: The reason games are almost all one sided stomps.
except kills dont mean anything, i had 12-0 junglers solo throw games then think its their teams fault. for example, my 12-0 lee sin feeds the streak to their core player at a crucial time (Around baron), enemy take baron, and split push with a huge lead and end the game with baron. This actually happens in diamond games since junglers only care about kills but not about objectives (baron, tower, dragons). i dont even think about a feeding score anymore but more about when they die, id rather have a 0-9-0 who is trying to win and helps teams and doesnt die at crucial times than a 12-0 who continiously throws lead and dies at objectives and solo losing games {{champion:350}}
: Why did I get chat restricted here when the morgs name was the nword and kept calling me r%%%%%ed?
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: To the people who are Saying Season 9 is the worst season and calling it worse than season 8
It's because T1 says it and the mindless sheep repeat what he says. then it goes on reddit where they circle jerk the idea that irelia took skill and banner took skill in s8. if anything S9 takes skill now because you ACTUALLY have to play the game, unlike s8 {{champion:142}}
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: Why cant we 4-1 surrender at 15 mins?
Honestly, I support FF at 5 minutes or less.
TakaDama (NA)
: Really depends on what level the Sivir is at, whether the bot river is warded or not, and whether the support in question can stop a gank long enough for your jungler to counter gank or for the Sivir to escape. However, the truth is that you actually can't stop Sivir from pushing the wave; even if that player is focusing more on harassing instead of pushing, Sivir's Q and W will still deal collateral damage to minions in the wave, thus inadvertently pushing the wave. If Sivir has her Spell Shield available or, even better, has her ult ready, then pushing the wave is not as much of a concern especially if there is viable vision in the bot river (saying viable vision because stealth junglers and mids do exist) as she can use the spell shield to block any CC then ult to help her and the support to escape.
level 1-5 is where they come for sivir alot knowing he will push wave, should i not take lux with sivir then? should i take thresh and sit back so i can throw the lantern? with sivir is it more of what support i pick to save him?
: Sivir players are genetically driven to push the wave no matter what To not clear waves instantly is like going through cold turkey heroin withdrawal
yea, so what can i as a support do when i know the jungler is going to come for us, should i leave the sivir to die by himself? this i think is the best option but what other good options can you do in the situation to win the game?
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: I have been playing League for over 6 years now and trust me when I say that I was very toxic. I mean there was a wide variety of things I have written (and I'm not proud of it) and I have never seen a perma ban as the first ban (if u know what i mean).
you can get a straight perma ban if you make death threats, dox someone, etc
: Spent over probably $1000 Dollars on this account for them to perma ban me?
You can always make a new account! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Get2 (NA)
: Leona Buff Sounds Brutal
leona is broken in this patch
: Lich bane boosts Lux’s spell damage by adding a 50% AP ratio, potentially up to 4 times. That’s 200% AP! Against squishy enemies it isn’t as good because it is slower than your normal burst combo (you have to wait for the Lich bane cooldown), but against tanky melees who are easy to stop (Q), resist (W) or zone (E), you get constant Lich bane damage. It also provides mana and cdr, 2 of Lux’s favorite stats.
there is a 1.5 sec cd time on it though, you cant get 3 autos off within 4.5 sec near them
: yuumi is the new definition of braindead champ
i agree that she is brain dead, but she is nerfed right now, i only see duo's pick her no one picks her since she is outclassed by naut&pyke this patch
: Oh you are playing Lux support? If you are playing Lux support, you aren’t allowed to deal as much damage as lux Mid. Anyway here are some more tips: 1) Don’t fully upgrade your support item. Get it to tier 2, then stop. Lux won’t use the added stats, and the gold is more worth going towards boots/damage. 2) If the enemy team is tankier, Lich bane might be the best choice. It gives you better sustained damage, and rewards you for chain- CCing against mobility reliant champs. 3) Stopwatch is your friend. Activating it stops so many burst combos and forces the assassin off of you. 4) Use E slow as a zoning tool. Let’s say you are worried about a Talon near bot lane on the Blue side. He could be in the tri-bush, or the bush near the turret. Throw your e out to the passage way to the tri-bush. The Talon will be forced to blow his mobility getting past your E slow, while you ward/Q the nearby bush. 5) Save Q for engages. Saving a Q to stop a dash (almost every dash in LoL is in a line). Let’s you E-AA-E2-R-Ignite-AA almost instantly. While they may survive it, it forces them off of you and your ADC, which is your job as a support.
