: need some advice from the higher elo guys
Play nothing but Pantheon until diamond.
Zoxuul (NA)
: How do relatively higher elo players fare in low elo?
In high elo I farm. In low elo I farm champions. {{champion:120}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:80}} are very good for this since they heavily punish people that don't have foresight and prediction. If you know Hecarim is coming its very easy to avoid his ganks but if you have to wait until you see him on wards it's already too late.
: > Bad Janna players: -in teamfight, use shield on a tank when shielding 240 damage on a durable target is inferior to giving ~~50 AD to an adc -use Q W and R mindlessly -stay behind everytime > I don't get it. First point. Why is it not usefull to give the tank the shield? He is the front line. When he can stay alive longer, the enemys are not able to attack the carries. Second point. Ok, what is your definition of mindlessly. Last point. She is squishy. Where should she stay?
Giving 240 HP is like giving the tank an extra 500 gold worth of stats. Giving 50 AD to an ADC not getting hit is giving the ADC a BF sword + longsword of stats worth 1750 gold.
Kilanost (NA)
: saw a youtube video with a 11k HP chogath... Imagine using that active then using the titanic hydra active on cho. Instant one-shots
Glîtchy (NA)
: Your thoughts on Lethality meta?
it's not a lethality meta though. Lethality champs are weak. Varus is 45% win rate.
: Something about Xin Zhao that always bothered me
That can be arranged: Xin Zhao now starts the game with {{item:3074}} .
Avienal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Big Lincoln,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BOtrEsEN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-03T23:33:03.063+0000) > > then no, you shouldn't, because he built to survive and you didn't > > better question is why an assassin is targeting a champion who is built to dumpster you > > Q is avoidable and his ult doesn't do much without his bleed stacks. and you're Ekko, with a double-dash on E and a huge MS boost on your passive, not to mention your ult. you should be having the least amount of trouble running around Darius. Very sure the topic poster is just a salty bastard because he is still drunk on the dickery that {{champion:245}} kit has for quite a while brought and still does with his B.S. pletora of relatively easy damage to pull off combined with slows and juking stun fields and a Ultimate that is one of the most retarded escape mechanics bundled with a heal and damage nuke combined. Though i will agree with one thing on {{champion:122}}, he's one of those super easy retarded champions who has practically no weakness because 'natural' itemization eliminates it entirely (Rage passive from {{item:3071}} and {{item:3742}} relatively easy movement and his lack of real necessity to pull a auto attack until after he has used his full combo, which his full combo and Deadman's plate's empowered auto makes it super easy for him to pull strong slow harass in bursts). Clearly not only do "Juggernauts" need to have a proper definition of what the heck is the actual weakness they rock, but the specific juggernauts need to have a similar thing since {{champion:420}} has plenty of gimmicks to 'screw' the range limit such as her E grab's 2nd effect and the strong healing her Tentacle slams can dish out to make her have no issue on healing thru harass damage with relative ease. With only really {{champion:86}} fitting the bill on mechanics being highly easy to pull kite measures against him as long as you are aware of his position and have enough tools to even kite him even if he were to negate a slow effect with his Q's slow break effect. Though once Garen gets on you, he is going to smack you down hard thanks to the E spin's shred and his W's 'burst damage reduction' which {{champion:11}} has proven time and again, a sizable damage reduction can do much more ridiculous wonders then popping a {{summoner:21}} (or similar shield effect unless its brokenly retardedly high) in a team fight that lasts more then a single combo of abilities. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Plus lets be honest, Riot isn't doing a good job at properly setting up weaknesses that some could easily be done such as: A. Champions who are able to do high damage, especially in early game should be forcibly tied with high mana costs that even with higher mana regen and mana 'base' should require grabbing items that give mana. B. Champions who deal low damage on their abilites, but they get the boon of low mana costs so they are able to persist in fights longer and not get 'screwed up' as early on that usually results in them being massacred by the low dmg/low mana type champions who can easily melt the A. type champions because all they mostly can do is auto attacks at most. Lets not even talk about the mess pool that champions like {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} create by screwing the 'rule of balance' and can just massacre plenty of champions in plenty types of match ups against them in the lanes they play within and practically suffer not a single bit on 'downsides' that some white knight that they do 'exist'.
