: Name a champion and I'll tell you why they are unfun bullshit
Sion (I would use the icon but I am on mobile)
: I can see where you would be worried I am being selective in my info, but if anything this is making me look worse. I copied that text directly from the ban message, and you guys aren't seeing all the stuff lux was saying the whole game.
Except you, the writer of this post, isn't enlightening on what she said. To me this is what you sound like (No offense), "I have been wrongfully arrested, I was a victim from this event that transpired in which I was violated upon, details are unimportant. But when I went to the authorities they arrested me after I tried to enact justice on my own" While I do think being perma-banned in this situation is very unusual and needs clarification. You are not providing enough context to allow Riot to make a valid attempt to help solve. This really does feel like a case of, your word against her word, in terms of your current post.
: Today I got banned for being called a Ni****
Isn't asking other people to report someone not allowed? Though I am not saying you should've gotten banned for just asking others to report. But I do want to say there is no context to this at all. Heck the person who called you "niggo" could've been Black for what we, the readers, know since you didn't really go into detail. Also we really don't know what you said or did during the match. It seems like you are selecting info that makes you look like the victim. Also what is the point of posting this on the boards? Just be patient and wait for a response from the ticket. It might take a while since they do go through many tickets every day while having automated responses that will respond to simpler cases before a human employee is able to manually review it. Posting this stuff on the boards just seems like you are trying to create a mob that pressures a response instead of letting Riot support do their job.
: Good riddance!
Um, just because someone has a low winrate doesn't mean people can't find them annoying to face. Heck I still hate facing garen despite him being weak right now mainly just because his kit is binary. Also when does winrate correlate to how a champion feels to play against cause I remember two champions who are now reworked who used to feel so bad to play against one of them was thrown off the free week even after he was nerfed to the ground.
: Actually, scales like terrible into the late game, even if played full AD. The fact that the 3 first stacks give close to no AD makes it super bad, you need to have at least 4 stacks to get a decent amount of bonus AD. Do you play Rengar as often as i do ? I doubt it honestly. And i don't think you tried to play Rengar in higher ranks than gold.
No, I don't play Rengar, but I do not think that matters in such context. We are talking about his passive and how it affects him. That doesn't require for me to play him. While I do understand numbers aren't everything, and playing the champ reveals a bit more to it. We are talking about if his current passive is feast of famine. Also how is gaining 20AD +20% Bonus AD not scaling into late game? Even 7 AD +7% Bonus AD is decent late game. If you have around 150 bonus AD and 3 stacks of passive then you will gain 17 bonus AD. While that isn't much, it isn't terrible. Especially for a passive that scales off kills. But back to the main argument, how is his passive feast of famine? I do understand how little AD he gets from his first few stacks but even if you don't get all five, once you get more bonus AD it will start scaling.
: Wait, you just said something that truly shocked me > His current bonetooth stacks Grant him AD but they are not required to get. They are not detrimental to how well he does. Before his rework he needed to get kills to get the bonus affects from his bonetooth that will help him burst down champions late game. So, basically, his old bonetooth necklace wasn't changing Rengar's damage at all. It means that his burst was still the same in the lategame wether he had bonetooth stacks or not. HOWEVER, now, you rely on your bonetooth stacks to get damage and kill the ennemy carries in the lategame. If you don't have them, your scalings are shit and you're forced to go tanky otherwise you won't be able to do shit and you'll be useless. It seems like you're trying to say clever stuff about things you don't know, but it just doesn't work since i'm a Rengar otp since season 4.
Sure damage allows you to kill people faster but the AD you get from his current passive is percentage. Meaning it helps snowball him further into late game but if you don't get all of the stacks then you are only missing out on few amounts of AD and movement speed. Not having one or two stacks doesn't make you behind. Is it something to aim for? Yes it is since it is part of his kit. Is it absolutely detrimental that he gets his passive stacks? No, he may miss out on the stats but he can function without it. Also let's look at kindred who has a very similar passive to Rengar but works in a different way. They both gain stats when killing players/monsters. While it is recommended that kindred should hunt and kill their targets, they are not going going to be put behind if they miss some targets. Before their passive was updated, she was kind of feast or famine since their passive granted current health damage only and they rest of their kit revolved around kiting and basic attacking. If they didn't have their targets hunted then they couldn't function to their best.