> 2) If the enemy team is tankier, Lich bane might be the best choice. It gives you better sustained damage, and rewards you for chain- CCing against mobility reliant champs. Lich bane on support lux? how does that help against atnker enemies? I never seen lich bane on lux
coreym11 (NA)
: If Irrelia has a 45% winrate, does that mean she needs to be buffed?
irelia is broken as hell, can 1 v 5 if played right,
: If you aren’t dealing enough damage, try some of these tricks: 1) Try to Q -> E1 -> AA -> E2 -> R -> AA if you are in range. The two extra passive procs help a lot. 2) Build {{item:3285}} to{{item:3020}} to{{item:3916}} to {{item:3089}}. This build path allows you to snowball against squishy champs hard. 3) If the enemy team is full of divers and assassins, build {{item:3102}} and/or {{item:3157}}. These give you tools to poke more often, and to help soften up disengages. 4) You are CC immune (save for suppression) while channeling your ult. Surprise divers that rely on stuns like Pantheon with a blast to the face.
right now assassin/bruiser asassin/tank asassin are broken as hell. its hard to even get dps build as supp mage in this meta, which is way im saying supp mage need a buff, game always have eve, zed, hec
: Wait wait wait Lux isnt op? And where are Darius and Mordekaiser not as vulnerable as lux. They literally have no mobility and get kited to death for free.
darus can pull people in, deal true damage, and mord can pull people in and ult people to pick off without setup
Eedat (NA)
: It was already comped .75 to 1.0
: Can we also give Tryndameres Ult 200 extra ad when he uses it? Can Darius Ult also Double it's scaling at 5 bleeds. Can Aatrox Ult just straight up increase his aa range by 500. Can Morde ult stat steal scale with ap? Your the guy who would want these things.
those champs are already OP, lux is a squishy mage
Infernape (EUW)
: 140% on an ability that has less than a 100 second cooldown at all ranks? Are you mad?
As I said, it must land a Q first to ever hit or require set up
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: >I played against a maokai **first item Redemption** yesterday, in D2 EUW This basically says all there is to know about the state of tank itemisation{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} When high elo rushes support items on tanks...
Well its well known that diamond 2 in EU is plat 4 on NA, EU have easier games and pro players have said its easier to climb on EU compared to NA.
: Can we talk about how safe most mages are?
mages are safe? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Got back to honor level 2 :D
lol, i got honor 5 pretty quick. WHICH IS WEIRD because i have been told i am toxic many times on the game and the forum yet im honor 5 quickly going up still. and this is maining support, a role that never getes honors. i dont even see myself as a support, im the carry because i control, bait and outsmart my enemies. {{champion:119}}
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Yenn (NA)
: Can we please get better detection for boosted accounts in Diamond?
I said it before many times, there needs to be a option for report "boosted/bought account", there is way too many boosted and bought accounts at diamond. AND BEFORE ANYONE SAYS THIS CAN BE ABUSED, the report will check the game history and match it against the average of a d4 and can be calibrated to work as intended.
: Or maybe they are a dude who wants a free skin and asks the forum community if they think it is against the rules to do so. Isn't that right, BoRnToCuDDleXoXo?
can't blame some people for wanting free skins {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Aladoron (EUW)
: 1. Nobody knows if you are a female or not. (Do you start the game announcing that you are a "Gamer gurl"? Or what?) 2. How can somebody *CONSTANTLY* harass you, if you mute them after the first occurrence? What do you call sexual harassment? Since nowadays on the Boards calling someone "adorable" is considered as harassment by some people....
yes the SJW culture is insane now, and most egirls announce they are girls on this game either through chat or their IGN
: How does anyone know if you're female or not and how are they sexually harassing you?
because these e girls always announce they are female "im a girl btw" "as a girl" "dude im a girl", or they advertise in their real life name in their name, basically they want the attention of being a female so they let it be known for attention. really sad really, its rare to see a girl not advertise she is a girl
: Yeah its allowed. And now your boosted friend will get flamed to oblivion and ruin games for other players because he doesnt belong in plat. Yayyyy..... :(
pretty much, i seen alot of boosted people that dont belong in their rank, you can CLEARLY see they are low skill players 20 sec in the lane
: What is the most annoying ult ?
: Plz stop rubbing my nose in being bad... im trying.
Kei143 (NA)
: The system doesn't punish based on severity alone. It punishes based on consistency x severity, meaning you can be punished for 1 game of extreme toxicity or many many games of mild toxicity. Negative attitude in the form of giving up. Accusing others of trolling/inting. General harassment towards others. Combined together while not extreme, will still be considered as mildly toxic. When you do this over many games, you will get punished.