Darius has some real weakness. 1. He gets destroyed by ranged champions if he is equal gold. Like even AD Kennen can destroy him and take 0 damage. 2. He gets destroyed by fast autoattack or true damage skirmishers if he is equal gold late game. Yi for example destroys Darius without serious outplay on the part of the Darius players. The problem is that if Darius gets even a tiny lead - sometimes as initially small as a 10 cs and a level, not even a single kill - none of that matters and he will snowball out of control. That is to say, if Darius is not 0-5, he will always have the potential to take over the game.
: So what about Annie Bot (Jared)?
"Jared" is what it calls itself.
: The only supports in that list are Bard, Brand, Karma, Nami, Morg, and Leona and none of them come even close to the damage Zyra can do. A champion shouldn't be balanced around being able to do the most damage on her team with the least amount of gold income.
Brand does way more damage than Zyra when it counts: in a teamfight. And he doesn't need as much items to be effective. Zyra transitions into an ult bot late game while Brand's damage never falls off.
: Can something be done about Support Zyra doing the most damage on her team every game?
most of it is easily healed poke damage that's meaningless. I mean, let's put it this way: even a 0-5 Ziggs with DFT and Liandry will probably do way more damage than a 5-0 Zed. Guess who is going to have the biggest game impact though?
: My issue with tanks is that they break the game, and it needs to be fixed. I feel this idea could possibly remedy their issues.
but tanks are trash. how does trash break the game?
: Capped Ratios For Tanks?
But tanks are trash right now. Top lane is dominated by skirmishers, top tier junglers are either full on support (Ivern) or are carries, not even assassins, straight carries (Shaco and Graves). You can't play tanks mid/bot, and support tanks aren't even tanky. What's the problem with tanks? Just play graves and 3 shot them.
: Have you ever been so upset in a game of LoL
lmao. no. I just want to win. Unfortunately, I get Zeds and Vaynes that get baited by the simplest shit and throw game for it. Then they flame me even though I did more damage as full tank or support.
: Ranked LP
Last week in plat 3, I was at 60% win rate in recent games, which gave me 24 LP per win and 17 per loss. Right now after tilting down to plat 5, I am 40% win rate in recent games, which gives me 19 per win and 19 per loss.
: games only decided on which team has the retard or better champions
team 2 has it on lock. The only way they lose is if Lee Sin dies in his own jungle to Udyr.
: What am i doing wrong!!
such is your lot in life. You might have the problem of being naturally unable to improve. That's OK. Not everyone has to be good at league.
: Hard carry with support in bronze?
If you are stuck in bronze, you may simply not have the inherent ability to improve. I mean, if a diamond player was sitting by you, telling you what to do, sure you might have the mouse input ability, but you might not have the self-motivated learning ability required to improve alone. It is OK to not be able to improve. Most people can't improve their lot in life.
: You're stuck in plat because you're an adult with responsibilities and a job. If you did nothing with your life except play league I'm sure you could climb higher. Maybe you'll never make challenger but you've by no means maxed out your potential. You just simply don't have the time in order to improve. Furthermore, you weren't always in plat. You had to improve to get there. Saying that it's impossible to improve is just ridiculous. If that were true we'd all be in bronze or silver. The other thing you aren't considering is that everyone else is improving as well. Ranking in league is not a static problem. It's not like a class where if you get a certain score then you get a certain grade. For example, look at the pros from season 1 and compare them to the pros today. Obviously the pros of today are much, much better than when the game first started. One of the reasons why people get "hard stuck" in league is that they can't improve fast enough. A lot of the people in diamond and above do nothing but play this game so it makes sense that you can't reach diamond when you have a full time job and other responsibilities. Yes there are people who are naturally gifted at certain things. What that means is they have to devote less time to be good at that subject. However, that doesn't mean that someone can't brute force the subject and do well just by putting an insane number of hours.
