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: Client Update Open Beta Now Live
Here is some feedback: Pros - Improved aesthetics - Improved sound effects - Downloadable replays in match history - Ability to change order of friends folder (Did this exist in the old client?) - Champion background on summoner profile is a nice touch, (how is this decided and can you make it customizable in the future?) Cons - The circular area for summoner icons cuts off parts of most summoner icons (Literally a square peg in a round hole) - Spectator mode is perpetually grayed out - Lots of extra clicking required since there are unnecessary drop-downs for everything (runes, masteries, chat messages, clubs, etc. ) - Can't open up more than 1 chat box at a time - Can't add bots to custom games, this was a great way to practice new builds without having to commit to a full co-op vs ai and risking not getting your pick - Public chat rooms are gone, RIP meeting new people outside of your existing friend groups - No full screen option - No 1080p option, window size maxed out at 1600 x 900 - Can't manually resize the client to any size, the only options are 1024 x 576, 1280 x 720, and 1600 x 900 - Pointless time-consuming animations when switching through different parts of the client (e.g. going from champions/runes/masteries/spells) - Less contrast in new color scheme. More difficult to read text on the client - Mastery score no longer says how many level 6+ masteries players have
: Can we have a disable skins option?
This option should at least exist for ranked. If certain skins are banned from tournaments, how come they're allowed to exist in our competitive ladder?
: please. stop people from first timing champions in ranked.
This might sound like a good idea on paper but there are a lot of problems with this. I've been playing this game since season 1, I know how every champion works. I've spent a lot of time watching streams, watching guides, reading the wiki, playing customs (not bot games), and keeping up with the patch notes. I have most of the ratios and cool-downs memorized, and even when I don't remember, it takes roughly 15 seconds to look up all the numbers in the wikia. There are many champions that I would be able to play if a good opportunity to succeed with them came up. I managed to reach a 70% win rate in ARAM while simultaneously owning every champion in the game. I don't want to go into a ranked game having a competitive disadvantage because I didn't grind out the minimum of 1,320 games necessary to get 10 games on every champion. Also, draft mode forces teams to pick in an arbitrary order. This makes trading key to counter-picking the enemy team or first-picking the strongest champions on the current patch. If players aren't allowed to pick a champion solely because they didn't grind out 10 games, they'll be losing a significant number of options to trade with their teammates. This solution takes away strategic freedom from dedicated players who have done their research outside of the game, just to eliminate a few trolls that shouldn't have been queuing up for ranked in the first place.
: Thanks for the advice. And rank doesn't mean a ton this season. I'm in Diamond V and I've seen better teams in low Gold where I started this season.
I got diamond early this season on my smurf and then later this season on my main. I honestly haven't seen much of a difference in skill level. There was a slight difference resulting from the ex-diamond/master league players that got placed in mid-plat after the season reset, but that was a rare problem to run across that also happens every season. Although I'll take my experience with a grain of salt since we're playing on different servers.
: So, how do you counter Graves?
I was anticipating a meme post, slightly disappointed, but here's my advice as a fellow Diamond Morde main: Graves is definitely one of Mordekaiser's tougher matchups. I recommend getting ninja tabi + seeker's armguard asap to prevent graves from bursting you down (he tends to itemize in flat armor pen, so any type of early armor will make a huge difference). Dont be afraid to buy lots of health potions between each back, this is a survival lane for Morde. Run ignite instead of teleport vs graves, the true damage and heal reduction makes it a lot tougher for him to force an all-in on you. Max w first in this matchup for sustain (your e is not worth using, he'll tank the damage and lifesteal back any harass you land on him with it). Once you get rylai's, you and your jungler can easily kill graves, especially if he starts to push the lane with his heavy aoe. You probably wont ever be able to 1v1 graves (unless you have a huge lead or build full ap + void staff), but he'll have huge trouble escaping a 2v1 gank against rylai's morde. Randuin's omen lets you shrug off most of Graves's damage lategame if you're still having issues with his dps. If you can survive in lane, you'll become much more relevant in teamfights than graves. If graves is the main threat to your team, consider getting void staff to deal with his high magic resist from quick-draw passive and maw. In terms of counterpicks, Darius outscales him pretty hard both in laning phase and teamfights. He get's plenty of armor pen from black cleaver + apprehend to deal with grave's quick-draw resistances. Graves doesn't build much hp either, so the heavy true damage from Darius's ult does a huge chunk of his total health (This is extremely useful for procing stormraider's surge and chasing him down). Usually post level 6, I can all-in graves without him being able to fight back. Overall though, graves falls off pretty hard once teamfights start happening, and almost any top-laner can outperform graves by simply building armor early on and staying relatively even in farm without dying. TLDR; Get back on Delicious Metal so we can discuss Morde strats again D:
: ^^^
Current data suggests that it's his frozen mallet tank build that is the most problematic and his standard crit build is relatively balanced. (Source:, plat+ ranked games)
: Dynamic Que is Atrocious.
