: LeBlanc Design vs. Lore
It's an older champion that had lore written out a long time ago, when she had nothing to do with all this government stuff. It's just a matter of an older champion getting new stories but nothing else, which is really good for story driven characters, but as you can see, is really messing with LeBlanc. A part of me really wishes she could get a VGU, and this is only 1 of the many reasons why.
: Im sure u are as familiar as I am with the kind of backlash Riot gets either for changing the wrong thing or just changing a lot of things in general. B/c Noct is SO tied with with Fear in pretty much every aspect of every part of him, id really like to hear your points as to why Noct should be made into a demon of wrath rather than a demon of fear. Noct is a pretty old champion as in Fiddle, so in both cases their design is basically really bad when compared to their current standard. Noct has those blades because they make it very easy for people using old computers with low graphic specs to tell where the dmg is coming from: the blades are a different color from him, are big, and have a shiny white edge. Also they look cool, and kinda scary if u don't really think about what they mean for design, b/c honestly they don't fit his Lore old or current at all. Also anyone can have blades on them that isn't going to make anyone think they should be affiliated with anything. If you wanted a weapon to represent Wrath well: Nothing says rage like beating someone to near death and causing blunt-force trauma. When someone really wants to hurt someone else and has the ability to overpower their enemy u can bet they will throw away most other weapons that will get the job done too quickly and start pounding away with their bare fist, or if there’s a blunt object handy, maybe a lead pipe or a very big very heavy wrench. Do some research on the Aztecs and why they used the macuahuitls, it has something to do with fearing their patron god anger and war. It was a weapon not for ending the fight quickly but for causing the opponent as much pain and bleeding as possible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hu%C4%ABtzil%C5%8Dp%C5%8Dchtli https://www.quora.com/If-the-seven-deadly-sins-had-weapons-to-represent-them-which-weapons-would-you-choose now look u CAN argue that my research was surface lvl but all I want to say is that if u wanted a weapon that SPECIFICALLY represents wrath there are better weapons than a simple blade, or rather arm mounted blades. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDRaVOx-22M
Ugh, these are some of my favorite weapons! Does that say something about me? {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Im sure there is a pretty gud chance that both may in up as "demons" in someway or another even if I want Fiddle to end up as something slightly different. So if they as u say both end up as demons, then it would actually be a very bad idea to continue the 7 deadly sins trope, because even IF Tahm and eve were being counted (tho that would just be a misunderstanding by shoving their nuances under the carpet), they take up Lust and Greed/Gluttony, and that leaves Envy, Pride, and Wrath, and niether Fiddle nor Noct fit into those theme, there are other champions who would actually fit better rather than trying to shoehorn Fiddle or Noct into those themes. Nautilus and Pyke (lol can't believe u said Puke) actually have a situation that makes the reason why their lores are similar believable. They are both from Bilgwater a location that is known for having cut-throat people regularly sail out on ships together. In that type of society its actually pretty believable that people dying out at sea at the hands of others cutting their chains/lines/ropes and leaving them to die. Heck people dying out at sea in the times of our OWN world during the age of Whaling or Pirates (the types of times Bilgewater is kinda reminiscent of) was a common occurrence. Its just the fact Runeterra has magic that has allowed a few like Naut and Pyke to come back. But funnily enough even though their lore is similar you would find it a bit harder to confuse their theme or role in the game, compared to Noct and Fiddle. This is why getting Noct and Fiddle's theme right is MUCH more important, because in the lore we don't know their origin that well, they are both enigmas, and they both can play the game in similar roles as ambushing junglers. The fact that one is AP and the other is AD isn't enough of a difference. Thus we have to rely on Riot getting their theme and thus their Lore right meaning we need a clear difference.
Lmao, autocorrect done really got me with Puke. I hope you carry this new meme with you everywhere. I think you're right in that the 7 deadly sins trope could be fitting of other champs rather than Fiddle or Noct. That said, those are sins in _our_ world. Runeterra taboo and the subsequent emotions they cause could be weighed differently. For instance, in a world with strong factions, being selfish in the face of the many in cases like betrayal or abandonment could be viewed as terrible things by the likes of Demacia or Frejlord tribes, whereas sloth could be viewed more like a disease akin to mental struggles. The start of the connections are there, and the other two demons "food" of pain and dispair could be expanded on instead. Could Nocturne feast on fear and Fiddle on anxieties? Maybe even consuming happiness a la Dementor could be in order. (Side note, just realized Nocturne does kinda resemble a dementor. Probably not coincidence.) In the end, it could be very 7DS-_esque_, but I wouldn't want a 1:1 of those concepts displayed. Swapping certain traits of the horrors we face in our world and the underlying causes of such taboo is definitely needed.
