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: Lagged out
Unfortunately, this happens regardless if it is a disconnect or a rage-quit. You shouldn't be punished further (banned) because of a disconnect even if players do report you. However, the punishments may become more strict if it keeps happening beyond a normal basis. **Why?;** If it wasn't set up the way it is, players could simply switch their internet off and disconnect in an attempt to leave early with no punishment.
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Kürama (NA)
: The reason this is happening is because you have a "corrupted" mastery page. Go over to your mastery page (Not in champ select), it will auto take you to your corrupted page. Return all the points manually, click save then delete the page. The problem should be solved. (Credits to CrazFight)
Cheers. seemed to do the trick. +1
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: Thanks for taking the time to put all this together! I think you'll be very happy with a few improvements we are adding in the next release, I'll socialize some of these other suggestions you have made across the team :) Keep up the good work.
Happy to do my part. <3 I'll post similar as newer updates come out, if that would be helpful.
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: Random skin from Riot today?
guessing you only get 1 award though? i bought 14 mystery items during the event
: Anyone Received Mystery Skins Yet?
i got mine, what was it for?
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