: Please tell me if my ban was justified.
And this is my live chat conversation with a support agent (04:34:12 AM) IG TheSao: and this is my team's diana chat (04:34:35 AM) IG TheSao: I have a word document with screenshots (04:34:37 AM) IG TheSao: can I upload (04:35:11 AM) IG TheSao: If you see the chat log (04:35:27 AM) IG TheSao: I did not provoke, use toxic words, or flame any player (04:35:30 AM) Fromage: yes I have the chat log, multiple times (04:35:36 AM) IG TheSao: okay (04:35:37 AM) IG TheSao: thank you (04:35:46 AM) IG TheSao: please tell me why am I banned (04:36:02 AM) IG TheSao: because diana and her friend reported me and the system banned me automatically? (04:36:57 AM) Fromage: So looking here i do see that you've already had a few chat restrictions, this is the natural escalation if you're still misusing the chat. The chat is only meant to be helpful to winning, so like shot calling. Not telling others to feed and shut up, and taunting them with bans and reports (04:37:10 AM) IG TheSao: that was a joke... (04:37:12 AM) IG TheSao: please (04:37:21 AM) IG TheSao: you can clearly see that was a joke (04:37:33 AM) IG TheSao: I can't even say "shut up" when diana said "fucking gank jungle?"??? (04:37:34 AM) Fromage: ya if someone reports you for breaking the rules and you do break the rules, you get a penalty and they can escalate if they're close enough to the last penalty (04:37:46 AM) Fromage: you can not respond to anything with negativity (04:37:51 AM) IG TheSao: the "feed" was a joke when the game wasn't started (04:38:05 AM) IG TheSao: what? (04:38:10 AM) IG TheSao: I get called "shut up" so many times (04:38:19 AM) Fromage: please only use the chat for its intended purpose or you will keep getting penalties (04:38:54 AM) IG TheSao: do you think this ban is justified? Just because I said "shut up"? (04:39:35 AM) IG TheSao: Did you see Diana's chat? (04:39:43 AM) Fromage: it is justified because this is the third penalty you've gotten in the last ten days (04:39:57 AM) Fromage: I do but their behavior doesnt mean you get to break the rules too, their behavior is only on them (04:40:29 AM) IG TheSao: okay, so you're telling me that in this game, if people says toxic things towards me, and calling my "white fat boy" (04:40:33 AM) IG TheSao: I can't even say "shut up"? (04:41:03 AM) IG TheSao: the "shut up" is not even in respond to the multiple toxic things Diana said towards me (04:41:07 AM) Fromage: yo ucan not tell other players to shut up (04:41:13 AM) Fromage: f you want them to shut up, mute them (04:43:14 AM) IG TheSao: I got banned because this is my third ban in the last 10 days (04:43:23 AM) IG TheSao: third times I broke the rules? (04:43:25 AM) Fromage: yes, the third penalty is a suspension (04:43:33 AM) IG TheSao: which are the other two times? (04:44:01 AM) Fromage: the ten game chat restriction on the 30th and the 25 game chat restriction on the 1st (04:44:39 AM) IG TheSao: Do you think this kind of policy will drive player away? Do you really think this is fair? (04:44:47 AM) IG TheSao: In real life, if someone says toxic things to you, do you run away? (04:44:54 AM) IG TheSao: or you can't even say "shut up"? (04:45:05 AM) IG TheSao: please (04:45:34 AM) IG TheSao: I was being very positive aside from that one "shut up" and the one "Feed" joke I made in the beginning of game (04:46:06 AM) Fromage: this isnt real life (04:46:08 AM) IG TheSao: I can't even make a joke now, is that the incentive riot wants the make players, to only type game-related stuff and not making a joke? (04:46:13 AM) Fromage: and you have agreed to follow our rules (04:46:26 AM) IG TheSao: you're right (04:46:34 AM) Fromage: I dont see much in this game that we would consider neutral and helpful to winning it (04:46:55 AM) Fromage: but yes, we only want game related things to win the game, so like shot calling (04:47:00 AM) Fromage: anything else, use a different chat (04:52:20 AM) Fromage: was there anything else I could answer today? (04:52:27 AM) IG TheSao: thank you for your answer (04:54:41 AM) Fromage: you're welcome, I hope you have a better rest of your night (04:54:58 AM) IG TheSao: Dear Riot, please take a deeper look into this case (04:55:50 AM) Fromage: was there anything else you wanted to review about it? (04:56:07 AM) IG TheSao: Can I talk to a different support member? (04:57:00 AM) Fromage: there wont be a different answer :/ but you can write in a new live chat if you want (04:57:46 AM) IG TheSao: So I have been playing this game for a long time (04:58:05 AM) IG TheSao: and spent a lot of money on it, do I really not deserve a second look at this case and a fair judgement? (04:59:19 AM) Fromage: there was a second look into it, you a re judged fairly because we hold everyone to the exact same standards, regardless of how much time or money was spent on the account since we dont give special treatment for that (05:00:01 AM) IG TheSao: I was not asking for a special treatment (05:00:27 AM) IG TheSao: I was asking for a right to defend myself from someone calling me toxic words and racist words (05:00:42 AM) IG TheSao: not even defending by responding with negativity (05:00:48 AM) IG TheSao: just the right to report him and keep playing (05:00:56 AM) Fromage: the best defense is to protect yourself, not be offensive back (05:01:08 AM) Fromage: you can of course report and keep playing (05:01:10 AM) IG TheSao: can you tell me which words I use do you consider offensive (05:01:25 AM) Fromage: enjoy your ban. (05:01:31 AM) IG TheSao: wow (05:01:41 AM) IG TheSao: that is offensive? (05:01:47 AM) IG TheSao: okay (05:02:06 AM) IG TheSao: Because when you say you hold everyone to the same standard (05:02:25 AM) Fromage: no one likes being told their getting banned, thats not a nice thing to say to someone (05:02:33 AM) IG TheSao: I did not report anyone who used "enjoy your ban" or "shut up" in basically every ranked game I played in (05:02:52 AM) IG TheSao: you're saying I should report them from now one, for saying "enjoy your ban"? (05:03:00 AM) IG TheSao: can you please (05:03:07 AM) IG TheSao: repost diana's chat? (05:03:09 AM) IG TheSao: to here (05:03:13 AM) Fromage: thats you though, not everyone is offended by the exact same things (05:03:22 AM) Fromage: thats why we make a blanket statement of no negativity in the chat (05:03:32 AM) Fromage: I will not post another players chat log (05:03:37 AM) IG TheSao: if you played the game you know a lot of people say those things (05:03:42 AM) Fromage: you are only penalized for your behavior, not anyone elses (05:03:55 AM) Fromage: I do and a lot of people get chat restrictions (05:04:15 AM) IG TheSao: you're the official (05:04:18 AM) IG TheSao: I can't argue with you (05:04:24 AM) IG TheSao: you're always right (05:04:25 AM) IG TheSao: :) (05:04:49 AM) IG TheSao: you're determined to not hear my reasoning (05:04:55 AM) IG TheSao: thank you for your time (05:05:05 AM) IG TheSao: just one last word (05:05:26 AM) Fromage: I understand your reasoning, I get why you said what you said, but that doesnt mean that we just let it slid and dont hold you to the same standard as everyone else (05:05:36 AM) IG TheSao: I have lost a lot of faith for this game now. I have been sticking with it even a lots of my friends were quitting (05:05:36 AM) Fromage: we simply dont want these things said in chat (05:05:52 AM) Fromage: this is a final warning before a ban as well, so make sure to only use chat for shot calling
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