: 2018 Lore Tournament! (Vote for your favorite stories of the year)
Frozen Hearts was really cute and a great way to show off Nunu's character and his relationship with his mom. However I feel like it was just kind of...there. Nothing really interesting happened other than Nunu's mom telling him small stories and how the Notai live and stuff. "An Explorer's Journey" however confirmed a sudden revelation that Zaun was originally a Shuriman settlement and that there is a huge catacomb of Shuriman treasures in the deepest, darkest parts of the city. The story itself was also a hell of a lot more entertaining and exciting, coupled with some nice pieces of art too! All in all, my vote is Explorer's Journey.
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: Showerthought: It's going to be awkward as hell if Riot reworks a champ that shows up in the comics.
If they anyone is going to be majorly depicted in the comics, they probably won't be a direct translation from Game to Comic, allowing a very possible VU (Ashe doesn't even look the exact same in the comics either, she's wearing _pants_ for crying out loud, it's a miracle!). On the other hand, if people really feel *that* connected to a Champion who appears in a comic, Riot would probably try to keep the essence of that interpretation of the champion when they get reworked.
: Anybody else miss league's old aesthetics?
: A YouTuber known as Necrit some interesting points on this matter. https://youtu.be/C0oEvk8znAE?t=100
> [{quoted}](name=Gold Light,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=t3zN5cvV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-20T21:51:05.804+0000) > > A YouTuber known as Necrit some interesting points on this matter. > https://youtu.be/C0oEvk8znAE?t=100 Please no. Necrit even got the Shapeshifters so incorrect. It was explicitly stated that Shapeshifters are just Vastaya who have more diluted blood, allowing them to shift between a 'human' appearance and their more bestial one.
: for some more diversity can we get a biracial champion
{{champion:555}} Is actually bi-racial in a sense. His father is a Serpent Isle native (think pacific islander, like Illaoi), while his mother was an outsider possibly from the Freljord.
Vartius (EUNE)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Vartius,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Bv4397yE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-20T21:07:04.243+0000) > > Meh, it doesn't seem to sexist. Neeko seems to have a this kind of I-think-I-say personality and is very cheeky about it. > It's also probably not very nice to turn into someone of the opposite gender, especially when you're not attracted to it. > > It's also worth pointing out that: a) while it is a stereotype that men are stinky and ugly, it is one that's often used in a humorus manner. > B) most of league champions definitely stink and would be unattractive (even in a non-sexual way) to a teen. > > > EDIT: but I guess that if people find it too mean it could be removed or redirected - maybe towards one specific champion or to the ones that are deemed stinky. Yea sure, it's humorous to use the male stereotype of smelly and ugly, but if anyone makes a joke about any FEMALE stereotypes it's suddenly a huge political debate. Mind you, IIRC, there is not a SINGLE CHAMPION in League who makes any sorta of comments on the female gender as Neeko does. In fact, 90% of the roster don't even have any gender-specific voicelines at all. I like Neeko and all, but some of her voicelines are really pushing it. I love that she's our first openly LGBT Champion, but some of this just makes it look slapped on. If we are actually going to keep these quotes "Because they're in a humorous manner," it'd only be fair if we get something similar on the opposite side of the spectrum; jokes about women (innocent ones please, nothing that devalues or objectify women), but even that won't go very far considering how much of a controversey that'd be.
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HellBell (EUW)
: Unpopular opinion: Neeko’s character feels kinda offensive.
EXACTLY MY THOUGHT. I think it's cool that Neeko is lesbian. What I don't like is that it seems a little...superficial.
: I feel like Neeko is half of a LeBlanc Rework.
TBF, I think LeBlanc should be a more clone focused champion. Personally I liked her before her revert so I want something similar to that. Maybe with MORE CLONES.
: Symbolizing the champions and reworks this year so far.
Aatrox can be more "Oblivion" He fights specifically so he can one day end the universe along with himself, he even talks about oblivion quite a few times.
: Getting in to the Lore: Bilgewater Guide (Unofficialish)
: Music "Expanded" Universe
The Pentakill lore is more of a fiction written by the Pentakill Band WITHIN the music universe to promote their new album.
: Regarding Eclipse Leona's interactions...
Is Omen of the Dark included? She talks about stories of their kingdom, but Coven Lissandra and Blade Queen Lissandra are both in the same universe?
