: should they what? Make a new PVE mode? because yes Nerf pantheon E.............. nah
it'll be fire, to have a game mode dungeon with league characters, get items at the end of the rounds like odyssy but more champs and different bosses. Or a mode where its 4 lanes? a circle in the middle ( baron/rift pit ) opens at the top and bottom, to the sides of the pit the 2 mid lanes in a sense, 2 outer lanes, 1 jg so they can finesse how the jg would be, have 2 dragon spawn points but they dont spawn in at the same time and its always random just for the unpredictability. idk, they need to spice up the game a lil ,rift is dope, but i wanna see something new, TFT is cool but i want something rift like but more intense. and panth needs that E nerf lol
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Keyoshi (NA)
: Shen is weak,
my only issue is his Q is AP, i feel it should be AP/AD, building titanic hydra which is health based dmg, while tank items only provide armor+health, there isnt any hybrid items so you can get health+Def+AP, maybe health+def+someAD, but the move isnt AD so you can't even have shen do much, kite lane to win, but he can be buff by this 1 thing, the change from AP to AP/AD and that'll allow his Q to do a bit more dmg instead of going AP then his E wont get any benefit from it cause his E is AD. RIOT PLS FIX!
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