Rorÿ (EUW)
: i animated Aviator irelia
I showed this to two people and they both said its showing up as "Project Vi" for them and gave me a screen shot to prove it.
: Pick a Champion who you want to be an announcer, and give them some lines
{{champion:62}} Get ready for battle An enemy turret has been destroyed, That'll show 'em Your Turret has been destroyed, time for a comeback You have slain an enemy, that's a win in my books You have been slain, Sometimes defeat is the greatest teacher An ally has been slain, You'll get 'em next time Double kill, now we're talking Triple kill, Keep your focus strong Quadra kill, You belong at the top, keeping going! PENTAKILL, HAHAHA, There's no stopping you! Ace, the path to victory is clear
: Changing Crimson Akali to Infernal Akali is okay and all
pretty sure they will make it look insane. I'm thinking it will look some like this: But more fitting for the infernal theme and not Reinhardt from Overwatch .__.
behzad15 (EUW)
: why I quit league ?
Just to clarify, Yi won't be getting reworked. He was one of the first champs to get a full scale rework and it would be EXTREMELY counter productive to go give a second VGU to a champ that's already had a VGU when there are so many champs who are still waiting on their first VGU. If he gets changed, it would likely just be a small kit update or a Voice over update since he only has two unique interactions (both with Wukong).
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Neamean (NA)
: Did you really make this? Cause I swear I've seen this months ago.
Yea, I posted it in a memes & games post before and I think I've used it a few times here and there in random posts. I also made a non-decoy version of it (though don't know if I've shown that one off). didn't really think I'd do anything with it so I was pretty much just throwing it out into the web for people to have fun with if they wanted, but then this contest popped up and thought I might as well send it in and see what happens.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Has there been any word on Wukong getting updated?
: I'm surprised people are now catching on to this, he's been doing this nonsense since Lethality/Duskblade release, but of course when I brought it up I was told I'm some bronze noob xd. Anyways his itemization is what's putting him over the edge, not him himself he had no place in league before the new items and now he just builds full assassin. Never should a diver be doing so much damage, but of course Riot doesn't want to nerf the playstyle because they are so hard on diversifying yourself and your play style. Like yeah fucking right, this is why people hated AD Jarvan, easy engage with tons of damage. They're not gonna rework him because they're so hard on having champions being played in different ways and different positions regardless of how broken it is.
Well in their defense they said they don't want to nerf it cause its the only way he can function (keep in mind this was said when they went to nerf Duskblade and compensated him for it) and would actually like to rework him in a way that moves him away from Lethality. But of course that would require some sort of kit update at least.... which right now the ETA on when that will be is somewhere between limbo and the ice box :L
: There are Poppys and there are Galios. Which one is Wukong going to be, i wonder? Will it be a good rework that preserves much of the core identity of the champion, like Poppy or Warwick? Or will they kill Wukong and replace him with another completely different champion, like Galio or Swain?
According to Riot, its going to be a {{champion:5}} level update. But then they also said that he was on par with Aatrox back when Aatrox was just going to get some minor changes, so we will have to see when they actually go to update him.
: Is Wukong getting a nerf?
Yea >Wukong Nimbus Strike (E) damage lowered from 65/110/155/200/245 to 65/100/135/170/205 feels bad, especially with the inevitable nerf to the items that are making him so strong now. But at the very least this means Riot has been keeping an eye on him and knowing what they've been saying in the past about Wukong, I'm sure they've been at the VERY least tossing some ideas around for him by now.
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: Do you remember this, Mr. Ghosctrawler?
You want to know the real problem with Wukong? his kit is outdated as hell and Riot hasn't done anything about it. Look at any other champ that's been updated or are in need of an update. {{champion:44}} and {{champion:14}} had ranged point and click stuns. {{champion:80}} STILL has a point and click stun and a passive that literally lets him ignore an instance of damage after every few attacks. {{champion:3}} had giant AOE taunt that did damage based on how much damage he took and {{champion:32}} has a giant AOE stun and was #1 in win rates for most of last season. The fact is that its not surprising a change like a new item that synergizes with a champ like {{champion:62}} broke him, it was inevitable. The updates happen FOR A REASON. They happen because old champs don't have the conterplay and player interaction that champs today have. The fact it happened shouldn't be a shock, the shock should be it took THIS long for something to go wrong. If you REALLY want something done about Wukong, tell Riot he needs an update instead of that champ that's been updated several times but *still* needs work done.
: Wait in Line, Diana is outdated and needs a rework thanks.
She got work done last year already. Wukong has gotten nothing but a compensation buff that will likely get reverted at the rate things are going. If anyone needs to be waiting in line, it should who actually got work done to balance them out, not the one who's been waiting for an update that was promised almost two years ago.