: New Rengar is even more feast or famine than before due to the fact that his bonetooth necklace gives him damage instead of utility. I don't think old Rengar was fair, but he just needed a change on his ult and the way he gained stacks on bonetooth necklace. He didn't need damage on his bonetooth, he didn't need a Q change, and he didn't need a W change either. His ferocity being lost out of combat isn't a good idea either, let me explain : since he now gets a cleanse on his empowered W, he just has to be at 0 ferocity, press all his buttons, and get an empowered W, that's super safe. But if he does a combo beginning at 5 ferocity, Rengar puts hilself at risk since when he will land, he won't have 5 ferocity again, meaning that the "no counterplay oneshot/root" is for more riskier than just going for the empowered W. If Rengar had his old Ferocity system, he would have to chose between taking risks and going for damage, or more chances of survival but give up the damage. I think that's a good thing.
I feel like you confuse feast or famine to just snowballing. His current bonetooth stacks Grant him AD but they are not required to get. They are not detrimental to how well he does. Before his rework he needed to get kills to get the bonus affects from his bonetooth that will help him burst down champions late game. If he couldn't burst down an adc during a team fight then he would get blown up in a teamfight if he tried to go in. And besides I never disagreed on the point that new rengar is good. I do see that he needs more work and he could've gone in a better direction. I just think that reverting him will not be a good idea. People did not like facing him and I do wish I don't have to face him again. He was irritating to face.
: Kindred and Rek'sai? http://champion.gg/champion/RekSai/Jungle http://champion.gg/champion/Kindred/Jungle Ya they are doing well
True they still need some adjustments and players need to adjust to the updated champions. They both have pretty good pick rates. People do enjoy the new versions of them. And quite frankly I do enjoy playing against them. Also tell me one rework that didn't take post launch adjustments to be able to be put in a good spot
: You know you messed up on a rework when old Rengar is favored on LOLBoards.
Please stop trying to put old Rengar on a pedestal. He needed a rework for a reason. While his assassin rework didn't work out so well that doesn't justify trying to bring back his old kit which was feast or famine. Not too mention not much counterplay except for a pink ward or the exclamation mark (Which didn't do much). Riot had the right target in mind but they missed the mark. Let them aim again instead of taking away their shot. They have been doing very well recently with the small reworks (Malz, Kindred and Rek'sai). Also this really doesn't mean much saying that the Lol boards want old Rengar cause the boards don't know shit. They pushed for many changes in the game, some were good, but many were bad. They circle jerk causing unpopular opinion to get pushed aside despite the circle jerk being about something stupid (Excuse my use of the term circle jerk). They raise certain people on pedestals, such as Malicious Metal, which makes it so even if they post something stupid they still can make front page. And because of this people who post about the similar issues and some solutions to those issues get shot down. Right now Rengar feels like a popular topic, not a "Circle Jerk" yet but it is getting there.
: Katarina?
It is less on the knives and more on the stopping in mid air part
Fàtèd (NA)
: Guess that Ultimate!
: Your mains' Passives are now three times as powerful. How OP are they?
: #1 reason Yasuo is banned
Wait so a late game champ lost early on but was able to get online late game. Who would've thunk.
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
You need Old Spice LaughingFish! http://imgur.com/wyKYJjq.gif
: @Meddler you talked about making melees viable Botlane
It feels like you are trying to force a meta change into League. The meta of a game comes from the player finding the best way to win not someone trying to change the meta so that his off-meta pick is acceptable. While I do agree there needs to be more diversity bot lane. The best way for there to be a melee adc bot lane is to nudge it in the right direction through small changes not big changes like the new Runes. Cause that shit will be broken when they become meta and you will risk Riot gutting them like they did Morde when he went Bot lane.
: My Thoughts on Fiora W in terms of a sweet confection
Except you put Icing on a cake to stop it from drying out.
: Fiora,Fiora and ... Fiora
Honestly the only problem I have with Fiora is her E. For someone who is supposed to revolve around hitting vitals it feels out of place. Having a free crit on someone who generally builds a lot of AD starts to become a problem. While I do see that this helps out against people who don't build tanky, it just feels like it should interact with her vitals more.
