: It would be the nonakill, assuming Kled doesn't commit suicide.
Could be up to 121212 The ten champions {{champion:240}} = Kled + Skaarl = 2 {{champion:1}} = Annie + Tibbers = 2 {{champion:20}} = Nunu + Yeti = 2 {{champion:113}} = Sejuani + Boar thing = 2 {{champion:427}} = Ivern + Daisy = 2 {{champion:203}} = Wolf + Lamb = 2 {{champion:83}} = Yorick + 4 minions = 5 {{champion:6}} = as big as 3 people = 3 {{champion:26}} = Zilean + Zilean ult = 2 {{champion:74}} = Heimerdinger + 3 turrets + Giant turret = 5 For a total of 27 kills. Forget suicide that's just genocide
: > [{quoted}](name=Jadarko,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=EfTmpqVE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-11-27T03:44:03.485+0000) > > Needs more mushroom juice. {{champion:240}} I would be happy to supply you some {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
Kled hasn't earned some. {{champion:427}} d it.
Rákãñ (NA)
: Before you sign into the game. On the login page. On the bottom right there is a option to use Legacy. Which is the old version.
But once they get rid of legacy won't the item builds be deleted from ingame?
Rioter Comments
: I didn't know item sets existed
I wish I didn't update, those item sets help a lot.
Sqwips (NA)
: Her entire kit is styled around hard engages or disengages. She is tuned PERFECTLY for the support role, but you need to understand. Many believe she was intended as a Mid lane champion, and her kit at times, can feel a little weak. She is often out bursted or out-traded early, and has no way of avoiding that in some cases, champions like Syndra, Zed, and Yasuo are able to just straight up out damage her, or even negate portions of her kit due to their own kits. I'd say its less of people not trying, and whining that the champion is bad, and more just asking for a bit more tuning towards the midlane aspect of her, since it can be rather lacking at times. That's just my opinion, I've played her a couple times in both roles, and I enjoy her more in support than mid, because you feel like you are more enabling to make plays as a support, but her mid potential isn't horrible either, it's just not quite where it seems it should be currently.
I don't know what changes might have happened between your post and mine but mid lane Taliyah is definitely overpowered. She 1v2'd me (Yasuo) and Rengar level 3 with starting items. Broken.
: Have you tried playing her? She's REALLY hard to do right lol
> [{quoted}](name=MysteriousBootie,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=w64O8XYU,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-06-29T22:53:41.235+0000) > > Have you tried playing her? She's REALLY hard to do right lol Being hard to play isn't a good excuse for being extremely strong. League of Legends isn't that type of game. She 1v2'd me (Yasuo) and a Rengar at level 3 with starting items. That, is "not healthy."
: {{champion:86}} and {{champion:122}} are equal opposite forces so i would think they just end up killing each other in a full on fight.
Garen uses his ultimate and Darius ults (or bleeds them out?)
