: Sad thing is, hes always been OP then they decided to buff him. Like wtf?
: Hecarim doesn't need a buff if you ask me but I'm curious as to why you think he does?
because he isn't good
: No, but even the smallest buff can put these champions on blast.
Ryze is so incredibly weak right now a small buff won't make him overpowered Yi needs his highlander duration back to the way it used to be Idk what hecarim needs I don't play him that often
: Flashbacks to Hecarim becoming OP when CotC got added.
SanKakU (NA)
: Gank him with some physical damage early on and you'll be fine. Shut down his soul harvesting and feed off him and his lane partner and take the tower while you're at it. If you're a jungle that enjoys ganking, seeing Thresh on the enemy team should send a special feeling to your nerves.
see thresh is usually played with {{champion:119}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} because they are the only adcs that are worth playing and I get crowd controled for to long to do anything
: Buffing Ryze, Hecarim and Master Yi, you're asking for trouble
I never said how big the buffs had to be did I?
: Why tho most of the champs you listed are pretty balanced like thresh for example too lazy to list reason for everyone and i dont think anyone wants to see zzrot be good again with like 2-3 zzrots on both teams also baron and inhibitor should be strong in pushing because baron is easily punishable with the debuff it gives and inhibitor is protected by 3 towers and destroying it forces the enemy to defend.Also most of these champs are just good in this meta not because the champion is too weak they just dont fit the meta like hecarim(because right now junglers are early game focused and just gank over and over again)
Thresh is not balanced at all hes the best support right now by far and has too high of a playrate for the winrate he has. zzrot should be an item you buy if somebody is split pushing against you which it isn't nobody buys it. baron is too easy to kill it should do more damage and the buff makes minions to hard to kill. Also hecarim should be good in this meta because {{item:1413}} and {{item:3800}} are both super good right now and tanky junglers are strong right now such as {{champion:31}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:20}} so I don't know where you getting the idea that the meta doesn't fit him
: buff yi and nerf kassadin. Made my day
can't tell if ur serious or not
Rioter Comments
bwop (NA)
: then ban him every game
im starting to
: so play him
what kind of logic is that i dont even support
Rioter Comments
: Kayn
then ban kayn
SIayton (NA)
: Is Kayn supposed to get hit by AOEs and other effects while ulted?
i have been hit by tower in my ulti a few times
: Actually, it would not.
then you sir are dumb
: This wouldn't be that big of a buff
yes it would
: Why not?
well if you want annie to have a 60% winrate then i guess so
: Kog'Maw again with W which doubles his Attack Speed!
: ***
You cant dodge every spell you know and he sure as hell doesn't have short range and I don't understand how his ultimate isn't cc it makes the enemy champion/s unable to move
Rioter Comments
: Less then before. Losing 60-80% of my HP to a Tank's rotation is dumb.
well the best damage is cc and he has too much of that you E in R your entire team destroys them after that no counterplay either
: > [{quoted}](name=BoilTheOil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8JnHUkfQ,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-07-19T22:58:13.060+0000) > > max w first and woah hes suddenly better This^^^ I have spammed this champ, one token from mastery 7. I always max W its damage increase is soooooo good early and mid game. I also almost exclusively play shadow assassin unless we need cc or to shred tanks. I Think he is a balanced champion and he feels made just for me good job rito.
im not entirely sure on how to play shadow assassin though any tips for it?
: Annie fix
no way dude
: Mordekaiser Question
i think its a good item if you build trinity force first but not if you do a standard mordekaiser build
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Trist never got a vgu, corki is playes alot lately.
trist got a vgu idk what ur talking about
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Who are your champs
I would assume adcs who cant abuse lethality or long range mages
: Why won't I decay?
pretty sure plat doesnt decay
Lucai (NA)
: Never received Chaos or Order Summoner Icons
: Too much damage.
because this version of zac doesn't do a ton of damage?
: Assuming 5 VGUs per year, the Tier 1 champions won't be knocked out until 2020
: > [{quoted}](name=BoilTheOil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uXyaMze1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-19T23:09:17.411+0000) > > hows it fair for him to do so much damage though with that much health? He's super slow, easily kitable, and if you're smart you won't stay close to him when you're low on health. It's fair that he can deal his true damage ult because it takes him everything in his kit to make sure you stay close enough to him for him to get the ult off. Also, how's it fair for a Vayne to kill someone like Mundo before her stun wears off? Or for her to lifesteal back all the damage dealt to her in a team fight in 3 seconds.
good thing {{item:3800}} is a good item right now
: Max Q first, for easier heal burst W 2nd R third E last dont forget {{item:3065}} and {{item:3812}} Core item no matter what
you know in darkin kayn when you level up his q it only decreases the cooldown it doesn't make the damage higher
: "OH MY GOD, it's such BS that a champion who's ult gives him increased health would have a lot of health because the player playing him used it properly." Why are people complaining so much about his ult and what it does, when it's done it for the entirety of his existence in league(in other words, his ult has done this for as long as leagues existed.). Not only that, you guys have only started complaining about it recently, even though they didn't change his ult this patch either. What they changed was his E, which is now actually useful for him, and gives him more incentive to stack his feast whenever he can. And no, they shouldn't nerf his ult, as it's finally in a good spot. It used to be he'd lose half when he died, which made him useless in ARAM, and made a Cho who wasn't able to stack during laning phase nothing but dead weight because he was never going to get 6 stacks from team fights.
hows it fair for him to do so much damage though with that much health?
: Hehey remember when Zac got reworked and he was considered garbage and then he got buffs?
well hes pretty bullshit right now i want old zac back
tieger05 (OCE)
: Kayn is not OP... Stop it.
max w first and woah hes suddenly better
Rioter Comments
: Actually, after Zyra's dragon sorceress skin, it would be more appealing to call him "Dragon Sorcerer Swayn"
Doesn't sound as cool though
jfso (EUW)
: Suggestion: Pick Champion
i posted this idea and i got downvoted...
: [MEGATHREAD] Let's Discuss: Rengar
Passive: His bonetooth necklace is really snowbally and needs an update but other then that his passive is fine. Q: feels really crappy compared to his old Q i think they should revert this ability to how it was before because everybody liked his old Q a lot more and it felt better to use. W: this ability should give him movespeed and heal him for a flat amount so he can't build tanky. E: I think his e is ok R: they need to get rid of the crit on it I have no idea why it gives him a free crit but that must go away and make his alert range not so high
: You are mistaken, sir. He is on the VGU list which means Visual Gameplay Update, not only some gameplay hotfixes.
: Name a champion and I'll tell you why they are unfun bullshit
: > [{quoted}](name=Reav3,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ZIXOZZ7r,comment-id=000900000000,timestamp=2017-07-18T22:52:58.232+0000) > > Nothing about VO or Splash. also about the aatrox update is he getting an update or a new voice over ?
aatrox is getting a gameplay update but not a visual update just full gameplay update
: So what does he just dash and no displace you? Human skill shot in confused on what u want
: Here's me, sitting on the edge of my seat, awaiting Reav3's VGU announcement
yeah dude mordekaiser is one of my favorite champions and I want to see an awesome rework soon. I would think that it would be swain then morde/nunu
: Best bagel topping?
cream cheese, butter, flavored cream cheese, and more creamed cheese
: https://i.giphy.com/media/hXYlYBixtHEFq/giphy.gif
is that the thing from bleach?
: sterak's is still pretty underwhelming tbh
deathgod5 (EUW)
: What champion passive would be completely broken on other champions?
{{champion:96}} with {{champion:4}} passive or {{champion:11}} passive
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