: but now you get the mana back regardless of a crit or not
I'd prefer the mana on crit version, but only because of the way it interacted with Sivir W. Oh, you crit? Get 7% mana from each minion in the whole wave!
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
As fun as the current Essence Reaver is to have on Fiora, I don't think that passive is healthy at all. You should probably just remove it from the game instead of giving it to Spear of Shojin Also, I think you should either remove IE's double crit chance passive OR lower all of the crit items to 25%. Not both. Frankly, if you think current IE isn't doing enough then just take the current one and add a **"Unique Passive: Consecutive attacks on the same target gain 4% bonus Critical Damage, stacking up to five times (Max 20%)."** This keeps the lack of Shiv + RFC one shot that the current version has, while giving back some of the big crits when you do get to attack the same target for a while (vs tanks, for instance).
Reav3 (NA)
: Yup, like Zoe's Yo-Yo/Jump Rope and Night Hunter Rengars hood, you can toggle them with a emote. If you don't toggle it manually it will come on when she ults or usese E and then come off when she exits combat, like Yassuo's Sword sheathing.
: > [{quoted}](name=themachamp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LIs7vlWJ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-11T12:40:00.055+0000) > > The real reason is that if you have all champs like some of us.....why buy the new champ with 7800ip or spend any rp on it. 3 mystery shards for 1700ip and bam...new champ for 5100 ip after re-rolling and getting the only possible outcome. It's really all about the RP purchases suffering tbh. why do you care about saving 2k IP when most older accounts had well over 300k IP and nothing better to spend it on? not many people actually did this.
This is how I got all the champs. I started playing in late season 4. I got a few champs that I absolutely wanted from the high end, Jinx, Zyra, etc. Then I bought the all the 450s, all the 1350s, all the 3150s, and all the 4800s. Then champ shards came out, so I bought nothing but champ shards and rerolled my way into owning all the champs. I've owned all the champs for about a month now. I never spent more than 5100 IP after shards came out. The occasional champ shards from S rank boxes made me average even lower. Without shard rerolling I could not have gotten every champ at the rate that I play the game until late season 8 at the earliest. Champ shard rerolling saved me at least a year of play time, and removed any possible incentive for me to buy champions with RP.
: It's the same thing that's said literally anytime someone is reworked. Remember when people said Fiora was nerfed hard after her rework? or Graves? or Galio? Doesn't mean anything anymore.
I thought the people who said Fiora was nerfed were referring to her face?
Reimυ (EUNE)
: Nope, his actual rework was in July 2012. They did give some free shit to his W for no reason about a year ago (an AD ratio and low dmg crit), but pretty sure that's called a buff.
Although they then nerfed his W's AP ratio to compensate even though AP Xin wasn't even a problem.
: Dude, how many games a day do you play? I haven't gotten key fragments in a week or more.
Before the honor update I would get about six key fragments at the beginning of the month, first two or three days. And then two key fragments for the entire rest of the month.
ananke (NA)
: I've been playing more tanky champs (especially Sejuani) and I don't like sacrificing that tankiness since I'm usually the only tank on my team. Whenever I see that a champ on the enemy team relies a lot on lifesteal or there's a Soraka I'll immediately suggest that our ADC build mortal reminder (ex. "hey trist, they have a draven so it might be a good idea to go mortal reminder")
"hey trist, they have a draven so it might be a good idea to go ~~mortal reminder~~ beat yourself to death with a baseball bat IRL, it'll hurt less." There, fixed it for you.
: poppy buff didn't change her win rate, who would think that +1% max hp damage would change something And yes, nautilus needs less mana cost now, i forgot that i'm playing morde unlike before, that's a good thing against rammus
It's actually +2% max hp damage, since it was a +1% buff to both procs of damage.
Rexxiee (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nL6Ey6Eb,comment-id=00010000000000000001,timestamp=2017-07-02T16:54:40.217+0000) > > Here's the issue with Cait: She's a lane bully that hyper scales. > > Most champs either lane bully or scale hard. Cait *intentionally has both for no good reason.* It's just shit to work around. She's strong early and she comes back swinging hard at 3 items if she fucked up the first time. Only time you can try to fight back hard is in between laning's end and the completion of her second item. Draven works exactly like that yet everyone glosses over him. Btw his early game is even stronger than cait. Oh and he doesnt even have that drop off point cait has either, hes strong all game and snowballs off a single kill.
