: I feel like Sylas is half baked
Must.. resist... Just like modern day commies! haHAA!
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Sukishoo (NA)
: >Playing coin on supports is not fun nor interactive I disagree. How is it any less interactive from attacking a player (spellthief) or killing a minion (relic) ? You still have to get into the area and pick up the coins dropped from it in order to use it effectively. If you're not doing that then you're losing out on Gold it gives. It effectively wants you to move around in the lane/fights. The old designs made them less interactive as all you had to do was stand around and you'd passively gain Gold.
It may sound good on paper maybe, but in practice, the coins linger for an extremely forgiving amount of time and they "magnet" to the support if you just get slightly close to them. And even if this weren't an issue, there is significantly more risk to "walking up and attacking" an enemy than there is to simply "walking around". When just walking around you can juke easier and you don't have to commit as much, among other things. This mostly applies to enchanters, because they actually have to get close to harass (opposed to Xerath support, who just pokes from wherever).
Spotty (NA)
: If you vote NO on a surrender vote then you should have a lock out timer from voting
: No it hasn't. They made her have the highest mana regen in the game some time around when they did the mage itemization sweep last year.
That doesn't refute my point Fact of the matter is, Zyra has been played as a support for a long-ass time. Nothing Riot has done recently is "pushing her out of midlane". Riot tried to make her more suitable as a midlaner when they changed her passive and stuff, but the reality is, Zyra will always be a superior as a support because of the way her kit is designed (and how well she synergizes with long-standing support items aka spellthiefs).
: Spellthief's Edge isn't healthy or necessary in League of Legends
I disagree with most of your points and your assessment of healthy gameplay, however I am only going to comment on this: >Nami gets a whopping 5.6% win rate boost just from picking Spellthief's over Coin. Coin on Nami is a terrible idea in every circumstance. Even when coin was extremely overpowered maybe a year ago, Nami players still opted for Spellthief's because she could complete the quest at roughly the same speed as the coin supports. She could get better stats and a more synergistic passive as well from the completed quest (frostfang used to give movement speed). If you're playing Nami and you're not constantly harassing in lane, you are not playing Nami correctly. "Playing passive" should not be a viable option for Nami players to win lane. And, even though I said I wasn't gonna get too into this: **Playing coin on supports is not fun nor interactive** Coin meta several months back was proof to anyone playing bot lane at the time that Ancient Coin starts on both supports in a lane is _excruciating_. Those were some of the most frustrating times I can remember as a League-player (2nd only to the Cinderhulk meta of Season 5). Coin isn't fun, nor will it ever be _by design_. And if videogames aren't fun to play, then what's the point? Coin should continue to exist as an option for niche supports like Thresh (who cannot utilize relic shield) and other niche strategies/champions, but it should by no means be "pushed" for by Riot to "spice things up" (because it would not have that effect, at all).
: Within all of this hate, what do you like about this game?
All of the characters and all of the playstyles available
: Nasus needs to reaffrim his identity
Nasus being a "late game god" is something that will probably never happen In order to be a "late game god", you need range or mobility (but preferably both). Nasus, as a juggernaut, will never have either of those things. So you'll just have to settle with having a massive midgame powerspike with Trinity Force and try to gain some momentum at that time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hibeki,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VWuzNBo6,comment-id=000100000004,timestamp=2019-01-02T15:01:34.587+0000) > > Just fyi, conqueror basically cant be used on range champs (for good reason) > > I like that bruisers are strong, its just some problem champs in particular making things shit {{champion:39}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:114}} how is camille a problem champ?? i mean she doesn't even take conqueror, she usually takes pta, her kits overloaded but she's practically forced into the jungle
people only cry about Camille as a jungler because her E was not designed with jungling in mind (it's too good for ganking)
: Zyra has almost twice as much base mana regen at lvl 1 as a normal mage.
It's kind of been like that since Zyra's release though. Riot created her without realizing how better suited she is as a support.
: Im Done with Nexus Blitz
Yeah, nexus blitz is like competitive mario party Pretty sure now it's overrun with tryhards who main the mode because they aren't good enough at a real game that they try to stroke their ego by having a high nexus blitz winrate
: Remove this fucking item, your game has gone downhill since its inception
Bold claim you got there >stop buffing the champs who abuse this item an delete it permantly and gut kha zix, zed, talon, rengar, kayn and everyone else who abuses it. uh oh, shitter alert
kurufal (NA)
: Honestly, I think they should extend the Silence duration and make it so that the Silence only hits the original intended target. It would make it a little more manageable and less about RNG. Make Fiddle think about who he's going to cast it on instead of just throwing it into a team fight and smashing his face on the keyborad while he zhonyas.
Fiddle would plummet in usefulness if his only AoE was his ult. At that point he would just be a shitty assassin instead of a teamfight disruptor.
Mindzur (NA)
: Kha'Zix is WAYYYYYYY too safe and WAYYYYYY too easy for the damage he puts out.
Keep in mind that Kha'zix damage may only seem easy because a good Kha'zix player will only fight when his targets are isolated/low health. Plus, Kha'zix is an assassin. Part of an assassin's toolkit is to have a high amount of mobility and burst damage. Kha'zix still explodes when focused/cc'd, so he's not "too safe" yet.
: But they're avoiding the cow. I don't even know what the cow is representing.
spoiler alert, it is a completely irrelevant gif to a meme post in Gameplay (what else is Gameplay actually for? meaningful discussion? what's that?)
: > [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tLuNKQ6I,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-01-03T00:29:34.677+0000) > > That's like me saying Jax isn't a skirmisher because his ult gives him armor and magic resist. > > Different juggernauts do different things. Aatrox is just a different spin on the sub-class. Half and half. I think that Jax is a diver because he can get into fights fine but his disengage isn't as good.