: adc add me main alot looking for coordination
> [{quoted}](name=veeso,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=VZXKRQgK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-13T06:47:16.647+0000) > > adc add me main alot looking for coordination I don't skype or anything so coordination would be hard
Rioter Comments
: The matchmaking in this game is pure shit, that's what it comes down to. Wanna know something that legit sucks, and I'm serious this is true: if your MMR is high, like say you are in Silver but won games too fast and got Platinum MMR, you are going to get matched against plat players in your PROMOS! That shit is true, and so to get into gold you have to beat platinum players, that is 100% the way their system is designed, not even any low down dirt, so that gives an idea how completely cow flop Riot matchmaking is. What you had wasn't even very bad, tbh. I could only dream to be lucky like that with having games only THAT GOOD as you think the last one is bad. I just had 5 games in a row in Poro King that even God couldn't carry the teams I got matched with. Two games had TWO AFK. Btw, game before those 5 was also TWO AFK, and we won with 3 v 5 thanks to me and another guy carrying super hard. I was easily strongest on the team in EVERY one of these 5 uncarryable games in a row. One game I did most damage to champs, tanked most damage, and had by far the best KDA -- out of BOTH teams -- and we still got rolled. So, yeah the matchmaking is complete shit. But what you posted almost isn't even bad, it's like you must be on a good list or something. If I had it that good as what you consider bad I would consider myself extremely lucky to get games SO GOOD. Sometimes I think this game has me on a shit list or something with what I get matched with. Keep calm and carry on. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Good to know this wasn't an isolated event! Maybe Riot should have focused on this for this season's update
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadow Savage,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=pYkQfANP,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-14T06:04:30.474+0000) > > Sounds like you just hate lock on skills, since they're so easy. You must not play garen, his ult is too easy. Or Viegar, way too barebones and easy. Also alkali and Katerina. So barebones. Know who else is barebones? Fiddlesticks. Yorick. Twisted fate. Talon. So barebones. Why even play this game, everyone is so barebones. Everything should be skill shots. Ignite should be a skill shot, point and click is too barebones. Dude, this a forum, not a field. put the strawmen away. Let me ask you a question, what did Shen's Q do that was so interesting and vital to his character?
> [{quoted}](name=Best KhaZix Void,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=pYkQfANP,comment-id=00000000000000000001,timestamp=2016-01-14T06:11:50.853+0000) > > Dude, this a forum, not a field. put the strawmen away. > > Let me ask you a question, what did Shen's Q do that was so interesting and vital to his character? He can't jungle anymore, as a jungle shen main this hurt, he also cant supp...
: {{champion:11}} YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE ! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BRING BALANCE TO WUJU AND DESTROY THE VOID NOT JOIN THEM ! {{champion:62}} I HATE YOU !!! {{champion:11}} YOU WERE MY BROTHER WUKONG I LOVED YOU ! {{champion:11}} YOU'VE ALLOWED THE DARK LORD ({{champion:90}} ) TO TWIST YOUR MIND, UNTIL NOW YOUVE BECOME THE VERY THING YOU SWORE TO DESTROY {{champion:62}} Don't lecture me, Yi. I see through the lies of the wuju. I do not fear the void as you do. I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new Empire. {{champion:62}} if you're not with me then you're my enemy {{champion:11}} i will do what i must (*readies himself*) {{champion:62}} you will try (*activates staff*)
{{champion:86}} No, my father didn't fight in the League. He was a banana farmer in Ionia. {{champion:11}} That's what your uncle told you. He didn't hold with your father's ideals. Thought he should have stayed here and not gotten involved. {{champion:86}} You fought in the League of Legends? {{champion:11}} Yes, I was once an Ionian Knight the same as your father. {{champion:86}} I wish I'd known him. {{champion:11}} He was the best champion in the League of Legends, and a cunning warrior. I understand you've become quite a good warrior yourself. And he was a good friend. Which reminds me... (_Yi Gets Wukong's staff_) {{champion:11}} I have something here for you. Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn't allow it. He feared you might follow old Yi on some damned-fool idealistic crusade like your father did. {{champion:53}} Sir, if you'll not be needing me, I'll shut down for awhile. {{champion:86}} Sure, go ahead. (_Yi hands Garen the staff_) {{champion:86}} What is it? {{champion:11}} Your fathers staff. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or as random as hextech. (_Luke pushes a button on the handle. A long beam shoots out of both sides and flickers there. The light flashes across the ceiling._) {{champion:11}} An elegant weapon for a more civilized time. For over a thousand generations the Ionian Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in Runeterra. Before the dark times, before the Empire of Noxus. {{champion:86}} How did my father die? {{champion:11}} A young Knight named Darth Wu, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, united the Empire and the Voidborn in an effort to hunt down and destroy the Ionian Knights... He succeeded... He betrayed and murdered your father. Now the Knights are all but extinct. Wu was seduced by the dark side of Wuju, the Void. {{champion:86}} Wuju? The Void? {{champion:11}} Well, Wuju is what gives a Knight his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. The Void is a corrupted mutation of Wuju, harnessed by the Voidborn.
