :)
Hey Cuddlykitten, he is just a toxic Asshat, who thinks his EP is way to big. It's ok, his mindset can be like this and if he wants to be King of a Shitpile of Toxic Asshats, that's fine also, guess what, it still stinks. When people start calling people kids in arguments, they just rarely have a point, and feel insulting someone is only way to win an argument. Can't have a discussion or informative debate with an Asshat. They are who they are.
: My Experience With The Community
Fortunately for you, you had a good experience. This is not generally the case anymore. Even in ARAM and Normals the trolls are heavy, they toxicity is thick. I'm glad you made some friends. My question would be did you win that first game. More often then not it's the players that think they are good and a person has a bad game or a rough start that starts the toxic frenzy. I'm glad you had fun, love seeing that some people can realize it's a game, and not an EP measuring contest and being toxic causes far more losses then wins. Glad you met some nice people, but I have to reject your point on the community is improving, really, it just seems to be getting worse. Mute buttons are great, and as Limmie said, unfortunately the only safe way to play and have fun is to mute your entire team anymore, but I do feel if more people spoke out against the trolls, and toxic asshats out there then (and reported them also) we might actually see some attitudes change. I don't care if 3/4 the community quit that are toxic, people who leave the game and don't say anything just don't want to be around the toxic environment, still would outnumber them in long run. Plus if there is no home for the "Trolls" because people don't tolerate it, then they would move on also Glad you had a good experience and made some new friends though.
Rioter Comments
: Caitlyn should not be able to lay a trap directly beneath you
I think Cait's traps would be fine if they were able to be triggered by the minion wave as well. Jhin's flowers are, Teemo's shrooms are, having the traps be triggered by the minion wave would at least give you a viable escape path and prevent her from zoning you just by placing a line of traps down. Would require thought, and not just spamming them to get the headshot. I don't mind them being placed under me if cc'd by team mate, but make some counterplay viable with them and a little thought process would be nice as well.
: I told you what you need to do. If you want to be perma Silver V by all means keep tilting your ADC with bad defiant plays. Get the jungler to come by spamming !!!! pings on him and don't say a word.
My point was simple, you are expecting the jungle to actually work with his team in your example. In bronze/silver the jungles rarely do this for their team. "It's not my job to babysit your lane, I have to farm jg" is usually the response you get if you ask them to watch it so you all can back. You are are also expecting the ADC to have common sense on not being over agro and poked down to have to back at level 2 and again at level 4 because he came back to lane and got smashed again. Sups can only control their play and can only do so much to protect an ADC but if he dives into a trade with a full minion wave and against a Lucian/Thresh and gets poked to nothing, me backing again with him would get me behind also in level as well as xp and then it will be an easy dive and gg bot lane. I understand your point but saying "perma Silver V" and "tilting your ADC" because you didn't back with him to not give away your lane at 8 min into the game and asked him to "Play passive and farm under tower till I get back" is not to much also. Your response is becoming less of helping and more of an arrogant ADC that thinks they are the only thing that matters and they never do anything wrong. Just care in your tone if you want to be helpful "Perma Silver V because I told you what to do" is never helpful and makes me think...meh..troll.
: Lol, what elo are you? I cannot imagine seeing this happen in platinum. If it was a normal game, they were probably just premades having fun while trolling you, just ignore them then :)
Yes in Plat, it's everyday life in Bronze/Silver and is why so many of us have said it's an ELO hell that you can't get out of.
: If somebody asks which champion they should play and you dont respond,
I never answer because if I don't know them, how do I know if they are any good with the camp. I get asked a lot on sup to play Thresh (who I just don't play that much and am meh with him) and if I take Leona (level 6 with) or Morg (lvl 6 with) or Zyra (lvl 7 with) dont' get pissy either. Play who you know, who you are good with, and don't flame others you don't know on who they play. Team game will prob go a whole lot better :)
Kei143 (NA)
: cos they want to blame others for themselves being bad. But you might want to look at yourself. sometimes they have a valid point.
