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Mosesz (NA)
: Riot do something about players saying "gg ez"
If you win the game, they can't say gg ez unless they are complimenting you. Easy fix Next thing you know you'll have people banned for saying GLHF cause that insinuates that luck is involved and not skill therefore making people not try in your ranked game and thus making it not fun.
: Maybe not (I'm skeptical, but maybe not), but males maining female Champions are incredibly common. More common than perhaps females even playing this game in the first place. The guys are the ones making Riot money off of these female skins, not girls (in general; obviously women are buying skins, too, but not nearly in the quantity of men).
yea but with more males than females playing by far and im sure males main female champions, im sure the stats are high, but im not sure about higher maining male champs ( i dont pretend to know the answer to that). but to say that guys buy the skins more is simply because of ratio of male to female players. id like to see a ratio of male to female skin purchasing with proportion to total players of that gender. i have a feeling the females would be higher. i could be wrong and would accept the answer either way, but the curiosity is very high
: it's on purpose cuz they know people will buy the stuff. Attractive women who are already super popular champions + super rare skins? Tell me you didn't see this coming?
: How about we don't make these assumptions. I am a guy and like to play female champions, surely there are more than enough girls out there playing male champions as well.
im not saying i dont play female champions, or that i dont because im male. im just saying patterns and repetitions show statistically.
: This is not an outlier thing. This is just as common as girls maining girl Champions. Perhaps even more so, particular since the majority of League players (so the majority of people paying money for these skins) are male.
females maining champions that are not females it not a super common thing.
Arakadia (NA)
: I mean Riot does influence popularity when they ensure a continuous stream of content for players who play popular champions. Sure people might play Lux or Vayne more, but you also ought to recognize that of course people are going to play Lux or Vayne when they get consistent balance/gameplay/skin/promo/art content and champions like Warwick do not. I'm not saying its all or even mostly Riot's fault, but they most certainly play a role in encouraging what characters are popular.
I totally agree with this. people will play things that get constant updates and new content. its like games. Look at apex legends, games awesome and very well made, however, people stopped playing quickly cause there was no new content. Its how the world works, things get left behind when they dont get alot of attention and champions are the same way.
: The majority of adc's are female, Riot is sexist.
: Yes! Equality!!! So riot can make more women with waists thinner and more breakable than a toothpick!! Women who don’t get masks when their male counterparts do because they have to be pretty all the time!! Why not add another sexy big hipped woman? Surely nobody will ever get tired of that! Yahoo!! Riot hates men we have to oppress the e-girls more!!!!!!!!!
im literally arguing for more male skins. im tired of female skins. maybe you just read the post wrong. ill give you the benefit of the doubt on this dumb comment.
d00mface (EUW)
: Aatrox isn't a pretty boy like Ezreal or Taric, but one of the ugliest champs in the game? That's a bit of a stretch. I'm a little biased, mind you, but I find him attractive in an unconventional way at the very least. While I personally find the base skin more attractive than his blood moon/prestige he (in his splash at least) has arguably more conventionally attractive human features in that skin. The in game model leaves something the be desired in the face area admittedly, but I can tell what they were going for. And while Aatrox certainly has a lot of armor in that skin he also has this "shirt mostly off" kinda thing going on where he shows off his pecs and abs. Something about the way his "shirt" is lightly slipping off of him speaks more toward a "female gaze" of attractiveness rather than the typical macho male fantasy that you might get with a character like this and as a girl who mains Aatrox I can appreciate what they were going for here, intentional or not. I find that attractive, personally. ~~Apologies if your post was sarcasm and I just didn't pick up on it, I just woke up, saw this, and had to defend my man. ~~
oh no, that freaking blood moon aatrox prestige is a hunk
: Not so much that they relate to her, more because she's easy. Despite the fact that all her abilities are skillshots, all you need to do is land your Q and it completely removes the skill aspect from her. Lux is just easy to grasp and understand, as are most support champions(who are mostly female because of the "girls are caring, protective, and motherly" stereotype), and since most girls aren't really hardcore gamers who what to challenge themselves, they're going to want to play easy champions that they can have fun while playing. I don't relate to any of the females in League. I actually despise most of them, Lux included. I like Janna because her VO isn't annoying, Vi because she's a badass, and Taliyah because she's "unattractive". That's it, really.