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: ''b-b-but he effectively has no passive!''
He doesn't, but his passive isn't what's making him strong now is it? its his Assassin build that lets him one shot and his decoy that lets him stealth, double procing {{item:3147}}'s passive correct? Feel free to talk about his stealth being annoying, his Ult having too much power (cause quite frankly it does have too much power), his Q being over buffed or even his E being impossible to escape from, but his passive crap, especially for how most people build him right now. It would be like {{champion:238}} getting the base stats of {{item:3193}} in a team fight. That's not going to save him from the enemy blowing him up, but does he *really* need that protection when he's just popping in and popping back out?
: Don't want to be a party pooper but how many chance we have for those "other champions" not to be: Miss Fortune, Sivir and Ahri (and maybe Leona)?
out of that list and going off the list of champs he apparently knows in some way, MF would be it. He is one of the champs that has a really random list of people he knows that are all over the world because, again, he travels all over. And if we look at the possibility that he's *met* other champs but just doesn't have a relation to them as much as the ones listed, then just on the diversity of the champs alone we could be looking at just about anyone at least making a cameo of some sort. Again, while it does suck that it's going to be focused on him, if there was any champ that could give us the widest range of places and champs to see in a short all at once (and it not being a sort of Twist of Fate style video), he's likely the best bet.
: YES for the Targon icon. But a Ryze short... really!? I know they want to kepe him one of the main characters but there is so many options for a short... I hope that it will not only focus on Ryze and that it's not going to be biased in his favor.
I was kind of disappointed that Ryze is getting a short too, but thinking about it, he IS one of the most well traveled champ we know of atm. so he's one of the best bets to show off a larger portion of the world, which means he's also more likely to show off more champs as well. I'm not a fan of Ryze being the center of the video, but at least with him, we are more likely to see a larger cast of champs rather then the 1-3 champs we would see outside of a video like Twist of Fate.
: Every single wukong game he 100-0's our adc and there is almost no counterplay
The problem is that he's STILL using mechanics that are were considered balanced years ago, back when {{champion:44}} and {{champion:14}} having a ranged point and click stun was fine and stat checks were considered "unique". If Riot would update him like they've been SAYING they've wanted to do for ages, we could at least get him to a point where he can be balanced to the current game rather then what items he picks. Right now he's basically at the mercy of what items he has to work with, which at the moment are a variable smorgasbord of powerful items that synergies with his kit to a T. Honestly I'm only supersized it took this long for Wukong's balance to get thrown off one way or the other when just about every other older champ left in the game is ether broken or has had some QoL changes to keep them in check till they can be updated.
: Say no more! I'll make a post complaining about how overpowered wukong is {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Joking aside though, like you said, wukong is out dated so he's probably in the line for a rework after Akali and nunu
Kind of, but not exactly. Riot mentioned that he is on "a" list to be updated, but its this secondary list they don't bring up much. pretty much its the smaller scale update list that teams can pick from while they are in between larger projects. I'm assuming this list is about the kind of work that we saw on Xin, where he'd get a 1-2 new abilities and some tweaks here and there, but largely the same.
Pentapod (NA)
: The Next Champion Roadmap?
There hasn't been anything yet I aside from I think Meddler mentioning that there would be one coming up after midseason I believe.
: What is ur favorite Yugioh card Nothing beats the classic for me, aside from maybe his fusion.
: Can we do something about Wu?
He's been needing an update for a LONG while now, maybe this will be enough to get one of the update teams on the case. Sure as hell wasn't going to happen while he was "balanced".
remakoro (EUNE)
: > The old Dodge mechanic in a nut shell: > > > More like - when you miss your skillshots vs graves.
Also a good title :p {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=Blue Moon Wolf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HfzsQKN9,comment-id=00a6,timestamp=2018-06-16T09:54:49.722+0000) > > {{champion:62}} > Passive {Old} **Stone Skin** - Wukong gains 4 / 6 / 8 bonus armor and magic resistance for each Sight icon visible enemy champion nearby. > Passive {**New**} **Shimon Legend** - Wukong gains 3/5/6 Armor and MR every time he deals physical damage to an enemy champion or jungle monster (up to a maximum of 30/50/60). This effect lasts for 5 seconds and refreshes on each instance of physical damage until Wukong reaches his max stacks. On reaching max stacks, refreshing is disabled until the effect wears off and the effect is off cooldown. > (5 second cooldown) Nice change, but maybe lower the numbers so its not an extra armor item? XD Maybe 10/20/30?
