: > [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=YZUpjJTo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-20T21:12:54.630+0000) The Vastaya are far too diverse to be under the same sigil or banner, because they're composed of a myriad of tribes sprinkled all over the world. Actually, it looks like Riot is planning to unify them under one faction: https://i.imgur.com/ZfgqocM.png
I think they're unified more because the Vastaya event was pretty massive, but focused more on a Race rather than a Faction. They all do share the same race, but Vastaya's whole shtick is how immensely diverse they are and how each tribe is a race of their own. But still, Vastaya don't share similar goals, ideals or cultures as the other factions do. Xayah and Rakan are Vastayan Terrorist-Activists, Wukong personally works with a human he looks up to (Yi), Nami's swimming around looking for Diana and Ahri wants to be human and eats people.
Rioter Comments
: Wow, that's such an improvement
I like it. I personally liked the New Aatrox's initial model, but this retexturing does put him more in line with Old Aatrox, yet still making it look new and fresh.
: What's your favourite champ or the typical character the champ represents
{{champion:111}} - Love his mythological status as well as how frightening he makes the oceans. His new lore really hit it for me, I never even considered Nautilus until the Bilgewater event. I also think that it's, in a weird way, kind of cute how he's very persistent on paying the Tithe, something so simple and miniscule. Yet, not paying the tithe has horifically destructive consequences in the form of a GIANT FUCKING METAL TITAN LUNGING OUT FROM THE WATERS WITH AN ANCHOR.
GenoXx (NA)
: Can we talk about how a big portion of Runeterra's history got thrown out the window?
Personally, I doubt that it's been retconned. If anything, this can still apply to new Aatrox. The difference is that with new Aatrox, we'll actually know the origins of the Darkin as a whole for once (which is starting to look like something along the line of Fallen Gods?).
Yokujin (EUW)
: assign more ward skins to your ward layout
I say Riot should do it. If not for a Quality of Life change for the players, it gives more reason for us to buy more Ward skins riot {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Rioter Comments
: For a VO update, Miss Fortune needs to lose the overt super flirtatious nature. As she's presented in the lore that isn't the game, Miss Fortune is much harder, and while she can lay on the sensuality when she needs to, she needs to make us believe that she's the strong woman who beat the shit out of Gangplank and overthrew the pirates ruling Bilgewater with her grit and cunning. She can still flirt, I'm not saying to remove it entirely, but it just doesn't need to be the total focal point of her VO like it is at current. Her VO for Gun Goddess nails her very well. She's a hardass, and she's immature in some instances, but the majority of how she's conveyed is that she's got drive and is on a mission, and is defined by her ambitions and less by her constant dirty innuendos and patronization. She also needs a rigging and animation overhaul. She got her model updated. She got her kit streamlined. She still moves like a relic, and it makes her feel ancient, to the point where people don't even believe she's had work done. This needs to be corrected. VERY BADLY. I would want Riot to fully complete her VGU, instead of leaving her in this half-assed state she's in now.
I don't really think she's meant to be a super hardened, serious pirate-queen of Bilgewater. She's actually *super* sarcastic, witty and very charismatic with her peers.
: What do you want to see in Miss Fortune's Voiceover Update?
: > [{quoted}](name=Zaun Overdrive,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Tn0J4NK7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-06-03T14:44:38.249+0000) > > Yeah,i'm quite a big fan myself of Eldritch monsters and tales,and even if your take on the swimming city is quite interesting,i for one would one that we would get one day a champion who is all-out into the dark pacts,cults and such. > > Also,did you know that Annie's last name was refferencing a character from a Lovecraftian Novel ? It's the yellow king,Hastur ! The Swimming City is my favorite part of Pyke's backstory. But it's not what you think. Shades of Lovecraft for sure, but I don't believe the city has structures, in the stone and steel and mortar sort of way.
