: Attention those in California (Server Move Question)
im in washington, anacortes, and my last game gave me my new average, which is 70, and a lovly bundle of ping spikes, which were 4000 to 2000
: honestly it could be Riot's servers are not powerful enough or it could also be the american infrastructure which is frankly pitiful. you can get a better broadband in italy than in most parts of USA, and it's not like italy is a technologically leading country.
italy is also really small in comparison
: I've said it ever since I first was allowed on the PBE; the PBE is not a good place to judge live balance. I've played Garen for about five years and after testing the juggernaut changes I figured his win rate would bump up from 48% to 49 or 50%. As we all know this didn't happen. Everyone makes mistakes, and given the wildly different meta (or partial lack there of) on the PBE everything that comes off of it should come with a "results may vary" tag on it. Mistakes are part of the learning experience. I really hope CertainlyT didn't intend for that bit quoted to sound the way it does, because it reads as if he is trying to shift blame away from the balance team and onto the testers. I'll say it again, mistakes happen, and no one is truly to blame for an honest mistake. Changes were made, feedback was given, and it was a bad fit for the live server environment so future corrections will likely happen. End of story. There's no need for finger pointing. We're all adults here after all. And if you didn't mean it this way CertainlyT let me be the first to say I'm sorry for jumping to this conclusion.
what really sucks for the balance team is that only people who care about the champion in the first place will bother responding, researching, or testing them out. making balance hard as perceptions shall be skewed
: ***
this comment is slightly incoherent, i cant tell what your trying to say here
: tfw nobody listened to me when i said Skarner was incredibly powerful. I take responsibility for Garen though. He is definetly stronger than anyone expected. Whats the context on that quote, anyway? Is CertainlyT saying the Mordekaiser players were right all along? Or that they were (and still are) incorrect?
this is a quote that i found on surrender@20 that was talking about mordekaisers state of balance. it has been eating at me all week and i finally decided to act on it
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Sinlaire (NA)
: i thought yorick got his pentakill skin recently
they remodeled it a bit but he already had it, in fact all of the pentakill skins were already made way back
: can someone explain me please the pun or w/e "new phone who dis" is? i'm no native speaker...
it is a joke that simply states that your opinion means literally nothing to them, for a literal translation the quote is made by someone who has recently changed phones but has not added your number to their contacts
: Yeah that is.....hard to draw :3 These were actually my first wings I have drawn.
yeah feathers can be a b*tch, you eather have to go full out with the detail or not at all and make a good scribble of it
: Braum, Leo, and Alistar are your only supports who can get tanky enough to fill a "tank" role and still play support. Until the enemy team picks Janna or Morgana and shuts down your bot lane (And your tank) You don't "Need" a tank, but you gotta play the comp. Most team compositions would heavily benefit from some beef.
{{champion:223}} i do declare that you foresight may be faulty
: * avoid getting hit by the true damage ability * invest in sustain over tankiness so that the %hp is less effective and you can recover quickly * if they are squishy true damage dealers, blow them up so they have less time to do damage * if they are tanky, they probably aren't hyper mobile so peel them off and deal with their teamates first if possible * if their true damage is dependant on some gimmick, actvely work to deny them that gimmick (darius blood stacks, fiora vital angels, vayne 3 single target hits, keep garen off the 'villain') * itemize against the non true damage portion of their kit so that they don't do any real damage outside of the true damage * out menouver them on the map with splitpushing, rotations, traps, etc. instead of just dueling them * Outplay thier kits instead of just hitting them woth yours and leting them hit you and hoping that you have more stats etc.
its angles instead of angels but i actually like your name for it better
: I know, I know. One guy got righteous vengeance. One guy got patriotic might. One guy got a _spectral dragon_. One guy got a rock. It's really ironic that the guy who got the rock ended up beating everyone's ass with it.
i am replying to this only to use it later i love it
2Behold (NA)
: Tahm Regurgitate Bug
i have had this happen even with champions prettttty bad bug there
umbraˉ (NA)
: Why Did Zed Cross The Street?
cause he is bugged atm and is getting fixed, check the data before you post
Solideus (EUNE)
: @Riot, @Ironstylus. Model size/character height consistency pass?
this would be nice, mainly because several of the human champions are absolutely puny even in comparison to yordles (morgana and kayle come to mind)
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Zavant (NA)
: Leer, the Savage Queen
quick check at the kit suggest she has large arms, a powerful jaw, and strong legs, maybe a more primal or specialized variant of udyr's mystic training? also drop the fox part, look elsewhere for inspiration on that note
: Give me ideas and tips!
you have listed two of the champions i despise, but despite that, you really just gotta look at a champion and think "what color would this champion look cool in?" then you have to find a reason or common theme to justify your want for that champion to be that color. also look at their equipment, what could be used in replacement of that weapon? What are the champions abilities? Could they be described in a different manner for the same effect? I hope you find an answer in my reply, and good luck! also {{champion:114}} can go and die in a hole like the worm she is
: [champion concept] Nim'req - the void parasite
holly crap use that ult on sions corpse have fun killing him three times nerrrrrd also that shield is nice but the spread effect is unecccisary
: League's Knight Champion?
