Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Except that context doesn't matter and shouldn't matter sorry You're being punished for your actions and words, so what other people do doesn't really matter It's kinda unfair, but that's how it is It's honestly really easy to talk back at flamers without getting banned. Like, ridiculously easy
My strategy is to say stuff to them like "k" or "ok", then report them after. With this they think they are right so they dont fully throw the game AND you get them banned. It works like a charm most of the time unless they are looking to argue which I then just fully mute them and report them after. As you said its pretty easy to talk to the intense flamers. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Please do something to toxicity and flaming
Whatever you do, do not engage the flamers/trolls/inters, just agree with them and report them. Hopefully by agreeing with them you calm them down. That is what I been doing and I have gotten many people punished. Literally 5 popups within my last 25-30 games, I am not joking on this one. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BoRnToKiLL666,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UJVknIEV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-10T17:54:11.622+0000) > > honestly, nerfing aftershock is all thats needed No. Hit Lux directly. Nerfing a keystone that many champions rely on because of 1 abuse case is not good practice. Hitting Lux directly is the best way to handle this.
nerfing lux isnt needed, aftershock is the ONLY reason why shes being picked up.
: How I think lux could be nerfed (from a lux player)
honestly, nerfing aftershock is all thats needed
: Would a person admitting to buying an account be evidence for a perma ban?
Also, how can his smurf be his "smurf" if it was plat 2, when his main is plat 2? LOL, Guy says he smurfs but he smurfs at plat 2 for 7 years
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: Yuumi is the greatest champion ever (not sarcasm)
she is also great when you are autofilled! gotta love it when anyone can play her since you just afk in people and spam spells! then blame your team for playing bad!
: No, I think if this went through you would be very disappointed to realize that even a 200k mastery lux bronze player can still go 0/12/5 if the opponent is slightly better than them. Mastery has nothing to do with skill. A decent player can outperform a bad player even if its their first time on a champ and the bad player is m7. When people use the excuse "its myfirst time"... thats all it is. Just an excuse. General mechanics and macro knowledge is what makes you a good player. Theyre all the same buttons and ideas. Long range skill shot, target abilities, aoe, pulls, knockups, etc... its all the same shit. Ive gone 0/4/3 with my 500k mastery anivia, and I've gone 23/5/11. I dont consistently outplay people just because I know the champ well. The first time I played Ornn I destroyed with him. Recently went like 0/5 with him. Mastery doesnt matter much.
Pretty much this, I seen 200k+ mastery points on lux's, ezreals, warwicks, you name it, yet they are hard stuck silver for years and years. Mastery has nothing to do with skill.
Chiken138 (EUW)
: Riven is a high skill champion
Sorry, Riven is a brain dead champ. Notice when Riven was nerfed, boxbox (Riven Spammer) literally is struggling in plat1-d3 when he reached challenger when riven is broken.
yesyesno (EUNE)
: What can I do to rank up
: I am the confused. There are literally games in your match history where you're the midlaner and have inted your face off (3/9 on Lux ring a bell?) and your bot lane is fed beyond belief (your Tristana is 15/6) but you still lost the game. If it was just the Tristana deciding the game, why did you guys *still* lose this game? >_>; Or here's another good one, you're Sylas top and 0/5. Your ADC is 5/3. Still lost. 7/16 as Sylas but your ADC Twitch(so a hard fucking carry) is 12/8. Still lost as well. Like, I understand this is a hard pill to swallow... but maybe you just suck and should do better in your games. Stop blaming the entirety of your loss on the ADC who is doing their best to try and carry your very heavy ass.
BuT ITs EaSi3r To BLaMe My Te3ms!!!!!! If I L0s3, ItS mY TeAms FaUlt, If I W1n I d1D AlL thE W0rrkk!!!!
: here's you with 16 deaths as a solo laner. smh dude
LOL {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} b-b-b-b-b-b-b--but iTs MaH t3aMs FaUlt~!!
: Why are people okay with bot lane adc determining who wins the game?
lol, adc has the least impact in this meta right now . in order, jungle, top, mid, adc, supp deteriminse who wins
: So sick of players not taking rank seriously and not understanding basic team work
im going to have to disagree with you here, i always /fullmute all at start and i am having a better time playing league
: How to reduce the amounts of deaths I have?