: Why isn't Ivern being looked at?
I think they are looking at him. It is just that Iverns kit itself isn't OP. While his ability to invade and control objectives is great and his utility is great plus he enables others to carry instead of himself. The main thing that is the problem with him is that he can itemize really well. Items that are meant for supports which are cheap in regards to how much supports earn, he can grab really fast due to having a jungler income which is greater than a supports. Nerfing the wrong thing in his kit could accidentally 'sejuani' him when they finally do something about support items.
: but graves isn't a pussy...
Graves was living a healthy life vaping, now that he is back smoking cigars he will be heading towards lung cancer. You sire are an enabler.
Petition to bring back vaping, come on rito it was confirmed
: New Mao and Sej Splashes and Graves Cigar Returns
Graves can have a cigar but he can no longer vape! What the hell rito thought this was confirmed
: {{champion:497}} is one of the MOST dangerous supports to play, especially in higher ELO. He's the only ranged support who is required to go into melee range to CC enemies, and the range on his only ranged ability, Q, is quite short. Yes, he can dash to an ally, but that doesn't help you if you are CC'd/bursted by enemies before you can.
Or if your allies don't come close enough for you to dash
: Comment with a champion, and see if someone will respond with how to deal with them!
: > [{quoted}](name=Frightning,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rTs440FX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-18T21:30:32.811+0000) > > Popular and viable is problematic because.....why? Viable? He's defining the meta. Again. It's not a coincidence that {{champion:60}} becomes popular **every single time** Lee does. How many junglers do you know have high mobility, high CC and high damage? So few junglers can keep pace with his sheer pressure, and only a few can actually duel him. Warping role diversity **is** problematic.
How is he defining the meta? No criticism, just curious.
: Give us the ability to report pre-game already.
Quite frankly this is a stupid idea. While I do agree banning someone's preferred champ is quite a dick move reporting someone for doing so is rather stupid. Because how does riot even know if they did it on purpose if no one speaks. Also if they ban a champ to get someone to dodge and it works, how do you even report it? Last of all you can't report someone for being a jerk. You can report someone for being toxic but not a jerk. There is a difference.
: How so? Kalista's about mobility and Xayah doesn't seem to have that many mobility options unless I'm missing something.
I think he may be referrng to the feather mechanic. But her feathers are stationary and don't stick in targets.
: Can I Ashe a question?
I hope you drop *Kled*. Clear*Lee* you are not *Kha* sick from these puns. There were a *Zilean* puns you could've made. But you are the *Aurelion* Sole reason I want to keep making puns. These *Gnar*ly puns make my day. Just the imagina*Shen* involved in this.
D3m37r1 (NA)
: > {{champion:27}} IT'S NOT A MISTAKE IF YOU LEARN FROM IT! I can't even
Experimenting is just messing around but you record the results
: > [{quoted}](name=BioticBrony,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k2hyq4AA,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-03-22T05:10:46.304+0000) > > I've said this once, I'll say it again. He was never reported for playing Off-meta. He was reported for being an inconsiderate asshole, who thinks everyone should just conform to his "Vision" of the game, and deal with it. He only cares about what's fun for him, and ignores every single one of his teammates for his own god damn pleasure. Sure, he's playing to win, but he ignores the fact that this is a **Team** game, and as a Team, you cooperate with your team, not shove your own god damn rules, and expect them to be happy and abide by them. Someone needs to explain to me the difference between being reported for playing off meta, and being reported because your teammates didn't agree to "let you" play off meta. They're the same exact thing.
No they aren't. While their are some people who report off-meta in normals but in ranked their is more to it then just having fun. You are forcing your playstyle on them in *ranked*. Kind of seems hypocritical since you don't like your team not letting you go nunu but you are fine forcing players to conform to you?
: Smite nunu supp - ADC Perspective
I've said this once, I'll say it again. He was never reported for playing Off-meta. He was reported for being an inconsiderate asshole, who thinks everyone should just conform to his "Vision" of the game, and deal with it. He only cares about what's fun for him, and ignores every single one of his teammates for his own god damn pleasure. Sure, he's playing to win, but he ignores the fact that this is a **Team** game, and as a Team, you cooperate with your team, not shove your own god damn rules, and expect them to be happy and abide by them.