Rioter Comments
: I CAST FIST EARTHQUAKE! http://33.media.tumblr.com/eb48c04eee331ca45b17998e2ec20b98/tumblr_ndnxkqzXvM1qf2huro1_500.gif AND FINISH MY OPPONENT WITH MY LEGENDARY... http://31.media.tumblr.com/2b02b1e1f10b6c3c41c56bcd81dd8bbf/tumblr_n6ktu2AzZA1ru79lgo2_250.gif DOUBLE FIST FLEX!!
I gotta finish FMAB soon rather than playing this game lol
: "Oh you like playing mages?, sitting in the back during fights must feel awesome"
: How to beat Yasuo: 1. CC 2. Gank 3. Focus him 4. DONT get hit by his tornado, or any of the knockups on his team for that matter.
True. As a Yasuo main this kills me, and Malzahar, Kayle, and Annie in that order.
: At the end of the day yes you are correct but in the opposite aspect (Riot's view) they are also correct but, there is no in between and yes prices are way higher than they need to be all you buy for 5$ is a retexture of a champ where you pay 5$ for the original champ/texture and the if you don't want to spend money it takes two to three weeks playing seriously to get one 6300 champ. Over the summer I got a quite good collection, but i feel for just the basic use of that champ i wasted to much time grinding out to get it. They really need price fixes{{item:3078}}
First Win of The Day, in my opinion, stack onto weekends. For those of us with schoolwork and no time to spare for LoL, the FWTD should overlap so for weekend players get 5 FWTD bonuses to use. If that's too unfair, each stacked FWTD loses 25% of tthe bonus each day you don't use it. Using this math, on Friday, a player would get 150% worth of FWTD bonuses IP boost, then with the Friday FWTD, that's 250%, so this method will help us "weekend players" win back some of that lost IP.
: ***
Sorry for you man, and all the people who are commenting that Riot is a bloodhound for money, it's not just them, all companies want to make profits. And as a "free to play" member you can still get everything a paid member can, just much slower. (Sounds like Clash of Clans? It is lol) Since Riot uses the Clash of Clans philosophy they allow you to get everything necessary to play the game, e.g. T3 Runes and all champions. Then their RP also has a dual use, it doesn't only make you "complete" the game faster, you can also pay even more for cosmetic champion skins, icons, and ward skins... WHICH DO NOT AFFECT GAMEPLAY. These cosmetic items are RP only because they are not necessary for the game... unlike runes and champions...
: Champion insights roundtable: Gangplank
**ATTENION: MINDS ARE ABOUT TO BE BLOWN** Graves can't have his cigar. Sooooo............. **Mecha Graves!** It's okay, you can have your E-Cig
Ikikaea (NA)
: Why does he have to be half naked though? Why did he suddenly get a lot chubbier? Why couldn't you change the story to make him more lighthearted to fit his in game character instead of vice versa? Pretty sure most people like corny Gangplank better. Wasn't the whole point of saying fuck you to the old lore so that you could separate the game from the lore? Also lol at the meetings about hats... Guess that's why Valve can do more than double the work you guys do with half the resources. And guess what, people are happier with Dota2 than LoL.
IDK Valve ahs been stepping it up, with LoL I'm fine with everything really, but when you have to 3v5 in ranked, then the other 2 people rage-quit, and you're left in a 1v5, you inevitably lose, and then you're stripped of 20-25 LP for a match that was out of your control. On top of the 20-40 minutes you wasted playing that match. And if you try to leave you get into low priority queue, which is even worse. Then there's the uneven skill match-ups, oh they are wrong, so darn wrong, a Katarina feeding 0/10/0 in lane even with jungle help is miserable. Games ending pre-20 are miserable.