: Wait a second, where does PENTAKILL fit in the K/DA AU canon?
It seems perfectly reasonable that the 'dark metal-land' was a fiction created by Pentakill WITHIN the universe that K/DA is in.
: So Paladins now has a Genderswap skin
: Should we consider Blood Lord Vladimir his canonical look?
I think Blood Lord Vladimir is suppose to be Vladimir but at a sort of '100% power form.' It's kind of neat considering Blood Magic originates from the Darkin, which is why Blood Lord Vladimir has Darkin-esque armor.
: 80s Neon Skinline
I would absolutely love this! I already like the modern pop aesthetic with the K/DA skins, a neon 80s skin would be even better! Maybe have their splash art something along the lines of this https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/146759880552656387/6D2A4999A35B58D7DAD59CD48387271E53D14A26/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside%7C637%3A358&composite-to=*,*%7C637%3A358&background-color=black
: What can a demon do in the void world?
Demons can't go on a killing spree in the Void if theres literally nothing to kill. The Void is nothingness, a concept so terrifying that even super powerful celestial gods can't even really 'enter' it without being eviscerated.
: When Kayn beats Rhaast is he still Darkin?
When Kayn wins over Rhaast, he technically KILLS him iirc, as stated by a Rioter in a dev blog on Kayn.
Kerfoogle (OCE)
: Runeterra Map Options
These updates don't disappear though. Everything from the Ryze update has stayed, some of it even got new artwork, and I'd imagine they'll keep Ezreal''s notes as well
: Kayle & Morgana Lore : An All Female Angel Society
What in god's name did I just read. When the fuck did Kayle and Morgana's **GENDER** ever become a major part of their character?!?!?
: Who or what is faster? Aurelion sol or a rocket?
Aurelion Sol. Like honestly, no competition.
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: I stopped caring when all the god-like creatures came out
: Imagine if some dude came in here and wrote this about a female champions butt lmao...
You say that {{champion:39}} as if {{champion:28}} they haven't {{champion:145}} already {{champion:84}}
: I wish Ezreal's butt would be nicer
I'm 90% sure that Ezreal is built like Tom Holland https://i.imgur.com/xV41WEb.jpg ;^ ) One of the reasons I absolutely love Ezreal now.
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: Speaking as a former resident of Nottingham... this skin confuses me... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
> [{quoted}](name=Scathlocke,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=3PxwAOKz,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-04T21:29:46.314+0000) > > Speaking as a former resident of Nottingham... this skin confuses me... > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} honestly at this point just rename Nottingham to Ezreal Lightfeather :^)
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: Battle Of The Brains: Which Piltovan Youth is The Smartest.
Isn't the rivalry more {{champion:81}} vs {{champion:245}} ...? Caitlyn isn't even young on the same level as Ezreal.
: I see the list is still missing Kha'zix...
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: I guess it would be cool to have her play a bit of a bigger role in the story. Right now she's just kind of a random huntress hanging around. Maybe she could she could be, like, a protector of Kumungu or something?
This The entire East of the southern continent is completely unexplored and I'd like Nidalee to somewhat be the 'face' of the Kumungu jungles. Aside from that, other champions associated with the jungles are {{champion:143}} {{champion:427}} & {{champion:107}} to an extent, maybe even throw in a new Champion?
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: Riot, Bard is Displeased
{{champion:427}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:516}}
: We need a new Demacian champ who is patriotic yet crazy.
What I hope for is a Demacian Villain of sorts, someone who is essentially Anti-Demacian and represents Demacia's cruel and vicious punishments and strict laws, like an escaped prisoner :^)
: Does Anybody Actually Like Demacia?
People often point out Demacia's cons, which is understandable, but I personally see just as many pros in Demacia to match them with Noxus. Demacia is very unity-oriented, in the idea that everyone in Demacia is considered a Demacian, and every Demacian deserves a chance at a good life. Where Noxus has CONSTANT inner-conflicts with city-states and territories rebelling or outright causing a large scale war, Demacia is pretty unified and they all share a common ideal to treat one another with care (as seen in For Demacia, for instance). Sure patriotism can be seen as a negative to some, but in Demacia's case it's a very key part of their culture. Along with that, Demacian's aren't *all* assholes. You mention Lux and Lucian to be the only Demacians that aren't assholes, but that's simply not true. Galio is the jolliest stone guardian despite having some mellow undertones, Poppy is pretty innocent, Quinn simply wants to do her duty in honor of her twin brother and even Garen is a very honorable and kind soldier who has an ideal that none of his soldiers should ever be left behind, he was even willing to have his memory wiped in order to save a rookie soldier in his color story. Now VAYNE on the other hand...THAT'S a pretty bad cookie. And most of all, Demacia's just in general one of the most sustainable landscapes in all of Runeterra, which is why they're so secluded from everyone else. They are perfectly fine living within their own walls, with plenty of fertile ground and natural resources to sustain the people.
