Khabith (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=King Lego,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7PdRRB3I,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-22T18:05:48.964+0000) > > Nope. > It will have like a 15 second cooldown before being able to use it. > > Also, if you use redemption and sell it and buy it again, it will not reset. > > I tried it before. Well later game your usually dead for more than 15 seconds, so that's not horrible. but what if he buys it and is able to use it. Are they able to undo? im guessing not. Or is it seconds as in 15 seconds while being alive
> [{quoted}](name=Khabith,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7PdRRB3I,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-22T18:11:16.356+0000) > > Well later game your usually dead for more than 15 seconds, so that's not horrible. but what if he buys it and is able to use it. Are they able to undo? im guessing not. Or is it seconds as in 15 seconds while being alive If you buy redemption when dead, it has a CD equal to your death timer.
Yenn (NA)
: Playing jungle at high and low MMR is two completely different games. In higher games, you can be forced to concede virtually your entire jungle in a bad matchup, and then the enemy jungle is level 6 while you're just barely hitting level 5 and down hundreds of gold, and you have no way to catch up.
Yeah if you ever watch a high level jungler (e.g. iwilldominate) there are games where they get an early kill or advantage on the opposing jungler and then just shut them completely out of the game for the next 10-15 minutes.
: Every loss is from literally one bad player.
The vast majority of losses I've had the pleasure of experiencing involved 5 bad least.
GigglesO (NA)
: Wow Assassin mains are petty
To be fair Morde's kit is a clunky, unintuitive kludge of bandaids on bandaids on bandaids.
Rioter Comments
: So Volibear is a juggernaut champion
His ult also scales very effectively with attack speed and with things that interact with on-hit effects - which right now is admittedly just the AA reset from Hydra and Rageblade. As well as what Moodu P said, it has insane base damage and doesn't NEED to be scaled.
Slade25 (NA)
: I won't go through your points individually because honestly, I'm at work while writing this, as I was with the initial message, so I don't have the time to go as into detail as I would like. I really do appreciate your arguments, and overall don't really disagree with most of it, even if its coming from a different perspective. Overall, my point was to show that it feels like rather than creating diverse build paths for mages, Riot has effectively slapped a crapton of AP on every item and called it balanced, which in my opinion, has caused Mages to be especially strong and not have clearcut tradeoffs. However, it may appear to the outsider reader that its just a Banshee's veil shitpost, which I did not intend it to be at all, but upon rereading, can definitely understand why it may read that way. Thank you for the criticism, it definitely did inform my opinion better and help me better understand the argument as a whole.
I think AP values (apart from stacking items like Archangels and Roa and rabadons) have trended down over the years. Luden's was originally supposed to be the "replacement third 120 AP item) when they removed deathfire grasp, the other two being Zhonya's(!) and Rabadons. It's much harder than it used to be to just stack large quantities of raw AP. Hybrid offensive/defensive items have always been tricky to balance - Ript has gone back and forth over the years on the fundamental question of whether you should get more power from a dedicated defensive item and a dedicated offensive item or two hybrid items - they've compromised by making most items other than a core 1-2 per class individually weak and dependent on multi-item scaling, with the idea that hybrid items are picked up second or third, never last, and are probably the strongest then - but they keep making individual tweaks when items are under or over tuned, and they're really resistant to just tweaking the fundamental stats without fucking with other shit, so the item system is largely an uncohesive mess with tens of competing idealologies. It's weird. Personally, I think the three most over tuned AP items are easily {{item:3020}}, {{item:3916}} /{{item:3165}}, {{item:3135}}, so it's weird to me that you even bring up Banshee's Veil, which is rarely worth buying on a mage.
Hibeki (NA)
: Skillshots have never been a balance factor. If a 1 use ability that travelled 1 unit per second that did 1 million true damage, BUT IS A SKILLSHOT ITS BALANCED as if theres no way to prevent missing or dodging, and as if those methods didnt exist on the same fucking kit (a 90% slow and a stun)
Skillshots have always been a balance factor wtf? Of course you can make an op skillshot, I didn't say that a skillshot couldn't be op, just that it can't be compared 1:1 with a non-skillshot. What, you think Annie Q should have the exact same range and stun duration as brand Q?