Here's the thing: I still play hundreds of games on League and actually put in time and effort to analyze it, and I'm still hardstuck in plat. I actually was pretty much always plat: I started the game in preseason 4, I sucked, I learned, and quickly rose to gold 1 by end of season 4. In season 5, I rose quickly to plat 1, and never got diamond. I thought that I had learned how to be platinum, and would easily improve to diamond in season 6. Nope. After hundreds of games, I still was stuck in platinum. And then this season, I decided to get even more serious. I'd take notes and watch replays of all my games, watch pros, watch high elo solo queue, etc. and copy what they do. I decided to OTP a single champion in a single role that I had a high win rate with. None of that shit matters. I'm still plat. I just tilted down 3 divisions in 5 days when I thought I finally learned enough to get diamond, that I was actually improving. I'm not.
Cocho (NA)
: Whatever works bronze to ez silver lol
Plat is the worst. It's like being upper middle class where the rich look down on you and the lower classes think you got there due to luck, while all the other upper middle class people think you are a loser because their Audi is slightly newer.
: Why I Can Never Rank Up
nope it's not the system. it's you. but it's not your fault. elo is genetic. just like most people in life are mediocre and working class, most people in league are bronze/silver.
: Being told how to build is probably the most tilting thing in the game
There are some things that need to be done though, like if you are playing Vayne in a low waveclear comp, you really should get {{item:3087}} or the game will be VERY hard.
Cocho (NA)
: People dont know the secret to life Just play annie {{champion:1}} It's like a GED tbh I feel like any bronze/silver player that gets coached will improve. They can point out flaws and what they should've done. In real life, thats like well. **You should've finished highschool XD and quit hanging out with those kids. **
A GED means you are the equivalent of silver in league in educational status. You aren't illiterate (b5) or a high school dropout (b1) but you aren't exactly contributing to the frontiers of human knowledge (master+) or even being able to understand, apply and incrementally improve that knowledge (gold/plat/diamond).
Vekkna (NA)
: Adaptability is also a major overlooked factor, and I don't know why it's ignored so often. I started in season 5 and got gold, then plat in season 6. I managed that by spamming one or two champs for a few hundred games each. In both seasons, I got stuck in silver until after mid-season balance shook out, then climbed *very* quickly in the last few patches before world's. Last season I went from mid silver to mid plat in about 5 weeks, and the only change I made was banning Jhin. My issue is that I'm virtually incapable of adapting to balance disruptions before there's another patch with a new set of disruptions. By the time we're getting to world's, Riot shifts away from pointless tinkering and focuses on creating a stable competitive environment. The second they take a break from fucking around, I steamroll through silver and gold before slowing down.
I tend to climb better late season too, but I thought that was because I was stomping on weaker players or I found a new cheese strategy, and my skill hadn't really changed.
: There are genetic limits but they're not near as severe as you seem to think. A lot of it just comes down to time and dedication. People don't have the time or dedication in order to improve at something. I've learned and grown immensely as a person. I've improved in more ways than I can count and I still haven't reached my limits. When I don't do well at something it's not because I can't do it, it's because I didn't spend the time or effort in order to be successful. What you are essentially saying is that our lives are predetermined and we shouldn't bother trying at anything.
You can try at alot of things but I think that League in particular is a hard limit. For example: I am hard stuck in plat, tilted down 3 divisions in 3 days, and have not been able to surpass plat for 3 seasons. I began to think about whether that was due to a fundamental physical or mental limitation I had, and the conclusion I came to was, yes. I am "platinum" in alot of things. Grades, league, etc. Always good, but just not great. I tried my hardest to improve but couldn't. I learned so much about the game yet I just can't do it. So I came to realize, it's just like school. I'm a chemistry teacher. Try as I may, some students just don't get chemistry. Some are good at it, but just never get great at it.
: You can improve at anything through drilling and building up perfect muscle memory. For instance if you went into a custom game and just focused on getting perfect CS for hours it'll massively improve your CS skill in ranked too. You can improve your awareness by forcing yourself to glance at your minimap every 8 seconds or so until its natural, etc etc. It really comes down to whether you truly have a mindset for improving _____________________________________ [Poll: What was the best season in League of Legends](http://stepbystepguides.org/what-was-the-best-season-in-league-of-legends/)
Then how come poor people don't simply improve at education, go to college (proven to increase lifetime earnings) and stop being poor? The reason is the same as why people are stuck in their elos, whatever they may be: some are lazy but some simply don't have the ability to do so.
