: With these buffs to Evelynn and Lee Sin Ultimates I am seeing a pattern of adding 2-3 hundred damage every time you rank it up. Another Early game jungler who would like to "capitalize on early game successes with more powerful ultimates so he can have more of an impact" is Xin Zhao. His ult only does 75 dmg early game and goes up only by 100. Many times casting the ultimate takes so long that you lose dps.
But they didn't change the rank up incentives on either of these ults, and it isn't like xin is supposed to scale well or like he primarily uses r for damage like with evelynn or lee sin. His ult is for the invulnerability and splitting up the enemy team, and a lot of his damage comes from the rest of his kit in extended fights
Ballads (NA)
: That's a horrible nerf to Tahm Kench's ally devour, as it's almost the entire reason he's valid as a support character in the first place. He has a 46% win rate in all ELOs in support and with this it could only get worst. You're going to kill this champion faster than you've ever done to any other. Playing him support is the only fun I get while playing this game and now I can't even have that. Garbage. You care more about the competitive aspect of LoL than everyone else that keeps this game alive. It's two different worlds.
It's almost like they're nerfing him to make sure he disappears from pro so they can give him buffs that are more impactful in soloqueue instead.
: I didn’t get any rewards for watching 2 matches :( and I definitely watched more than 10 minutes of it, was logged in, and had the “you are properly linked” notification
Rewards have worked fine for me, adblock enabled etc. Make sure that the league you're watching counts for watch rewards (I know LCK doesn't and I bet a lot of the minor leagues don't either). NA and EU seem to be working fine though
: so when does this come out? can anyone tell me...its still 8.24
Probably tomorrow morning, if not then thursday morning
Xinja (NA)
: Isn't that Nasus, not Warwick?
He's referring to the first comic, not to the most recent one
: Experimental Modes & Nexus Blitz
From my experience, the mode is super fun. Can be pretty annoying if you're in base buying and a battle royale circle centered in/near their base spawns, makes it extremely hard to stay in. Might be nice if it were a little slower or didnt start at the edge of your base, or maybe it pauses for 1-2 seconds before it starts shrinking.
: Hail of blades isn't good on Yi. Yi in teamfights can't abuse hail, you get one kill but then you're left keystoneless. Dark harvest will make him super strong with Stormrazor, lethal tempo with essence reaver will be great on him too.
It's debatable since you can use hail to fast stack guinsoo's and use that extra power to make up for the fall off of hail.
Anas1999 (EUNE)
: Shouldn't u scale the gold given by camps as the lanes are getting so much gold wih canon gold changes, making jglers not able to keep up with them causing flame when farming and less ganking. And when proitrize ganking the system does not increase your mmr alot because low farm. BTW Right now jg is the most fustrating role to play especially in low elo gold btw. And why on earth you want more early fights in jg its clear who is winner before even starting a fight if you want to help to make the role better just give them more power you guys are just trying to make it a lane.
The cannon change was net neutral on gold iirc assuming perfect cs, missing a cannon makes it a nerf and getting a cannon but missing other cs is a buff MMR afaik has nothing to do with farm/other ingame metrics and is based off of the mmr of other players in the game
Lawamat (EUW)
: The funny thing is, you can still do all that just fine, but god forbid you say "fuck".
Which I can confirm will not get you banned on NA, at least not if you keep it under 5 times a game :p
BeRif (EUW)
: Yea, 5 seconds, which means your team if hitting the nexus or the nexus towers. Not when your team is bot lane hitting a tower then the next ones + the nexus.
Yeah, he left early. However, I'm really curious how they didnt end the game but still got triple inhibs, it feels like at the very least they had more than enough time to get both nexus towers, if not end the game
: ***
The reasoning, from what I can understand behind that, is that at high elo dying has a much bigger consequence than at lower elo. Lower elo you kinda brush it off, down a few hundred gold but whatever, not that big, but higher elo punishes so much harder for small mistakes. Although technically not inting, 0/2 in high diamond and 0-2 in gold are completely different monsters
: > [{quoted}](name=No flash no life,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=OeZ3ipZB,comment-id=0007000000000000000100000003000000010000,timestamp=2017-10-20T04:02:11.140+0000) > > Actually if it's proven to be a mistake then the ban can be lifted. > > You have a very good point there that I want to discuss. Indeed, even if let's say someone points a gun at you irl and threatens you to flame, you're still going to receive the consequences because you did flame at your teammates regardless. However, that no longer holds true if the context of hate speech doesn't serve the purpose of flaming. > > Say, you're the only one left alive and half dead after teamfight, 4 of your opponents are pushing to win and 1 is chasing you down to enemy tower, should you struggle to survive? No, you need to die so you can respawn asap and protect your nexus, assuming walking back isn't an option. > > In that kind of situation, if your dead teammates tell you to kill yourself, do they deserve to be banned? Hell no. > > Similarly, when our OP here typed in the hate speech, does he/she actually mean harm? Quite the opposite, the OP simply gave what his/her teammate demanded for, attempting to bring the game toward the right direction, and it wasn't directed at anyone else, so there is no flaming context to anyone in the game and a ban due to verbal abuse does not apply. > > Or what, if I type "lulu u so cute I wanna **kyss** u" I deserve a ban? I agree with about 95% of what you said. Here is the big issue for me: 1st off, it is good that this form of trolling is finally being addressed....props. The issue i have is that riot selectively took context into account when they have clearly stated that it doesn't matter and you are 100% responsible for what you do and say. Look at it like this...player A get deaths threats from a pre-made and says some things back to them then gets banned. He writes in to riot support and basically gets an "fu banned deserved" and is told context and what other people say don't matter, the only thing that matters is what he said. Now player B is trolled by having some guy to threatening to run it down mid less they say hate speech. He reaches out and is told.."hey man we took everything into account and even though you used hate speech we will un ban you and erase it from your account." Now player A really feels like crap because riot basically said that saying "fuck you" to someone threatening to come kill you is not excusable... but saying hate speech is, if someone threatens to run it down mid if you don't say it. Riot literally just justified saying something to/for a troll threatening to ruin your game but will keep you banned if someone threatened your life and you said something. tl;dr: Context should be taken into account for everybody or nobody. You can't just go....oh you were a victim of this type of trolling? here is your unban....while telling everyone else that context doesn't matter and you are 100% responsible despite all circumstances.