Slade25 (NA)
: Can you present your side then? I'm interested in hearing your take.
Fair enough, and kudos to you for engaging constructively with such a scathing response. I'll go down your points one by one. > [{quoted}](name=Slade25,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GMiGezEJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-02T19:36:44.774+0000) > > This will probably get downvoted into the depths of hell, but that's okay. I want to hear y'alls perspective in the comments No comment > As we all know, this is a high damage meta. True tanks are rare, as bruisers and assassins are far more viable in the current meta. Things like Dark Harvest and Conqueror are frequently complained about on the boards, but for some reason, people aren't catching on to how **STRONG** AP items are. Check winrates on any site of your choosing. AP champs are meta in top, mid, support, and share ADC with Lucian, Jhin and Kai'sa. Why is this dominance of four positions allowed? No real quibble, I don't have much context for the meta, though this is more an argument for the _versitility_ of mages than power - which has always been one of their strong points. I'm not in a position to check myself, but traditionally the mages doing best in toplane, support, "carry", mid, and even jungle have been different mages. Occasionally a single mage will be strong in 2 positions, but rarely more than that. So it's a little disingenuous to present them as a unified group - that's like saying it's a problem that tanks can be top, support, or jungle, when really that's not the same group of champions. > Let's talk about specific AP Items. I'll use Banshees Veil as my examples. This is supposed to be a defensive AP item, so there should be significant damage trade-off when this item is selected. It's supposed to be a defensive **AP** item - it should be less offensively powerful than dedicated offensive AP items, but it's intended to have meaningful offensive power. On top of that, if the item is comparatively stronger than dedicated offensive options (say, Luden's), that doesn't necessarily mean it's too strong or that mages as a whole are too strong. It could mean that Luden's is too weak, if people are rushing banshee veil first, or, if they aren't, it could mean that Luden's is too weak but banshees veil is too strong to make mages take a one item power dip that even out at two items - it could mean a lot of things. >However, banshee's veil gives only 15 less AP than Luden's, the base offensive AP item for most mages; and it gives MORE AP THAN VOID STAFF. 15 AP is substantial. On top of that, Luden's gives 10% more cdr (which scales multiplicity with AP and provides huge quality of life for waveclear, cc abilities, and movement abilities) flat Mana to fuel that cdr, a damaging passive with an additional ratio that helps with waveclear, and a **FAR, FAR** better build path than banshee's veil. They have different purposes, Banshee's is a "turn lost fights into won fights" item, Luden's is a "bring my champion online and gimme some punching power while you're at it item". Like, yeah, Luden's would be awful if it was "Pay 3200, get a vanilla 90 AP stat stick" but it isn't, and your comparison treats it like it is. Void staff is in many situations the most powerful damage item a champion can get, and it's ridiculously cheap. No joke, in most games void probably gives more damage on purchase than I.E. Its AP is mediocre (kind of, I guess? If you ignore the price?) because its passive is so bonkers overpowered. If you wanna complain about AP being op, complain about void. That item is fucking insane. Comparing its AP to Banshee's is like comparing Tri-forces ad to Edge of Night. >On top of this, it gives +60 MR (which is more than ANY tank item gives btw), 5 more. If you don't count {{item:3193}} when 3 people are around. And if you forget that tank items ALSO give hp, which is disproportionately effective against mages compared to most physical damage dealers, and that most well built and played tanks can safely ignore mages for upwards of 10s. Even with the bullshit that is void staff. But yeah, 5 more. >10% CDR, and a spell shield. How is that a trade-off? So you're gonna mention Banshee's veil's passves and cdr, but not Void and Luden's WAY STRONGER passives and Luden's more cdr? That's how it's a trade-off lol. > AP champs need to have more clearcut tradeoffs. If they want to do more damage, they should HAVE to build Void staff or Spellbinder, rather than just having enough damage that they can build "defensively" and still one-shot squishies. Most AP champs already have CC in their kit; giving them the ability to build defensively and still one-shot is just too much. So is this post about AP champions or about Banshee's Veil? Because even if you conclusively proved that Banshee's Veil is stronger than two specific offensive AP items (you didn't) that wouldn't necessarily mean it was too strong, and even if you conclusively proved that it's "too strong" (you definitely didn't) that wouldn't mean that the class as a whole is too strong. It's not unusual for classes to have specialized or crutch items be intentionally over tuned to encourage strategic gameplay - building defensively is a choice, a judgement call, and if the more specialized items were just on par with the default, why would anyone ever take the risk of the judgement call? That's why armor is so "op" against lethality, that's why pen is so "op" against defensive stats - Riot wants to disproportionately reward strong strategic itemization, since it all comes with inherent downsides AND with potential risks the default doesn't. > TL;dr - AP champs don't need to build "offensive" items like void staff or spellbinder because their defensive options like Zhonya's, Liandry's and Banshee's provide enough damage on their own, leading to unhealthy itemization. Well I appreciate your receptiveness to criticism, even if I still disagree with how you presented the facts. Sorry for being so harsh with my initial response.