: Fiddle is more of a backcountry legend than a demon of fear i think, and this really has a lot to do with his current lore and his visuals, while Tahm and Eve both look like organisms, Fiddle really just looks like some spirit took over a scarecrow, as such and very much due to the fact that Noct exist i think a disservice to Noct and Fiddle to make Fiddle a demon of fear rather than a rural legend; the sort of thing that farmers at the edge of civilization bring up when they are talking about someone else disturbing a old burial ground to start a farm. And for Fidd's lore he was accidentally summoned, that also sounds like a potential rural legend, probs something like this: Some Farmer tries to summon a golem to chase off bird or other people but then notices the scarecrow moves on its own when he isn't giving it order or something like that. it should also be pointed out that many confuse Tahm and Eve's purpose or rather what they hunger for/feed on. While Tahm does indeed mostly use human's greed, he feed on their despair, and while Eve uses lust, she feeds on pain. In both of their cases, they use a certain human desire as a vehicle to obtain the MOST despair or pain from a single target. But they are WHOLLY capable of using other means to an end to obtain what they want. This is made evident in one of Tahm's color stories: instead of using Greed he convinces a person to lie as they float down a river, but ultimately their lies cause them to be isolated, and Tahm feeds on their despair in this case. Riot has no intention to remake the 7 deadly sins in league this is just a case of people misunderstanding a few things. Noct isn't going to made into a demon for wrath, if they did Noct players would be in an uproar. Noct is clearly about fear because thats what nightmares are all about. They will find a way to rework Fiddle w/o stepping on Noct's toes. Noct is the living nightmare Fiddlesticks is basically the "experiment" gone horribly wrong.
Fair enough, though I'm still in belief that Fiddle, Noct, and Shaco will be "retconned" into demons, though not necessarily as I've stated. The 7 deadly sins was just the closest thing in our world that translates well to the other demons, but doesn't have to fit 1:1. That just begs the question of exactly what direction Riot will take the two of them lore wise, because they certainly have a little overlap, which isn't inherently a bad thing. (Nautilus and Puke come to mind.)
: Nocturne's lore and rework ideas
I believe Nocturne is one of the demons in League, similar to Tahm and Evelynn. If those two represent greed and lust respectively, that leaves room for a demon of fear. However, with Fiddlesticks being a fear champion himself and his update pending, it's hard to say. They've already decided they want to drive Fiddle into a jumpscare, more terrifying version of himself. I'm pretty sure Fiddlesticks is also a demon, and most likely for fear, especially with him being updated long before Nocturne. But, as nightmares go, I don't think he'd be a bad candidate for a demon of wrath, akin to the mild '7 deadly sins' theme going on. I expect he should be a stronger diver, with new tools to scare enemies away from each other so he can single then out and maul them with blades. Just my thoughts on the living nightmare!
: Naming New Champions
I've done a few champion concepts, and the best thing that works for me is to use a combination of naming tactics. First I'll decide what just _sounds_ right. Rolls off the tongue and pops in your head. Then I take to translators. Translating adjectives to various languages helps to find something more unique. If you can't find fun adjectives, I find Thesaurus.com to be incredibly useful. Then I start reworking the name. Mashing translated names, adjusting spelling and pronunciation, swapping letters. Even randomly translating the Frankenstein name to see how it works. In the end you get names like **_Atillok_**, which roughly means darkness slayer. It's badass, but has an air of mystical origins to it.
dattista (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rowan Your Boat,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Rxtqcpmh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-02T10:11:28.308+0000) > > It got reworked a couple patches ago. You now have to get a takedown during ulti to get the revive but it doesnt say that in the ability bio, it says that when you take lethal dmg you revive with 30% hp
That's why it's important to read patch notes and ability descriptions _in game_.
: > [{quoted}](name=2 Weezy Baby,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=l0AA6sH1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-02T14:38:03.167+0000) > > Help push 1st and 2nd wave. If enemy recalls AND your lane is pushing then help push. If they recall and your lane is NOT pushing then don't touch the wave. Also if you don't help cs under tower you might as well just uninstall. Don't be mean to me, I just want to learn :(
> [{quoted}](name=How Do You Meta,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=l0AA6sH1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-02T14:59:21.148+0000) > > Don't be mean to me, I just want to learn :( Most enchanters are really good at bringing caster minions down to just the right health for last hitting under tower, which works well if your ADC actually understands what you're doing.
