: This still will not fix the competitive rankings for players at any skill level simply because this will not stop or slow down boosting people with smurf accounts, what they should do is make dynamic into the default normal option and remove the other now redundant normals modes then add true solo Queue back to restore competition. alternatively bring back solo queue and scrap dynamic then build a true ranked 5 team system from the corpse of the dynamic system by adding the ability to hot search for temporary members to join into your ranked team and if after the match they are a good fit you could even promote them to permanent members or they can go their separate ways to look for other teams if it does not work out. The old pain restrictions on 5 man teams such as having a low max team roster or limited ranked team invites would also be removed and playing games in the queue would net you unique ranked 5 only end season rewards along with lesser awards for matches played.
I would love to have the old queue back as many would, but riot themselves have stated they won't bring it back so I feel this is as close as we can get to still achieve, yes there will still be boosters for smurfs and stuff, but it will be harder to carry with just 2 people rather than 4 because they can just make the guy who is getting boosted go support and make the other smurfs go carry roles. It will not get rid of it it would make it harder for sure. I really do want solo queue coming back it was my favorite, but I really don't see Riot bring it back to be completely honest.
: So basically instead of ranked normal queue, you want to replace it with solo/duo/trio queue which completely defeats what riot is trying to do. It's cool, you're trying to bandaid their broken stuff, but at that point you might as well just go back to what works and change original normal queue to "normal queue+ (DQ)" and give dudes rewards for playing normals; instead of making a ranked normal ladder and removing the original ranked ladder that built up their game and esport franchise.
The purpose for dynamic queue was to play ranked and climb with friends and not be restricted, but it was abused way to much and people are in ranks they don't belong in because of being carried. They said it themselves they won't go back to solo queue so this is the only way we can get them to fix there shit, no one will stop playing ranked to send a message because normal's can get very boring and feel like you don't get anything for the competitive players. It is unfair how you're restricted higher up because if someone goes from silver to plat with 5 people they can't climb like they used. So just keep trio for all ranks and bring back 5's.
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Salron (NA)
: Can we do something for Enchantment: Warrior?
Honestly, I feel like the older jungle items should be brought back, I get all the unique values of the current jungle items, but I don't think anything was really too game breaking about the older items.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Serenity Now,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E52aeUMZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-11-15T14:08:22.196+0000) > > Well, arguably the lower end is where the revenue stream is. The game shouldn't alienate it either. It is impossible to balance the game for every spectrum, things that low elo QQ about at times are vastly different then what high elo QQ about. Attention should be given to the lower end, but balance shouldn't be based around the lower end in the slightest because they are the weakest when it comes to game knowledge and skill. And 90 percent of the time the lower ends means of "balance" is to say gut it until it isn't a thing anymore, which contradicts the point of balance, but no one ever looks that far into it.
The thing is I am a higher elo than you are, but you are pretty much saying that I am the lower end? I have played this game for a very long time and I have the game knowledge to know that this isn't fun, and majority of the community hate the preseason, yes they can't make everyone happy, but when you have a large portion of the community yelling about this it's a pretty big problem. Is it not?
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: 59ms to 93ms in Winnipeg, Manitoba I used to play on a stable 110 ping with MTS as my ISP before i changed to Shaw which then gave me a stable 59 ping all game pre migration of the servers. I just logged in today and expected a lowered ping since the servers would move closer as to where i live. I was just shocked to see a stable 93 ping since i was expecting a lower ping of like 40ms post mirgration. Is this because of my ISP or is that the way that it should be after the relocation of the servers?
I have had the same problem, my ISP is MTS and I was def gonna think my ping would decrease, but I used to have around 70-80 ms now I have around 90-130 and I have the highest speed there is so I need help!
Alibos (NA)
: Corsair Quinn - Valor Plumage
I agree, the splash art does make it look bright orange and blue, It would look very nice if they made this change. :D
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I think I'm going to change my behavior in league cause I am rude and everything, Day 1 starts now
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: Preseason 2015: Increasing Strategic Diversity
The new jungle items, and the buff timers I really dislike them and hope they do not add those in. {{item:1080}}
: Shurima event ends September 21
URf + One for all = {{summoner:10}} {{summoner:12}} {{champion:238}}

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