Colivar (NA)
: Tbh it's not fine. I'm just now (past few weeks) switching from dota to league to play with RL friends, and this is actually so preposterous that I can't believe it's true. If this mod/GM's game knowledge is so poor that she can't actually comprehend that smite can legitimately be used by more than one champion on the same team, then she has no place having power to ban people for "stealing other people's roles" and "failing to communicate".
Oh they understand it, last season when people were playing things like ap ezreal mid with smite to get the ap jungle item. RIOT just doesn't like non-traditional play anymore, clearly
: 14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?
This is why i dislike RIOT. As much as they try and promote themselves as a friendly company that actually cares about the players, they do stuff like this; ban you for playing something different. It's like they just can't accept their game to be played anyway else other than the traditional way and it really ticks me off. This behavior prevents many players from wanted to try weird picks in off roles, because they fear RIOT is going to ban them for trying something new, and honestly, it seems extremely childish as well. "YOU CAN ONLY PLAY MY WAY OR I'LL BAN YOU" Is the general vibe i get when I hear stories like this.
: Trigger as many people as you can in five words or less. (Regardless if it's true)
Shobosy (NA)
: What is with this assumption that people who are playing for "fun" don't try to win? My definition of fun is a highly-skilled, fairly balanced matchup where each team is performing well and it isn't a one-sided stomp. Ranked is the best place for those types of games. I don't care if we win or lose if it was genuinely a good game. If we win, we win. If not, oh well.
Because they say they are playing for fun, not playing to win. Ranked is for winning>fun. If you want fun>winning you dont play ranked
Eunson (NA)
: Nope, their system just started false banning.
Ehh, i report people who are super toxic, so if they got a punishment, accidental or not, it was deserved
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Croakjob (NA)
: Proposing to my girlfriend
Congratulations, hope all goes well :D
: I really don't know... But I did watch a stream a couple days ago, the team went 0-5 in the first 6mins and opened mid. nexus died at 9mins. So I guess they don't waste time trying to come back when they're like 3k gold behind. We newbies can make it happen because both teams suck haha
Low elo players that decide the games over after 1 death really aggravate me. I try my best to convince them we can come back, sometimes it works. Sometimes they dont care to try. Honestly low-elo players are, for the most part, an embarrassment to gamers worldwide
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: Scarra's right, everything in 7.3 went the right direction, but it didn't go far enough.
{{champion:90}} still incredibly strong. They need to nerf voidling damage for anything to actually change.
Bunnymap (NA)
: Therefore nerfing him. Logic
It's hardly a nerf TBH. Every one of my games this patch that i played malz, everyones telling me "oh he got nerfed you sure you want to play him?" They made it so he can't double cast his voidlings, which should of already been a thing, and they made it so the farther they are from me, the slower they go, just like a viktor ult, again, which should of been added. RIOT just added things they were too dumb to put in when they reworked malz. If they really wanted to nerf him, they would change the damage of voidlings.
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: He's a swimming diver anti-diving dive champion
Did you mean {{champion:111}} ?
Kaioko (NA)
: You're getting it for free I would stop complaining after all Riot gives away a portion of their revenue by implementing those chests.
Not really, as much money as riot made before chests, and as much more money they make after they impemented it, they honestly are not losing money giving away free stuff.
: > I don't know what kind of solutions there are for this The solution is don't show your intended pick until after the ban phase. It is not perfect. However, I suspect it is much harder to ban your intended pick if they have to guess.
But that leaves you open to getting your champ banned because you didn't hover. Happens alot, and most of the time whoever banned said champion apologizes, but also says that you should of hovered, or said something, so i knew not to ban said champ.
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: When the enemy team is tanky and have sustain
K1B0 (NA)
: It's been changed to "Community" now.
: would you put support as your secondary
I get my primary 95% of the time. But i main support so yeah.
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: 2017 International Events
only took em 7 years to realize they should have every region playing in the World Championship.
: " death shouldn’t make or break the entire laning phase."
Tier 2 Towers have less HP than tier 1, i do not understand that. I had an adc tank 3 tower shots at level 10 and walk away pretty healthy. I wish they were actually helpful, but they arent.
Zoe Porn (NA)
: I think you missed my name
: Salute to all the Support solo queue players in low elo
Please help me, ive been a support main since season 5, and can't get out of silver because i cant carry these mindless people that call themselves players.
