: I'm somewhat disappointed with Varus' new lore
It's most likely we might get some aspects of Old Varus's humanity in the mentioned hunters that were used to make Varus's physical form. But even still, I'm don't understand what it really means. Who are these two hunters that are mentioned are why are there two of them? I thought a Darkin only needs to possess one body. And what do they mean when they say they "still resist every step of the way? And how is Varus able to possess two Ionian Hunters if he still only looks half human? AND WHATS WITH THE DEMON PANTS. I don't know, as interesting as it is I was hoping it'll go something like this: * Old Varus lore, where he has a family that are slaughtered in front of him in the Noxian Invasion. * The name of the Darkin is PALLAS, who was imprisoned in the *Pit of Pallas,* which the Ionians are guarding * Varus is angered by the death of his family and willingly takes the bow, but Pallas is the strangest of his Darkin brothers and doesn't possess Varus as Aatrox or Kayn would, as he sees Varus as a worthy warrior and grants him power to seek vengeance and feed the Darkin's hunger.
I think one of the best pieces of Piltover Music is {{champion:164}}'s theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GJNJ2fsFno
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: Riot Stellari gave out the next Snow down skins but we must decode first
Personally I think Nasus would be much better for a Christmas skin since I want Warwick to get the Lunar Revel skin instead.
: I like the concept but i sadly dont think they will be adding new rune PATHS
Actually Riot said they will most definetly make massive tweaks to the Runes and potentially make new Paths but only during Preseason and Midseason. No new paths are currently in development though.
Lit Corn (EUW)
: I mean in riot official website , Zed and Syndra are related to each other as " allies " so they obviously met at least once . Tho if you read their lore its not stated anywhere that they met . I mean they are at least allies , now are they in an actual relationship who knows , they both love power ( strength ) and want to become as strong as possible , so they have same goals , why not i guess ? tbh im not sure a whole lots of champs are actually confirmed to have relations with each other exept for {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} and {{champion:22}} {{champion:23}} most of the other are made up by fans , either for the meme or cause they seem logical {{champion:238}} {{champion:134}} ( ive actually seen some people saying {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} but hey im not really into this and wont chose either one or the other ) {{champion:99}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:43}} and obviously the most famous ones : {{champion:44}} {{champion:81}} , {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} , {{champion:157}}{{champion:92}} and they would have a baby : {{champion:17}}
{{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} makes a bit more sense since (and this is another Fanon trait, but hear me out) there's a lot of theories that she used to be part of Zed's order of Shadow and maybe even his past lover, before leaving him to join Shen and the Kinkou Also another fanon trait; I think that Syndra is like 19 years old, but with the attitude of a teenage girl. Her whole deal is that she doesn't know how to control her powers, and she doesn't really want to either. Think of it like; a moody teenage girl in the body of a 19 year old with limitless magical power.
: Why is not a single person linking to the Google doc source for all these stories, it's getting really annoying. I want to read them all :(
> [{quoted}](name=FriendlySuppMain,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hB2zz27a,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-11-16T00:24:29.450+0000) > > Why is not a single person linking to the Google doc source for all these stories, it's getting really annoying. I want to read them all :( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i_yh-Z3oc2846t5iLJCubex9jma2nDWlhr-WWBBtUoA/edit
: A cool idea for a relationship for the Swain VGU
I highly dislike the idea of anything necessarily romantic between the two since I see LeBlanc as an adoptive mother of sorts to Swain. LeBlanc is ANCIENT, so it can't be too far off that she'd raise Swain as a child to become the leader of Noxus in order to further the Dark Rose''s plans, something that a manipulative secret society that controls a huge empire in th shadows would do. However, remember that LeBlanc is passed down through matriarchs in order to keep her alive forever. With the current LeBlanc being Evaine, perhaps making Swain Evaine''s lover would be much more interesting, and serve a cruel and more bitter relationship with his mother.
Skorch (NA)
: What is peoples insane obsession for morally grey characters?