: >You heavily implied it no, I said he will BE broken not IS.
Ah, my bad there. Misread the original comment and your reply.
: Tbh I am more excited for earlier meep recharge than damage. DIE BENEATH THE HOARDS OF MEEP
And up to 9 meeps!
: leave bard alone
Honestly I enjoy these changes. For support, you don't have to leave your adc as much early game to get benefits from meeps (We all know what happens when you leave the adc alone for 5 seconds, Kappa). Also it helps to benefit Bards who can get chimes through out the game instead of late game where you start getting the increase slows and recharge time while not focusing too much on early game chime collection. For my favorite off-meta AP bard, this helps with early game clear and late game damage.
: i didn't say he was overpowered, learn to read fucking boards posters
You heavily implied it by saying >I don't need you making the only support I like playing fucking broken and >yeah give him even more damage with all these extra meeps he's getting, he really needs to turn into a permaslow-nuke support carry
: I mean in that mentality, playing any new champion should also be a punishable offense because in recent history every rework has had a 40% WR or lower which in turn means you are making everyone else's experience miserable (significantly decreasing your chances of winning). The difference being that at least while your team may be "miserable" he at least has a higher chance of winning than someone like release Ivern who not only made your game "miserable" (because Ivern drastically decreased your chances of winning and thus making the game "miserable" since you were playing a losing game from the start), but did not have the caveat of increasing your chances of winning (you just straight up lost 65% of the time).
Generally most people try new champs/reworks go into normals. Some people go into rank and do it and they are often hated. Same with people who play off-meta. When I go into a game during a new champ/rework release I understand I might get someone who doesn't know how to play them yet or not know that they are bad. But when someone goes into ranked and states they are playing off-meta and that you have to deal with it then you never consented to it. There is no understanding you will be dealing with someone off-meta in ranked.
: Where does Mordekaiser buy his weapons?
: > [{quoted}](name=THE RlVER KlNG,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AjclmLay,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-14T19:36:07.561+0000) > >The only 'successful' part of that rework is Darius, and not successful in that it correctly solved his problems or made him more healthy to face - no, just that he got a massive net buff and a huge boost to power creep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3zpI0iyTkg poeple have no fcking clue what old darius was "can't lose lane if he is competent" you mean darius played better than you? i'm sorry but you deserve lose then, before old darius requiered 0 skill and even if he was incompetent his old base damage that were insane without needing the bonus AD from 5 stacks+instant Q applying a stack of passive even if the blade didn't hit+insane attack speed made a silver 5 darius able to facerol without needing to think on anything and kill someone in 2 sec darius rework was a masterpiece as they made a champion that everyone thought would be impossible to exist in league healthy
While I do agree with you that Darius is much more healthy and has better counterplay than the old darius. He is still frustrating to play against. If you are melee he will bully you any time to go for cs. You cannot 1v1 him due to his passive unless you are absolutely certain you can stay insides his twirls and not die via bleed+ult. He will heal for a percentage of his missing health if he does land his Q which any good darius can generally do. especially if they have black cleaver. While you do need to be good with darius to make good use of it, it doesn't make it feel any better that he is able to land his Q's in such a way. To end this I just want to say Darius has a way of always tilting me because any time I fight him he will always win lane making me really hate him.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: "We can't allow enchanters to solo lane because they are oppressive."
Because when the community complains on how support isn't a class but a role Riot responds in term letting off-meta supports provide as they would if they were enchanters or wardens. Also the reason why enchanters aren't allowed in the solo lane is because if they had a kit to keep an adc alive really well they could keep themselves alive with more ap and better access to gold. As we saw from Lulu in solo lane she could harass with powerful slows and high damage then when engaged could shield, polymorph and Ult. Wasn't fun to play against.
: > [{quoted}](name=BioticBrony,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3fWvm1Ex,comment-id=000600010000,timestamp=2017-03-12T02:01:42.814+0000) > > Ziggs ain't an ADC. People play him as one though.
