: taliyah at 49.38% wr and get a huge buff on PBE while Darius is sitting at a low 46% wr get nothing
Make his Q windup speed 0.5 seconds Make his Q heal uncapped instead of only being able to hit 3 people if he hits 5 then let him Make his Q heal double if he only hits one champion Make his W a movement speed steal Make his W cooldown get reduced by blood stacks again Make his R not do terrible damage before 5 stacks Even if he got all these buffs he would probably be trash still
Destaice (NA)
: "EA's greedy business model screwed us over! I'm shocked this happened!"
Rockman (NA)
: why is preseason even more toxic than regular season?
: can ad carries do 10% less damage please?
: Dont play Leona bot anymore.
gonna try it in ranked
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: The game is not fucked up, this world is best world I have ever seen.
It wasn't because of the meta, probably because of the players
bàn (NA)
: Wrong this is what happens when ESPORTS completely takes over this games identity. This is what Riot planned. Make the game faster and flashy, to appeal to the general audience to bring in more viewers which leads to more people playing the game and with the IP to BE conversion, new players will either have to grind out endlessly to get new champs or open up your wallet which Riot wants the most.
tbh I thought ESPORTS was more fun to watch before they fucked the game up
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: Consider this Preseason the ultimate and final trial for the Balance Team
Yea I made a post saying this but you said it much better. I think that somebody should make a petition for new design/balance team for the game, if your not going to do your job well why the fuck should you have it?
: It's only been a day and a half though dude. :v i think someone needs a chill pill.
Let me ask you has riot balanced the old mastery system from season 6 and 7? What makes you think that they are capable of fixing this one?
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shicky97 (NA)
: Anybody else feel really squishy right now?
How about riot doesn't buff the other shit and nerfs the current op shit?
: They can't balance properly. But I'm also not sure that it's their fault what with the games current designers and new champ creators constantly messing this up. Problem is they are not accountable to anyone.
They both are to blame look at recently with the galio changes easily shredding squishies and tanks with 1 Q to even think that it was fair is beyond me. I played with it on the PBE a week before it went live and after 1 game I could easily tell that it was a mistake
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LazyW0lf (NA)
: Is anyone else just not having fun?
Im going to summarize this season so far Me {{champion:40}} me me give you 600 health shield with summon aery Me {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:498}} me me BPS you still Me {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} me me come out of stealth to one-shot you with {{item:3147}} + Dark Harvest Me {{champion:238}} me me press W-E-Q to do half of your hp in lane I can keep going
: Its Pre-Season, give constructive feedback not "OMG THIS STUFF IS ****** OP!"
Riot didnt make it better after preseason for the past 2 years so what makes you think this year will be better?
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Limrick (NA)
: He got Blood Moon this year too. Meanwhile Taliyah, Kled, Illaoi, Aurelion have no new skins at all and this fucker has 3 in one year.
Rioter Comments
Dememnon (NA)
: No, their main reason was because they are better at bursting than dps, which is what bot lane thrives on, dps, whilst the supports do the burst or counter burst. People ignore the fact that mage items have much more immediately effective building parts (25 ap > 12% atkspeed for only 125 gold more) Fighters get several Long Swords, adc's either have to buy more dorans blades or a pickaxe/cloak or spend all of their income on a BF/Zeal early game. By that time, a tank can buy tabis and completely shit on them or a mid mage can easily burst them with their ~40 or so ap in items. All in all, you can go adc and spam buy long swords early because you want more items, but if you want to actually be effective, you have to wait much longer and spend more chunks of money at once whilst tanks can just stack up cloth armors which all build into cheap items/fighters buy longswords and get a tiamat/scepter etc, mages buy tomes, have much higher scaling abilities that impact fights faster.
They burst because they have more xp which means points in their burst abilities
: Another worlds goes by where Gnar is picked/banned constantly
Make doran shield only for melee's and buff it = gnar being perfectly fine
: Lee Sin was always forcibly the staple boy for every Worlds ever. Other junglers like {{champion:427}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:35}} didn't even get the chance to shine at all, as Riot will always constantly give Lee Sin the baby-buffs he needs to be somewhat "relevant" for pro players.
: The biggest gameplay patch in Leagues history is on Wednesday, CALM DOWN ABOUT BALANCE TILL THEN
Ok they can nerf twitch and if hes too weak (hes won't be) buff him?