Just as purely Good Characters such as {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} and many others can be great, evIL characters should be just as successful. Right on the top of my head the most evil character we got is {{champion:6}} recently. But I hope Riot doesn't take a gray route for {{champion:27}} who I genuinely believe to be just a huge ass, aND I just love to hate him. I also hope they don't make {{champion:7}} morally grey. Her morals are already a mystery and I hope they make her the immortal "evil witch" or Snow white evil-queenesque character
: Draven's new lore is a downgrade in my opion
I doubt that Draven is just a glorified gladiator now. Urgot specifically refer's to Draven as his "replacement". Perhaps he began as a gladiator, but became Noxus''s executoner when Swain took control.
: That fiddle one is kinda similar to something I suggested years ago! Noice.
My prediction; he was a simple man, blamed for the famine of his village and possessed by a demon of HUNGER of sorts who takes the form of a murder of crows. Not exactly Tahm Kench's style of gluttonous, high class picky-eating hunger, but more the decay and painful death of hunger. That, or the Amumu route of 'mysterious mystery fable stories'
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: It's interesting how a lot of the new bios streamline the lore, removing some details. Do we assume the details deleted are canon until otherwise contradicted?
Not sure. Riot likes to make their short, in-client lores act as teasers of sorts to the full biographies that are posted on the Universe website in the future. Though I still feel that Riot likes to keep the general 'essence' of most of these older bios.
: Yes, it seems the Glade is gone from the new lore.
These are just really, really short bios that give the smallest taste of their lore. From the sounds of it, I still think the Glade is still a thing in some sense, probably having some connection to the Spirit World or maybe even the Void if we were crazy enough. It mentions how many see Lulu's magic as extremely dangerous and unnatural, even by Yordle standards (Which, may I mention, seems to also take some inspiration by the Glade's strange flow of time). So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Foxious (NA)
: {{champion:56}} Interesting. I cant wait to see if they are going to add a more profound story between Shen and Nocturne. That would be awsome. After all, one of Shen's duty is to slay those Evil spirit that escape the spirit world.
Along with that, Kennen is mentioned to be a close ally of Shen's, and acts as the one who patrols the spirit world, where Shen and Akali have more to do with patrolling the material world. Unlike Shen though, Akali seems to focus more solely on the material world where Shen is the bridge between both. Akali's also mentioned as being the crueler, and harsher of the Kinkou order, which can lead to some interesting character interaction. I still hope they make her a former student of Zed's order, thus why she's a lot crueler and still learning from Shen.
Brascus (NA)
: I tried to doodle illaoi
ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I love the style, kinda makes me think she can have a Greaser-style skin!
: You would noticed all of the Demacian champs who missed their update weren't included as well. So I'm not surprised we're still in the dark about Singed & Twitch.
{{champion:37}} {{champion:236}} and {{champion:5}}
: I was gonna say, as much as there are a few interesting new mini Bios here, there are a lot more of really unimaginative ones. In the sense that they don't really say much if nothing at all different from their outdated lore. Champs like Malphite and Brand require huge re-imaginings and I assume their stories will be much more divergent, as Brand himself literally still has Ivern the Cruel's origins. I see a few displeased responses here and honestly, I would say none of this stuff should be considered canon until proper updates are given. Or canon lore already confirms it.
Yea I can admit some of these are really short, but still an update nonetheless that hint at a possible expansion of their characters. Mind you these are in-client lore, the smallest morsels we can get of their story until they release anything on the Universe to fully expand on it. For Brand, I honestly don't really see him as something similar to Ivern. Firstly we don't know of Kegan's character before wielding the World Rune, what the World Rune did to him and his connection to the fire spirit that was locked up in Shurima (which was actually confirmed to be Brand by a Rioter). So still a lot we don't know before we start throwing comparisons. Along with that, I like Malphite's story and hope it goes along the lines of; the Monolith being some sort of elemental spirit that had been damaged by the ever-changing magical landscape of Runeterra. Maybe even damaged by the Rune Wars, leaving Malphite as the sole surviving Earth Elemental of sorts.
: So let's talk about the new direction in the lore for Fizz
Mind you these bios are the absolute smallest portions of the lore we could get. And if Riot keeps up to their promise, we'll get a lot more character development revealed in their full Biography and color story. Along with that, some of these are simply place holders, such as Kayle and Morgana's
: What pisses me off even more is that her and Kayle's once interesting dynamic of clashing ideals was completely removed if you take a look at her sister's updated lore. And Kayle's depicted as the righteous savior of her people. Like, Riot, is it really THAT hard to give us grey characters? Didn't they learn from the whole disaster that was Viktor and Xerath's lore? Not every conflict and rivalry needs to have a bad side and a good side. CONFLICT IS NOT BLACK OR WHITE!
