Drawxne (NA)
: If Nunu can be renamed to Nunu & Willump, why can't Varus be renamed to Vaarus?
On a more serious note: Why note Quinn & Valor? Their title, "Demacia's Wings," implies two champions, and they were initially named Quinn & Valor, but it had to be removed due to technical issues in the old client.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Kai’Sa should receive a Zaun like skin to represent Husk
Chemtech Kai'Sa would be badass! Maybe even one for Camille too? But IDK, I feel like people would rather have this as a Kai'Sa skin as not *too* much of it can fit Camille.
: A wild guess about Bandle City and Bard
My personal theory is that maybe Bard 'made' yordles? Or at least introduced them to our physical realm. When seeing how the portals to Bandle City line up, I jokingly stated "Lol Bard made Yordles confirmed". Now...if you really do think about it...that wouldn't be *too* out of character for Bard.
: I think that he should get more lines, but have them be short and very... _'Rammus'_, y'know? No more than three words for the greater part of his quotes, at the very least- Things like, "Okay", "Yeah", "Alright", "Yeah, alright", "Rollin'", "I'm rollin' alright", etc. He could use more depth with his VO, though, so they'll have to execute on that nicely somehow- He could say short/minimal sentences with some narrative or contextual depth to them: "Shurima's fall was necessary, alright."
This, and maybe he can have a focus on being monosyllabic when he talks, primarily when he interacts with other Champions? Like his interaction with Rek'Sai can just be "hmmmph...Bad" or something to indicate he doesn't like her. Or as an interaction with Taliyah: "Rock," etc. Don't expect too many indepth interactions, primarily just jokes as that fits Rammus's character perectly.
: ... Since when was Nunu and Willump badass?
Rioter Comments
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I am not a fan of Demacia either, but when it comes to a inquisitors archetype, that kind of character would most likely fit best into Demacia. And it would give more emphasis on the evil side of that faction, just like Ekkos release back then was supposed to show us that there are still good people living in Zaun.
Iirc, there is a type of profession in Demacia that specializes in dealing with magical phenomonans in people as seen in Lux's story. An "Annuler" i believe. They basically do weird medical 'cures' for magic, which can maybe fit in an Inquisitor?
Flemman (EUW)
: As Kayle skin will be worked on during her rework, should riot "crimson Akali" unmasked Kayle
Actually, I would prefer it more if they "Human Ryze" the skin rather than "Crimson Akali." I'm not certain on what her lore is going to be like after her rework, but I'd imagine that Unmasked can easily be reworked into a "Young Kayle" skin in a sense, maybe even "Human Kayle" if she actually ends up being a celestial being.
: One funny thing about Lissandra's story
The idea that the three of them can communicate at ALL baffles me. I can't take the idea of the three sisters arguing seriously because of that lmao. Real talk though; maybe Lissandra talks to them through their dreams in a sense? Like telepathy? It's mentioned that she prefers to communicate through dreams, so maybe?
: Skinwalkers would be one other type.
So, Freljordian shapeshifters of sorts? Like Frey, who can turn into a big wolf? EDIT: Was Brand's mother a Skinwalker? Or was she just a mage?
EdgeLady (NA)
: If they're intending to make her more anti-villainous than someone like {{champion:60}}, then her current bio really needs a rewrite to emphasize that she's still a manipulative, power-hungry villain. There's way too much emphasis on the Watchers and her not working with them.
This exactly. Her bio talks more about her conflict with the Watchers and they only brush over Lissandras true intentions and her power as ruler of the Frostguard.
: Isn't this the exact definition of an anti-hero? They do bad things for good reasons. That is an anti-hero.
"For good reasons". It's mainly for her own survival rather than for some benevolent ideal.
  Rioter Comments
: Wait {{champion:267}}, really? Care to explain? I'm not hating, I'm just a little surprised.
"Nami" is the word for "wave" in Japanese (Tsu-nami). I never really thought of it as an issue though, the name seems fine to me.
: [Skin Concept] Star Guardian Irelia!
Awesome! Love your idea for the outfit design and the abilities! I especially love the little face paint! For her pet familiar though, maybe it can be a butterfly? And the blades form a sort of butterfly wing formation when she backs? Just an idea, really like it!
Sukishoo (NA)
: Same with Lux, being her Wand. Though they once said they might look into adding actual familiars to them in the future.
Lux's familiar is actually seen in the "Mimi" ward.