Reilune (NA)
: I'll tug on a cigar from time to time. But in all honesty, guns kill more people than cigarettes {{champion:236}} And alcohol kills a shit ton of people, too {{champion:79}} Also.. isn't this a game about killing? Isn't killing itself more violent than smoking? {{champion:119}} If you say smoking kills, guns kill.. people make choices, choices kill. Get that shit straight {{champion:11}}
@MrMuffinZ1 It was their choice to step on the shroom. They should've prepared and got a sweeping lense.
Ingale (NA)
: *cough cough* 4/5 of the dragonslayer team is ad... we need an ap mid laner
_cough cough_ sorry, do Dragonslayer Anivia as the mascot lol
: Nocturne really? I think he looks fairly decent. didn't he get a visual update not too long ago to match his new splash?
In game he looks trash to me, and his umbra blades are reddish gold, which don't really match his black dark theme.
: Zeke's Harbinger is fine but I disagree with the loss of Herald as a trade off for the simple fact that Herald was an AD item and they made this another AP item. Come on rito, it's bad enough that there's not a single AD+Armor item in the game, but to give a second one to the mages? That's just mean. Especially taking away an interesting AD option to make room for it. P.S. I pretty much only play aram, where Herald is/was a valid option. Very sad to see it go.
R.I.P Nasus, Zeke's was broken on you
: Patch 5.14 notes
This patch was down right scary. Quote Below: "{{champion:134}} can no longer pick up Baron with W - Force of Will" Please how would that even look? I always wanted to try that tip which said: "Throwing neutral monsters with a buff will have special effects"
: why are you guys yet again trying to fix something that isn't broken? like, the amount of people that hate the new hud compared to the amount that likes it, so many more ppl hate it, including me, and yes i have played with it... at least give us an option to swap between the 2 hud's then it'd be perfectly fine
I just logged in to upvote :3 Seriously, its so hard to tell which of your abilities are on cooldown, the first time I played I was Leblanc and I kept dying because I didn't know my W was on CD
: S.H.U.R.F. = Super Hexakill Ultra Rapid Fire
S.U.R.F = Surfin' Ultra Rapid Fire (Pool Party Skins ONLY!!!!!!!)
: Player Created Games Spotlight
I've only played Hide n' Seek and Donger Dash, but how is Draft Racing not on here! I demand a vote recount :3 It's the best, it's like soccer in LoL, but a lot more injuries. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=718201 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ | | | | | | Sorry my arrows suck
: HUD Update
Riot I'm begging, please give us the option to flip the HUD vertically when on the red side. It could be optional, kind of like the team colors thing, because in lane, or in general, I'm usually hacked off at the HUD for being in the way of when I wanted to land a skill shot. (Especially on Lux and other long range people) Also it's like a double-edged sword <Insert Double-Edged Sword mastery here> I remember back when I used to play the donger, AKA {{champion:74}}, I'd always get pooper-scooper'd by {{champion:99}} when playing on the purple side (Back then it was purple yee 'lil whippersnappers)] If we can't have that, let us move the HUD tiles ourselves!!! If you still aren't buying it, let us make the HUD semi-transparent. Now if you don't give us that you'll be S{{champion:103}}
: You’re cordially invited to a soirée!
I don't even play Udyr but I want that skin. Imagine if League of Legends was in FPMOBA. (First Person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) It would be scarier than a fed Akali when you see a middle-aged bearded man running at you in a bear jumpsuit! There's going to be a lot more gang bangs on the Rift with this new skin too And one quick question. How does he change forms? Does he rip off his current suit to reveal the next suit? (That's a lot of suits if so) BTW - I lied, two questions Deal With It {{champion:5}} Not the same without his new secret agent splash...