Dememnon (NA)
: 350 less gold than mages, 700 less than top lane tanks, 633 less than top lane damage carries (That's not a good build either). Quit your whining, you seem to forget that adc's are sharing xp with another laner and are prone to being dove constantly from innately tanky champs like Rammus, Chogath, Zac etc. That gold is barely anything when u account the gold value from leveling up. The only problem is supports being insanely strong. Nowadays, junglers and supports decide game outcomes. Hopefully preseason doesn't allow this bullshit anymore.
Adcs don't really need xp as much as other champions one of the reasons that {{champion:42}} {{champion:236}} changed to mid lane was so that they could get their own xp (not the main reason).
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Lock On (NA)
: Lol no. Look at my past game. Started off with a crazy strong Jhin. It's irrelevant when two lanes can't hold their own.
: positive thread only positive people allowed
1: {{champion:11}} 2: Carrying my team 3: Playing video games 4: Pizza rolls 5: Jungle 6: lately Stranger Things has been good but I gotta stay true to the lord and savior Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
: Your two highest mastery point champions swap passives
{{champion:11}} {{champion:122}} Darius is fucked Yi on the other hand 200 extra ad is nice {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Red Shaco (OCE)
: Did you know: It is impossible for a mid laner to choose the wrong champion
sejuani isn't even op anymore rather have {{champion:59}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:60}}
: Yea, overall a pretty disappointing year so far. - Nothing for April Fools but a little "enemy team is named "bots" gimmick that we caught onto instantly. - Nothing for harrowing but legacy skins you wouldn't expect to be harrowing on sight (and one of them already does have a harrowing skin) plus emotes which I personally find overpriced for RP. - And I don't expect much for snowdown besides poro king going on rotation, snow rift being re-enabled for 2 weeks with no visual changes, some premade exclusive missions that require a poro icon, and some skins.
: Only 3 more days until we recrown our korean overlords.
oh yeah worlds this year def exciting only good thing was msf vs skt
: No, it gives whatever kind of HP based on what its based on. If I have 1000 BASE HP and 500 BONUS HP, stoneplate gives 1000 base and 500 bonus on-top.
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: That's what everyone is afraid of. Look at PvP in WoW while he was lead designer. Broke like china thrown in a clothes dryer.
: I said this 3 years ago and I still think I'm right.
: maokai is still pick ban cho'gath's stoneplate interaction was never fixed and he still has a free laning phase Still good still needs fixing but he does suck shen is balanced, not mediocre refer to shen ^
balanced doesn't mean op and stoneplate gives base health not bonus health so cho ult won't do more dmg
: {{champion:57}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:516}} ??
{{champion:57}} I guess hes pretty good but i'd rather have {{champion:6}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:31}} Not op can't even one shot with ult anymore stoneplate interaction is fixed {{champion:113}} Nerfed {{champion:154}} Got gutted {{champion:98}} only good for some comps {{champion:516}} Hes ok
Arduno (NA)
: You can learn Four Champion Styles
{{champion:141}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:136}} I HAVE THE POWER OF GOD AND ANIME ON MY SIDE!
: Who has the most satisfying execute ult?
veigar cuz its nice to see their hp bar go away and then hear his cheeky laugh
: Tanks are broken because they’re the only ones who can survive an adc for extended periods and in the case of Galio have incredible peel for their adcs.
What good tanks are there right now even {{champion:3}} kind of {{champion:59}} and thats pretty much it the rest of the tanks are mediocre
: Calling it now: Dark Harvest is going to make A LOT of people mad. VERY mad.
They need to honestly scrap dark harvest i've played on the pbe myself its not fun seeing all the dark harvest people electrocute also needs something done to it since it does way too much damage also
Rioter Comments
: Honestly, from playing on the PBE for weeks now, it feels like many champions do less and scale slower/more smoothly. Only two things that stand out thus far, in terms of damage, are Electrocute keystone and the Duskblade item.
thats enough to break the game
: Here's what I love about Nintendo's business model
I kinda wish that they wouldn't just release games on their platforms but yea they do make some good games
: Riot Sotere replied to the "the Galio changes are not ok." Riot Sotere: "Vandiril makes these builds look real fun. Excited to see how it does on Live." I'm confused. Is this game suppose to be directed to vandiril or to the millions of people who play it?
That was my post xd
: Did how many worlds have skt won from your time
100, faker had many clones made
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Grab (NA)
: Please don't ask for assassins nerfs. Ty
assassins shouldn't one shot with auto attacks
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