After the first week of 10 ban Yasuo, lols. I haven't seen Yas banned much but Draven is banned EVERY SINGLE GAME. And not just because I'm banning, he gets banned by both teams.
Doozku (NA)
: Because Riot never ever reverts buffs ever. They'd rather just nerf something else. Idk why people keep asking for reverts to buffs/nerfs because it never happens.
{{champion:56}} Oh, really? It never happens?
: He's always needed it from since they did the half and half damage. Now people know its mandatory.
Honestly, even before the rework he did slightly more magic damage than physical.
: > [{quoted}](name=AwesomeGuyDj,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=KeaohTru,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2017-07-02T01:01:55.121+0000) > > Why would you build liandries for pen, build a void staff. > litterally anyone meta rn builds BORTK. > If last whisper is trash, then _**UPGRADE IT**_ if the enemy team is too tanky then lord dominiks will probably be a good choice. Liandry's does max hp % damage
Get {{item:3151}} _and_ {{item:3135}} !
: I've had to semi-regularly build Executioner's Calling on tanks because nobody else bothers to pick it up. It's quite sad.
I'll be so glad when the new Thornmail comes out with Grievous Wounds... on it's component item!
: * plays the angel harp music {{item:3033}} *
Sometimes I feel like the only person who builds {{item:3033}}
Takito (NA)
: I still ban vayne even in high plat hahaha Hate that champs, still dunno why...
Vayne? You mean that emo girl who explodes when I jump on her? {{champion:18}}
Glîtchy (NA)
: What do you call a boosted diamond?
I'm a simple man. I see a classic Dalek, I upvote.
: Obviously Xayah will win as she got Flash on the right key.
That's not how you spell Rakan.
Rioter Comments
: Not a viable support? that sounds like a **CHALLENGE** to me.
Does anyone else remember when Azir got put on the PBE and everyone wanted to play him support up until the day after he hit live?
: {{champion:41}} Tho I can't really imagine GP's ult without Thunderlord's, that thing will be totally useless at rank 1. It will just serve as a minor slow on a big cooldown and a tool for getting assists.
GP just needs an ult buff of some sort. And if his barrels would apply Lich Bane, that'd be nice too. I miss Mageplank.
Porocles (NA)
: That's really strange! I was about to login. Are you getting any errors at login, and what does it say? Are you and your friends within the same network, or possibly even ISP? Toss me some more details, and we'll figure this out! Update: We're likely to experience some hiccups while maintenance continues. If you have issues logging in, try again in a moment and you should get in!
I'd like to confirm his report. Login is down for me too. The error message is "Unable to connect to the login queue. Check the server status [here ↗](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#na) If it looks good follow the guide [here ↗](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201761944)" EDIT: It seems to be working as of 14:31 CST.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Well he has to have his VGU, which won't be before 2018 at least, so who knows... he might see a skin by 2020 or later at this rate :/
Yorick already had his VGU. Still no skin. 2020 for Cancer Bird sounds optimistic.
AmazoX (EUW)
: So Evelynn being nearly naked in her rework is mostly certainly going to be true. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
She's nearly naked now, so that's what I'd expect from a rework anyway.
: Xayah and Rakans bonus synergy is overrated
{{champion:107}} {{champion:412}}
: A friend of mine fell for that exact same one. Inspired me to make a fake free RP scam link the likes of which the world has never seen. The accompanying paragraph is fairly long and hyperbolically characteristic of actual scams, and the link itself takes about a minute to bring you to a certain 1987 music video. Ended up posting it on the boards and it was actually removed within an hour xD
Ooh, I bet I know the music video. Was it [this one?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsUXAEzaC3Q)
: Consistent? In a fight with say 5 autos at max rage (no crit items), there's about a 0.5% chance of them all critting and an 11.6% chance of none of them critting. Sure it's consistent in the long run, but in even an extended trade like 5 autos, there's a decent chance of no crits happening and a small but real chance of all of them critting. That's a dramatic spread in potential damage, something I would not call consistent.
Crit chance in League isn't a pure RNG. The game fudges the roles based on your crit chance so that it _feels_ more "fair". 20% crit is when the results of the algorithm stop looking as if they're pure random and start behaving more consistently.