Please, oh PLEASE do! Speaking of Zaun, I feel that we can go back there to study more about Chemtech and chembarons maybe? We know nearly everything about Hextech, from the origins of it through the Ferros family farming Skarner's people, as well as it's capabilities and it's definiton as 'technology that grants magical-like abilities to it's wielders.' Meanwhile, we know very little about Chemtech and chembarons other than the fact that almost every Champion seems out to get them, can we ever get a Chembaron champion to help shed some light on Chemtech? Along with that, the few remaining Champions fit the whole Chemtech thing too. {{champion:27}} {{champion:29}} and {{champion:115}} Along with that, we need more clarification on that painfully-vague and mysterious situation with {{champion:222}} {{champion:254}} and {{champion:19}}.
: Which champion/champions would you guys say is the "Main" character/characters of the storyline?
Overall I think {{champion:13}} is the most main-est character lore-wise. Simply because A) He has a very interesting, unfinished mission to travel across the entire world to shut down magical threats and hide World Runes and B) Due to his very distant travels, he's come to make a hella lot of relationships with many characters. On his Universe page, many characters like Miss Fortune, Galio and Nasus appear on his 'related' section, and when asked about this (if i recall correctly) a Rioter stated that Ryze meets a lot of different people when he travels to a lot of different places.
Rioter Comments
: So I'm gonna be totally honest. (buckle up) When Pyke was entering pre-production, narrative was also looking at Nautilus's lore. He along with Fizz and a few other champs were still outliers from our recon / current lore. And there **was** concern Pyke was too close to Nautilus. But internally, our leads felt that Pyke hit the "revenant" thematic better than Nautilus. Then the plan was to change Nautilus's lore significantly-- prior to Pyke's release. --And actually they were going to change Nautilus to something I pitched to solve the problem. (Namely: Nautilus was a person seeking redemption within the cult of Nagakabouros. He was a man that had agreed to have his soul placed in a sacred golem. An extremely difficult and lonely duty working as a sentinel for as long as he could keep... going.) Internally teams loved it. **BUT** that pitch was then taken to players with a rather larger survey and... the players hated it. They wanted Nautilus to stay a revenant. Yeah. Uh.. oh.. By now Pyke was well into production (and VO) and it was uncertain how / who was going to fix Nautilus. (And I was on another project) My assumption was that Matt did not know what Nautilus was going to be (or that Naut was going to stay the same) when he wrote the lines for Pyke-- so he avoided the character-- because he didn't have anything to write towards.
Ohhhh. THAT'S why you mentioned Buhru's strange affinity to 'golem creation.' Can you ever explore something similar to the scrapped Nautilus lore, since that sounds very interesting but not very...Nautilus. I always though of Nautilus as this giant seldom titan who acts as some natural force that governs the mysterious oceans. Along with that, will Nautilus still have Nagakabourous ties? I REALLY liked that idea, and it makes sense with his voice over, it helps spread the significance and prominence that Illaoi's god has over Bilgewater.
SSmotzer (NA)
: Utility Smites
I really really like this idea. If riots going to emphasize more on having champions not tied to only one role, this is a fun way to do it.
Rioter Comments
Skorch (NA)
: Necrit made a pretty good video on how (at least I) view in game pyke.
I absolutely love his edit. However, I'd rather they keep the bandana as it is. I kind of like it and it seems like a good iconic piece he should keep. Sure maybe make the teeth go a bit lower down the bandana, but I'd prefer to stray away from a dirty brown-red rag around his face. The eyes and skin however, god bless you Necrit.
Terozu (NA)
: No hes a black guy. Reav3 says so.
Yea I mentioned in another post that he appears to have more Caribbean or Jamaican inspirations to him, other than that Maori intimidation dance.
: > [{quoted}](name=BonzaiBuddy,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=A2sEakEY,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-05-15T04:11:29.223+0000) > > Hate to burst your bubble but he's more akin to {{champion:420}} color > > So more like Polynesian rather than just 'black.' I mean maybe there are some Caribbean inspirations as can clearly be seen in Illaoi, but not just "a black guy." Im actually fine with that. I think im more excited about him being a person of color than strictly black. Thanks for clearing it up!
Comparing the two now that Pyke's on PBE, he's actually kinda darker than Illaoi and has a bit more Caribbean or Jamaican influences to his design and personality, his voice is supppppper good.