Rioter Comments
: you ban shaco they pick eve, you ban shaco and eve they pick rengar, you ban shaco, eve, rengar they pick khazix. These champions have too good of ganking potential, AND on top of that have an edge in dueling. And if you so happen to catch them out, they use the shitty **blast cone** to escape.
Rengar and Eve are both escapeless. Kha'Zix has low damage if you aren't isolated and has to build damage to do damage. Right now the top Shaco build is a BRUISER build... the fuck is that?
: Ahri has almost a 54% winrate with a 20% play rate.
She's been a god tier mid since season 5.
: not what i meant. i dont see her PRIMARILY a auto attacker. yeah lich bane is gonna be good on her but i dont see it as a core for her, she'll still be an ability oriented mage. being in auto attack range as liss is jsut asking for an ability to the face fyii have her mastery 5 so...
which is why I think the build with most potential could be an AD bruiser build with 1 damage item and 5 tank items lol.
: Ivern needs a good team. No matter how good you are with him, you can't win the game by yourself.
He needs a single good carry (even a support Brand or Vel'Koz) and he can make them godlike. You will get games with 4 feeders. It happens. But it doesn't happen often as the other cases with 3, 2 or 1 feeder on your team. And if not literally everyone on the Ivern team is feeding, he's going to be one of the top junglers. I've legit lost multiple games where every one of Ivern's lanes was feeding except for a 2-2 Darius or support Brand or something, and because of his ridiculous healing and shielding, wins the game because they can't be shut down.
: Darius and Illoai work. Nasus almost works. They are still Juggernauts. They need ways to deal with mobility and range. Or melee bot laners won't happen.
I don't know what elo you play in but Nasus doesn't work in lane. As a juggernaut anyways. As a poke mage transitioning into juggernaut with E max and getting opportunistic Q farm, he works. As a Q maxing Juggernaut he doesn't. Darius works because he is almost guaranteed to win any sustained damage 1v1 fight even from far behind. This is put to use mostly bullying other melees. A much better Juggernaut design is Olaf, who shits on squishy ranged champs but is mediocre against other melees despite being no gapcloser.
: well that's a typical compare argument isn't it? fair enough: * For an Adc , she still has a high DPS through autoattacking compared to {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:81}} * She is a good duelist compared to some adc's (eg.{{champion:42}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:15}} * Her ult isn't meant to be a teamfighting tool but still there are other useless teamfighting ults {{champion:6}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:96}} * She does a lot more aoe damage compared to {{champion:429}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:18}} * She has a poke unlike {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:203}} * She has mobility unlike {{champion:22}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:29}}
Kog is a better duelist. If he gets items, even when 0-10, he doesn't even need to kite. He just stands there, autoing and draintanking people for all the 3 seconds he needs to kill even tanks.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: So Lissandra now scales infinitely on mana and damage on magic autos when touching opponents?
lol just go Muramana-full tank. Once you have 40% CDR and 800 damage passive+muramana+sheen autos, you'll be an unstoppable, unpeelable, unescapable teamfight goddess. No one can fight you if you scale up, you can't be bursted with 200 each of armor/MR, 3000 HP, range and 4x CC, and no one can run away from you with 4 forms of CC and a gapcloser. {{champion:127}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3020}}
: The Support Dilemma, or why riot needs to shiv MatPat’s spleen
None of this matters. All that matters is that you have more impact than the other support. There's a reason why diamonds smurfing Soraka in bronze and silver still have 80-90% win rates. When I play a game on support and I lose, I know why I've lost, and it is almost always because the enemy support outplayed me. The only time where you don't feel that you lose because the enemy support outplayed you is if you picked a damage support and won lane, but could not win game due to every other lane losing and being an immobile squishy that gets deleted every fight. But see, if you were a fed Brand or Zyra mid, you would've still been deleted every fight but would've lost even harder since now you have all the gold.