Lasiaf (EUW)
: Account permabanned .. really unexpected
> [{quoted}](name=Lasiaf ,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=jWzwWhuY,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-06T02:10:30.890+0000) > > Hi guys .. so I recently as the subject says got permabanned from my main account which I have been playing for more than 5 years now .. spent a lot of money on and was almost going to Plat .. now the reason I got the ban was that I was a bit tilted and had a toxic behavior in 1 game where I flamed one of the teammates ( F*** u .. useless .) not that I condone for this type of behavior I personally hate flamers and toxic people .. however I am really going through tough times in my life atm .. im a medical student and LoL is probably one of the very few things that keeps me a bit sane from medschool craziness .. when I flame I dont actually mean it .. idk if u understand where I am coming from .. I dont say some BS religious/sexual/family/suicidal swearing or cursing , heck no .. I do it only because I am heated in the middle of the game .. I dont always do this, of course, like all of us we have bad time and bad situations. what I want to say is that I don't think I really deserve this ban or if I do .. I am honestly willing of changing this behaviour , I literally am devastated , I put a lot of effort and money into this account .. and getting permanently suspended from playing it made me really devastated .. I opened tickets with the support team .. tried to request a human agent, not the autoreply bot .. still no reply ( been about 1 day now ) I really hope riot staff understand where I am coming from .. I am going through a lot lately , and I know that my behavior in a game cant be justified simply like that .. But I honestly made a promise to become better .. I really want a second chance to prove it that's all .. Tbh I didn't even know a permaban really existed .. until yesterday of course :/ > > Thank you for reading and sorry for the grammar mistakes You won't get unbanned for toxic behavior............BUT you can always make a new account! Riot will not stop you. {{champion:142}}
: 5 min are you crazy? That's way too long. Riot should implement FF at champion select.
ACTUALLY, i agree with this unironically, when no one dodges and you have {{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:81}} on the same team
: Not every game, but sometimes you'd be surprised 0/23 at 15 minutes. We were still winning because SHYVANA! Nautilus even stopped palying for a bit, because he had weak mental I carried this match so hard it boosted everyone morale after 0/25 Pyke started helping a bit. (He still got banned) Ezreal got online and together we finished the game. Diamond Ranked
Thats incredible, but do you think in the end it was worth the time wasted with him even if you won? For me I would rather take the loss at 5 min and start a new game. So the game you had that you won with him was 37 min. if FF was allowed to go through at 5 min it would save 32 min and allow you to keep your positive mental state and start a new game.
: Amen. Not only will this make games shorter. It will also give you more time to play more games and climb faster
Pretty much this, some games are just lost and its better just starting a new game instead of wasting your energy with a game that is over
Pika Fox (NA)
: No? If you think the game is over 5 mins in, find a different game to play, as LoL isnt for you.
Oh come on, don't try to take the high ground and think every game is winnable. I am saying that the games that are 100% over should be able to FF. As in, people literally afking at base or just ignoring everything. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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ADC for win (EUNE)
: Can an perma banned accout be unbanned ?
You can always make a new account! {{champion:119}}
: I keeeep losing
do /fullmute all at start and turn off enemy chat, best tip i can give to you
: 14 day ban for defending myself in chat
> Game 1 > In-Game > Shadowbyte: cya both in 14 days :) > Shadowbyte: cya in 14 days OH NO NO NO NO NO, the irony. Sweetie, you need to learn to not flame your teams :)
: Thanks for the Jayce nerf Riot
Jayce spammers {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
dovcool (EUNE)
: Akali unplayable
Akali is really broken, the cloud is the most broken mechanic, constant invis and dealing high dps while tping across. you actually cannot fight her under the smoke
Rioter Comments
: How about a nerf for Kayn
kayn is pretty broken right now, the best thing u can do is spam him a ton so riot nerfs him because he is played alot. he actually doesnt have a downside and can self peel while controlling the entire game, take objectives etc, wave clear, dps
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: I love nami. She is my favourite support because she just fits into every comp and you can always blind pick her. You gotta play her more, land bubbles in lane so your adc can follow up. Nami is an aggressive support so you should always be aiming to win trades level 1 and 2. Generally the easiest way to land a bubble is using it behind the enemy champion because they always try to walk backwards and so they walk right into it. You gotta be aggressive or else you wont win lane with nami.
what if your ADC does not want to go aggressive at all even though our lane is stronger? how do you get him to play aggressive, everytime i play nami i feel like i cant carry the game by my self compared to lux,morg, lulu, etc
Mod Sun (NA)
: 14 day ban
> Mod Sun: kys kartus and akali > Mod Sun: ypu kys > Mod Sun: trash ass low life fuck > Mod Sun: end you shit life > Mod Sun: you're pathetic did you think you did not deserve it for saying this? lol
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: That's because there's only "inting" or "not inting." Soft inting is a construct of people who like to blame their teammates for doing poorly. This dude's behavior, done to make it LOOK like he was "playing," isn't soft's goddamn inting. lol
i think inting would be straight running it down without even trying to do anything, it seems he tried to make it look like he was trying to play the game to avoid a punishement when in fact he just inted (soft inting). Basically he tried to justify throwing the game with so called bad plays. I seen this type of behavior ALOT and i always report it when i see it.