i wanna see an on foot lance knight with these three moves: charge: medium fast dash in a direction that knocks enemy to the side and slows(aka draven stand aside for melee) sidestep: a short dash (2/3rd lucian range) in any direction that gives him a temp buff of some sort, idk if attackspeed buff or something else sweep (maybe): swings lance in an arc in front of him slowing enemies and applying armorshred(not sure if this should be replaced)
Traxicus (NA)
: [Champion] Jovah, the Keeper of the Forest
i love this champion, thematically i think he would be slow as hell, like swain levels of slow. i really wanna take him toplane for some reason
: Well here is my list of : **"Stupid Possibilities"** {{champion:85}} Killed the elder because the elder was actually evil, and breaking the Balance. He says "I'm the WIND" and Yasuo hates him... so Its possible. Also tempests, have wind and water aside from Thunders... and he is the "Heart of the Tempest" not "the heart of the thunders" or something like that. {{champion:40}} was a Zaunite, Zaunites supported Noxus during the war against Ionia.... so... she maybe... went to the war and killed the elder with her wind magic... after that, she realized that Zaun was wrong and went to Piltover {{champion:157}} likes to drink sake... Sake is an alcoholic beverage. So, he drank so much sake that he got drunk... and then he killed the elder while was drunk... so, he doesn't remember. or maybe someone controlled his mind or who knows. Ao Shin killed the elder, because he is an Ionian dragon of wind. No one killed the elder, he committed suicide using a wind technique. A common air breeze killed the elder by accident. The elder is not dead, people just hates Yasuo... so, they said that the elder was dead as a pretext to kill him.
for the comment on yasuo and drinking i do believe i remember a rioter saying that he actually drinks milk out of his sake jug
: Ask Skarner, The Crystal Vaguard
((removed for clutter))
: Ask Skarner, The Crystal Vaguard
((removed for clutter))
: Ask Skarner, The Crystal Vaguard
Dear Skarner, Do not mind my previous comment on your schematics, they do not concern you at this point, and honestly are due for an upgrade. As I watch time slide, I have devised yet another set of queries for you to think upon. Query #1: How capable are you at digging? And at what speed can you burrow at? Query #2: what is the chemical compound of the liquid crystal that you generate for suppression? Lab tests were not able to reproduce the effect in a coherent form. Also, how would you describe the effects of your crystal poisen on various targets or matters? *ERROR INPUT NOT REGISTERED* Eturnus
: Ask Skarner, The Crystal Vaguard
Bumping for posterity
: Ask Skarner, The Crystal Vaguard
((Just gonna let you know, I've favorited this page and will quite likely be a regular here)) Dear Skarner, At this point I have two questions for you; they read as follows. Query #1: Exactly how varied is the Brakken gene pool, if "gene" is even the right word. Does your species follow the same limb distribution per quota or is each of your kind custom made Query #2: How good are your Actual claws at fine motor functions? You schematics opted to remove them.. Curious as always, The T-Hex-C P.S. Call me Eturnus, my official title, after public tests, has been shown as a little tedious to write
: Ask Skarner, The Crystal Vaguard
Can you explain to us uninformed how you are able to quickly generate a second layer of crystal so quickly? And if I'm not being too proding, what do you eat? As curious as always, The T-Hex Core
: Ask Skarner, The Crystal Vaguard
((I'm BAAAAACK! Derp)) Dear Skarner, As the reality of Rek'sai comes to the outside world, I would like to ask if you have had problems with her in the past. As I far as I'm aware, you are far larger than her. ((Awkward sentence but you compare his splash art to her cinematic Skarner is far larger)) Sincerely, the Temporal Hex Core
: Random firewall error kept me and a friend out of game
The fire wall thing is a result of a specific type of ddos and appears when someone in your game uses malicious software to cause you to crash and be unable to join the game
: Ask Skarner, The Crystal Vaguard
((Ack sorry, my bad about that, wasn't trying to force a role on to you. Glad to see the Skarner chat open and will have a proper question up soon.)) P.s. Good reaction time btw
: Ask Skarner, The Crystal Vaguard
What did victor offer you in exchange for him to take your body and use it as he will? As I understand it viktor prefers willing candidates for his evolution -One with the Temporal Hex Core
: Give riot a hand on the cho goth change 4.21
Although, with the increased cd of his ult it now shaves only around 10 seconds of the ult timer compared to live at max cdr
: What do YOU want from a Cho'gath update?
Cho'Gath was my first champion, and while his kit is "ok" as is, i feel like there is some room for improvement or just change to his kit in general. ill list out a few things that i feel that could be usefull in his kit. (none of these concepts are made to work with each other, just random ideas) 1. a GAPCLOSER, seriously, everyone and their uncle has a gapcloser(or movespeed buff) or something: i just... i donno... maybe make his q a burrow ability that has him travel to the targeted area that ends with a knockup. but his original q range is massive. hmmm, it would be the a bit op, like tristana's jump (he can literally just leave the idea where he goes.) 2. maybe more power behind his ult, scales his abilities power or form as he grows. larger q radius or larger shout radius. 3. i feel like his scream in general needs love, maybe a range aspect at stacks 3, a fear aspect at level 6.
: The silent foot steps
intresting concept, thats all i got
Teebs13 (NA)
: Turrets are literally Peashooters with actual bullets!
i personally think that the turrets should SLIGHTLY bump their staff every time they fire a round. just that slight touch would add some oomph to the tower's majesty
: No game engine is required. It's just the camera flip.
There was a mod that, while is now defunked, was specifically made to rotate the camera while you played the game, and it felt quite native honestly. while i do understand the concern of this mod, as it also gave the ability to zoom the camera out until the entire map was on screen. but i used it only to rotate the camera on the x axis, and it was quite enjoyable actually
Morello (NA)
: [Skarner follow-up] New passive direction - what are your thoughts?
i know this may be asking for to much, but do you think you could find the time to change the particles on his skins? mainly the sandscourge skin, which i don't even own. it just looks wrong for that skin, which is very organic, to be bursting with crystals. BRIGHT BLUE crystals.Even a simple recolor would be preferable to that... awkwardness i feel like im a teenager in that skin, acting all tough then popping my tricks, just to be showing how unrefined and immature i really am.
7 V (NA)
: So have I{{champion:412}}
actually Thresh has gotten his third skin already.


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