: Aphelios Kit Primer
Bet. He gets complete rework before march of next year. Man o' man Riot... you bit off more than you can chew... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Per your removal message: > This content has been removed as not being appropriate to the Gameplay sub-board. We expect posts here to be relevant to League of Legends and ##be generally constructive in nature. This would include builds, matchups, tactics and the like. ##Posts that are largely complaining should be directed to either RANT or General Discussion. Emphasis added to the relevant parts. While there may have been discussion happening in the comments, the main post itself did not meet those qualifications. You are welcome to either re-post your exact content in **General Discussion**, which does not have those requirements, or you can expand on your original post, and re-post to Gameplay.
: I want him reworked as well idk how many threads i see of him he needs to be checked.
> [{quoted}](name=Ninja Anubis,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2GKcQdkK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-29T11:11:34.423+0000) > > I want him reworked as well idk how many threads i see of him he needs to be checked. ALl the pyke mains are screeching at the sight of these threads
: So when do we buff {{champion:86}}? Haven't seen him in the pro scene for a while...
I actually laughed at this (Now this is why i go to LOL boards right here) AGreed
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: My idea is... Tristana! 1. You are ranged - he is melee 2. He spins to you - you jump away 3. He ults - you ult (knockback) {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
But why should we force a Tristana top just for one champ. There should be inconsistency in a champ so that if your good enough you could atleast match even.
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Welcome to Riot Games the problem is only problem if we say its a problem but if we have to fix it thats a problem because we don't like tackling problems. Problem.
: 2nd time in a row Ive lost ranked because a teamate has left
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: I spent a stupid amount of time grinding for that skin. I would regret it all and never buy another pass if Riot decided to just let everyone get another chance at it any time soon. These are EVENTS, if you miss the event, you shouldn't just get to try again in 6 months.
I agree in that aspect completely, but i only recently even realized that Evelyn{{champion:28}} had a Prestige skin. I believe they failed to inform and didn't follow their time line. In contrast its understandable because its a new thing and execution cant be perfect but the opportunity slightly unfair I feel and just like you, I grinded but I didn't know when it ended and now I don't get it at all.
: Why are promos impossible?
Yes ! I did a post on this. I consistently get unranked and awful players in promos but get decent teams in none promos. I currently just stuck in promos literally. I win 1 game -> into promos -> lose promos -> win one game -> get into promos -> lose promos. Thats my life in this game now, this endless loop.
: Sylas came out 8 months ago...
I ended up just muting and removing animations
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mark6028 (EUW)
: I'm done. Uninstalled, season 9 just broke me
Im about to drop this game too
: i know exactly how you feel. wish there was a easier way to get certain skins without the mercy of riots walls. been trying to get Championship Ashes gold chroma since i saw it 1st on release. i just had a accident that led to me losing my right arm. No way possible to grind the tokens. so i never bought a pass. I am starting to think i will never see or touch it. i think it's unfair that riot has done everything possible to ensure i never get it. I have begged, offered RP and money. i will never see it in my collection. it's the most frustratingly depressing thing in my life.
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