: Malphite Rework Concept
Something about this just feels very natural. The E isn't my favorite, but it's still nicely suitable for the big rock. I'd love to see Malphite become a true tank again, with a big play on the Immovable Object concept. Love that he'd mostly be very similar to his current kit as well. Like something fresh, but without completely removing his old identity.
Rioter Comments
: Skins In 2019; potential hint to Legendary VS. Event?
Well, Zed is confirmed to have his own Marvel comic coming out, which will be after another multi part series about Lux and Garen. Considering it'll probably come later in the year, I wouldn't be surprised if they would give them Legendary skins to coincide.
: Kayle rework and where it stands?
The next Champion Roadmap is coming shortly, withing the next week or two, and Kayle and Morgana are up next, so I'm assuming we'll get a small teaser, and they'll finally be released around 9.4-9.5
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: New champion reveal, crazy thought I had
It's actually super obvious that LeBlanc is the 3rd one. Swain even knows it, and LeBlanc knows that he knows it, and they're both playing each other. It's a mind fuck, but the balance of Noxus is teetering on the fact that neither wants to act up and ruin the whole thing for the country, because then they would both lose Noxus and it's people.
: Whenever a teammate shows her passive, it means they're under 40% hp and the ult will do the maximum amount of healing <3 {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Yeah, but they have to be within a certain range for the passive to show up, so across the map you couldn't tell.
: KDA Akali Prestige
Nope. It's technically a different skin altogether.
Meddler (NA)
: Crit item adjustments sometime early next year. Don't have details yet, especially with a lot of folks helping out with All Stars this week. Some individual marksmen changes likely in 8.24b, others in 9.1 and/or 9.2.
Will we potentially see the crit items changed to 25% crit chance like it was discussed a while ago. Would open room to vary their effects a bit more, and would keep them from being a waste when mixed with {{item:3031}}. I know y'all ain't ready to share much, but it's something that was considered after the marksman item changes earlier this year that I'm sure many of us are hopeful for.
: Bought Snowdown Pass, can't claim snowdown tokens.
Same. Bumping up for the visibility.
: Why Ezreal Support isn't just a "Non-meta pick".
These reasons are why I like to play Lissandra support. Doesn't require a huge lead, reliable cc, can initiate or peel, and she's one of the best champs to pick for locking down assassins that would try to jump your teammates. Plus I just love her thematically, and she's satisfying.
: > [{quoted}](name=One Best Gay,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QlWgknKU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-23T12:40:52.782+0000) > > Technically Morgana will also be on that same tier, just paired with an actual VGU. Guess we'll see how it goes after that, but it shows it's not off the table. Morgana and Kayle. They're getting reworked at the same time and probably with an event or somethin to release them.
I should hope we get an event for them.
Sukishoo (NA)
: {{champion:25}} s is a VU really. They even put that on the Riot schedule https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884-Champion-Update-Schedule as just a visual update, so hers isnt quite the same.
They still might ship a slight gameplay change, like a new passive, which they've also stated. Though they're perfectly okay with not changing anything but her looks.
: So Riot, can we expect more Ezreal-tier VGUs?
Technically Morgana will also be on that same tier, just paired with an actual VGU. Guess we'll see how it goes after that, but it shows it's not off the table.
: I thought Taric was the first LGBTQ champ
I mean, I feel he's open to anything naturally beautiful.
R N (NA)
: Golden Chromas and Gemstones
I agree that they're should be more options similar to the Golden Chromas, though 5 Gemstones is a hefty price to pay.
: Get Woke Go Broke:Mistakes have been made by someone higher up.
Weaning out those that legitimately have an issue with a company giving arbitrary trivia about a fictional character is only the first step in the homosexual agenda. Up next, RuPaul will voice Morgana in her VGU.
Bârd (NA)
: The mobility aspect of distortion is something I actually really like, especially because she gets to use it twice. The issue is that it also deals damage, so instead of being encouraged to use Distortion for trickery she uses it to shove herself directly onto her targets face.
Don't gotta nuke your targets; you _are_ the nuke. **_YEET_**
: If you could revert one thing in this game, what would it be?
I want Conquerer gone. Makes tanks fucking useless and it feels like shit to play them. Then Riot tries to buff tanks by giving them more damage instead of the survivability they need.
Terozu (NA)
: That's never happened for a champ tho.