Feeding at kill at level 2 to a mid lane or top lane champ and then a second at level 5 to be 0/2 mid or top can kill a bot lane champ. It is not that a sup or ADC aren't any good because they farm early, and are not stupid to just EP it up and dive into mano eh mano fights. Had a game other day my mid and jg kept coming bot (at level 3) and ganking even though enemy was at tower thus pushing my lane and eating my cs. I asked them (as ADC) to stop coming so much and pushing lane so I can farm. "This game is not a game for pussies that want to farm" was the response and then they dove tower, gave an ashe a double kill (I'm on Sivir) so I'm down 2/0 and now a level because of it, Then "you suck adc, you should have helped" I did help, oom, they dove a tower, I can't save against tower damage but I suck. This I think is more the point of this chat then the player who is 2/8/8 and has maybe 100 cs at 30 min maybe then I look at my play because it's not looking good, but I tell you, you give a Kat 5/0 at 10min and she keeps ganking bot, bot is screwed, no matter what they do without help.
: Why do you want to be in lane with half mana when he gets there? Burst the minions down hard before you back and have the jungler come in early. Not being coordinated with the adc is very tilting, stop doing it.
Your expecting people to work as a team. I understand exactly as sup main what the point is. You don't want to "give them" the tower because an adc is getting poked to much due to over agro, and I can tell you, if not in a group and you ping for help from jungle about 40/60 you will get it. Bronze Silver play about 20/80 you will get help vs "not my responsibility to babysit your lane so you can back" from jg. I know your saying good play tactics (and smart play) but it's not exactly able to be done all the time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=JX6kIgK7,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-08-11T17:10:18.184+0000) > > Actually, youd end up being the person being toxic, not them. Your post kinda points to that. I agree that there should be a 1 week ban on new champs for ranked, but there isnt, and purposely working against your team's desires due to your own pointless desires helps no one. All you did was start the game off with you getting reported and possibly one other getting the same. Banning a champion, no matter who is hovering it, is not a reportable offense due to the multitude of other reasons it can be done. For instance, if your team's last pick wants to play someone stupid OP and FOTM, like Kindred was months ago, it would be wise to ban that champ because the odds of a FOTM OP champ being picked before last pick is really high, and it's better to deny the champ to your enemy rather than risk that it may be stolen because an ally wants it. Same holds true for Kled and other new champs. You want to ban them to avoid them on the enemy team because the odds of them being picked if your team can't pick him absolutely first is pretty high. It may suck to whoever wanted to play them, but in Ranked, you're there to win, not let your opponent steal a strong pick because someone on your team is waiting to pick them.
Understand you point and it is a good one. I hate not banning an amumu (ex) when my jungle is last pick, but maybe our first pick and him can and will trade. Maybe other team will go Graves jg, or Hecarim Jg. There are many op champs in every role, and if your team wants to play one I do get torn on "but it's the right call to ban them so they don't have them" vs being a good team mate and not starting on wrong foot. I would rather take the chance and NOT piss off my team mate is all.
Dispelle (NA)
: Yes, I agree that it is normally rather unsportsmanlike to ban a champ that a teammate wishes to play. I'm not saying all of this one-sidedly. Even as I typed all that above, I was cringing. One one hand, a person is being... well... what is normally considered a douchebag. On the other hand.... there's a plethora of issues with playing brand new champs in ranked. Heck, there's a plethora of issues with certain champs being present in certain games (hence the ban options). A champ doesn't have to be banned by riot to be selected in banning phase. Frankly, I'm torn. I consider it unsportsmanlike and trollish to bring a champ into rank that you have little-to-no experience with, and in the case of new champs, that puts almost everyone into the "little-to-no experience" category. So on one hand, I consider banning a brand new champ to be pre-emptive team defense against all sorts of shenanigans.... much like with any of the 5 other bans. On the other hand? Yeah, you're right. Normally it's a pretty low blow to ban someone that a teammate intends to play, whatever the reason. Not exactly the best way to start out on the right foot in most cases. So I'm kinda torn on it. I've been on both sides. I've been glad that someone banned an intended champ in certain situations, and I've been pissed when someone banned mine. I can see both sides of it.
With you on the torn part, but honestly there will ALWAYS be a first ranked game with a champ for everyone. Doesn't matter if the champ is new or old, There is a learning curve in ranked with every champ. Just think banning a team mate's pick is not going to bode well for the team in long run.