Bârd (NA)
: A list of things that tilt your support.
1. Stealing EVERY ward kill. 2. Running out of range of my shield/heal, dying, then flaming for no shield/heal. 3. 1/7 adc thinks "i can 1v5, im vayne", dies, flames support for no shield/heal.
: ? I never said anything about Vayne, a champion specifically built to kill tanks. I fail to see how you comment has any correlation to my comment.
> [{quoted}](name=Fondling Gems,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Gmh8dAOv,comment-id=0005000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-07T17:43:38.368+0000) > > ? I never said anything about Vayne, a champion specifically built to kill ~~tanks~~ everything that exists. I fail to see how you comment has any correlation to my comment.
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Zoe Porn (NA)
: Lulu sucks though
yeah because being able to give +75% attack speed and 35 hp-drain-on hit every 5 seconds to my adc sucks (ardent censor + lulu w)
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Segius (NA)
: I almost always get a follow up message saying they have been punished
I've gotten in 3 times over the last 4 years, and have reported some truly horrible people.
: > So tired of hearing people say "oh we don;t have a tank, support go tank" Not quite the impression i got out of it.
This is exactly what i meant from this post, a team comp of 4 squishys, and me being auto-relegated to playing a tank because nobody on the team thought that maybe we dont need 4 carrys. People don't seem to grasp the gold problem with supports, in that our items @ 30 minutes compared to a top/jungle tank are much different.
dynikus (NA)
: >Support wants to be brand and jung wants to be eve, so I have to play a tank top? >support wants to be brand and top wants to be jayce, so I have to play a tank jungle? It's not unique to support.
But forcing support players to play a tank because nobody else wanted to play it, while knowing the gold and XP issues supports have, is just dumb. A support tank vs a top/jungle tank at 30 minutes, theres going to be a HUGE difference in stats.
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: EXECUTED: The Terrible Truth About Jungle Monsters
Would love to see a breakdown of Executes by rank
ItsOrval (NA)
: I want champ reworks. I want to be able to play Aatrox to where he is actually useful.
I want to see {{champion:33}} have more than 2 words. "OK" and "Yeah" How laye do you have to be to give champions jokes, multiple voice lines, taunts, etc, and give rammus 2 words?
: Just take coin instead {{item:3301}}
relic shield is the better item to get on thresh, it just sucks that the execute passive on it only works for melee, even though thresh is ranged and almost always takes it
: So why would you not balance the game around people who understand its mechanics best?
Thats not necesarily true. Rivington, on of the casters for LCS, understands the game better than most pro players, but he cant even get to gold, because he isnt mechanically profficient. RIOT has specifically said they change the game for pro play. They change champions, items, jungle creeps, every aspect of the game, to influence pro play, which probably makes up .00001% of the League population. That begs the question, why would you not gear your game to be more enjoyable by the many, than instead to gear your game to cater to pro players?
: Losing is straight up a terrible experience now.
Its because riot changes their game to fit how the pro players want it, less than 1% of the global league population. Hell, not even 50% of players actively play ranked, and riot has repeatedly said they gear the game for ranked, and pro play. They went from this small upstart company, to a money-hungry, serve the 1% type of company, and its pathetic. I stopped playing league altogether for this reason, its just not fun anymore unless you are on the winning side.
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bloodhawk95,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=d8UxzMN3,comment-id=000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-01-20T01:14:23.000+0000) > > Doubt that. I've reported ALOT of people who needed to be banned over the years, and of all those reports, only 2 have recieved punishment. I get the impression RIOT likes all the toxicity in the game as bans seem rare You may have felt that they needed to be punished, but the thing is, not everyone who is toxic in one game needs to be punished right away. Sometimes it's just a bad day. Since you only play with the player in one game, you can't really tell if this is a person who deserves to be punished or not. Riot's Instant Feedback System on the other hand can tell if a person is really toxic or if he or she just had a bad day. It's frustrating that everyone who is mean in-game isn't punished instantly (I really dislike mean people), but there's also the issue of players who think the system is draconian enough already and needs to be toned down. I definitely don't think it should be toned down, but we need to strike a balance between being too harsh and not being harsh enough.