At least from what I understand, it takes more than just typing f u kys once a month in game to get banned, usually the player would either do this regularly or take this much further after saying that, rather than just muting and playing on. I'm not entirely sure tho, since I personally will just get angry and maybe type the f u part, but riot probably targets the kys, so it might be more stringent. Even still, if it's only once, I can't see riot making a big deal out of it, and there are far better ways to express frustration than to recommend suicide to the player in question.
: There is no Korean team, it is possible, but still WE is just little bit weaker compare to Korean teams, I don't think 6-0 is likely but it is possible.
I really don't know if saying WE is just a little bit weaker than korean teams is truly accurate though. They preformed similarly to C9 against Lyon Gaming, which shows that at the very least they have some clear weaknesses that can be grasped. Will TSM 2-0? I don't know. Is it possible? Definitely.
: Inside Pre-Season 2017 changes
he said memememe not mememememe like the description says. WHO IS WRONG?
Xoxilzu (NA)
: People complain about there being "not enough uses for IP" *Riot gives us something to do with IP People complain about Riot giving us stuff to do with IP ... ... ...Come on.
There are two unique and distinct groups making these claims. The first group is people that play a lot, and have for a long time (probably) and no longer have anything to spend their ip on(own every champion, adequate number of eac rune, etc.). The second group has not been playing as long or as actively, and still needs to save their ip to buy the remaining champions.
: Before {{champion:83}}
I mean, riot basically said yorick would be the next big rework after ryze, unless something massive happens that makes them drop him from the cycle
: In Ranked Twisted Treeline you will not run into bots. And look at the top teams on the 3's ladder, and tell me that their 90%+ win rates are from just getting lucky plays in every game.
Yes, but this is an issue about TT as a whole, not just ranked or high mmr. I suppose they could implement it in ranked only, but even still, balance changes are rarely directed at TT, leading (I think, but I'm not sure since I don't personally play TT) a large imbalance between champions. Also, you can get 5 on TT, and riot helpfully made it only 2 or 3 S games on the rift (you can even play normals) to get the mastery. If you truly are good at you champion, it shouldn't take that many games to get 6, maybe 10, and probably no more than twice that for 7.
: Bard Baron Steals and other Tilting Tales
I stole baron with {{champion:25}} Q. Twice. In the same game. And we still lost. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Patch 6.6 notes
RIP {{champion:76}} , early clear got a pretty significant nerf, and runic echoes got nerfed as well :(
Golduck (NA)
: 1 hour of work based Canadian minimum wage for a 975 skin pls rito... {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Minimum wage in the us for 1 hour work is only $7.25, not enough for a 975 rp skin. So pls check your facts before you cry
: > [{quoted}](name=Nicorus ,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=fWOVQoin,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2016-01-26T03:03:57.451+0000) > > Elaborate on why you think its overbearing. Basically we're seeing it in most games even on core Sunfire Cape users and core Frozen Heart users, even with Sunfire Cape having an identical stat-line - they just buy the Dead Man's a bit later. It's crowding out not just other armor options but other defensive options period, which points to it simply giving more for its price than items usually give.
I think that the biggest issue with the relation between randuins and deadmans is in the meta right now, especially after the adc changes. kogmaw now is onhit/attackspeed, mf got a buff on her ultimate, lucian does better with straight ad than crit, corki has magic/phys damage mix, graves goes ad/bruiser build, and ezreal goes blue builds focused on skillshots and kiting. The movespeed from deadmans is just more effective than attacks speed and movespeed slows, or a magic damage aura. And on top of the movespeed, it also gives a targeted 75% slow and deals 100 bonus physical damage, vs. 26-43 magic damage per second from sunfire, which takes 2-3 seconds at level 18 to deal the damage without a slow to keep them in range. My conclusion is that sunfire is in general in a fairly bad spot compared to randuins/deadmans, while a shift back to more crit based adcs could bring randuins back into the meta.
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
Will you be able to trade shards with a friend? From what it sounded like you can get shards for skins you already own, so if for example i get a shard for bloodlord vladimir but already own the skin, I could trade for a shard my friend has rather than rerolling?
: State of the Season: Preseason Progress
riot, can you leave runeglaive alone and make a new item? With the disparaty in need between auto attacking, mana hungry junglers and more spell based junglers, as well as manaless ones, having two items makes more sense
: i main {{champion:34}} and {{champion:22}} what does it mean?
: July sales schedule
No striker {{champion:236}} ?
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown


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