: Lissandra new passive HOLY SHIT
Found my new main: AD/Hybrid {{champion:127}} with {{item:3146}}{{item:3157}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3020}}
: I used to not build these items in this fashion and I was sinking fast out of Diamond and through Plat. When I finally got it into my head that these items are going to be stronger than any other item I could possibly build on my champ (a friend of mine showed me a high tier Sona player that built Redemption -> Locket in every support game with no deviation, save a tear detour), I started winning and fixing my mmr back to the way it was before I ever demoted, and I didn't lose a single game up until Diamond promos round 3, where I got 2 Masters smurfing in the same game on the same team...against me, and the next game because we had someone first time Galio while the enemy team had Ivern, meaning I couldn't bank on them not having Redemption + Locket since every Ivern builds them. Even in games that seemed bleak, just banking on others underestimating how stupidly strong these items are is enough to make a comeback so long as I can keep my team from freaking out too hard. And these two items work very well on *every* support champion. That's the problem. Ardent Censor should be where Redemption is in a world that makes sense since Sona has pretty much 100% up on 5 champs with it, but alas, the item sucks in comparison.
A few questions: is it possible to turn on permanent Sona Q/W maximum range indicators while retaining quickcast? do you always build redemption first? how do you maintain sufficient mana pool for extended fights later on since you don't follow with tear itemization? you seem to go damage with lich bane over getting ardent. why do you think lich bane is superior to ardent? some masters supports seem to prefer ardent on sona. why do you not get chalice and instead go CDR boots? if you use chalice, it allows you to get defensive boots. why do you go for bandit over dangerous game? I think that even though alot of people play bandit, dangerous game can give you alot of teamfight surivability since you get alot of assists.
Quort (NA)
: How can I, playing someone like Zyra... just avoid the Olaf that is immune to any crowd control effects while throwing a constant slowing projectile and charging at me with Ghost. Or Hecarim who can charge onto you from an incredible distance at an incredible speed. Or Vi who can point and click crush you with nearly unavoidable and unstoppable crowd control from a decent range. But heck. It's SO simple. Why don't I just prevent them from walking up to me? WOW! I never thought of it that way. You're truly an incredible intellect.
protip: don't play Zyra, her nerfs gutted her. Instead play Lulu who is OP. Another pro tip: get better at warding. If they are so OP, why are their win rates low?
: > [{quoted}](name=BluePolarizer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=24dtE1Gu,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2017-03-22T16:30:55.752+0000) > > Lux's ult passes through them. How do they prevent it from damaging the carries? > Actually, you're right, I was talking about the q that's needed more then half the time.
In late game, E+R is enough to delete carries. Lux isn't the only source of CC on the enemy team in a typical team comp.
: > [{quoted}](name=BluePolarizer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=24dtE1Gu,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-22T04:38:23.241+0000) > > how do tanks stop carries from getting hit by a pass-through skillshot? Tanks, more then one, they are designed to effectively peel and "tank" the enemy team, ever heard of that? Did I also mention the amount of shields their supports({{champion:40}} ,{{champion:37}} etc) can give to their carries? (they aren't tanks though.) Also, ever heard of {{item:3140}} this? After all, that's what it was designed for.
Lux's ult passes through them. How do they prevent it from damaging the carries? I'm well aware of the role of defensive tanks. I'm a plat jungle/top main. Janna and Sona are not tanks. They shield their team. Most tanks, even defensive tanks, do not have team shields. Not all tanks are defensive tanks. Many are engage tanks with high burst damage and CC.
: That only puts Jinx in an even worse spot because she is inherently immobile.
Jinx isn't that bad because now at least she outscales once she gets items. She outranges Ez/Luc/Vayne and if the team protects her, she can just style on them because they can't actually hit her. In Lethality meta she doesn't even outscale since Varus/Jhin can poke her from off-screen with no counterplay.