: Yo! Pyke is black!
Hate to burst your bubble but he's more akin to {{champion:420}} color So more like Polynesian rather than just 'black.' I mean maybe there are some Caribbean inspirations as can clearly be seen in Illaoi, but not just "a black guy."
: All about Zyra, and how to maybe give her better lore connections
I always liked the idea of Zyra being more primal-focused. Essentially, emphasize on the fact that she is a CREATURE seeking only to survive. I don't exactly know where Riot wants to go with Zyra right now, but I've always interpreted her old lore as her being the last of her species and seeking only to survive as a vicious collection of carnivorous plants. PLEASE OH PLEASE stray away from a Poison Ivy copy.
: If a 'team of 5' story came out, which region/faction would you want to see?
The only Team story that has happened was in Shadow of Fortune: {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:420}} and Rafen However I'd like to see something with the Kinkou {{champion:98}} {{champion:84}} and {{champion:85}}, allying with {{champion:498}} and {{champion:497}} some how
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I find Pyke scarier than Thresh, tho.
I think the appeal more is that Thresh is, legitimately a terrible TERRIBLE person in-lore. Great character, but he's so horifically evil. He basically helped catapult the suffering caused by the Ruination, even revelling in it, and he was already a sadistic torturer in secret before-hand. Tahm Kench on the other hand isn't really terrifying, he can actually be quite comical if you try. It's more like the concept of a big, gluttonous demon feeding on your suffering that's pretty scary.
: Lore Experts/@Riot: How old are Jhin, Zed, and Shen?
What we know for a fact is that Jhin is literally four years older than Zed i believe, while Zed and Shen are probably around the same age So maybe early 30s or late 20s
: This may be slim but for Akali's VGU... I hope they add new voice lines for Akali AND Shen.
Oh I do hope so! In fact, there are actually a surprising amount of oportunities to update Voice Overs considering future planned releases! New Bilgewater Champion can bring a {{champion:21}} voice over {{champion:266}} rework can bring a {{champion:110}} Hell maybe even the Nunu update can bring a new voiceover for {{champion:113}} or {{champion:22}}
: Ionia champions size comparison!
What the fuck up with Syndra. Can't you just place her along with the rest? I get she floats and all, but she isn't fucking SLENDERMAN.
: A bunch of new Runeterra based things on PBE
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omvMUZ9JR-M They're still adding the rest of the Runeterran factions, this is a very interesting way to incorporate Lore into a more competitive scene!
: Size comparison - Every champion
I think rek'sai's either a little smaller or Ornn's a little bigger alongsidea his siblings. I never really thought Rek'sai would match them in size and I thought that rek'sai was specifically describrd as "big as a house"
  Rioter Comments
: Can I get a fact check?
This was confirmed to be Boram Darkwill on twitter and I believe that a disgusied LeBlanc is there at the top right corner too.
: This isn't a Rune that Kata should be even considered to take in the first place since it's in the Resolve tree.
It doesn't matter what is 'considered,' people will take whatever they feel works best for both their playstyle as well as their Champion.
: New Resolve Rune Idea
That. Is WAY too much. Neat design, but it should have a cooldown or something or act as an active like Edge of Night.
: new champ teaser on the display app? pls?
Not exactly high quality, but this is my wallpaper right now. https://i.imgur.com/nM6PzBR.png
Velivolo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BonzaiBuddy,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=8E8Ai3de,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-20T20:24:44.127+0000) > > Maybe. There's a chance that this Champion actually has ties to the Shadow/Blessed Isles as well, or at least the Black Mist. Swain mentions that Bilgewater fights the mist above the seas, but never bothers to check beneath. > > Shark or dolphin, super excited to see what this Champion is! I thought about a shark, too, but the niche seemed a little crowded. Fizz has his iconic shark ult and Rek'Sai is a land shark. Riot said they're trying to push boundaries, and we don't have any cetacean champions yet. I want a monster, but something about the idea of staying off this champion's "list" suggests sentience to me, which also pushes me more toward a dolphin or whale than another fish. OR MAYBE i just like whales too much and I'm getting my hopes up. We'll see!