Most skirmishers can get into fights fine. The problem arises when the skirmisher actually gets there (usually get focused/peeled off and die is what happens). I think Jax is a skirmisher by default because his primary goal is to splitpush (which is generally a skirmisher trait).
: From now on, only nerf strong champs, don't buff weak ones.
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: The Reforging of Mordekaiser
: 8.10 Jungle Changes - Iteration and Additional Context
As someone who was defending the jungle plants when they were first released: I really dislike the jungle plants now. When I'm playing anything other than Jungle I choose to just use the plants when I see them for the sole purpose of preventing the enemy jungler from using them. I miss the smite buffs. At least with them there was not an illusion that "everybody can use them equally" - the smite buffs rewarded good jungle decision making and it didn't hide that. I feel like they could be brought back as long as the raptor camp buff was reworked.
: Riot, can you do something about Kha'Zix and dont let him be the king of jungle like he was on S3/4?
Funny how you failed to say anything about Season 5 Kha - a steaming pile of garbage for the entire season.
: "You wouldn't give a champion a gun if they're just going to use it as a blunt weapon," Well....... About that..... {{champion:150}}
Oh yeah, I kept thinking there was at least one champ that didn't use a gun properly. I actually like that he throws his gun a lot because it's cute :) Wukong/Hecarim ain't cute tho :(
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: Knockups should make your champ heavier (less movement and time knocked up/back)
Camille 100% tenacity for thiccness alone
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: -22 lmao
Do you jack off while stroking your Boards account's total upvotes? I don't.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bladerunner7777,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RmBL7gQ1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-01T13:26:26.609+0000) > > I feel like there's so many options to destroy chess pieces, but none to buff/protect them. > > I mean as far as I can think, moving a pawn to the other side is about the only thing that comes to mind that can actually revive a piece. stfu
"Your opinion is making me uncomfortable, and I can't form a counterargument so I'm just going to silence you instead." cute
: I feel like there's so many options to destroy towers, but there's none to buff/protect towers
I feel like there's so many options to destroy chess pieces, but none to buff/protect them. I mean as far as I can think, moving a pawn to the other side is about the only thing that comes to mind that can actually revive a piece.
passıon (NA)
: I Think Riot Should Give More RP with Purchases
I seriously question the intelligence of the people who are downvoting this - They are literally creating a superficial demand so frugal people have to suffer.
: Riot please do more skin votes in the future!
I disagree with skin votes. The average playerbase consists of people with poor taste that will always vote for "le epic futuristic skins xD". These people are the same reason every new AAA video game ip is some dumb-ass sci-fi game - Fuck you guys. **Adventurer** is the skin for connoisseurs such as m'self _tips deathcap_
Tyvan (NA)
: So I got some new fish to refill the tank and I need names for them
: Everyone seems to want eve to have no flaws, and be OP
: It would be neat if Riot really stayed to the soul of League's old lore and did a revamp of the Noxus vs Ionia matches, maybe even import the new Quest system into it?
If it were like Dawnbringer vs Duskbringer, Noxus wouldn't stand a chance. Every kid and their Nina Tucker would side with Ionia for the same reason the weebs made Yasuo win the event -_- M'glorious nippon sword _tips rice hat_
: I feel like a lot of champion abilities would make for really good items
So... another Assassin item that synergizes extremely well with Kha? {{item:3147}} pls no {{item:3147}}
Auberaun (NA)
: Funny story, in playtesting we gave the feedback that her ult sound was wayyyy too loud. I haven't seen it on live yet so I'm not sure how it was adjusted but sorry if it really is quiet!
Did you ever test Death Sworn Katarina on Twisted Treeline? She's really hard to see until she acquires miscellaneous buffs ie Elixir of Sorcery and maybe the Alter buffs I really don't like the trend of "no character inking" on specific champions/skins (if that's what it is - because that's definitely what it looks like)
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: Why do both Lancers walk like they still have legs
Riot: "We're not gonna put any effort into making this skin satisfying and it's gonna cost 1350 RP, fuck you"
Lùmen (EUNE)
: The term 'ruined' is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?
ruined is subjective the skin is ruined for me
: Tristana is like the perfect assassin when you think about it
Nunu is the perfect assassin when you think about it!!1
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: Why can Naut have damage and Leona not?
Zulfurya (EUW)
: I think you found the exact soruce of inspiration.
I'm pretty sure an excerpt from the same song is directly copy/pasted into a Halo song (according to one of my friends): https://youtu.be/EeenHWxcEFQ?t=4m41s not sure if it's true or not because I don't know the Halo soundtrack off the top of my head.
Epicurus (OCE)
: I think it's more likely they update the item icon to match Irelia's new weapon, rather than giving Irelia the current item.
I find that really cool because Irelia is basically defined by her Triforce powerspike That is, unless you're the Irelia in my ranked games that builds full lethality and wonders why they're losing :[
: @Riot - Quite frankly, Death Sworn Katarina is a LAZY skin.
>It has absolutely no substance or theme to it, and it's just another extremely generic Katarina Pretty much sums up Katarina players too :p
: I think Swain may have sacrificed his eyes
Seems a little redundant with Leessindra (Lissandra and Lee Sin)
Bultz (NA)
: Malzahar's Pants Bother Me.....
Meh, I always liked them They look like comfortable pajamas :]
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: Hey Bladerunner7777! With these skins on live, we're no longer accepting feedback/making changes on these skins, unless there is an issue with gameplay specifically.
Scuttle (NA)
: Those skins are being released today (most likely.) So they are already on live. So the chance of them being changed is nil.
Skins still get tweaked post release ie Arcade Corki, Pentakill Morde/Sona
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