Hibeki (NA)
: To pt in perspective how seriously overbuffed pykes ult has been
I agree that Pyke is a pain in the ass, but one huge factor that I haven't seen mentioned once in this thread is that Pyke's ult, unlike the other listed, is a _skillshot_. Regardless of how easy/hard you think it is to dodge, it completely changes a skill for it to be able to be put on cooldown with 0 effect. Additionally, Pyke is a support, and (goldsharing execute or not) is generally expected to be sitting on less gold at any given point in the game than Darius or Cho'gath - his ratio is expected to work off of less money, and his base damages to hold up more on their own than theirs are.
Slade25 (NA)
: Everyone is too busy talking about conqueror to notice the actual problem: AP itemization.
God this is such a one sided, narrow, misleading analysis. I can't decide if you've done this on purpose, you've managed to fool yourself, or you're genuinely incapable of understanding why what you've written completely fails to present the facts.
: Question for League players who have been playing for 4+ years now
I've honestly almost entirely stopped playing recently, and though I sometimes kinda wanna play a game, I feel like I have more fun with games now that it's not one of them.
: The issue we saw with tanks top was damage buffs (mao, grag, naut) which we saw a worse case off with ornn and his stupidly overloaded W brittle. This demonstrates Riot's stupid design philosophy regarding damage. While I want tanks to be viable top, I don't want them to be strong because of their damage. Make resolve as strong as precision, nerf their single target damage a tad (so we don't hinder their jungle performance). Then tanks should in theory maintain their weak pre-recall phase where they can be decimated if played stupidly However if we crush damage too much, tank match ups become uninteractive farm fests which isn't fun for anyone. If it is too high the larger non tank top playerbase suffers for it. But if we get it just right tanks should have a decent power curve and be able to whittle down an opponent through short trades, winning due to beef rather than damage output
Ornn was never an actual problem in soloq, I think he had a slightly positive winrate for like five minutes, fighters just couldn't bear to have a tank outtrade them in lane and ran it down over and over rather than accepting that there's literally one tank matchup ever that you have to sit back and farm up against. Same shit would Sion whenever he's strong. Oh boohoo a tank you can't just dive on cooldown, learn to play back and collect your autowin at 20 minutes like, I dunno, every other fucking tank in the game has had to since season 2?
Meddler (NA)
: I don't believe so. Something can be really powerful, in terms of how it affects the outcome of the game, how others play around it etc, without the player controlling it necessarily having a lot of personal agency. To take an extreme example, if we imagine a champion who does nothing but move slowly and melee auto attack towers killing them instantly they're likely a very powerful champion. Their team mates and enemies actions will matter a lot in terms of how impactful that power is (peel, rotations etc). There's not much the player of said tower killing champ can really do themselves though, so while the champion's effect on the game will be very powerful the player controlling them doesn't have that much agency over how things turn out relative to other players.
It's ok, you can say udyr. (joking, udyr can obviously run quite fast) Anyway, I would say that agency is a _type_ of power that a champion can have, but far from the only one. I would also argue that a lot of champions that feel "low-agency" are mostly low agency on the micro-mechanical scale, and offer quite a lot of macro agency.
: I small aspect I would change about Yasuo
Personally, the small change I would like is if they toggled that little switch from "enabled" to "disabled" and taped it there. But that's just me.
