: Neither support building tier 2 or higher supp item on a 20 min game, Grasp Azir support with TP, Caitlyn rushing shiv, yep, this is definitely Iron-Bronze elo. Rank honestly doesn't paint the entire picture, I'm currently Gold 3 and climbing, and I've met Plat 1 players getting absolutely crushed by Silver 3s in my games. I'm not saying matchmaking isn't broken nor that Rank doesn't reflect skill but unless your trends show that you're stuck where you are currently ranked in, it's hard to differentiate between good and bad players. Hell, if you hadn't snowballed hard as a jungler they might have completely crushed you. For what i can see it wasn't your teammates being good and the enemies bad but rather you playing really well and pushing your team that was evenly matched with the enemy team forward.
Thank you. I agree with you with the fact that ranked "sometimes" doesn't reflect what your skills are. I tried suppressing all lanes. very good input thank you for the insights.
sK97208 (EUNE)
I don't know how the system works but, sometimes I get it on A+. But when I get a lot of S's I get a chest. and check the collection hover on the champ. it will say chest acquired or not. I get less chests from champs who I already got chests from. not sure if that is relevant or how that's the system works. but that's my experience with chests
HailFall (NA)
: Can you not assume my level with no proof? For all you know I am the #1 ranked player. I think you need to be less close minded
who's assuming? once you hover on someone's name you see their level. What is your real level bud?
: Riot fix your anti-cheat/game
Is your computer handling it well? can you post your computer specs? cpu: vga card: Ram: hard disk capacity and how much space left: ?
HailFall (NA)
: Akali is the most useless champ in the game
you'll change your mind once you level up a little bit more and mastered her skills.
: I'm gold garbage. But after playing since season 1 i have that many thousands of games under my belt. Experience does speak for something here, so you're right.
The thing is that people do not count experienced players as a thing. Even Riot... Sad.
: There are three things I think you really need to know about League of Legends. The reason RIOT has never done anything about Smurfs is because this is a concept that is severely overstated by the player community. There really is very little evidence that Smurfing is some sort of epidemic. Yeah, some great players restart their accounts, others do it because they got perma banned on their main, but in general the chances of you running into a Smurf in game, a player that very obviously is way above everyone's level is slim to none. There really aren't that many Smurfs out there. I know this because I get accused of being a Smurf constantly and I hear people accusing each other of being Smurfs all the time. I often take the time to investigate the age of a players account his record, his stats. In the better part of a decade I have been playing this game, I have never found anyone I thought was a Smurf that had the stats I would expect someone like that to be a Smurf. You mentioned a specific player that you suspect is a Smurf, give me his account name, lets look him up and see if we can confirm that he really has those stats. I challenge anyone on this forum to do that.
I could not agree more with you. People just got better in this game. The game has been going for 9 years. Do you expect people to watch you kill them? no, they have improved over time and even low elo developed their own strategies and play styles or mimicking pros, check my post about Bronze 3 elo game and tell me if anyone in my team was a smurf. we won 31 to 0. all I can say that MMR needs some tweaks.
: The matchmaking is just makign me want to uninstall this game at this point.
Bear it for a few months I think the current MMS is sorting out "the current players" Do your best Cheers~
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Can you use some words? I am trying to communicate not just post stickers!
: > [{quoted}](name=Bosloh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fr6OeTVA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-10T11:07:41.427+0000) > > I agree with the fact that it is harsh. > > But this post and your comments should make you even lose more! lol why?
if Riot were more strict, people would not thrash each other. I spoke the truth and got two downvotes. You just dissed autistic people referring to them as dumb and the teammates you were playing with. sorry, but even your name could make people curse at you. Even if you meant something else :).
xDrogax (EUW)
: Positive win rate,climbing but low MMR
I think they are trying to separate skilled players from inexperienced players. I am now assuming that this is a phase the game MUST go through for few months then "hopefully" you'd see the teammates of your own skill.
: Why when i lose my second promo i get back to 45 lp
I agree with the fact that it is harsh. But this post and your comments should make you even lose more!
: Can't get good (Jungle), any tips?
I do not know If I can help, the highest I got was gold 5 and that was seasons ago. Now I am bronze :) I played jungle most of my games. However, I played for 9 years and I can tell you the game is becoming more unpredictable by the hour. Just bear in mind that almost every season or two are different. The game is changing slightly every month or so, but in the long run, the changes are big. you need to get "back into" your momentum. We have 143 champs soon to be 144. A lot of people got better in the game now we have smurfs more than ever before. I played with plats and diamonds while I was in bronze and silver. It is not fair but. this is how the game is going. do not "troll once in a while" as I did. because of some s%^^y people. just be persistent. Set a goal and go for it. Try the practice thing for different rotations. try to get along with trolls XD sometimes they make you win or you could bring the best out of them. I did that with few people. and voila! They start kicking asses around XD. I wish I could help you but you need to play as the tier demands don't think you're better or worse be your self find your style and start stoping troll XD
Rioter Comments
DeusVult (NA)
: Riot, do not make me individually have to forge 10 BE at the end of the event for all my shards
An automated system would be nice. and even when buying key fragments I clicked 18 times and waited 18 times to get my fragments. giving us the option to choose how many fragments would be nice. {{summoner:3}}
Rioter Comments
iPogoZ (NA)
: Ally support locks singed and follows jungler entire game with smite
Wow, that is just like the freak that was in my game. mine changes spells to smite and steals my buffs. I hope this is not the new trolling trend...
Bosloh (NA)
: What to do with people who claim "I am not going to be banned"?
Thank you all for your inputs I really appreciate it!