I really dont like that you generalized female players into being less challenging than male players and also playing easier champions. Im outranked by a good friend of mine who plays female adc's.
: Was in the top Jhin main club in NA for about a year, which is always full and hard to get into. There were quite a few girls in there, myself included. I also hung out with a few of the guys for a while, and one of them had a sister who was a Vel'Koz main. Back when I was trying to get M7 on Janna, I supported quite a few female ADC mains as well, a few of which being Jhins(I know because they bragged about it). Many female players who don't play support/Egirl champions tend to not say anything/show it because people tend to be sexist about it. "Girls can't carry", that sort of shit. Fuck you're whole "looking in a mirror" comment, while a "joke", is another prime example of why we tend not to say anything.
I have to please ask you to refrain from using profanity, that sort of disrespectfulness will not be tolerated here. That aside, i would have said that joke to anyone, whether you be female or male. And not to flame or attack anyone for their player skill level, because we all play at different levels and thats fine, but top mains in NA, is that based off skill level or just hours played on a certain champion? Because i do know that more players exist in the lower tiers and maybe i dont know the representation in those tiers accurately.
: Not really. Girls would still play Lux because she's an "Egirl" champion, and guys are going to play her because she's a hot chick.
so you agree that girls relate to lux and play her more, and in other instances more female champs. I've myself never played a girl champion with the thought that "hey, this champion is sexy." I also play champs that i relate to, even if it is just because i'm male.
: _looks at all the female Jhin mains including myself_ Uh-huh.
looking in a mirror? jokes aside, i dont know many male maining female players. outliers are sure to pop up, but thats how statistics work.
: Riot doesn't decide the popularity of champions, we do by playing them and buying the content made for them. For example, the more we buy Lux skins and play Lux, the more Lux skins we're going to get, because Riot sees that she makes money because she's popular. Stop trying to make it a sexism issue, because its not.
If riot games never made another lux skin, and stopped buffing her beyond repair and started making 4 skins a year for, lets say ekko or another male mage, you would see alot more of them being played. when they constantly release content for a certain champ, people play them.
: Ill be honest aiming for 50/50 gender diversity is stupid regardless of which gender it favours at that moment.
oh for sure lol i agree. i used this argument to state that sometimes the female sides of things are just as buffed up as the males sides.
Infernape (EUW)
: Sexism against men doesn't exist silly ######in case it wasn't obvious, it was sarcasm.
: You sure it's not the other way round? Guys get hot chick skins but grills get nothing
if you watch alot of girl players, they typically pick the female champions due to relating to them in some sort of manor or something like that, i dont know why. therefor having hot champions to play would do no good for them, they pick the female champions more.
: Not everything is sexism, you know. * K/DA was an all female group that was going to get Prestige editions from the start, because they were initially made for them. * Aatrox got reworked, so naturally they'd want to hype it up with a new skin + a Prestige variant before they, you know, butcher him even more. * Vayne is the most popular of all those, so she gets it. * Yorick, Corki, Rengar, or Fizz could've gotten the Prestige here, but they probably went with the one that would earn them the most money. * Ezreal was a legendary so he didn't get it(because its already expensive enough as-is), Lux is the other popular champion so she gets it. * Battle Boss Yasuo honestly would've been a waste, Qiyana wouldn't have gotten a Prestige edition for her release skin, Kai'Sa already has a prestige, so it was going to be Caitlyn. * Akali already has a Prestige, Pyke is most likely legendary(same reason as Ezreal), Warwick isn't very popular from what I know, so it was either going to be Jinx or Irelia, as both are popular and will bring in the most money. So I wouldn't say its sexism, more likely a popularity/pricing issue.
i do like the detail of the points you made, and i respect that validity of them. Although for the main thing, i believe riot decides the popularity of a champion when they release such skins and prestige skins. And as such has decided to only produce mostly prestige skins for females. Possibly to appease the reports of sexual incidents going on internally.
: Not even humans got the male prestige skin
didnt even notice that. An agenda to dehumanize males seems to be working for them
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