Selegun (NA)
: If I remember correctly they tried an item like that when abyssal scepter was getting reworked. It gave something like 5% shred stacking 5 times with an aoe burn. It never made it off pbe so I imagine a fair few champions could abuse the shit out of it.
Yeah, black cleaver was also insanely broken on certain champs when it initially got reworked to have % armor shredding. Namely: {{champion:91}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} It took a few patches, but now black cleaver is a versatile item that allows a lot of ad bruisers to be viable vs armor stacking teams. An AP black cleaver would definitely require some re-balancing if it was implemented, but it would allow ap bruisers to have a viable build path that isn't completely shut down by magic resist stacking.
: Yes, there aren't a lot of people maxing E though and a nice chunk of shield when trying to fight through the opposing frontline would really help. Still, riot has already stated that tankiness tied directly to damage output is something rather tricky to balance, hence they changed how Swain's R functions
If there was an AP bruiser item with % magic defense shred, similar to black cleaver it wouldn't be as big of a deal. It would normalize Mordekaiser's damage output (along with his tankiness), rather than his success being contingent on the enemy team not building magic resist. Right now when the enemy stacks magic resist, mordekaiser's only option is void staff. The seems pretty unfair, considering ad bruisers like darius or renekton aren't forced to build a full offense item like last whisper when the enemies stack armor.
Selegun (NA)
: His E makes up for this by giving percentages of his max shield. As long as you can hit 2+ people and perhaps a few minions the shield should fill every time E is cast.
His shield per champion hit scales with 3.75% max hp to 6.25% max hp (.15x.25 to .25x.25). Even with a full tank build, this translates to only a fraction of an adc auto attack lategame that can only be cast once every 5 seconds. Even if enemies champions are clumping up in a cone-shape in front of morde, the damage he's blocking from his e bonus shield compared to the total damage he's taking is almost neglible. This is partially why e max is pretty rare on mordekaiser players. It might be strong in early-mid teamfights, but it falls of super hard as soon as the enemy adc gets a few items.
: It's a start
Add me pls
: Just so I'm clear on your logic, it's better to have them go in with whatever they feel like because at least it's quick? I respectfully disagree.
The queue time for Mordekaiser in teambuilder was 30+ minutes for every lane/role. I have level 7 mastery and 178k mastery points with Mordekaiser and have spent hundreds of hours optimizing his strategy. This was before the Mordekaiser rework at the time. I was 76 wins 46 losses in ranked with pre-rework Morde. Being able to play a champion that fits your style is a huge part of League of Legends. Like it or not, egregious queue times caused teambuilder to shut down any sort of creativity strategy that made off-meta picks viable. Leaving it the only option to newer players would be a huge turn off.
Qsario (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=z2BOou6i,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-05-29T17:04:25.087+0000) > > maybe its riots idea of forcing us to pick ghost? no clue actually. > > worst part is, if youre trying to draw back from an enemy engage, and your own minions trap you in. fucking traitors. I hate it with max-stack Chogath. I mean, honestly, at that many stacks, he should get an Alistar-like trample and just step on the minions.
Holy shit this makes so much sense now.
: If There Ever Was a Champion who Deserved a Mirror Interaction...
: If you actually read my thread, you will notice every time a Team Builder Captain rejects a player with non-meta pick, the waiting time for the entire team will be increased, meaning that they have to actually accept players as soon as possible or else they will suffer long waiting time. This punishes players who do not accept non-meta picks to actually force them to accept non-meta picks. Well I bet you didn't really read the whole thread, so I may as well reiterate here.
: Read my reply above.
Except even when blind pick was brand new and everyone was trying it out, there were still 20+ minute queues for every non-support champion that wasn't in the meta.
Aazzlano (NA)
: I've heard a lot of suggestions/thoughts etc about Team Builder and its place in the game. This however, has been the worst suggestion out of all of them. I don't even play Blind, like almost ever BUT if I wanted to get a quick game in for whatever reason I would go straight to Blind Pick, queue pops fast, you just pick your champ and go. No bans, no hassle, nothing. Team builder takes like 20+ minutes to even setup/get a full team, like lol. Sorry but no thanks. And I don't even play either mode. HORRIBLE suggestion though.
Exactly. Blind pick has by far the lowest queue time of any game mode, plus a significantly shorter champ select time than draft mode or dynamic queue (completely skipping the pick/ban phase). That's a big reason why people play it. Without it, it takes a minimum of ~5 minutes to start a game. Taking away blind pick simply because a few players are too immature to play anything other than the lane/role that they want is NOT the solution to this problem.
: Ping, Winrate, and Vayne Probs
Where is the full list of champion graphs?
: Why are people stupid when it comes to team builder?
: {{champion:122}} players are some of the most toxic assholes I have ever encountered in League. Sorry but it's the truth.
I'm a Darius Player. Can confirm.
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