Thats the problem. Any Wukong main can tell you that 40 he gets in a 5 man teamfight now? not enough to keep him alive and sure doesn't do anything in a 1v1 when its only 8 Armor and MR (at max rank, btw). 30 with the changes I proposed is just a nerf plain and simple. you also have to think about build up of the armor and mr. if its at 10, then the 3 armor and mr gain for each instance of physical damage would be uneven (the gain would be 3/6/9 then 1?). The amount I gave makes it an even 5 attacks for each rank. On top of that, this is far more limited then Wukong's current passive which grants him 40 at max in a full team fight at all times. The way this works it would grant him his max armor and mr for only 5 seconds, forcing him to have to work fast. Otherwise his boost will go away and suddenly he will lose all that armor and mr and get blown up (which also helps enforce the idea of using CC on him as a counter). If he tries to delay it by limiting his damage output and stalling for time, that still runs the issue of him dying as he tries to slowly build up his Armor and MR. It may equal an extra armor item at max, but overall it has it's far more limited then "a free item" passive. This isn't even bringing up the fact that he still has no sustain or shields to help him. that armor and mr is quite literally all he has going for him in terms of surviving in a team fight. Now I don't know if these are the best numbers to go with and there are quite a few numbers here and there that could be adjusted, but I can tell you that 10/20/30 for 5 seconds is just a plain nerf to Wukong, which is saying something considering his current passive and how that works.
: Pool Party Irelia
: This Is an Assassin Meta!
There are so many of those that are not Assassins.... I'm just going to leave this for you to look through.
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
{{champion:62}} Passive {Old} **Stone Skin** - Wukong gains 4 / 6 / 8 bonus armor and magic resistance for each Sight icon visible enemy champion nearby. Passive {**New**} **Shimon Legend** - Wukong gains 3/5/6 Armor and MR every time he deals physical damage to an enemy champion or jungle monster (up to a maximum of 30/50/60). This effect lasts for 5 seconds and refreshes on each instance of physical damage until Wukong reaches his max stacks. On reaching max stacks, refreshing is disabled until the effect wears off and the effect is off cooldown. (5 second cooldown)
: The similarities is striking
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 15
Have any champs from the short list of Champs in need of an update been worked on? If so, who is left?
AmazoX (EUW)
First thing I thought was "Dark Galio". The second thing I thought was "Gaalio" {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Jokes aside, happy to see he is nearing the end of this long update cycle of his.
: List of all the champions with first and last names.
Master Yi :^) (Also Riven is Noxian, not Ionian)
: > [{quoted}](name=Blue Moon Wolf,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=0OwkYFEn,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-05-30T18:45:12.705+0000) > > The Wuju clan? yea... about that, they kind of got wiped out with only Master Yi remaining (unless they change something, which I'd doubt). > > Still, would be nice to know that Yi is doing something other then "looking for a purpose to fight for with {{champion:62}}" No, I know. But Yi was spreading the knowledge of the Wuju. Hence why Wukong is his student. I highly doubt Yi would leave the Wuju buried in the dirt. He'd most likely try and rebuild it.
I don't know if this is still the case, but in Wukong's old lore, Yi gives Wukong the task of reviving Wuju style as part of their deal they made, telling him he must one day take on a pupil of his own. Of course that could end up changing, but we won't know until Riot explains this in a lore update, which brings us back to the matter at hand.
: An ideal Akali VGU would be massive-- not just for Akali, but for the overarching lore of the Kinkou, Jhin, the Order, and other champs/groups. A new VO for Kennen/Shen/Zed along with Akali's Expanding on the Kinkou and Order of the Shadow Expanding on the Hunt for Jhin Connecting Syndra to Zed (gib me that juicy ZxS ritO PLS). The Wuju Clan and how they're holding up after the Noxian Invasion
The Wuju clan? yea... about that, they kind of got wiped out with only Master Yi remaining (unless they change something, which I'd doubt). Still, would be nice to know that Yi is doing something other then "looking for a purpose to fight for with {{champion:62}}"
: I personally think we've seen all the vastaya lore at the moment given how we got the Vastaya field guide, universe page, Xayah and Rakan lore, and Ahri lore, Rengar lore, Wukong lore, and Nami lore. I think until another Vastaya gets made or is given a VGU, that story is not moving forwards.