Doesn't mean it's out of the realm of possibility. Only one champion at a time would be released, but then Xayah and Rakan came out together, with matching skins to debut.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Well the reveal is the 19th, so they will go to pbe on the 20th and thus release will be two weeks after that
I honestly think there's a small chance I'll just be a reveal, then live the next day. Between Beemo, the Oddesy event, and the new tech they've made for bug fixing, I really think the extra time on this champ was spent bug testing for a straight up live release. Time will tell though.
smoezoe (NA)
: well now she literally has no passive in solo laning AND she already has a hard time killing people. taking base damage and ap ratios off a champion who already has a hard time solo killing and giving them a passive that requires them to take someone down is pretty nonsensical.
> [{quoted}](name=smoezoe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5fyW37zf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-12T13:52:23.775+0000) > > well now she literally has no passive in solo laning AND she already has a hard time killing people. taking base damage and ap ratios off a champion who already has a hard time solo killing and giving them a passive that requires them to take someone down is pretty nonsensical. Okay, but she doesn't even have to get an assist. She just has to be close enough to the champion that dies, so roaming, something she's good at, is a pretty essential tactic. Not to mention dueling or laning in general isn't supposed to be her strong point. You pick Lissandra for wave clear and her ability to lock someone down with ease. A point-and-click stun that damages and slows other enemies is incredibly powerful.
smoezoe (NA)
: Why is no one talking about Lissandra changes?
They cut her mana costs a lot too, and they said they've got hot fixes planned in case she's on the weak side. Gotta remember that she's going from a passive that did no damage, to one with a relatively high base, a decent ratio, and a slow. We'll just have to wait and see how she goes once live.
: Does Aatrox Passive and Ignite Healing Reduction stack?
They're technically different effects, so in theory they _**should**_ stack. (Grievous Wounds and Mutilation)
: how to make evelynn's stealth beats louder without the summoners rift theme
I think the music is under Ambient sound, so turn "Music" down, and "Ambient Sound" up. My stuff is all medium, but I also love that stealth tempo.
darkdill (NA)
: I'd have picked Janna instead of MF for the Pajama Guardian skin
I would have picked 5 other champions, to get 5 completely different skins.
wolvius (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=One Best Gay,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JX3bQL8R,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-06T18:39:23.015+0000) > > These Skins infuriate me. They're literally just Star Guardian with a different model. Particles, sound effects, recall, and voice are still the same. It's lazy and this effort could have been put into other skin lines for other champs. Riot logic for making them is one the surrender at twenty website, they said they were "inspired" by the fanart for the champs and thought they could some "variation" to the existing skins, Totally doesn't sound like a cash grab. Pisses me off too they could put more time into good theme's for Aurelion and Kled or hopefully skins for champs that haven't had a release in three years, instead A-sol got a mecha skin with the shitest recall of the whole skin line.
> [{quoted}](name=wolvius,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JX3bQL8R,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-06T18:52:53.993+0000) > > Riot logic for making them is one the surrender at twenty website, they said they were "inspired" by the fanart for the champs and thought they could some "variation" to the existing skins, Totally doesn't sound like a cash grab. > Pisses me off too they could put more time into good theme's for Aurelion and Kled etc, instead A-sol got a mecha skin with the shitest recall of the whole skin line. But then they prove they know what they're doing with Camille and Lysandra skins that are fucking amazing, so it's not like they just ran out of ideas.
: I'm torn tbh. I really like Soraka's but I also own her SG skin. I hope there is a sufficient difference.
It's purely a new model. (Though technically a new texture to go over the new model, but it's still 50% the old texture)
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: I fell like theyre very special.. Not everyones case but some will definitely like these :)
I'd feel they were special if they were like, some 5 year old skin line that was nostalgic to the game and were made as a sort of thank you to the community. Like "Oh cool, remember those things they did 5 years ago? We're getting a throwback!" But it's just another marketing scheme, as ridiculously priced as Emotes, and still so soon after the last Star Guardian batch.
wolvius (EUW)
: We got some much needed Lux and Ezreal skins incoming.
These Skins infuriate me. They're literally just Star Guardian with a different model. Particles, sound effects, recall, and voice are still the same. It's lazy and this effort could have been put into other skin lines for other champs.
: Star Guardians in pyjamas.
They better just be some kind of advanced Chroma (But with a different model) for if you already own the skins.
: Don't buy them?
