: Bronze - Silver Team DonewiththeBS
IGN: Black Man Carry Postion Applying for:adc Strong point:good at csing and late game positioning weak points: dont respect the other laner enough in lane
Reset213 (NA)
: Why does NA still keep the same pro players, if they're "losers".
The main reason why NA teams keep the same players is because they need to have atleast 3 Na players on their team. Now the reason why they give the same pros chance even if they suck is because they know what they can do, and they dont want to take a chance on a rookie and get a bad placing. Its the same why the NFL will sign a 3 string quarter back as a starter over and rookie quarter back. If they know what they are working with they can build around that, when its a rookie you have nothing to show how you will play.
: Free Coaching
Name:Derrick Age:23 Time Zone or State/Country:est us Occupation:(Student, Walmart Employee, Samurai):contractor Why are you wanting Coaching: i want to have a coach to help build a team When you start something, do you typically finish:yes Roles:adc Rank:b2 Questions for me: Do you believe a team of bronze players can improve together Team speak is required, Is that a problem:no
: Teamwork over Mechanics
im interested if everyone is going to play together
: [5D] 5th Dimension Gaming is Recruiting. Bronze-Silver (CompeteLeague)
Application: IGN:Black Man Carry Rank: B2 "Main" Role: Adc Main champions + pool:every adc except draven Timezone + Hour Availability:est most times night and day Previous 5s experience: I have been a captain on a team i got to silver Do you have a mic?:yes Can you be on teamspeak?:yes Age:23 Are you willing to take criticism involving but not limited to picks, playstyle and priorities?:yes
: Dawn eSports Recruiting All Ranks! (Bronze-Challenger)
IGN:blackmancarry Rank last season: silver 3 Rank this season: b3 Role applying for: adc Availability: most days most of the time
Jo1t (NA)
: Silver/gold team LFM JG/SUPP/ADC
What times can you be on : most nights and some mornings What days can you be on: most days, i am a contractor so I will let you know Age:22 Timezone: est Rank:gold last season havent played rank much this season so like b1 after promos Role: adc, support Weaknesses: (adc laning isnt the strongest)( sup need to be careful when warding) Strengths:mid and late game positioning, objective calls, and shotcalling mid and late game Do you have a decent mic:yes Do you have discord:yes What is your playstyle: depends on the ppl i play with What are your 3 best champions: Lucien,Cait,ashe(sup: naut,bard, janna)
5tuntM4n (NA)
: Lf duo partner in bronze!
hey if you still looking i can play any role but jungle
: Serious competitive ranked 5's team looking for a Jungle main and support main. Silver 2+
1. What role are you applying for, what is your champion pool, what is your play style like?support, karma,janna, nami,bard, braum, nautilaus, alistar, tahm 2. Age? What is your personality like, in game wise, are you willing to learn from mistakes and grow stronger as a team?22, chill laid back person always looking to improve and adapt to improve my gameplay 3. Are you willing to commit to the scheduled practice times and are you willing to play and learn champions you don't prefer for the sake of the team? yes and yes 4, What is your attitude like? very chill easy going 5, Will you be able to communicate effectively with the team and pitch in to the team effort?yes IGN: a bum lip
Eoas (NA)
: LftSG Tryouts LF ADC and Support (High-Silver/Gold)
IGN: a bum lip Rank: gold 5 Availability: wed,thurs,sun: all day, saturday:6-until, other days after 9 State:md Role:adc/support Champ Pool: all adc except twitch, sup: naut,bard,karma,braum, nami,janna,morg Mic:yes Discord:yes Age:22 Strengths: farming, mid and late game rotating, positioning Weaknesses: early game Why you want to join this team: I want to be on a team willing to practice and improve and not just tilt after one loss
KryptoXD (NA)
: Looking for people to join a Team
ign :black man carry ima a adc or support
: League Team Needed!
What role do you play?adc/support What are your mains and who are you best with? lucien,cait,jinx,tristana best carrys to hard carry with can play all but twitch Have you ever been with a ranked team before?yes What is your current rank in league?g5 What was your last year rank?s2
Îso (NA)
: Zero Gravity eSports Recruiting /Need Coach (Bronze-Gold)
IGN: Black Man Carry Roles: adc/support/top How Long Have You Played?: since season 3 Can You Shotcall?:yes Strengths?:mid to late game, cs , and rotations Weakness?: laning phase Why Should We Recruit You?: i can shotcall and teach rotations to the team if anyone is willing to listen, and its very hard for me to tilt When Are You Available To Practice?: wednesday, thursday, sunday:all day saturday:5-until, other days after 9
: S17 recruiting gold and up players
still looking for top and jungle
: S17 recruiting gold and up players
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: looking for mid, jungle for team silver or gold
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Boltic (NA)
: Team Wicked [ TW A/B/C ] [ High Silver - High Diamond CAP ] Building 3 Teams [ Coached Teams ]
Wicked C - Applications: Name:black man IGN:a bum lip Age:22 Teamspeak: Yes/No Rank: gold 5 Role:adc/support
KozLiiT (NA)
: *Kings of Support* Support Only Club
hey can i join im a support main, this seems like fun
TheCrim (NA)
: CCG Looking for Top and ADC (Silver)
IGN: Black Man Carry Current Rank: bronze 2 Season 5 Rank:silver 2 Ever received any ban/restriction:no Why:i want to play on a team to help improve me and everyone on the team to play on a high team level Top 3 Champions:lucien, cait, jinx Can you meet every practice:yes Age:22 Shotcalling experience: i have some exprience from other teams i was on
: Creating a team for a organized low elo league!
Rank:Gold 5 Lane:ADc Top 5 champs:Lucien, cait, jinx, trist, MF Pros:good at csing and late game Cons: doesnt respect players in lane sometimes IGN: A Bum Lip
: GT Tigers Recruiting Silver and Gold players (Jungler and ADC needed)
Fill out the application. DO NOT add me in game, I will add you. IGN: a bum lip Rank:gold 5 Primary Position: Adc Top 3 champs for primary position:Lucien, cait, jinx Skype/Curse/Discord: all but skype Strengths: csing, late game positioning, wave control Weaknesses:some times too aggro early game Times Available (EST please): all day wednesday, thursday Age:22 Why do you want to join the team?: Its alot more fun to play league as a team, and i play better with 5 then i do soloq
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: Creating Dynamic Team [Gold+]
5emtex (NA)
: Creating serious team for improvement
Role -ADC Rank -Bronze 2( was silver 3 last season climbing up fast) Top 5 champs in order from best to worst -Lucien, Cait, mf, corki, kalista, What do you want out of the team -I want a team willing to work together and help learn how to play higher level of play What do you want from your coaches -help learn how to play high level with multiple champs Strengths -good at csing, great late game positioning, some minion wave control Weaknesses - i dont respect my opponent sometimes and it hurts me. Times you normally play -i play all day wednesday and thursday, weekends from 5pm est- any, and every other day i play late nights. IGN: Black Man Carry

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