: This game still lacks a Voodoo-based Champion
The closest we have to Zandalar in Runeterra is that of Buhru and the Serpent Isle natives, with {{champion:420}}. We don't have that much on them other than just Illaoi though, but it was mentioned by a Rioter to be inspired by Mayan and Polynesian culture.
: When Janna gets visually updated I want her to stay "sexualized," hear me out
That's actually why I absolutely loved the lore update they did for Janna. It actually gives some sense to why she's...dressed that way. Mind you, before the Zaun update her lore was that she was just a little girl who found out she had wind powers and lived in Zaun. Now she's revered as a goddess of protection and wind, so what she's wearing really just matters to whatever she's manifesting as. Other than that, I hope they make it so she looks a little more 'in-human' in a sense, something to make it a little more obvious that she isn't just some normal Zaunite human, but a powerful deity from the other side of the world. I was thinking they can give her white harpy-like wings on her arms, or glowing blue markings on her body.
: Janna Visual Update
If they do update her appearance, I hope they emphasize her being a spirit and give her something that makes her feel powerful, but also "inhuman" in a way. Maybe give her some wings on her arms like a harpy? Or glowing light blue marks like her eyes.
: Have you read or seen Narnia? The White Witch in Narnia wants to murder Asland. However, she realizes that she will NEVER get close to Asland by herself, which is why she turns her efforts into "befriending" Edmund and being all sweet and motherly to him when she discovers the children are in Narnia and under Asland's guidance. After properly gaining Edmund's trust, he's able to seed doubt about the White Witch, and allow for her to find an opening to get to Asland and stab him to death on the stone table. Lissandra is very much like the White Witch here in her relationship with Nunu. Her people found him after his caravan was raided. She knows his mother was an accomplished bard, and has taken particular interest in a lot of the songs he remembers regarding the Yetis and true ice, because clearly she's trying to figure out how to gain access to the Yetis and their magic. She's his "mother figure" in the Frostguard, and Nunu does not know that she's secretly a centuries old Iceborn who's been murdering and ruling the Frostguard since long before any can remember. After all, Lissandra's rule has to look legitimate, and she can't do completely off the wall things and draw attention to herself or her people. She can't wantonly murder people to progress her plans, or else people will start to wonder why the Frostguard matron is taking it upon herself to randomly murder people. By all intents and purposes, Lissandra HAS to act very normal in her day to day life, and that's how Nunu knows her. When she's not acting openly as the matron of the Frostguard, the disguise comes off and she can be the Ice Witch, and move her plans forward as a mythical "boogeyman" of the Freljord. But the thing is, some of her machinations and alliances from her being herself as the Ice Witch have been folded into the Frostguard society. For instance, in parts of Nunu's VO when he's interacting with the Krugs, he talks about how the Frost Troll in the village won't leave because he's petrified of hurting himself and stepping on the rocky Krugs, which is why Nunu has taken it upon himself to get rid of them. So yeah, she's slowly normalizing her plans and her alliances with her Frostguards so that I believe her end goal of a grand reveal can finally happen.
Instead of Turkish Delight it's Black Ice Slushies.
: Why did Nunu mommy have to die :(
I think it's implied more that she's actually alive, and that looking for his mom is what drives Nunu to be 'Freljord's hero'.
Lajinn5 (NA)
: Its so Disney that he even has a dead mother {{sticker:sg-janna}}
in all seriousness I think it's hinted that she might still be alive and that Nunu is currently looking for her? That and she's the one that sang Ornn's song.
: Nunu is no longer from the Frost-guard
He's actually still somewhat connected to the Frostguard, though not necessarily 'born within their ranks.' He's even shown to have interactions with Lissandra.
: Thinking about it, Layka might be the one we hear sing "The Path to the Hearth-Home".
Is it possible the Notai are descendants of the Hearthblood? Because I had a theory that {{champion:79}} was actually a descendant of them for various reasons, but I'm guessing Nunu is as well?
Rioter Comments
: Riot can you PLEASE make a Traditional Nunu skin?
Are you fucking kidding me. Here we go again...you people are a little early too.
: Classic Soraka's eyes on the asset kit are different.
Wait I kind of want this over the original. It adds to this new "Alien" vibe that Riot's been pushing for her new lore, that she is something different from beyond Runeterra "Twinkle twinkle little star, do you wonder what you are?"
: [Lore Theory] Braum is the Freljord's Version of Janna.