Kei143 (NA)
: Looks like that you gave up after the 2nd death and just purposely going for super aggro plays knowing there is 0% chances you will win that. Like how you chased the Draven back to his tower when you had 5 million minions on your tower which you could of CSed. You are Diamond4, you know those matchups and positionings much better than a bronze player. Your minion CSing mechanic drastically dropped when you stopped kiting the minions and didn't time your last hits properly, which I've seen you do well in other games. Don't need to watch it anymore after the 6th minute as the intention was clear at that point.
its actually pretty interesting that the report system can catch his behavior, people always talk about "soft inting" going unchecked, but this game is a clear indication that it can sorta spot it. As you said, you can clearly see he decided to "soft int" because he was tilted after just a few deaths, probably from how his support was playing or previous games. He stopped trying all together and ran it down without thinking. The ban was 100% deserved and it shows even more that he is diamond 4 compared to a silver player.
: You are on NA server same as him. This is a ranked game. You can grab and watch the replay yourself from your own client. Open your client, go to Profile, search his summoner name, go to his match history, there should be a button that allows you to download his replay and watch it in your client (requirements are you are on same server and it is a ranked game, both of which are true). I watched the replay. He keeps trying to fight people while being grossly behinds in xp and items, but I'm not seeing the traditional "run it down" or blatant feeding, standing still while people kill you type of things. Hard to call this one.
Based on watching the replay, he was "soft inting", basically running it down making it look like he is trying but actually "inting".
Kazekiba (NA)
: {{item:3174}} {{item:3107}} Classic mage items, youre right OP.
Sweetie, yuumi's build includes a rabbadons , if this is an enchanter role then rabbadons shouldnt even be a viable build, you never see {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} with rabbadons {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Have you ever met an intentional feeder in your rankeds?
every game passed plat 1, yes {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Perma ban
> [{quoted}](name=WTDC,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=KBjrv5dE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-23T14:42:02.822+0000) > Post-Game > WTDC: enjoy ban teemo > WTDC: im reporting you to riot support > WTDC: enjoy it > WTDC: flamed whole game > WTDC: dog > WTDC: you said you would throw > WTDC: if jg didnt camp > WTDC: then spam pinged mid and bot > WTDC: all game > WTDC: i have the logs dude > WTDC: called us whores > WTDC: remember that > WTDC: who cares > WTDC: wow > WTDC: k bud whatever > WTDC: whatever dude > WTDC: get reported OH NO NO NO NO, THE IRONY {{champion:36}}
Ricje (EUW)
: I apologize to all those that I wronged.
godyoonmin (EUNE)
: why are people with 0 MASTERY POINTS allowed to play in ranked games
dont think it should be 50k, when i got 10k mastery points i already knew how to play it, maybe something like at least 15k
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nm1010 (NA)
: Yuumi is a different playstyle and I have yet to see someone consistently play her in a way that I feel is "correct". I would give it a month or two until I would expect to see great Yuumi players around.
sneaky said yuumi is only good at HIGH LEVELS but is super trash at lower levels
: I say she's in a super good spot. I personally feel I can make her work in solo Q even. She might still be a little on the weak side, but I can usually make sure that 1-2 of her absolute hardest match ups are banned in champ select. You want to avoid enemy bot lanes with excessive amounts of front loaded base damage like Draven or Miss Fortune. For enemy supports to avoid, Blitzkrank is the #1 worst match up to take Yuumi into if he's good. One pull and you waste everything on MAYBE keeping your adc alive. Thresh, Pyke, and Naut are equally as bad to fight, but I'm not seeing as much of them lately. As Yuumi, if you can keep your adc alive, and not feed early, you WILL do well. Edit: I run Guardian on her along with Revitalize and Bone plating so I can survive hopping off to recharge shield and often max E > W > R first and use Q purely for slow. Encourage your adc to pick up Barrier while you run Heal, this creates the most benefit and all around sustain without the diminishing returns of multiple Heal summoners. Don't even bother with Flash, just run Exhaust or Ignite.
i been seeing every yuumi take ignite/exaust, the thing is why would you pick yuumi who is nearly fully reliant on your team when someone like thresh/lux/velkoz support can carry the game? alot of times in solo q i see the adc mess up with the yuumi when its way harder to mess up when compared to any other supp
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: So I got to plat a few days ago
just wait till you get to diamond, every game is intense rage and throws lol
: Suggestion: Add "report whole team" button
what riot should do is add a report button for duo queues, almost every game with duo's, 1 is a booster and 1 is boosted
: Yea sure, let's report everyone on your team. Including the ones who did nothing wrong.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Alot of times, there is good reason to report your entire team. For example, played a game where all 4 of my teams were flaming eachother and then decided to grief eachother by going afk/body blocking eachother/ intentioanlly making eachother lose. So there is a reason to have a report entire team button. doesnt happen too often, about 1 in every 10 games, but it does happen
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Lulu Over 1 million mastery score {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
> [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6f7RIRfY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-17T18:48:05.302+0000) > > Lulu > Over 1 million mastery score > {{sticker:sg-lulu}} lulu is a cutie {{sticker:sg-lux}}
ImNeo2K (EUNE)
: Should Riven get mana?
yes, when even box box can make riven look broken, this is a huge problem.
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