Drawxne (NA)
: If Nunu can be renamed to Nunu & Willump, why can't Varus be renamed to Vaarus?
On a more serious note: Why note Quinn & Valor? Their title, "Demacia's Wings," implies two champions, and they were initially named Quinn & Valor, but it had to be removed due to technical issues in the old client.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Kai’Sa should receive a Zaun like skin to represent Husk
Chemtech Kai'Sa would be badass! Maybe even one for Camille too? But IDK, I feel like people would rather have this as a Kai'Sa skin as not *too* much of it can fit Camille.
: A wild guess about Bandle City and Bard
My personal theory is that maybe Bard 'made' yordles? Or at least introduced them to our physical realm. When seeing how the portals to Bandle City line up, I jokingly stated "Lol Bard made Yordles confirmed". Now...if you really do think about it...that wouldn't be *too* out of character for Bard.
: I think that he should get more lines, but have them be short and very... _'Rammus'_, y'know? No more than three words for the greater part of his quotes, at the very least- Things like, "Okay", "Yeah", "Alright", "Yeah, alright", "Rollin'", "I'm rollin' alright", etc. He could use more depth with his VO, though, so they'll have to execute on that nicely somehow- He could say short/minimal sentences with some narrative or contextual depth to them: "Shurima's fall was necessary, alright."
This, and maybe he can have a focus on being monosyllabic when he talks, primarily when he interacts with other Champions? Like his interaction with Rek'Sai can just be "hmmmph...Bad" or something to indicate he doesn't like her. Or as an interaction with Taliyah: "Rock," etc. Don't expect too many indepth interactions, primarily just jokes as that fits Rammus's character perectly.
: ... Since when was Nunu and Willump badass?
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SatomiKun (EUW)
: I am not a fan of Demacia either, but when it comes to a inquisitors archetype, that kind of character would most likely fit best into Demacia. And it would give more emphasis on the evil side of that faction, just like Ekkos release back then was supposed to show us that there are still good people living in Zaun.
Iirc, there is a type of profession in Demacia that specializes in dealing with magical phenomonans in people as seen in Lux's story. An "Annuler" i believe. They basically do weird medical 'cures' for magic, which can maybe fit in an Inquisitor?
Flemman (EUW)
: As Kayle skin will be worked on during her rework, should riot "crimson Akali" unmasked Kayle
Actually, I would prefer it more if they "Human Ryze" the skin rather than "Crimson Akali." I'm not certain on what her lore is going to be like after her rework, but I'd imagine that Unmasked can easily be reworked into a "Young Kayle" skin in a sense, maybe even "Human Kayle" if she actually ends up being a celestial being.
: One funny thing about Lissandra's story
The idea that the three of them can communicate at ALL baffles me. I can't take the idea of the three sisters arguing seriously because of that lmao. Real talk though; maybe Lissandra talks to them through their dreams in a sense? Like telepathy? It's mentioned that she prefers to communicate through dreams, so maybe?
: Skinwalkers would be one other type.
So, Freljordian shapeshifters of sorts? Like Frey, who can turn into a big wolf? EDIT: Was Brand's mother a Skinwalker? Or was she just a mage?
EdgeLady (NA)
: If they're intending to make her more anti-villainous than someone like {{champion:60}}, then her current bio really needs a rewrite to emphasize that she's still a manipulative, power-hungry villain. There's way too much emphasis on the Watchers and her not working with them.
This exactly. Her bio talks more about her conflict with the Watchers and they only brush over Lissandras true intentions and her power as ruler of the Frostguard.
: Isn't this the exact definition of an anti-hero? They do bad things for good reasons. That is an anti-hero.
"For good reasons". It's mainly for her own survival rather than for some benevolent ideal.
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