I personally doubt this, mostly due to the fact that Freljord has plenty of other demi-Gods of their own, with Anivia filling the "protection goddess" role that Janna fills for Zaun. Turning Braum into some abstract demi-God feels like it takes a away from his character. Making him a spirit of sorts makes him EXTREMELY less relatable as a character, as I (and many others) like the idea of this random big jolly dude just leaping in and shielding you from danger, giving you a warm smile, a cup of milk and a quick story that "MOTHER ALWAYS SAID!" On the other hand, MY personal theory is that Braum is more like a Title/Literal Chracter, not exactly a spirit, which still explains some of his mythological feats that have been translated around Freljord for ages. Perhaps Braum's story is of a simple man who had performed a heroic feat revolving around him gaining the shield, thus people began to believe him to be the true Braum of myth?
: This is kind of a stretch, but does Syndra potentially have the power to create petricite?
That's actually makes some sense! First off, Syndra's powers have been continuously described by Riot to be "something totally new to Ionia" and how it's not 'sapping' magic, but it just sort of 'rots' magic around the area and 'cuts off the connection to the spirit world' in a sense. It'd make sense in Ionia that it'll be looked down upon and cause tons of damage to the surrounding area (Ionia literally BREATHS magic). Secondly, I feel like Petricite is starting to be revealed as EXTREMELY powerful, more so than most people would think. I mean, it's a material that specifically nullifys magic, to the point where it can hold WORLD RUNES, the most powerful objects in Runeterra. An immensley powerful object sounds in-line with Syndra.
: > I read in the new Champion Roadmap that they're giving Nunu more of a whimsical feel. Why? Who wanted that? And how could it possibly be necessary? Did you ask players at all, Riot? Actually, Riot sends out a ton of player surveys semi-annually asking about potential rework candidates, and Nunu was one of the most highly-requested champions for a full rework.
On top of that...what else do you honestly want Nunu to be. A fucking edgy monster boy?
Ahpe (NA)
: REASONABLE discussion and analysis of The "Chained champion"
As for the region: I feel like it may definetly be Demacia for a few reasons. Looking at Demacia's roster, they don't really have any 'villains' to be exact. Our 'darkest' Demacian champions are {{champion:67}} and {{champion:236}}. Vayne and Lucian show a similar idea of Demacians wanting to purge magic from their kingdom, yet we don't really have any Demacian that can truly represent the dark side of Demacia and their infamously cruel punishments. Along with that, this can be a good opportunity to update {{champion:236}} {{champion:5}} and {{champion:37}}. Lucian's lore revolves around his personal quest to purge the world of the Undead, Sona is a Demacian celebrity who is currently hiding her magical abilities, and Xin Zhao may have some inner conflict being considered an outsider to the Demacians. And for the image itself, the architecture can easily apply to Demacia but we simply don't see enough of it to know. On the other hand, I highly doubt they are wearing high heels as it looks more like bare feet with long tattered pants to me.
: Also, keep your eyes peeled for Easter Eggs. There are already about SEVEN on there.
Seven that we haven't found yet...?
Axxuka (NA)
: Champion Roadmap and timing of new champions/VGUs
I think Kayle/Morgana are going to be a January release, however due to how it's 2 reworks not one I'd imagine we'll get a PAINFUL period of content-drought leading up to them, like the month going up to {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} Ezreal may easily fit late september maybe since it's not a complete VGU and more focused on his visuals. Who knows, maybe he can be teased during Worlds? My theory is Nunu in August (next PBE) -> Ezreal around September -> Color Mage as last champion of the year around late November -> 'Chains' in late Janurary and Kayle/Morgana around Februrary?
: What is your hope for the update of Ezreal's skins?
I feel like Nottingham can be put in the Woad skinline maybe?
: Images of the Kinkou Order popped on the universe !
Maybe that second one is Maymm? Akali's mom? She is wielding what looks like a Kama and sort of resembles Akali.
Larriet (NA)
: Orianna's Father on the Map?
Should be the same person, must be a typo.
: @Riot Are we getting a timeline soon?
I like to think "WHERES THE TIMELINE" is gonna be our new milestone now that we have our world map. In all seriousness though, I do hope we get to a point where we can have a visual, some-what solidified timeline one day. We don't have specific dates, but a general idea of what happened when though.
: What would Zilean need to bring Icathia back without affecting history?
I think that, moral of Zilean's story is that he *can't* change the fate of Icathia, which is why he's cursed to just float around the timestream for the rest of his life.