Just saying, I doubt that Riot's going to make it clear black and white. I thought the whole appeal of their characters was that it's *specifically* very ambiguous and they both have their own reasons. After all, Morgana and Kayle are slated for the first ever Double VGU, so these lore pieces are probably nothing like what they're planning. Personally, I was thinking that Morgana and Kayle are going to end up being Pure Targonians, like the ones that led the 'conflicts' that Aurelion Sol kept hearing in his head that casued him to break free.
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: Candidates for: DnD/RPG Themed Skins
A skin for {{champion:48}} that comically turns into a more traditional Warhammer/WoW Orc would be awesome! And maybe a skin for some yordle that makes them a Gnome or a literal DnD dwarf.
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: Another champ used to have it, but it's Zoe's now.
{{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} "Twinkle twinkle little star...Do you wonder what you are?" - Aurelion Sol
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: Baron Cho'Gath Fusion by drogod
Helmight (NA)
: Are you saying you wouldn't date a thicc, alien-infested space explorer who summons tentacles? {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
I do love me my Big Buff Polynesian Tentababe {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: I mean, it's not exactly the same based on the concept Also you are aware GP and Illaoi were a thing right?
Hence my comment on Dreadnova's taste in women...yes
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: Why I believe an Ionia/Noxus event is on the horizon.
It would be neat if Riot really stayed to the soul of League's old lore and did a revamp of the Noxus vs Ionia matches, maybe even import the new Quest system into it?
Skorch (NA)
: I mean i think its because Customs Blitz actually looks like blitz. While the lancer skins look completely like other robots. However that issue should be solved in ways that ARENT completely hideous. If anything the Lancer skins taught us that Blitzcrank should bring back VUs because... yeah.
Though I do understand how different the Lancer skins are from Blitzcrank's silhouette, I still think that there are some other queues that make it pretty clear that it's Blitzcrank (his hook for instance, that they had focused so much on to emphasize in this skin), and his stature in general isn't even that different, as he retains his big bulky torso and feet that aren't even noticeble on first glance. And I'd prefer that they don't bring purely Visual Updates. Some Champions I do believe have a fairly decent and thematic kit, such as {{champion:110}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:21}}, but only changing their visuals is a little lackluster since they COULD use some very VERY minor touchups on their gameplay at the same time. Not exactly VGU level, but still some changes to their kit.
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: ok.. rakan is a dancer (Which is a little i guess) taric, nice STAR GUARDIAN EZREAL??? aurelion sol no. and ivern i guess
Aurelion is literally a giant sparkly space dragon with sass
: theres no way riot would associate that shit with a male champion
{{champion:497}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:427}}
: @Riot What is the language everyone speaks called?
I'm guessing Valorinian is what we define as 'English', but there are plenty of other languages (Shuriman, Ur-Noxian, Buhrutian etc.)
Skorch (NA)
: A rioter confirmed its a noxus mage. It MIGHT be Noxus Lux pretty much.
: Swain Rework Discussion
My idea for the lore, Swain has some closer ties to Ionia some how, and that he was probably taken by the Black Rose and raised (secretly) to become the powerful, future leader of Noxus in order to invade Ionia. They mention a lot in the new Roadmap how Swain had a 'price to pay' and had to 'sacrifice' in order to gain his position, makes him sound a little more tragic than the cranky-old-bird-grandpa we currently have. Perhaps the Black Rose used Swain because of his connection to Ionia, which is why the invasion was somewhat-sucessful? My theory on his relationship with LeBlanc, she's sort of his 'adoptive mother.' If they keep the current LeBlanc lore, LeBlanc passes herself onto younger bodies in order to stay young forever, the current LeBlanc is a younger woman named Evaine. I hope they keep these aspects of LeBlanc's lore, I like the idea of her acting as Runeterra's "Evil Queen," with an obsession with immortality and staying young and beautiful, despite being a 999 year old woman under that illusion.
: The Swain art from today's Roadmap
Question: Where's Beatrice? All these WEAK ravens have TWO eyes!
: What about the word 'redirect'? It would be super cool for there to be an ability that could redirect abilities.