Zyzeran (NA)
: Toxicity VS Frustration
Problem is, people don't know toxic vs frustrated vs helpful because the trolls are out of control. People are on edge in game because the trolls think it is funny to try to flame their own team. "This Morg", "this Kled" "This lucian" is never a productive statement unless and rarely funny to most players unless it's because you 10/0. 0/1/1 and "this mid" from bot lane is rarely ment to be positive. Had a game not to long ago Pinged three times my mid was missing, even pinged danger on a prob course he was taking to go bot for a gank. They were over extended, and I was back buying, but pinged the MIA. Bot lane "ping missing" "I did, and danger" "no you pinged danger" "check the chat log" (trying to stop the useless discussion)....next response is "This Morg" just never positive. Continues to point at 5/2/5 and good cs they continuation of "this mid", "this morg" because people want to be funny and add whatever you want behind it breaks team down, and personally I don't want to help them anymore. THAT IS TOXIC. Asking your team to ward X spot, or "Group and stop chasing kills into bad position before we throw" is not toxic, it's a fact that happens way to much. Team response of "you bitch to much" because you see a team come back from 25/15 to 28/30 because we have chased and taken 0 towers because they want to chase into unwarded jungles that turns momentum and game around IS NOT TOXIC. It's the fact of what is happening and costing the game. Just played last game where we refused to group, our ADC who was fed chased kills long enough that they caught up, got ahead, won game. We had 3 chances to take a tower and inhib and he left lane to go chase a kill. Asking to focus objectives over kills IS NOT TOXIC. TL/DR: correct people don't know the difference between Toxic, helpful, frustrated due to BAD COMMUNITY and Trolls that think they are funny. Fix that, can then fix the chat part.
Yutaji (NA)
: I Will Ban A New Champion Regardless If You Hover It Or Not
I see your point on new released champs, however, since there is no ban on them by riot, you are trolling your team. It's how I see it. The excuse "learn in normals first" is just that, an excuse. We all know normal is not ranked, and the play is far different usually. You can practice a champ against bots and get as much out of it as Normal match anymore. The only way to get really good at a champ in a competitive play is to play ranked. When you try to play a top (say Kled) and you get Jana top because people don't care, you don't really learn anything. I understand your point, but I think reality is there are so many trolls on game anymore, ranked and normal, no way to really learn ranked play without being in ranked play. Learning in normal is just the same as against bots anymore. Still uncool to EVER ban a champ your team wants to play, and very conceited to say "so you don't feed" maybe I should ban your champ so you don't feed. Just how I feel about it
: The problems with punishing trolls have very little, if anything, to do with the severity of the punishments. There already is a 2 step to perma ban path with the first being a 14 day ban. The problem is **definitively** determining someone is trolling. Becuase you are judging someone's intentions, not their actions. The guy may very well have been trolling, but if there was any possible chance that he was doing it for another reason then you can't really do anything about it. Because they you end up punishing people who aren't trolling.
Agree with your point for most part, but most can tell when someone is trolling them. They don't hide it well. But could see some false reports also.
3K Zero (NA)
: A Call to Arms - Ranked Trolls
Only problem I see with this is since Dynamic Queue is only way to soloqueue now, that if you get in with a team of 3 or 4 and they are trolling and all report you. You could see if they make the punishment harsher (since it's computer based) that if you do nothing but play the game but a group (doesn't even have to be same clan) that queued together all report you, would you want a harsh ban. I know the thought seems good, but trolls always find ways to troll, and you can't say anything (or you get chat restricted) can be called every name in book and harassed till your done helping team (because sometimes, teams deserve to lose) and if they all report you (since automated) you get in trouble. Have had it happen, I got flamed entire game because I asked them "Don't push my lane, I need to farm" and it just continued all game, my mistake i said done, didn't want to help them win in chat, got restricted, learned just don't say anything. Good Idea, I just could see trolls using it wrong also.