: 5.0 AS is 5 attacks per seconds. Even if you hotkey an attackmove-click (which there isnt one in the game) and move-click, youre talking about inputing 10 commands every second from 2 fingers. Then you have to time it so you arent cutting off the important animations in the attack - youre basically saying you need to input 10 commands every second, and each command has to be in specific .1second intervals with no variance. I really dont think thats possible.
You can hotkey "attack-move-click" but you have to manually edit your settings file to do it.
: I usually stick w/ {{item:3340}}, even on ADCs, because I can have 2 wards up at once, whereas, with {{item:3363}} I only get 1 up at once max. I can see the value on having someone on the team have a {{item:3363}} for the option to 'spot check' objectives towards late game if you vision was cleared out or timed out and the enemy may be there. (You can also check a potentially deadly bush at a safe distance with it too).
I feel like {{item:3363}} is better on the mid laner most games, the extra ward from {{item:3340}} is too good most of the time.
: I don't find Taric to be particularly difficult, I would probably recommend him to new players or autofills
As a Taric main, I'm very confused by the suggestion that Taric needs to be mechanically skilled to be useful. I mean, a Taric that can get aggressive stuns off easier is certainly _more_ useful than one that can't, but it's definitely not required.
: Nasus even if behind in stacks can team fight well with is Wither and ult tankiness +max hp damage if his team is behind him
Wither has so much gold value in the AS slow alone. The fact that it's also the _second strongest MS slow*_ in the game is just the icing on the cake. *Full AP Nami notwithstanding.
: His is guaranteed to happen. It isn't purely luck. No matter what every 3 hits he will critically strike you and you should treat it as such. It isn't like the top lane tryndamere with what is it? 15% crit idk getting multiple lucky crits off one after the other winning him the fight. Pure, luck. No skill, no decision making involved. Just luck
Tryndamere's passive gives 35% crit chance at max rage. That's past the 20% threshold for making crits consistent.
: Machine Gun Kog'maw yes. Scripters were the only ones who could orb walk during his W without losing out on DPS.
Actually, you just needed to have a convenient hotkey for attack move click and move click. Then you just alternate the hotkeys rapidly and, bam, 5.0 AS orb walking.
: Perhaps looking at phantom dancer could be a reasonable use of time? The only champions I see buy it are {{champion:104}} {{champion:157}} Very rarely do I see a marksman purchase a PD when any 2 of {{item:3085}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} simply offer more up front damage and bolster wave clear. Where as phantom dancer is having a rather negative effect gameplay wise on the 2 champions I mentioned, as generally once they have their PD they become impossible to deal with 1v1. Generally, a champions kit dictates how well they can duel champions. Pretty much every juggernaut and duelist-esq champ in the game rely on their kits and utilising them to achieve awesome 1v1 potential. But allowing champions to be even better than this buy simply purchasing a single item, feels pretty lame. As {{champion:240}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:420}} I can generally keep fighting a {{champion:157}} unless they build a {{item:3046}}. If this item is strong enough to sway the tides in his favour to such a degree where he simply stat checks me. There is a problem with the items design and/or its numbers.
I like to get {{item:3046}} on {{champion:15}}. She doesn't need the wave clear from {{item:3085}} or {{item:3087}}, and she needs all the help she can get in duels. She's the only AD that I get it primary zeal item on though. I only get it on other ADCs occasionally as a second zeal item.
Atanchan (NA)
: She can - she just has to opt for Battering Blows over Piercing Thoughts, which, um, is a pretty automatic decision, to be honest.
Thank you, smart aleck. Clearly I should have posted "why can mages _itemize_ for percent pen that effects towers, but Tristana can't?"
Meddler (NA)
: Lethality gives you flat armor pen and that armor pen affects towers.
Better question: why can mages get percent pen that effects towers, but Tristana can't?
: It's a %reduction, albeit of the defense that isn't armor.
But that's my point. RiotRepertoir specifically mentioned Armor Pen/Reduction. I don't think they're gonna touch Void Staff.
: *prays that Karthus W doesn't get nerfed again*
: You definitely need both, which is why its kinda painful to build tanky on champs like {{champion:5}} and {{champion:24}} because their low base hp means that their HP pool will never be THAT high.