Perhaps, kinda though that was just part of the sentence, but neat idea! Maybe she mirrors an enemies' summoner spells?
: This might also help. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/yLsnI7Ni-my-love-for-lux?comment=0002
That's...incredibly interesting! I can't really imagine any reason why some potential-bubble-sparkle-fairy of playfulness would hate LUX of all people, maybe she hates mages?
DWT12345 (NA)
: I'm guessing that they will be similar in theme to Lulu, but without the slightly evil overtones. Probably a human since a yordle would be a little *too* close to Lulu, although they are pretty bubbly, so it wouldn't be surprised.
My wish; Happy-Go-Lucky Grandma Fairy! Something like the Fairy God Mother of Runeterra. We don't really have any 'elderly females' in League, or anything that resembles a 'hag' sort of which, or a 'motherly' figure! Plus, {{champion:164}} and {{champion:127}} are scary grandmas.
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: Kayle & Morgana Rework: Lore
My theory, and I know we've heard this many times before, they're gonna be reworked into having some connection to Targon. Not exactly the Mount Targon, the the Targonian Space Empire. I feel like it's already been hinted. We know how Aurelion Sol broke free from Targonian control, right? The voices of the Aspects, far in the stars through Targon's empire, began conflicting and debating with one another, leaving Aurelion free from their grasp. This honestly sounds like just the kind of inter-dimensional civil war we need for Kayle and Morgana.
: Demons are created by us. They're parasites of negative emotion and chaos. Our officially classified demons are {{champion:28}} and {{champion:223}} . They probably came to be in similar ways, albeit with different food sources (pain and gluttony, respectively). We also have the Darkin, which may be demons that early people imprisoned in weapons to both subdue and exploit their power. {{champion:141}} feeds on death, {{champion:266}} feeds on war, and {{champion:110}} feeds on revenge. The fear-friends are in murky territory until they get their VGUs to bring them into the modern lore. We know they're demons, but they all feed on fear. If I had to guess,{{champion:56}} feeds on nightmares; our unconscious and faceless fears. {{champion:35}} feeds on horror; the shock and panic you experience before death. {{champion:9}} feeds on terror; the dread and anticipation of eminent demise that eats away at us from the inside. This leaves to question what they'll do with {{champion:25}} and {{champion:10}} .
Darkin aren't demons. They're their own very intricate race that is definetly more anchored in the physical world than demons are. They're just stuck in weapons.
: > the rules for a Demon that I kind of took from the new lore is that they are the result of the huge amount of negative emotions and pain from the Rune Wars I don't doubt that demons are born from high concentrations of negative human emotions; however, it's possible the Rune Wars may have simply been Evelynn's trigger, while others came into being as a result of other events. Janna for example, though not a demon, is nonetheless a spirit born through a great deal of faith. I wouldn't be surprised if others like Fiddle or Nocturne simply arose from events unique to the kinds of negative emotions they now embody as a result. Tahm Kench for example may have awakened during a time of high political unrest and wanton greed.
A Rioter confirmed during Evelynn's 'teaser hype' that demons came after humans.
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Meekoˉ (EUW)
: Champion Concept: Pisto, the Baron of the Black Market
Really like this concept, and I do pray that Riot will take some form of direction like this if they design a 'walking shop' kind of character. Firstly, I adore his personality. This small fuzzball of yordle-ness is actually a fearsome black market mob boss from Bilgewater, and he sees his allies more as 'hired guns' that are suppose to do what he says, which is definetly interesting! I love how, as a support (one of the most 'submissive' roles), he's more of the 'boss' of the team rather than doing whatever the ADC says. Note: I would change the title to "The Black Market Boss" or something. 'Baron' is a huge title in Zaun considering Chem-Barons, so it can be a little misleading for him to be a Bilgewater champion. Just me though, still love the concept! A small change to his E and W though. For E: maybe make it so that he can only cast it on allies to blink, rather than just being able to blink at any location. Along with that, to balance it out a bit, maybe make it so that people in an area around that ally also get the defensive bonuses? For W: I like this ability, maybe make it so that the ally only gains the movement speed when running towards enemies, rather than just in general, as it can be a great initiator. Just a small idea, maybe when he casts this he sort of does a "GET THEM!" motion with his hands, ordering his ADC to go in essentially, just adds more to the thematic!
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