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: A comment to the people who compose the music in league.
I agree whole-heartedly. As a musician myself, I always look forward to the login screens just for the epic music. Braum, Super Galaxy Rumble, URF, Lissandra, and Dragon Trainer Tristana are some of my favorites. I also love Summomer Rift's ambience sounds too. Keep up the good work Music Team! You send dreams :)
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Hello Statikk! This is great news! I love all of these mages, but Zyra being my favorite let me give you my thoughts: 1. Zyra as many other players have already stated, definitely needs a new passive. If Zyra is doing well in a game and not dying, she at the moment, has really no passive. I play her mid and strive to stay alive as much as possible, unlike my more common support counter-parts who play her as a suicidal bomb mess of cc/damage. I truly think that I should be rewarded for staying alive when playing her. A new passive which would be useful while she is alive, in connection with her plants would be ideal. 2. Her plants are quite pathetic in terms of AI and survivability. I hope that if the plants do end up staying in their current state, a new passive or ult could strengthen them for a few seconds to keep them in fights longer. Pukla Kupli Kipp had a good idea of "fertile soil" being placed on the ground for this. The plants' AI although improved by a tad bit some months ago, is still very inconsistent. I wish the plants would prioritize champions a lot more in team fights. Because having to AA a target is not always possible because it puts Zyra in a very dangerous position. I do feel her enemies should have a reward for catching her isolated from her plants, but if she is near them they shouldn't derp in fights. Too many times after AAing a champion, the plants will only hit it once and will rebel to switch targets such as playing with a minion. Sometimes they go on strike and don't react at all. Zyra should be able to trust that her plants got her back. 3. I believe that Zyra is a strong independent woman who don't need no ADC. I hope she will be more viable mid. Playing her with finesse is what I strive for when playing her there, but as the APC it's currently hard to stay alive vs so many champions. I never thought I would say this, but today I struggle as much playing her against other immobile mages then vs assasins. With tanks and juggernauts being quite strong too, it's often hard to poke really anyone with unreliable plants while striving to be safe. Her range at the moment is good, but she needs more survivablity from/in her plants so she can weave in and out of team fights better. Though I do believe she should still remain a delicate champion who is to be played with finesse and with excellent positioning. 4. Lastly Statikk, I really love the idea of her having a better interaction with her surroundings via her plants! I too am stoked to see what great ideas the Riot Team has in store. I appreciate the love you and the Riot team are finally showing to her. Good luck and thank you! Sincerely, A huge Zyra/Poison Ivy Fan
: @Every Vlad,Cassio,Malz,Vel,Zyra and brand main.
Thank you for the info Malicious Metal!
: Hiya Bonzai Snap, I spoke to the animator about this one and he said, *"We mainly did it to address player/internal feedback that they looked strange and noodle-y at high speeds, and to help make the follow-through match the direction of the shot better to help with her new passive."* Hope this helps!
Hi KateyKhaos! Thought my post was buried but so glad it didn't! Okay it makes sense. It's funny because I was thinking about this after posting, comparing her current animation to the previous one, and concluded that it was probably to make her more fluid or something. Glad my thoughts aligned with your comment. Aaw I'll miss the old animation as short-lived as it was. But it's justified. Now that I know the why of it, I can sleep tonight! Thanks a bunch for replying to me! :)
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Aerothal (NA)
: I just had a perfect game playing Zyra! Do you know what that means?
Aerothal, I'm with you 100% on this. The passive needs to go. You've spoken my annoyed feelings about Zyra's passive perfectly. Please Riot. Please...
DoFr (NA)
: can we get 3 new refunds with each new season?
Riot please address this issue. I think almost all of us used up our refunds in some silly way when we were new players.
: Whoever designed the URF login animation deserves a raise
The URF login is GLORIOUS! Great job Riot. :) Was it inspired by one of those famous rapper's music videos? Edit: Powers Kanye West... Lol. Urf looks more boss
NewMk (EUW)
: That URF login screen
YES!!! I laughed so hard the whole entire time. It's been a long time I laughed this long. I think it's inspired by one of those rapper's music videos. I can't remember which one.
Equifox (EUW)
: ZYRA - sakura skin concept + particles and splash
Equifox! This is absolutely gorgeous. It sent chills down my back as I've always wanted a more "flower-like" Zyra skin. A sakura one, even if human-like, YES totally. This is great and hope to see a skin like this in the future. Would buy! :)
: PROJECT: Quinn skin idea
Shoot, I'd main Quinn if this skin became a reality. She looks fierce with that suit, heels and ponytail. Valor looks beast too.
: Debonair Caitlyn
Stunning. This is probably one of the (or the) sexiest skin concepts I've ever seen! This shows that you don't have to go overboard on a female champ to make her absolutely sexy and beautiful. But then again it is Caitlyn, and this skin fits her theme. Much finesse. Much hot. Wow.
Meddler (NA)
: Had a similar thought myself. Just checked with the skins team and they're planning on discussing using the non filtered version of his voice (as per Arclight Varus) tomorrow.
This would be great! What would be nice also is if his homeguard running animation was one like caterpillar kog'maw's, or some sort of flying animation. But I doubt it'll make it since it's so close to his realease date. It would be cool though.
SnowFall (NA)
: Can you finally fix this annoying bug?
This happened to me today for the first time. Since patch 5.2. I couldn't unlock the camera as the button above the minimap was locked in (white) and I couldn't click out. Cost me to lose the only 2 games I played since the patch.
: The PBE has been down for 2 and a half weeks, first update is a nerf to... SONA??
Sona is the Vladimir of bot lane. Riot must regret having created her like him.
: I really like the second one! She needs a prettier theme that coincides with flowers! The first one I would like a clothing(or undergarment) change however, but I like the concept!
> [{quoted}](name=Yulen Xoshxius,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=y4E9WAXL,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-01-01T09:51:13.334+0000) > > I really like the second one! She needs a prettier theme that coincides with flowers! The first one I would like a clothing(or undergarment) change however, but I like the concept! Agreed 200% Flowers FTW
: Void Zyra Or Lotus Zyra, You decide what the next Zyra skin should be for 1350 RP!
Beautiful skin the second one! Zyra really does need a beautiful skin that is less fierce than her others(wildfire/haunted) while still being intimidating and mystical. Something similar to Diana/Karma/Elise's spell animations, while keeping the gorgeous plant-woman theme.
: Void. Lotus looks like Death Blossom too much. I WOULD choose Lotus if it was renamed to ORDER OF THE Lotus and looked like Order of the Lotus Karma
> [{quoted}](name=bananaman313,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=y4E9WAXL,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2015-01-01T19:58:30.926+0000) > > Void. Lotus looks like Death Blossom too much. I WOULD choose Lotus if it was renamed to ORDER OF THE Lotus and looked like Order of the Lotus Karma I see your point but Zyra is more of the wild, savage-woman nature (literally, no pun), and less of an organization as the Order. This is why Death Blossom seems more fitting imo, as she's more similar to Elise in nature/background.
KH Riku (NA)
: That Karma skin needs a splash rework. .-.
Dem flabby abs in loading screen...
Azon 01 (NA)
: LE BAGUETTE {{champion:114}} {{champion:7}}

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