True, it most definetly HAS to be some sea monster, he really don't have a proper Sea Monster leviathan in League!
Velivolo (NA)
: New Support is Dolphin-Insipired?
Maybe. There's a chance that this Champion actually has ties to the Shadow/Blessed Isles as well, or at least the Black Mist. Swain mentions that Bilgewater fights the mist above the seas, but never bothers to check beneath. Shark or dolphin, super excited to see what this Champion is!
: Can somebody explain to me a shorthand version of why there are two homosexual guys living in Varus?
As in what's the story behind it or Why it happened? I personally don't mind the change too much, it just seems a little shallow and definetly a shocker for VARUS lore, but in the end it was a pretty interesting story.
Rioter Comments
: So with priority given to VGUs, where does that leave champions who only need Visual Updates?
I think Riot's going to amp up on Shen or Fiora level reworks maybe? Some touches to their kit and polishing up their visuals.
: Since Riot is ramping up the VGUs even more...
Don't really think MALZAHAR belongs in S-tier. I know he has some issues, but he doesn't seem like something Yorick or Urgot level.
Illfonix (NA)
: Lucio's Story
Actually, Lucio is the Brazilian freedom fighter/disc jockey as seen in the Overwatch universe, he's a main enemy of Symmetra's "Vishkar Corporation" and seeks to rid them of his Brazilian homeland! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Please don't make Aatrox into Rhaast with a sword.
I highly doubt that they're changing Aatrox THAT much. From the looks of it I think he's still going to be the calm, collected leader of the Darkin and a cold-killer instead of a raging-murderer. Plus, his model isn't going to change to the point where it's a Galio rework, they're keeping his rig. In other words, it's really JUST his sword, I don't know what we can interpret from that. The sword is badass in my opinion, and it makes a bit more sense functionally and visually than Aatrox's current spiked dildo.
No0B HunteR (EUNE)
: Can we make the game more serious?
{{champion:19}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:429}} There. Dark and gritty. Happy?
Kullen (NA)
: Nice touch there Riot...
Where did you get that original image?
: Malzahar Fan Login Screen
Oh my lord. This is absolutely fucking amazing! Please do more, this login is honestly perfection! Keep it up!! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: We need a new champ like Discordia
League should take literally nothing from smite. That game is so horendous.
Rioter Comments
: @Reav3 is there going to be a new champion roadmap anytime soon?
My guess is next Monday, and then a Champion Reveal on Tuesday?
: List of beings on Runeterra
{{champion:24}} is a non-human race of his own that used to live near Icathia called the Kohari And Galio can actually fit alongside Orianna, Zac and Blitzcrank as a 'golem,' as that can apply to scientific, mechanical as well as magical golems
: Riot,DON'T change apparently "oversexualized" champions.
So I do agree that Miss Fortune seems fine on her own, as her sexiness fits her character as a charming, 'dangerous beauty' kind of gal. However, I think some Champions are a little...bizarre in how sexy they are. Like there are few Champions that I think can actually pull off the sexy vibe: {{champion:21}} {{champion:28}} and {{champion:103}} However, why is it that we have A mating-season obsessed stripper cougar lady {{champion:76}} A steampunk hooker {{champion:51}} And a sexy salad {{champion:143}} {{champion:69}} I feel is fine, since she has an interesting dynamic where she thinks that her snake-butt makes her a hideous monster now {{champion:60}}, though I don't agree with it, does actually use her sexuality in-lore {{champion:7}} is interesting and iconic, but she has literal BDSM gear. Personally I always interepreted her as dressing like that because she revels in her eternal youth and beauty.
: well currently riot has teased the pool party {{champion:142}} so there bound to be more with that skin line
Rumors are that Zoe is planned to have a matching skin alongside Aurelion Sol, her pet space dragon. Pool Party {{champion:136}} ? Little beach balls and water effects? Maybe a more cartoony-style sun for sunshine?
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