I'm saying the effort could have been put into 5 new skins, for other champs, and for other thematics. It's a huge waste, and it's offensive to anyone other than those the skins cater to.
: https://twitter.com/loleu/status/1059868860524961792
Thank you for the link. Mine was broken.
Rioter Comments
: After re-logging, did you check the bottom of your Ward inventory in My Collection or in Champion Select? From what I can see, you should have the ward skin on your account. If you cannot find if there, please reach out to us through a Support ticket so we can assist you further.
It's happening with the K/DA Ward now too.
ozzzz666 (NA)
: Okay so revitalize does increase the healing when he is unseen, then? I wasn't sure about that either. So does that mean the the Spirit Visage passive works in synergy with that as well?
> [{quoted}](name=ozzzz666,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=36OtTTyu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-30T15:21:52.568+0000) > > Okay so revitalize does increase the healing when he is unseen, then? I wasn't sure about that either. So does that mean the the Spirit Visage passive works in synergy with that as well? For the percent healing, it only make him heal faster. (More health per tic, up to his cap)
: The Hidden, Colorful New Mage - Theories?
I hate to say it, but **hidden** makes it seem like it's gonna be a Yordle. I honestly really don't like Yordles, and I'd kill one for a Klondike Bar, but the hints point to it. Bandle City is a hidden realm only seen by Yordles, or those that know how to find it, and they're typically the jolly, bright natured champs you're supposed to want to hug. (Save for Kled?) With new info on Yordles from the Veigar lore drop, the unlikelyhood of a third Ionia champion this year, (Counting Irelia and Akali VGU's), and the teaser image, it's just got to be. As for the kit, well, it's really up on the air. Jhin had flowers in his teaser, but it's only an aesthetic to his kit, and Zoe had bubbles for a teaser, but she's a celestial mage, not a bubble mage. To me the flower is just a way to throw us off, and that symbol on the ground is probably the super important part. If the champ has anything on it's kit, it'll be stealth/camouflage, and an indicator like that.
Meddler (NA)
: For base Lissandra Thralls will look like the killed champion with a layer of blue ice over the top of them. They'll therefore have the victims model and animations, but the victim's texture will be overridden. Likely we'll change from blue ice to other looks for Lissandra's different skins, haven't had those yet though, been making sure the base and gameplay are right first before committing time that might have to be redone otherwise. 'Thrall' is an old English/Norse word for slave/captive basically, hence the pairing with subjugation.
I think it'd be cool if the models were frozen too. (Thinking Nautilus' famous glitched pose where he doesn't move until certain actions are taken.) Be nice and creepy to see these statues just sliding across the Rift like haunting ice sculptures.
: I can't be sure, but that sounds like an issue I had in the past. Most gaming laptops have both an integrated GPU (leverages your CPU to do graphics processing) and a dedicated GPU (your Nvidia card). I would try to make sure that League of Legends is properly flagged as an application that should use your Nvidia graphics card.
By chance do you know how to go about this? (Some of us aren't very tech savy)
: Glad to hear it. Galio was actually the turning point for 1820 skins, because you'll notice that starting with him, any old 1820 skin has been reworked to be of a standard equal to it's price point (see Nunu Bot).
Before Galio, did any of the big updates even _have_ 1820 skins? Honest question, I can't remember. I know Tristana had Firefighter, but lots of those old champs didn't have a ton of skins to begin with.
EdgeLady (NA)
: New Heimerdinger Skin Ideas?
I'm gonna say that since he already has a winter skin, and he is more than likely to receive the skin before the end of the year, that it might be a Halloween skin. Maybe a la Haunted Zyra theme, with little zombie bots and shoot goo, or maybe something a bit more like Slayer Jinx and Pantheon, with scrapped parts forming a kind of survivor outfit for him. I don't even play Heimer, but the news for a new skin like this is always exciting.
: The game has tons of musics. LoL's YouTube channel have a login screen playlist, I suggest you to go check it out if you haven't yet. Additionally, there are numerous themes that aren't officially released but that you can find on YouTube, like the SR and the Bilgewater map soundtracks.
I find the Bilgewater map theme incredibly similar to the "Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge" theme.
: I have played AP Ezreal with the VGU and think it is similarly powerful to AP Ezreal on live. Don't want to go into too much detail before Ezreal stuff is actually revealed, but I personally believe AP Ezreal players will find AP Ezreal quite satisfying still. :)
Genuinely important question; Does the new Ezreal have any crowd control? I feel like that was an important weakness on his current kit that let him be the powerful kiter he is.
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