Lifesteal = effective health, so all you need is enough health to keep you alive long enough to lifesteal.
: Deleting his retarded passive 30-200 AD, you mean? Give it after an execute from his R if anything. Just 5 stacks of his bleed is stupid. His passive is a larger steroid than most ultimate steroids.
I bet just halving it would bring his winrate down to something reasonable.
: But Darius doesn't get shit on by ranged champs lol. The only ranged champs that do decently against him have slows, high burst+DPS...all at the same time, usually MS steroids and sometimes need hard CC on top of that. And even then only come out at around 53% winrate vs him. If you haven't set him significantly behind by the time he gets Phage, lane's pretty much won for him. Only 4 ranged champions have a good match-up vs him. ___________ 36 top laners have a poor match-up vs him, 7 have a good match-up vs him. 11 are relatively even...most in favor of Darius though.
Bambei (NA)
: That is why that isn't the full statement. It is qualified with the last part: "which suck a lot of mana **and even with them it isn't great**". Sivir's waveclear with her Q or especially her W is leagues above lucian's, which also has no way to do it from range either.
: Lmfao. So now those that have empowered autos or AA modifiers one shot your primary source of damage. Nice one Rito.
{{champion:74}} Hey! I resemble that remark.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 9
I like the idea of the MF Q change, but I think if the bounce is just going to be the same damage as the main hit, then maybe the scalings can go up by a few percent. Also, if you could buff the AP ratio on her ult a tiny bit then that would be nice, AP Miss Fortune hasn't been quite as satisfying since the marksman update.
: Why don't you guys remove anti-heal items and balance it around that? The whole feast or famine thing applies at least to a decent extent to all the healing heavy champions, and very much hinges on how many people bought morello or such. Seems a bit tacked on when certain champs become practically unkillable unless you buy a specific item that may not fit your champ/build. Either there needs to be versions of executioners for all types of champs, or this shouldn't be a mechanic, right? Edit: Ohh I get it, I'm getting downvoted by people who like automatically winning because the enemy team didnt buy the specific counter items :P
They did that in Season 5, remember? It did not work out.
Meddler (NA)
: We're looking at crit and % pen for mid-season. Nothing concrete enough yet to talk about beyond that though, don't want to set any expectations there until we've got changes more tested.
Can you give any hints as to whether % pen will effect towers again? Because right now, AP champs consistently take towers faster than Tristana.
unsane (EUW)
: - stun - edge of night - zoning abilities - run backwards + slow(s) - you have to time the slow for the end of his ult however. - Exhaust - wards - mobility spells people who think master yi is overpowered are people that simply think one dimensionally or panic or both or run at him while his ultimates up, seriously seen this a few times its idiotic (not saying you are but the people i've seen)
Yi mains hate him. The one weird trick to surviving that gank. {{champion:201}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 3
Just FYI, ever since patch 7.1, the Mac client has had the hot corners enabled in fullscreen mode, which makes the game very difficult to play.
: Are you talking about the live state of the item, or are you talking about the iteration on the PBE? I was talking about the PBE iteration, which is: 400 gold 100 Health +100% Base Health Regen (about 6 health per 5 seconds for many champions) +5 Damage to Minions UNIQUE Passive: Gain an additional +200% Base Health Regen for 10 seconds after taking damage from enemy Champions.
Sorry, I kind of mixed my statements about the old one in with the new one. The old one was useless, but the new one does not seem in any way overpowered unless the bonus damage applies more than once during damage over time effects. Which would be silly anyway.
: > The new Doran's Shield is really strong. Are you doing one of those "extreme numbers" test-runs? We're currently looking purely at whether this pattern is best in the correct contexts - changes are experimental. I agree that this is almost certainly numerically overpowered. The +5 physical damage works on everything right now but will be just basic attacks (maybe single target spells?) tomorrow. Good chance I pull that line entirely in the near future.
No, it is not overpowered. The Riot balance team has been consistently overvaluing Doran's Shield since season 5. There is no reason to buy Doran's Shield over any other starting item. _Ever_. The current passive applies before resists, making it useless, and the rest of the stats are awful when considering the fact that you can only buy one potion with it. It's not even a good starting item on Doctor Mundo, the one champ who theoretically _should be_ buying this item consistently.
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