: No, it doesn't FIX the problem, but it is a temporary fix so that you can play the game without having to see people flaming you and spamming chat. I was gonna say report as well, but I figured everyone already does that. I report every toxic person after every game But the thing is, in my approximately 3 years of playing League, I've reported soooo so so many people who were being toxic and clearly breaking the rules, too many to count, and you know how many notifications I've gotten back that they'd actually gotten punished for it? Like four. And even if they do get punished for it (chat penalty, queue penalty, ban, etc.), it usually doesn't stop them. Chat penalty is nothing and neither is a queue penalty. And if they actually get banned, they're probably just gonna go make a new account and do the same shit
agree with you on this, reporting does nothing to fix problem as well as muting. I congratulate you on reporting also, most won't.
: I'm just as sick of the toxic community as anyone, but there's a mute feature for a reason I've gotten to the point where I just immediately mute everyone in game right after it starts lol. Or mute people as soon as they say something to insult me or something negative other than constructive criticism. It's sad, but it's the way it is and you can't really change people
muting does not fix the problem, encourages it actually with people on twitch now. Reporting would be better, but we know people dont' do that enough
: Half the responses in this thread make me question how League got this bad in the first place. There was a bit of bullying and badmouthing when I first leveled my account a few years ago but these days it's so much worse. It isn't an exaggeration that this community is horrible; go start leveling up a new account and you'll see it yourself. Every game is filled with people permanently on tilt and taking out their real-life issues on teammates. It's completely ludicrous that Riot hasn't looked into better solutions to stomp this crap out. Most new players won't stand a chance against the abuse and smurfs.
but...but..mute...all you have to do is mute...that fixes everything right. Understand your point, but you know ignoring the problem fixes everything, because ep behind the keyboard bullies are so cool.
: I Cried While Playing League
I understand as well, sorry about your experience. I just got a 10 game chat restriction for being called "bitch boy", "we don't need you", "you suck", "go screw yourself"...I can continue. I responded fine, done, won't help toxic team, will live with the loss. That deserves a chat ban, and restriction? This is why you are losing people, I did not tell anyone they sucked, I did not say anything negative to team, I pinged and even danger 3 times, they threw a fit when they got ganked. I can not spellshield ignite, but "you suck, this morg". And I get chat restricted for saying, lean not to be toxic to team mate and win more games. I don't care if I take a loss. I don't care if you ban me permanently, I will not spend another dime on your toxic game, since if you stand up for yourself and take a loss, then you get "chat restricted" and if behavior continues, account suspension. You want to know why people are leaving.....THIS STUPID STUFF LIKE THIS IS WHY. YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING TO DEFEND YOURSELF, YOU CAN BE CALLED EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN, AND TREATED LIKE CRAP AND I GET SUSPENDED. This is what happens when bots make decisions, 2-3 reports, or 4 reports auto suspension and we will send you chat log, nothing in it negative to team except, learn not to be toxic, and you deserve the loss. Even a sorry to the Panth who was the least toxic, but by that time, I didn't care. I was 5/2 with 220 farm and 4 towers taken also, but you know, I suck, useless, we don't need you, and I get chat banned because I won't help them anymore. Great design in your "control of toxic community". And you wonder why people won't play this anymore??? Sad, because like you, I like the gameplay, but you know, I have friends that have left and won't com back due to toxicity and maybe they have a point. I have spent hundreds of dollars also on skins, boosts (ip/xp), and you treat a valued customer like that because we have toxic people who think it's funny. NP..I get it, you don't want my money. I hope more do the same and don't spend anymore then also. Reading some of the other post, league got bad because "just mute them" well you know ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. Tired of "just mute the trolls" and it continues over, and over, and over, and you lose games because of it. But you know, I'm the problem in game and deserved the ban, will take it, just cost you money is all. Feel your pain man, but Legion comes out soon, can go back to WOW if I have to, and HOTS is free also, lot less toxic also. Keep banning people who want to win, and want to work with people and get better, good call guys.
: do you think a lot of people would get out of bronze if they used flash aggressively?
Some people do use flash aggressively. Being a support main though, sucks to do so and adc still cs's and then says, "your to agro, you suck". So care with it more if not in voice with my adc now.
213peocHIT (EUNE)
: my expiriance with diamond so far(on EUNE server)
Kinda why I don't think ranks mean much anymore. Seems to me a lot of boosted accounts, and people who do the same thing in diamond they do in bronze.
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