AP udyr was actually briefly a meta-buukd that got nerfed for toxic gameplay.
CLG ear (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BobaFlautist,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=y9U4c23e,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-29T22:01:44.112+0000) > > > > Does "Lunar Goddess" not count as a lunar skin? if ahri can have two popstar skins why can't diana have two lunar skins
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=y9U4c23e,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-29T22:02:45.162+0000) > > if ahri can have two popstar skins why can't diana have two lunar skins I mean sure. Maybe it's obvious to other people, but my first read of op was that you were saying she didn't have _any_ lunar skin. Which confused me, 'cause I was relatively sure I personally owned a lunar Diana skin. What kind of different flavor would you like another Lunar Diana Skin to have? Personally, I think it would be cool to have a Lunar Mission Diana - cross between the Lunar Festival aesthetic and astronautilus.
CLG ear (NA)
: did they ever explain why leona gets a lunar skin but not diana the lunar girl Does "Lunar Goddess" not count as a lunar skin?
Meddler (NA)
: Loading Screen Update coming to PBE
This all looks great! Any performance upgrades included? Loading screen is notoriously finicky, and this does seem to be a lot of content and possible performance load that's gonna be added.
damabevi (EUW)
: ban all the non eu players from playing on eu servers and ban any one who doesn't speak english in c
Jinxalot (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BobaFlautist,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zUIqZ3TJ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-11-12T17:56:46.863+0000) > > If you loved Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 isn't cutting it for you in terms of complexity, difficulty, and quantity of content, Path of Exile was designed for exactly you. I tried that a few times. I didn't like. The quests were confusing and the enemies weren't interesting.
> [{quoted}](name=Jinxalot,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zUIqZ3TJ,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2018-11-12T18:09:20.143+0000) > > I tried that a few times. I didn't like. The quests were confusing and the enemies weren't interesting. That's fair, I'm one of the few in the playerbase that seems capable of recognizing that it's not for everyone. It's really all about theory crafting and testing insane, surreal interactions between narrowly overpowered mechanics and trying them out, that might not be the hook but I do think it's where the game excels (once you've put in the reulauosite 1000 hours to understand the difference between "More" versus "Increased" damage, what the fuck actually effects your minions, and why the comically overcomplicated passive tree is really just an easter egg hunt for how nodes)
Jinxalot (NA)
: Diablo 3...but not enjoying. :/ I'm waiting for a new Marvel MMO Marvel Heroes but better. There is the Avengers Project but it still might be a few years
> [{quoted}](name=Jinxalot,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zUIqZ3TJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-12T17:53:47.450+0000) > > Diablo 3...but not enjoying. :/ > I'm waiting for a new Marvel MMO Marvel Heroes but better. There is the Avengers Project but it still might be a few years If you loved Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 isn't cutting it for you in terms of complexity, difficulty, and quantity of content, Path of Exile was designed for exactly you.
Rioter Comments
: I'm excited to see how bad things get once the jungle exp is nerfed this preseason
Golems clear actually gives a shitload of xp, keeping up with double scuttle + successfully ganks with no pvp interaction. If they nerf xp of other camos they're trolling though.
: Why can Allies CC apply Kai'Sa's Plasma Stacks?
Because her ult casts on tagged champions. It's so she can go to an ally fighting someone with cc, kinda like Jhin's W mechanic.
: So how should i carry that ? Is that a bug or people can just melt towers at 3min ?
Could be a bug. I could see if a tower was left unattended for several waves, with like demolish + dark harvest on multiple enemy champs + careful wave management to build and maintain a big wave at the tower to beat it down.
94372148 (NA)
: Thank god you nerfed Yorick so hard that he one shots people after starting 0/3!
Malak (NA)
: Revive Karthus if he gets a takedown during death defied
I could see takedowns extending his passive duration by a few seconds each.
: Nasus' Q won't receive stacks from minions killed by Iceborn Gauntlet or Tiamat. Generally, you'll take Iceborn Gauntlet if you are laning against an AP champion. Iceborn Gauntlet and Spirit Visage used to be commonly built on Nasus (especially when laning against an AP champion).
Why would you take iceborn gauntlet against an ap when the only defensive stat it gives is armor?