: So, like, when is mah bro, {{champion:86}} , going to get a Cooldown Reduction for his Demacian Justice. You know, to make him more viable for teamfights. For a champion that's not too far off the mark, the biggest pain point for Garen players is lacking enough opportunities to impact a game before it's too late. d^3^b
Lol you're just recycling what they said, "We lowered the CD, to make sure he has enough chance to impact before it's too late." -Nocturne Patch 5.6 RIP Nocturne
: That URF reference? : ULTRA RAPID FRENZY = U.R.F... I am the only one who saw this? ({{champion:28}} change)
Chrige (NA)
: Nice to see Galio getting a buff but hes bad enough on mana that a cooldown reduction doesn't mean much. Could have 0 cd but still doesn't matter if you have no mana
Galio was so OP already, now he's getting an ultra buff. He uses a lot of mana on his Q, but only his Q. in the laning phase just play passive and possibly poke with your Q every once in a while, and then once a Galio gets a double Morellenomicon build, he can spam his Q every 3 seconds, and doesn't even get punished for it. I don't own Galio, but when I played him against an Azir (Before the nerfs) in the "Pick for the enemy team" game mode, I went 30/2
: Just no and I love/main Diana, but giving her fiery effect just ruins her. She is part of the moon not the sun any longer if you look at her lore. She is not Leona here; therefore do not mess up Diana. She is fine the way she is excluding the fire. That fire gives suggestion she still is part of Solari."The sun does not give truth it only burns and blinds." Diana definitely ain't liking the fire effect. No just No.
Agreed, dragonslayer Diana is dumb it doesn't have to do with the lore at all
Rew711 (NA)
: But, it does seem logical. We need a mid lane dragon slayer. I mean, it would be silly to make {{champion:63}} a dragon slayer. Secretly, {{champion:131}} {{champion:63}} and {{champion:3}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:13}} and {{champion:50}} are my top picks for the last dragon slayer.
Dragonslayer Zed would be cool, if they make a splash flames would seethe out of his mask when he breathes, kind of like the fiery Darth Vader? I think? >.<
Rioter Comments
PoohB3ar (NA)
: it could be something horRENDous, but it will probably be quite sweet
I heard they SOULd them at Wal-Mart.
: people give the poros a break would yah. They need to rest
The poro's would never join the league, they would only be in abilities, emotes, or on the champion itself. The Battle Cast Poro might be a hint at a skin but it would be low value since poros are only seen on The Howling Abyss (Would be funny if when you fed them they ran around and started breathing Battle Cast fire everywhere) Or maybe the poro is just a fun little Easter Egg
0exi (NA)
: I wish I can get project {{champion:157}}
Anubis (NA)
: A Nasus skin is always welcome in my book, but sadly I own them all :(
: to all the people saying " im never going to use this" theres this thing going on in the world called random acts of kindness. maybe you guys should try it? i have a friend and myself who has hardly any money at all but once a month we will buy each other skins. you have no idea how good it feels when you buy someone a skin. it makes that person so happy and so grateful. so please keep this feature and i bet the toxicness will lower. and the happyness will go higher
I agree to that, I have eight real life friends that play LoL, we all gift skins to each other, as for stranger gifting, that probably happens in higher elo where all the rude, bad attitude people have probably quit, and everyone knows each other in ranked drafts. On the home screen where it shows ranked drafts I always see the same names and sometimes I spectate and the "All Chat" is really nice and friendly, whereas at my level 25 elo, there's cursing, raging, and "RITO NERF YI PLS!"
Xáyâh (NA)
: Lol I just looked back into all my ascension match history and I found your name in that game. I was that {{champion:7}}. If you don't believe me I have the link if you want it, though I'm not sure if it'll let you see other summoners names instead of the champions names on the page. Funny I was scrolling through this page just skimming through the comments when I saw this and I thought, wow I'm like the only one I know who really played {{champion:7}} on Ascension, maybe just maybe that could've been me. I'm surprised people even remember games that long ago. So this was a nice surprise reading this. :3
Lol loving this happy ending mate!
: End of game gifting is here!