I understand what you're saying, and can agree, to an extent. Pretty sure if someone is wishing my mother to die of cancer and for me to get raped by a gang of people, they should be insta-banned. Having a bad day is one thing, taking the time to think, and say, an absolute horrible thing, is deserving of a temp-ban, regardless of player history. That being said, ive had my fair share of bad days where i was extremely rude to other people, and at one point, caught myself a 2-week ban.
: My Story Of Permabanned.
Shouldn't you get your money back if your account is permabanned? It's like telling you "hey i know you spent 1000 dollars on our game, but you broke the rules, so were gonna permaban you, and you'll never get that $1000 worth of stuff back, thanks for your money fam" Im not trying to say spending money on the game makes it ok to break the rules but, if you spend money on something, wether its for a game or something in real life, and you get banned from said thing, you should get your money back, as you spent money on something you are no longer allowed to use. Imagine spending $ on something , but you broke some rule,and are no longer able to use said thing , should you not get your money back?
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=doiminat0r3600,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=d8UxzMN3,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-18T21:02:06.539+0000) > > Sometimes, you run into this issue **many** times. Reporting all of them puts less severity on your reports. This is what I believe to be the biggest problem in riot's system. I feel like either I'm misinterpreting your reply or you're talking about the wrong thing. The issue that Jorencice is talking about is people forgetting to report players that pissed them off. The issue that you're seemlingly talking about is reporting a lot of people and devaluing your reports. It's true that if you report falsely then your reports will be devalued, and if you report a lot of people falsely then your reports will be devalued a lot, but if all of your reports are legitimate, you don't have anything to fear. Your reports will be counted normally.
Doubt that. I've reported ALOT of people who needed to be banned over the years, and of all those reports, only 2 have recieved punishment. I get the impression RIOT likes all the toxicity in the game as bans seem rare
Speedweeb (EUW)
: The focus on Esport will be the downfall of this game.
Why any company would put their resources more into competitive play, which is around .001% of the player base, i dont know. I think less than 30% of global LoL players actively play ranked, and Riot gears everything towards fair ranked play rather than making their game fun for all.
ApexCH (NA)
: It's funny because we actually don't even have 6 bans
Well if you look at pro games, theres always a number of champions that make the 80% ban rate, because pros simply dont want to play against certain champions because they know they are bullshit
Rozair (NA)
: Riven cc dodging is not ok
Cant tell you how many times ive hit a rek'sai as she goes into tunnel with a morgana q, just to have the rek keep goin
: PSA: Being Bad ≠ Intentional Feeding
You used to be able to report people just cause they sucked at the game lol
: The passive is **far** from useless. It's actually in the higher end of powerful passives. But yes, if you're playing support morgana, it's 100% useless. When Morgana is put into a role that isn't support, and she gets actual gold to deal damage and is meant to wave clear consistently, then it provides a healthy amount of lane sustain. When she actually builds 2-3 AP items, each half of her ulti and her snare can individually heal upwards of 100 HP. Also, I find the "X healed" post-game tracker to be very inconsistent and unreliable.
umm my support morgana is 45% cdr 200-300 AP, thats plent of AP to get healed off of. And her passive IS useless, i play morg ALOT. I hardly ever notice the healing
Bârd (NA)
: Riot has mentioned that they are on the list for VGU. As far as what would get changed, Morganas passive is the most likely candidate (spell vamp on a champion who has mostly AOE spells is not very effective).
Yeah i forgot to mention her useless passive. Not to mention, if you look in the post-game stats, the amount of healing morgana did is always an incorrect number, and ive made alot of posts about it in the past. 700 healing in a 40 minute game from my passive? Yeah right. But her passive is crap, useless, and cant even notice it
Bârd (NA)
: When Kayle and Morgana get their updates, would you mind adding a new quest?
Why would Morgana get changed, nothings wrong with her except maybe her W is stupid weak early game. I could understand Kayle, her kit is really stale and now, her heal is irrelevant as fuck
Habbyman (OCE)
: You have to pick TWO champions to intimidate someone with. Who, and why?
{{champion:119}} {{champion:122}} 2 brothers, one is a sadistic executioner whos calling is to make killing someone as exciting as possible, the other kills alot of people in glorious combat. I wouldnt fuck with them
sosexy21 (NA)
: but they always trade t1's m8
I never liked how the pros just give up a tower to take a tower. seems like a lazy strategy just to open up the map
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