: Man I enjoy so much when a "juggernaut"
Have you tried not standing in the immobile, low cc, low-ability range, melee champions? Like, I get'cha, it can be frustrating to try to lane against a juggernauts or to try to dive their team, but they're balanced around how hard it is for them to make you fight them. Fiora has a super low cooldown dash and a spellshield that reflects cc, riven has four relatively short CD dashes, a low CD aoe stun, and a low CD aoe knockup. They're not at all comparable to the immobile, easily kited juggernauts.
Meddler (NA)
: Wukong's design means his performance tends to fall off somewhat with MMR, 'one shot' builds somewhat excepted. Those builds tend to be pretty degenerate in terms of lack of counterplay if they're really strong though, as was the case with Wukong earlier this year. In terms of raw performance, I think he's somewhere between about right and on the strong side right now in most skill ranges for both jungle and mid performance. He has certainly been a difficult champion to put in a spot where he's balanced and Wukong players report him feeling good to play. In terms of lack of response I did end up skipping a number of Wukong posts here for a little while. Issue there for me wasn't most of the posts themselves, but the brigading leading to anyone else trying to talk as well getting downvoted and/or drowned out. Really don't want to encourage that approach, given boards upvote/downvote numbers are comparatively low so even a small group can manipulate them heavily.
Any thoughts about just lowering Wukong's numbers across the board? As in less damage, lower mana costs and cooldowns - I'm not Wukong main, but he's the funnest to play when you're relatively durable and get to use multiple e-q-w combos to weave in and out of a fight and just generally feel like an obnovioud trickster. The problem is, as he stands now, by the time he gets that kind of cdr he also does 75% of a sqiisby's hp with eq, making g him frustrating to play against for people without the mechanics to kite him. I think he has the potential to be super cool if his abilities are less individually effective, but be gets to use more of them - maybe even with a sharper cdr on his w and a little more e range.
en2que (EUW)
: Why is it that at the start of EVERY event the stacked game ratio on norms goes up to 90+%
Probably a lot of people playing that haven't played much recently and have decided mmr, plus a lot more people queuing in parties to do the event with friends which also skews matchmaking.
Meddler (NA)
: Turns out it's not the easiest topic to get data into a presentable format on unfortunately. Got a request for it on a backlog in case we look at polishing it up for some other purpose as well, don't want to take the time away from other work though otherwise.
That's about the best I was hoping for, I figured it was likely a more complicated metric to illustrate than standard winrates or whatever. It's funny, people talk an awful lot about how easy a given champion is to counter or play against considering we don't have that much data on it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 26
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=zpaM5Ki1,comment-id=001d0000,timestamp=2018-10-05T17:14:07.263+0000) > > Hmm, lemme see if that's data we can easily pull and share or not. No promises, but agree it's a good question. Last one of these I asked about data on champion winrate as their opponents have more experience against them, I don't suppose you've had a chance to ask the data nerds? (Hope it's obvious that's intended as an affectionate term). Edit: ok maybe not quite the last one if it's been 21 days. One of these!
: That number is likely close to final tuning, and some of the reasoning is that tanks benefit the most out of having an enforced defensive option. Armor/MR increases their EHP more so than other champs as they build more hp items throughout the game. That being said, we're going to discuss whether we should do a small pass on tank items and bump up their stats a wee bit, nothing for sure though
This is a little confusing to me, don't damage dealers benefit the most from having an enforced offensive option? Like ad is going to benefit ad champs with their aa steroids and ad scaling skills more than most tanks, and ap is going to benefit mages and enchanters with their high damage scaling skills, tools to apply those ratios, and scaling non-damage skills a lot more than it will tanks. Sure, tanks have some ad/ap ratios, but I would argue that hp and resistances are actually more universal stats than ad/ap - even adcs love some flat resistances to counter the flat pen mages and assassins use to oneshot them, and adcs+resistances is arguably the least naturally synergistic combination you're gonna find with enforced defensive stats.
Moody P (NA)
: Preseason scaling runes should cap at level 10
No, hp is intentionally bad because tanks get more value from HP than squishies, as opposed to squishies which definitely don't get broad value from ad. Or something.
: So what would be the new ''Burst mage'' build?
