: What is this new surrender vote box?
If you ignore it the Yes and No button get abit buggy and you cannot click it but maybe thats just me
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boramine (NA)
: Why is riot attacking me in this game
Stop playing ranked for a little bit maybe a week or two its best to just take a break when this kinda stuff happens
: Riot doesn't care
Welcome to League of Legends the game that sells cheap skins for high prices allows Twitch streamers to win more and lets not forget the not punishing actual rule breakers than to punish you for saying a single bad word Its a Free game guys you expect them to listen to us? We all know deep down no matter how dogshiz it becomes we will still play it. The game will become better if they listen but they will not.
: Add a dodge button during champion select
To make it simple. If Riot cannot take the time to add a "Logout" button then surely a Dodge button wont be coming anytime soon. Do I think its a good idea? Yes. Should it only be used in Ranked? Yes.
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