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: All these runes do is makes the game needlessly more complicated to learn and removes customization, which in turn you make a game hard to learn and remove the mastery curve. This element will greatly reduce new players from coming to League of Legends and stuff like this can even remove new players from entering League altogether, not to mention removing a mastery curve from an area will bore players faster. New Riot creates shitty clients and do things that hurts their game in the long term. Boy you new people really hate League of Legends wanting to kill it off so badly.
Except the current runes and mastery system is boring and there is like no customization and very few noticable affects nobody likes spending IP on runes your just wrong
: "we don't like that Varus is being played successfully when built differently, so we're changing him so players start building him correctly" Riot at it again. EDIT: Oh, and let's not forget Rylais while they're at it. Riot acts surprised that turning the item into one of the big ticket AP items (by putting NLR in its recipe) means more mages were buying it. I swear, the left hand doesn't even realize there exists a right hand, let alone have knowledge of what it's doing.
they didnt nerf the other build you can still build varus the armor pen build too but if you want now you can go crit if you want too
: You are gonna nerf ap kog.........ap fucking kog while lee sin maintains his 50% pick AND win rate with the highest base movespeed in the game, amazing damage at nearly all stages of a match, 2 gapclosers at level 2, 2 forms of cc, super low cooldowns, a shield/lifesteal spell and a reveal? This guy is ashe 2.0 why would you not play lee sin when hes just the best option against most opponents? nerf the broken shit not my ad gone ap champs....again.
maybe if you did your research instead of just bitching for no reason you would notice that lee sin has major nerfs on the pbe right now that will likely come through in 7.1
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: "We nerfed {{item:3116}} to keep all the mages from building the same!" "{{champion:110}} isn't building like all the other ADCs, so we nerfed his passive!" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
They straight up buffed Varus's passive and all they did was make both builds viable instead of having one super op item for the mages

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