If you're looking to burst squishies, double pen is always super efficient {{item:3020}} {{item:3916}} /{{item:3165}} . Ludens isn't bad, especially if you struggle with Mana sustain, and the flat AP and bonus base damage/scaling gives you something to scale with pen, but if you just trying to do the most damage possible the soonest possible Morello is stronger. Rabadons is a luxury buy if you back while sitting on a lot of gold. Void staff is insane if you can justify it, and really cheap.
: AP Sion is useless nobody builds AP on him His one skill scaling with AP isn't quite as op as Shyvanna's two skills scaling with AP, but it definitely puts him ahead of Riven's 0 skills scaling with AP. But no, I was making fun of OP 'cause Sion's current meta build that everyone's complaining about gets about 0 damage from ratios, relying on his high base damage and hp scaling to bully his lane opponent. Not only would it be a ridiculous overreaction of a nerf, it would also have next to no impact on how Sion works right now.
: Nerf sion damage ratios by half
Yeah, he gets way too much value from all that ad and ap he builds, I agree, this is the biggest issue with Sion as he exists right now.
: Honor Progression apparently scales with game length like exp.
Aram's still probably better because people honor more in Aram, especially if you play a support or a solid initiator.
: meddler, an important question that has been bugging me is it ok if i spam urgotted in all chat if i kill someone as urgot?
Urgot'cha is also funnier than Urgottee imo
naymless (NA)
: After playing against leblanc and seeing challenger players struggle against her
I really think the biggest change she's always needed is that her W1 should move slower at level one, and slowly upgrade in speed as she puts points into it. Similarly, her W2 should have a slight, telegraphed delay before it goes off so you know when she's about to jump back and she doesn't accidentally dodge a vital skillshot
Rioter Comments
: Why is it that buying resistances on Squishy Champions feels useless?
This is super super wrong. I mean the mechanics of effective health are obviously valid and important, but if a mage is stacking flat pen or an assassin is stacking lethality (which is the biggest cause of insanely fast 1-shots, 'cause it gives them ridiculously efficient damage amps against squishies), one solid resistance item is a huge fucking deal. Grabbing like a frozen heart or ninja tabi or QSS or a Spirit Visage or even just like {{item:1031}} {{item:1057}} makes it so so much harder for that assassin to delete you in your team or that mage to kill you from 1k distance with QW. It won't save you from a full rotation necessarily, but it makes them commit and land their shit to finish you, which gives you and your team a chance to react.
Juice (EUNE)
: Is picking Nasus = trolling right now?
**_NASUS_ IS A MIDGAME CHAMPION** **NASUS _IS_ A MIDGAME CHAMPION** **NASUS IS_ A_ MIDGAME CHAMPION** **NASUS IS A _MIDGAME_ CHAMPION** **NASUS IS A MIDGAME _CHAMPION_** He hasn't been lategame powerhouse for a very long time, his job is to stalemate lanes against bullies, stack up, and auto-win duels/draw pressure from about level 6 to level 11ish. He's not supposed to have a super powerful early game, so that early game champions have a window of opportunity against him, and he's not supposed to carry once everyone has 3 items, but in between the two he's almost unstoppable.
: so tanks start rushing it second item again? no
I feel like the response to tanks rushing GA was completely wrong. Historically you wouldn't build GA or Thornmail on a tank, because it would discourage opponents from focusing you, and you wanted them to focus you, because then you'd win. When GA was being spammed by tanks, it was because teams could freelh focus tabks and blow them the fuck up, without having to use much in the way of cooldown or dps that should be saved for carries. Tanks were buying a carry defensive item because they were dying so fucking fast, and riot was like "This won't do at all! Let's take it away from them."
: Im sorry but the suicide/split strategy needs to be removed from the game.
I mean it's basically proxy singed all over again. I guess at least it doesn't involve stealing all three waves, but it's still not really healthy for the game.
Jeddite (NA)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Jeddite,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=i7alEp5r,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-09T16:40:27.848+0000) > > *Removed by moderation.* Edgy
: Not at all. Just going through weeks, and the month, there doesn't seem to be any mention of banning for money, aside from this post. You new here?
Did you like...actually look?
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