Alot of times your team are trolling/griefing/inting, you just cant tell them that, what i do is just report them {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Ieafboom (NA)
: I cannot carry silver games, my experience
yea no....i already have 2 smurfs that i practice random champs with and they are in plat 4, my main is supp only and the other accounts i use to play all 4 other roles, both are in plat4-plat 2,
Sillae (NA)
: How to Treat Your Support If They Offer Advice
thats why i play mage supports! {{champion:143}}
: Was League ever a good game or just a slot machine designed to keep you playing with the promise of more dopamine? Really ask yourself...
i think league is a good game, the players in ranked matchmaking though.....the moment something bad happens or someone says anything, they tilt and give up lol
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: Low Diamond, Honor 5 Guide to Better Behavior
you forgot 1 important concept /fullmute all
Rioter Comments
: How has Ezreal not been nerfed yet?
hes not even that good, slow moving, depends on skill shots
VapuIa (NA)
: I hate this game, I hate you people.
ok...and you think riot or we care why? we don't care because less toxic player is better for us and riot doesnt care because they dont want toxic players like you... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: I don't understand why Riot bans who they do...
This is a bait thread lol {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BoRnToKiLL666,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=g9R6iKfp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-11T18:22:51.376+0000) > > wait why is it mandatory? why not give an option if you agree to guarantee your role but longer queue times? Because the option would cause problems for others that dont want to deal with 30+ minute queues by splitting the playerbase severely. Not to mention the worse overall matchmaking as it spreads the MMR bracket difference more to prevent queue times from extending too large. Anyone that plays a popular role would see queues into the hour mark, and the entire system would back up into unsustainability.
ok so then someone gets autofilled and a game gets griefed? lol pretty sure this option is also bad. if you give the option if you want longer queue times, its THEIR choice queue times are long, same with people who dont mind getting autofilled.
: Autofill is the worst system on the planet.
Cant say everyone doesnt like it, my friend who plays unranked only says he likes autofill because he gets to try other roles
Pika Fox (NA)
: No. This comes up constantly as a question; autofill is mandatory for the game to function and will not go away.
wait why is it mandatory? why not give an option if you agree to guarantee your role but longer queue times?
: > P.S. you can't get a permaban as your first punishment... That isn't entirely correct - one can get permabanned on their first offense, but it would take an extremely bad show of toxicity or poor sportsmanship to merit it. Specifically; death-threats, revealing identifying information about a player, or cheating/using third-party software. > ...only serial flamers manage to get banned permanently, and that's a very well-known fact. This, though, still holds true in the vast majority of cases. I'd say there's only a decimal-value of times where a permanent ban doesn't follow a history of toxicity.
I can agree here, I have received death threats on league about 5~ times in all my games and those players that I check up are perma banned. Also, a few of my friends on league have gotten a 14 day ban for just being negative without saying any trigger words, so its possible to get punished even without saying trigger words.
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: High ELO is about playing safely. Its boring. But being safe is good, as your opponents generally wont be bad enough for your risky plays to succeed. Since risky plays generally rely on you outplaying or outskilling your opponent. That doesnt usually happen Diamond and higher, everyone pretty much plays microplay at a full capacity.
you couldnt be any more wrong lol, i play in d2~ right now and climbed from d4. unless you are talking about comp play then its safe but in pubs, no matter the rank, people just do whatever. NO ONE, wants to play safe
vslime (NA)
: Low Diamond High Plat Jungler needing assistance..
> [{quoted}](name=vslime,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0vMGzNuN,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-11T15:18:39.161+0000) > > I've reached Diamond 4 in half a season playing mostly kayn with eve and khaz as my second and third. Basically after I got diamond 4, all the games that consisted of mostly diamond players went downhill real fast. I feel like the way I used to climb to diamond doesn't help me the same way to climb in diamond. My guess is that I used to take risky plays in low elo very often which usually were rewarding. Now when I make some risky plays (invade enemy jungler, confident to 1v2, tower dive) in diamond they usually fail. I know that the players skill level in this mmr is fairly good so I'm thinking of playing really passive every game and only looking to take what's free. I know I have yet a lot to learn macro and micro wise, meaning I still don't track the enemy jungle's cs, have better vision control, take optimal paths based on who I'm looking to gank, predict where the enemy jungler will be, understand the win condition, etc.. With that said, I'm just looking for advice for what might help me to climb in low diamond to high elo as a jungler. Cheers. Look at the map more often and dont focus jungle like every jungle. Gank often when you see the opportunity even when it means giving up the stone camp or the ball frog camp, way too many times i see junglers just literally AFK farm while the enemy jungler ganks and wins the game.
Kaneki xD (EUW)
: Permabanned for not being that toxic?
didnt know gold players were toxic lol {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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