: A list of champions who have/don't have their new bios yet.
Luckily, Akali's update is coming very soon alongside some more Ionian lore, possibly even finishing the rest of their roster if were lucky enough! {{champion:238}} and {{champion:85}} might get their new bios, alongside some tweaks to {{champion:98}} maybe due to the fact they're the NINJA SQUAD {{champion:134}} was seemingly confirmed by her leaked color story, which also mentions {{champion:16}} for a bit (note: Soraka has been mentioned to have her updated lore ready, but Riot's been waiting for the right time to release it, perhaps now is that time?) {{champion:43}} may be getting the promised tweaks/continuation of her story as well After that, the only Ionian champion without lore left will be {{champion:11}}, so maybe he'll get some attention too considering his village can be seen from the new map! {{champion:20}}'s update is next obviously, and I'm not sure exactly which champions will get their bios updated but my guesses: {{champion:22}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:113}} are a must due to their prominence in the Freljord as well as new revelations for the Watchers {{champion:48}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:201}} were already seen in other pieces of lore in the past (The new Ryze cinematic and Ornn's lore) The rest are simply a coinflip since I have no idea, maybe {{champion:23}} due to the fact that her marriage to Ashe is now confirmed by the map, but I personally hope we get to see some {{champion:79}} lore. So with that, your "need a Bio section" may very well look like this: in the future. {{champion:12}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}}{{champion:74}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} Even more progress!
: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
Neamean (NA)
: Can't help but feel that Brand and Xerath should have switch bodys
I think Xerath's body looks like that mostly due to the fact that he 1) Tampered with the Ascension ritual as a whole and 2) He was already a decently powerful mage even before Ascending. Also funnily enough, theres a common theory that Brand's original form was the fire spirit held within the sarcophagus that now holds Xerath! Not sure how much that theory holds up now though.
: What shape would Evelynn take to seduce your favourite champion(s)?
: > [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uqNhnTOJ,comment-id=0002000000000000000100000001,timestamp=2018-07-27T18:23:17.616+0000) > > Somewhat off the wall question but I&#x27;ve been incredibly curious. Speaking of beyond Runeterra... > > How many moons does Runeterra have (right now)? Ha! Good question! The answer is... #<CRACKWHUUUMPH!!> \* Dead from lightning *
It's three moons iirc, simply based on the Mount Targon icon though. We don't have any hints at the other moons other than the fact that there are more than one and that the Lunari pray to the Silver Moon.
: Can we get more Sion lore?
I just REALLY want to see {{champion:14}} fight {{champion:3}}, I'm so curious on what their fight would be like considering Galio's size and Sion's sheer undying power.
: Has any Vastayan actually lived somewhere that isn't in their tribes area?
{{champion:62}} is a big example of this actually! Iirc, he was sort of shunned by the rest of the Shimon due to his mischievous behavior, but he's found harmony under the training of Master Yi as the last student to learn the art of Wuju. {{champion:107}} actually left his tribe after killing his father and now wanders around searching for {{champion:121}} and hunting other wild beasts. {{champion:497}} left the Lhotlan tribe because...he wanted to party? Basically he left to be a performer for all of Ionia. And lastly, {{champion:103}}'s story does mention a lot of Vastaya being sighted in a market in Ionia alongside humans.
Xano501 (NA)
: Will see cinematic where Wukong and Ahri together?
Loborcs (EUW)
: Mapping the stories (II): Demacia
GOD BLESS YOU for doing this! Please make more, I love seeing all of it mapped out!
: And until it's totally rebuilt, wouldn't want any part of it. Xerath is running around destroying towns up in there. He ain't doing that shit in Demacia, that's all I'm saying.
Demacia has its own demons {{champion:28}} {{champion:56}} Literally
Rioter Comments
: Hi there! For the re-released icons, we wanted to stick to the regions that were represented on the map. A void incursion is showed in Icathia of course, but since it is not a region it felt more cohesive to leave it off of the collection for Runeterra. That's not to say it won't make a return in the future. For Bandle City... well... lets just say that I am a big proponent of seeing it become a summoner icon and I imagine it will be when the timing is right ;)
Quick question, any word on if we can ever see a Vastayan icon of sorts? It feels so out of place that the Darkin were able to get one, yet the Vastaya don't. I understand that the Vastaya are more varied, but I feel like they can be tied together with a similar 'animal-kingdom-esque' aesthetic to their own logo.
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