: Considering Jinx gets completely shat on by the current lethality meta that has taken over ADCs and that she is outranged by most of the top picks up until mid game, yea I definitely think she needs something. Also it's not arbitrarily buffing her. She's needed a buff to her W since they reworked her Q rockets to be able to crit with Runaans. Ever since then Jinx has been streamlined to build mostly crit items and not prioritize straight AD or armor pen items. Honestly if you're seeing Jinx's that aren't rushing Runaans straight into IE and then into RFC or Shiv then that Jinx is not playing properly. Also she is not fine in her state. She has a streamlined buildpath on top of having a skill she literally cannot use past mid game, how is that fine in anyway? This buff is perfectly acceptable.
lethality meta is old news. the new high elo meta is mobility again. Lucian+Ez with {{item:3153}} {{item:3078}} are destroying both crit based and lethality ADCs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal2121,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=24dtE1Gu,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-22T03:24:33.027+0000) > > She's not gonna kill the tanks obviously, but if she snipes one carry, she can just let the tanks duke it out and take no dmg for a while then snipe another carry. And if some of that dmg splashes on the tanks its definitely a win for her. That's assuming the carries aren't complete bonobos and notices the giant laser that's coming their way.(there's a case for if they get cc'ed, but that's what's the tanks are for though.)
how do tanks stop carries from getting hit by a pass-through skillshot?
: I mean I sincerely doubt control wards are going to save you from the Rengar that is ulting straight down the lane. Also, any ward that would usually see Rengar coming will also see Shaco ganking since he needs to AT LEAST be past tri-bush to deceive and melee you in laning phase.
everything else matters, especially in a teamfight. It's not about ganks during laning phase, Rengar is just far weaker at everything except going warrior->full tank. This is reflected in their win rates.
: People who say stuff about snowballing are new... In season 2-3 you could snowball so much harder, especially in lane. XP range was LOWER and you could get zoned for eternity ending up 3-4 levels behind. I actually miss those days, cause now it's way too easy to play super passive in lane and win. I can agree that lategame sucks because teamfights are over too quick, but otherwise snowballing is much softer these past 2 seasons. There's just more team objectives that help close out games with early leads - Like new dragons and baron (heraldo even). It's more team oriented snowballing I guess- like DEATHballing in a way. Just stacking toghether and winning. I do hate that. Splitpushing is too weak
individual snowballing is good because it means that your team is as strong as its strongest. team snowballing is bad because it means your team is as weak as its weakest.
Quort (NA)
: Right? People get mad at Shaco but what I really hate is things like Olaf and Hecarim.
They have to walk up to you. If you allow them to walk up to you you've already fucked up. You should never allow them to be in a position to just walk up to you.
: > [{quoted}](name=l Sion Bot l,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sEKTY6bm,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2017-03-20T01:36:42.604+0000) > > SHaco is a disgusting champion, and needs to be gutted and left in the trash tbh. thats how i feel thank you I agree. He's probably the most unfun champion to play against in the entire game. I can't think of a champion that has less counterplay in the jungle other than maybe rengar, but rengar doesn't have his stealth on a low cooldown
Rengar is nowhere NEAR as bad as Shaco. Pink wards counter Rengar stealth but not Shaco stealth. Rengar has a standard clear, Shaco can start anywhere he wants with no leash. Rengar can't jump walls AND stealth afterwards to escape invades. Rengar is ult reliant, Shaco is level 2 reliant. Shaco can solo baron, Rengar can't. Rengar's only advantage is that he is a better bruiser with tank items than Shaco is.
: There's not that many magic pen items anyway, only three.
but the 3 are good and most importantly, also have AP on them. There's no AP/arpen item. Corki only works with mpen because he also has AP ratios. If Taliyah had (even tiny, minor) AD ratios in such a case, sure, it'd be great if she was doing physical damage too. But if not then she'd be pretty much unplayable.
: Stupid Taliyah (?)buff(?) idea
So if she still has AP ratios, that means every pen item is going to be bad on her.
: > Darius was nerfed for less and he wasn't even being picked in 5s Gee, it's like Riot doesn't only nerf and buff champions based on winrate alone... probably because one of the champions you mentioned is more or less a stat-stick and Ahri has a lot more counterplay? In both kit and itemization? Just a hunch.
Plat+ Ahri has almost no counterplay due to her mobility, true damage and safety even pre-6. Gold- Ahri has alot of counterplay because they throw their skills backwards and flash ult 1v5.
: > The difference is that you will be able to dodge or deny them most of their damage. It was just clarification :P Yeah... i hope. but think its still be hardcore as squishy against tank at the top
playing carry vs. tank top is ez pz tbh. All you need is lifesteal or mixed damage.
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