Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 28
Any plans for Azir? Last I heard, he was held for changes for preseason?
: Preseason Dev Update Number 2!
Any Azir progress? Last I heard he was iceboxed for preseason.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 12
Any plans for Azir? Or is he still iceboxed for preseason?
: Preseason Development Update 1
Any news on Azir? Last I heard his changes were being iceboxed for preaseason, any developments?
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: Been having a lot of fun in bot lane with
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: Patch 7.2 Feedback from Diamond2+
What exactly did they do to Zed, Gragas, and Jhin?
: why give azir a skin
He's actually sorta back in the meta.. and also you don't have to give skins to only meta champs. Pretty dumb logic.
: Is Xerath worth picking up?
He's too skillshot dependent and even if you can land them it isn't half as rewarding as other things. If you want similar champs I'd recommend Lux, Ryze, or Syndra. They require a lot less skillshot perfection and are much stronger.
: No Riot should just make the game safe to leave like in Dota
I wish, but they will never do that, soooo next best thing.
: I Need An Explanation
She's really strong, so idk what that is
: Why are some traps visible and some invisible?
Because it's how the game was designed.... it's like asking why is Ekko melee and why is Caitlyn ranged... what a stupid question xD
: Remove Surrenders in Ranked
Some games are simply unwinabble and you need to ff so you don't waste 40 mins. What if you have an afk? Want to play that whole game?
: Disable the map whenever people choose Ezreal
: Today is the day i quit this game and uninstall for good.
Happy people like you are leaving the community.. however I'm sure you'll be back in a few patches, to then post this again because you can't climb out of B5 xd
Rune Keg (NA)
: @Rioter, State of Gangplank atm?
He still serves his purpose as a late game hyper carry, I play him a lot and find success
Kippid (NA)
: All the Back Crap on Warwick is Crap
Sorry guys, another one of my animals escaped the zoo. Come on Kippid, back into the cage. Dude how dumb are you there's a new fkin lore
: It's counterplay to know you are being tracked, therefore prompting you to adapt. Players who don't adapt often get punished.
I mean from warwick's point of view. The players don't see the tint and music I don't think
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: I found an LCS match in ranked
Xin isn't LCS played or worthy.
: Jhin, the Freelo
Someone just lost to a jhin
: Is there ANY possible way to win lane vs Yasuo?
Stop looking for counters. I take my mains into Yas's and usually beat them.
WingSwip3 (EUNE)
: Azir and his current state.
He's actually a lot better now, and us people who main him and the pros are using and noticing his new strength.
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: I love bard, but his win rate is bad. What do I do?
Winrate doesn't mean much for champs like Bard. Have you not yet realized he is balanced around skillceiling? Keep playing him and you'll get better and win.
: I have the option of getting darius or fiora
Fiora is so much more fun and with skill she's better than Darius.
Slythion (NA)
: The juggernaut meta will emerge again, because now they can just walk through both assassins (as designed) *and* adcs (who are supposed to kite them down). I'm pretty sure the juggernaut meta was quite unenjoyable for most people, but seeing as I play primarily tanks/juggernauts/divers I might be a little biased in favor of it :3 At least Cassiopia and Azir would be back in meta due to their ap dps kits
Considering I already reck with those 2, yes please
: AD will ALWAYS win against AP
Really? Cuz I just dicked on a fed Yasuo with my ekko.
Revali (NA)
: what made kled just kinda dissapear from everyones radar?
: @Riot Tibbers doesn't fit in Annie's burst kit.
I don't think you understand, the main point of Tibbers is supposed to be the cast burst, the bear following you after is just a small little thing you can use to farm or kill towers with. If Tibbers' autos were stronger that would make Annie a sustained damage dealer.
Rozair (NA)
: As a level 6 camille pkayer I'm going to explain how to beat her
A nice, not complaining or toxic thread. Props to you sir! I'll definitely apply these tips next time I'm against Camille.
: The best thing I ever started doing was /mute all at the beginning of them game
: Death's Dance is going to go the way of WotA
: Tell me the champions you think are the most obnoxious and annoying
: you were relying on rylais? You deserve your losses
xddd someone doesn't like rylais
Sciela (NA)
: So, assuming we're on the same skill level, am I the only one who enjoys going against Yas?
Yeah, when I'm on my mains it is super fun fighting a great Yasuo player.
: "Recommended champs for 2017" feels incredibly random.
For me it worked well, 2 of the recommendations I've been saving for already, and 2 I already have and enjoy.
: i sure hope she's done, cancerous piece of trash over there
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: Twisted Botline
What even is the point of botting? It's not like you can get RP from bottling games.
: Who was your most played with and how many games?
: I have a question about my year in review
How do I see that first penta thing for my account?
: Nashor's Tooth on Lux?
You should try it out and post it here, that would be a bit more constructive than posting the theory. I think it would help her combo be faster but I just don't think it's necessary.
Zefirez (EUW)
: laning Zac needs some love
He's not supposed to be a laner, so no.
: I was backing off when I heard it, but I was still caught in it because he put it right on top of me. Like, I could not see it at all until it went off, and I'm pretty sure there's a longer animation to it because you're supposed to see the 3 second charge up of where it's going to go....righhhht? And then it goes off in like another second or so.
No, my point is you are not supposed to see it. You see it .5 seconds before it lands, not 3 seconds before.
Bobo113 (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Izol - Fist of the Magnetar
I like this a lot! Btw, his quotes are amazing xD
: New Ekko Skin Idea!!!
Heck yes! #Ekkomainsunite
: Riven and Yasuo is 100% your skill vs there's Yeah f cait and vayne {{champion:64}} Now that the level 3 ganks when your level 1 he should slow down {{champion:39}} getting full rework {{champion:104}} not really that bad
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