Riot said they were going to be adding new Vastayan lore themselves and honestly its not really explained to a point of "where they are now". Wukong's lore is very ambiguous as to what exactly he's doing or what his goals are and Nami is apparently heading to Ionia for Dianna who I assume needs to be updated just to place her in Ionia as well. They all have been given a foundation, but the only ones who got updates to the level Riot is talking about are {{champion:497}}, {{champion:498}} and {{champion:103}} getting two color texts from the actual Vastaya update. Everyone else pretty much just got their backgrounds filled out, a slap on the butt and sent off.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Well like you said,there is still the Akali update coming up and they tend to save this kind of stuff to accompany other big releases(this likely also applies to the Karma lore). And Akali could be perfect for this,as her update would likely focus on the kinkou and the order of the shadow(and the OotS are tied to the Noxus war and the vastaya) For example the Yasuo&Riven story was written several months ago,but they only recently released it with Irelias rework.
Yea, I can confidently say that the Kinkou and Order of the Shadow stuff is going to be with Akali's Update and would honestly be weird if it wasn't (unless they did a thing where they had current Akali doing things, then at the end of the story it teased the Akali update which could be neat if that was the case), but its just the other things that feel less likely to happen. {{champion:11}} and {{champion:134}} don't have any ties to the Ninjas and I still have a hard time believing that the Vastaya are that tied into the lore of the Order of Shadows (imo it just felt like a one off thing rather then Zed having some greater plan for the Vastaya). You do have a good point with the Yasuo and Riven stuff though, seeing as they don't really have a tie in to Irelia. Idk, I just feel like the question needed to be asked knowing Riots track record of leaving things at a sort of cliff hanger. I was really exited cause it sounded like they were almost done retconning everything and were finally going to start moving the lore forward starting with Ionia and I'd hate to see my hopes have been brought up for nothing. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Y'know that shortly after the Noxus LU it was teased there will be further exploration of the remaining Noxus champs. I dont recall specifically but I remember it was implied that returning was going to be this year, if true I imagine towards the end sometime. Anyway the point im getting at is the same applies to Ionia, we can only speculate how much more Ionia lore will accompany with Akali's re-release. Although just to be extra clear Im not sure if there is a solid plan to update the remaining Noxus champs before this year ends. Perhaps the plan is to release more Noxus content in the foreseeable future but it might be like 8-10 months from now, idk. See at least Ionia and its champs have the Akali rework to compell the narrative discipline into quick action. Noxus doesnt have the same luxury unless a new Noxian champ is around the corner.
They could release a new Noxian champ. New champs are always a wild card for lore related stuff and it does feel like its been a while since we've gotten another Noxian.
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: Dark Waters: Cursed of the Drowned Event
I'm a bit worried that they are doing this event even though they said they were doing more with Ionia. It makes me think that the number of things they said they were doing were only limited to the characters they have now updated and are moving on without updating champs like {{champion:11}} and {{champion:134}}, and not giving a "where they are now" for every Ionian.
Neamean (NA)
: They have my favorite iteration of a Sun Wukong in any moba.
Same, they captured the power of his clones really well and I loved the stance switching giving you access to two different versions of each of his moves. Kind of insulted that to rub salt in the wound, the developers made a Sun Wukong skin that you can get in Fortnite. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: It's sad to see your favourite video game gone
It's sad, but there is some hope. Some Developers in the Paragon Community have gotten together to try and revive the game from scratch.
: Why not adding lighting and weather in League of Legends?
if you look closely in some areas of the jungle you can see rain, but it could bring some really interesting differences to each game that don't involve anything that would be game changing, just good for setting a different mood each time. Nothing better then having a mood shift each game.
: I think it's simply overshadowed by the fact that Shen just got one.
possibly, also the fact the TF one looks pretty good as well. I mean he gets a bowler hat after all.
Toppien (NA)
: i dont get why theres so much people hating on Ahri...
I think it's mostly about who gets talked about the most. Ahri has a lot of fans who talk about her, so she sees the spotlight more then most champs. That spotlight then draws people in to hate whoever is in it currently. Riven had that spotlight but has died down over the years to the point that not many people are bothered by her as much. As such, when she gets a skin, people are more likely to think "oh, I haven't heard much about Riven in ages, good to see she's getting something" rather then "Oh god, ANOTHER skin for her? Doesn't she have enough attention?". But that's just my theory.
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Elphege (EUW)
: TIL Riven has gotten a mythic+ skin four consecutive years
*meanwhile Wukong gets a skin in a crappy skin line with a lack luster recall/homeguard* "You should be thankful you got a skin at all" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Did they? Guess that announcement/post slipped past me. Having not heard that, and then hearing someone high up on the gameplay team use the word "bruiser" left me wondering, but if they did say this I'm happy. Any chance you can find a link to their statement?
I'll try, but I think it was something like a Random comment from someones post months ago. I'll see if I can fight it though. Might even have been in an Ask Riot post.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 27
Has there been any thoughts as of yet about who will be getting updated after {{champion:266}}?
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