Those who know each other in real life could benefit from this new system, but the average human would not sacrifice hard earned resources for a simple thank you or a "Maybe I'll gift you a champion sometime" response. Something that i would like to see instead would be a gifting system where you see a player who was really good at a certain position and/or champion, and you would highly recommend a champion for them and want them to experience that champion without sacrificing too much resources. Maybe you could gift them a four game rental for a certain champion, and who knows maybe if they like that champion enough they might spend some MONEY on LEAGUE! (Hint Hint) Another cool feature would be trading champions for set amounts of time (2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours) in game time not real time. I think this would greatly help when saving for a RIDICULOUSLY PRICED champion aka Rengar, Fiora, or Jinx. As I said before the gifting/rental system might work for players to get a feel for a champion before saving up for them, and the gifter would only have to pay a small fee such as 100-300 IP depending on how expensive the champion. To increase these trades, if the player you gift the champion too gets wins with them, then you get refunded the IP and get a little in return for being a giver. Honestly I'd love that, for me champion buying is hit and miss, my only expensive champions are Nocturne (Bought 6 days ago), Heimerdinger (Bought with Starter RP) Katarina (Bought with IP a while back). With Heimerdinger and Katarina I struck gold because they were my play style, Nocturne not so much, I thought his passive would make him like Xin Zhao and have high sustain. I've managed to get the hang of him but it was hard to adjust my play style. As for Skin gifting, I think people would take advantage of it too much, they would create fake accounts, then use the starter RP to gift to their main account. I hope you might take this into consideration because hearing what someone has to say about a champion can never give you all the details of actually playing the champion. When you are buying 450 IP champions the consequences aren't as huge because you just have to play 5 games to get back where you were, but as for a 6300, the consequences are drastic, with that IP there was probably someone out of the 121 champions as of Kalista that matched your NATURAL play style. Xin Zhao almost matches my play style because of challenged target and unchallenged so I feel like I have options, I can initiate with my E when chasing them down, or while they are chasing me, just use my ultimate to knock them back, or in other cases into tower range when ganking. So basically my candidates for champions are anyone who has a double set of abilities or multiple version of them, which was why I love Heimerdinger so much. So I hope to save for Lee Sin, Rengar, Khazix, Nidalee, Elise, and more. Problem is they are all so highly expensive, and if I bought RP I wouldn't buy champions really becuase I'm out of refunds. Now there's one thing remaining to discuss: FREEWEEK! Free Week is a great idea, and kudos to whoever made it, but since I only play on weekends, two days isn't enough, and the length of time for champions to come around is too long for me! (#Waiting To Test Twitch) So if you don't like my ideas in this huge paragraph about gifting (Single Spaced all you haters), then please just increase the FREE WEEK size to 12, 14, or 16 champions! Now to end my rant, TY for reading and please consider! Blazecream {{champion:56}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:74}}
darkdill (NA)
: @Ironstylus: Who are the "worst offenders" in terms of visuals?
I'd have to say Ashe, Irelia, Xin Zhao, and Nocturne.
: First light after the Harrowing
This is way off-topic but a cool game mode (Sort of like URF) would be to have everything sped up, camp and player respawn times, gold income, minion, camp, and player speed, minions spawn every 15 seconds (Minions would have to be nerfed because it would be too much for the poor players), Prices reduced, more kill gold, more starting gold, and a cool twist would to have 3 summoner spells XD. Orange ya glad my rant is over?
Call it Summoner's Shroud, or The Darkness Within, something cool like that :D
Zed 2 (NA)
: ***
Then URF should be somewhat discouraged, such as reduced XP or IP. If people don't like that then there could be an "URF's per day" tracker, so that people can only play 3 URF games per day
acrid56 (NA)
: I think we are all missing the point here. We need Hellish Teemo NOW his goggles would be flaming red, his shrooms would be jack-o lanterns, his darts would be bolts of blackness, blown out of a shadowy staffgun. He would have little red horns on his head, and glowing red eyes. using w he would ride upon flames of hell to get around:) RIOT PLS
There's no need to make a skin for that, we can't see it but Teemo is the a devil child when you really think about it


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