He's an APC, and plays exactly the same as Mid, the only similarity being that he takes down Towers. Ziggs doesn't supply reliable AD damage, can't lifesteal his way through a fight, and acts nothing like an ADC.
: > [{quoted}](name=BLLLK FLLG,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3fWvm1Ex,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-03-11T10:50:47.998+0000) > > There was a time when it was highest winrate mid in the game, which would be fine if it wasn't supposed to be kog'maws off role, that was the justification at the time of the last nerf > > Also riots been very open about artillery mages being some of most frustrating and toxic experiences to play against when strong, and ap kog is like the worst offender of this I mean Ziggs had highest ADC winrate for a while and he never got nerfed.
Ziggs ain't an ADC.
zecastar (NA)
: Actually Penalized For Stating Our Comp Was Unviable
There is a whole lot more here than just "disagreeing with the team comp", considering how that was only one game of the three presented. The other chat logs show a very negative and rather rude attitude when it came to your teammates, and it obviously shows how you treated your teammates. You act very rude, and instead of just letting something go, you constantly bring it up and up again. If they were the ones who kept bringing it up, than why bother to respond? These are not inherently toxic, but if I ever met you in real life, and you talked like that, it doesn't matter if you're stating a correct fact or opinion, I'd brand you off as a jerk, and would rather not be around you. Even if these are not that bad, we have no way of knowing whether or not you consistently act this way, this low brand negativity that drags the game down for everyone else, but considering how you did get a Chat restriction because of this, I'm rather inclined to believe you do act this way. Three games aren't the only reason you got Chat restricted, and I'm skeptical to believe that each of your reports were done only by the people flaming you.
: This should be a skin or something its absolutely beautiful. Like Redeemed Vayne or something
: I play league with my voice!
Does that mean you have a lot of *Say* in League
: already seeing mordekaiser in my games
And they sheep go out to be sheared
Rocaset (OCE)
: pretty hard not to cry about it when 10 pings could potentially make someone forget what they're doing and lose you a fight.
Honestly if they are that petty you probably lost the fight before they ping spammed.
: Ping Spam Needs to be Addressed
There is already a spam protector. Unless you can suggest a good idea to help stop it then you are doing no good by making a post complaining about it. I know I sound rude but it just irks me when people complain then do not put an idea on the table. And honestly trying to restrict ping spam might impede others from properly using the ping system.
: The support isn't chained to the bot lane. Having said that, the player has been trying to enforce his own meta. I think Riot needs to find a better way to create an environment where people can go off meta and not disrupt the team.
But the adc is chained to the support early game. And I mean support as in the role that goes into bot lane not someone going ivern jungle
: Gonna need a source for that. Seeing that chromosomes and genes make a person, something contributesto genders.
It is a case where your gonads don't drop and instead a flower blooms. https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/swyer-syndrome
: I haven't actually seen those videos myself, but given the "50% report rate for ~~unskilled~~ unfun, that means his games probably consist of a huge amount of adcs flaming the **fuck** out of him. I'm willing to give him a little leeway on the retaliatory salt there. Unless you mean being toxic to the enemy, in which case… he's playing Smite Invade Nunu, c'mon. His strategy is basically tailored around making the enemy jungler hate their existence. Dropping a little disrespect onto the enemy team is part of the game, within bounds.
I mean if you were playing adc and your support just doesn't support you then you would be angry too especially if they don't help even when you are getting zoned out from cs and unable to leave turret in the slightest.
: You shouldn't have to explain it. What is there to tell anyways? You are Darius Bottom. Bottom is not specific to ADC.
There is a meta for a reason you know. While the bottom isn't made for the adc it is where most of them go. The reason people question going adc darius is the same reason people question morde adc. You have to get in melee range not to mention you can be kited. Sure you will have a support with you to assist and there will be some good matchups. But if you queue by yourself you won't get matched with a support who knows your playstyle. Which is why I get annoyed when people expect their adc/support to know how they work right away. Also if you do this in ranked people are wary because they don't want to lose their placements or lose promos because someone wanted to go adc darius. He honestly should explain why because your team will lose out on a ranged carry role and they will be at a disadvantage late game if he does't come online fast enough.
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