Rioter Comments
: Accept or Decline stayed on screen in the pregame lobby
I was in champ select then waited for the game to load nothing happened restarted the client. then brought me back to lobby "no reconnect button" restarted the client again nothing I was in the lobby and the play button is grey after a couple of minutes decided to look in match history. And what do you know I was labeled as leaver buster. Now I am trying to queue the game does nothing and a message pops up you delined a game? huh? what is going on? Edit: I logged off my pc started the client a third time fixed the problem
Rioter Comments
: The problem is too many people would probably activate that option, and you'd end up waiting a lot more than 10 minutes even, since games would only start when enough supports enter the queue. Having said that, autofill should only come into play when the average wait time exceeds a certain amount IMO. When wait times are low it should never happen.
That is a great idea. > When wait times are low it should never happen.< I am ok for waiting 5 minutes to get my role
Rioter Comments
Bosloh (NA)
: Jumping off Walls!?
at least leave a comment when you downvote XDDDDDDDDD or just meh I don't like em XDDD {{summoner:4}}
Ghostlake (EUW)
: Swain's E skill is not visible in the game
yup someone reported the same he relogged and it was fixed on the spot
Bosloh (NA)
: Jumping off Walls!?
only happened in recent 2 updates, before that Warwick had a problem with it and other few champs
Narzghal (NA)
: Bugsplat every time I alt+tab out of game
My personal experience with such issues: sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not. 1- There's a difference in the resolution of the game and your desktop. 2- running another game from steam or whatever alt-tab did the magic. 3- too many frames are being forced in the VGA = speculation. and desktop freezes. cheers matey{{summoner:4}}
: Guardian Angel working under fountain. Intentional or bug?
nothing wrong with that XD. except for the fact, you got rekt. if you were on the losing team Sooowweeeeee {{summoner:4}}
Rioter Comments
: I asked this a while ago too, the response i got was that if you are losing a game with randoms, they can then turn on you and pressure you to leave so that they dont take the loss as hard due to you AFKing and giving them less loss. It would kind of encourage a different toxicity and bullying that RIOT doesnt want
so just leave it be? at least do a smart system that can detect how long was the person afk from the beginning of the game 5 mins, 10, ...etc. You get the idea. They made the afk detector. they can make something like that too, no?
: Banning items just like banning champions
The banning phase will take forever. and more chances of giving birth to new trolls.
: Didn't they fix that recently?
I think you mean the other way around. People used to pick champ not locking, to be found later as afkers in the game that's why locking is considered as dodging.
: Jungle help for a bad.
I am not a pro. but If you are struggling with the new warwick, You need to relearn it again step by step. check items read the description on items. try out the new champs in practice tools see how they play out. I really recommend vs Intermediate AI and experiment things out. Give yourself some time to get familiarized with the mechanics again. if you were good once it will come back to you eventually. easy way out go check websites like lolking. hope it helped somehow. cheers.
: Never got one. :(
That is really too bad. Keep up the good plays though.
: This is where a fresh 30 gets put in when duoing with a silver 5 player... Riot please fix
As I recall the MMR system averages the MMR of all players and matches it with something as close as possible.
: Getting mastery 6 and 7 tokens from ARAM games
I think you can get shards from either mode (if I remember correctly)
Rioter Comments
: please nerf garen
The win rate is very reasonable 54%, however, when he plays against weaker or less experienced player he will be unstoppable. how to make him not so unstoppable? ask the team to help against him. i.e more ganks and roaming. if you let garen passively farm. without the team's help. OF COURSE he will be unstoppable. 5k HP are you playing 40+ mins game ... that's too much.
Rioter Comments
: The game is beyond repair. Let's just make league of legends 2
not happening soon. maybe in a few more years.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bosloh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yHu5Wvnw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-02T06:03:56.943+0000) also, people might be duo-ing with their friends. one is not good the other is dominating those tiers. I don&#x27;t think we can do anything about it if that was one of the two cases. Cheeers yes exactly. so they should stop trying to do someting about it, and just have no MMR adjustments for team play
> [{quoted}](name=Quil Evrything,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yHu5Wvnw,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-06T04:05:21.603+0000) > > > > yes exactly. so they should stop trying to do someting about it, and just have no MMR adjustments for team play I wish it was that easy to do it
Acharon47 (EUW)
: Prohibit Banning an Intended Pick
I would like to see that implemented
: MMR makes NO sense...
well, I would like to share my experience. I have been playing for several years now. jumping back and forth from bronze to silver, silver to gold and gold to silver to bronze. I believe that time of the day sometimes ( don't quote me ) affect the average mass of the ranks. during school days I get better players, sometimes too good to be in this tier ( as good as 15 kills 0 deaths). On weekends I get less experienced players who sometimes I think they're 12-15 years old people playing the game. what I am trying to say is that the type of people playing during the day differs you might have played in the prime time of players who dropped from gold like my self in low tiers. because sometimes I feel I am playing against bots and sometimes I feel a bot myself. so yeah, you might think its the MMR system but the MMR system can't do s%^& if there are no lower tier players in the time you are playing. also, people might be duo-ing with their friends. one is not good the other is dominating those tiers. I don't think we can do anything about it if that was one of the two cases. Cheeers
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Can Riot please ban people for having more then one account?
Do even know why they create new accounts? people in Diamond and higher please correct me if I am wrong in the following : The queue time increases as your tier increases I used to play with challengers that claimed the queue is 10-20+ minutes back in older seasons so they create lower accounts to play with the rest and not wait that much for a game. So Blame Riot or blame players for not getting high in ranks XD
: Preventing players stealing champs in Aram?
Something is not right bro. Upload a video of what's happening :) cheers
: > [{quoted}](name=Bosloh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Lh4fEvYr,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-07-02T02:07:48.133+0000) > > if people quit more often, you won&#x27;t see in them in queues so, let them keep quitting til they&#x27;re banned or grouped together so yeah. quitting helps you in the long run for better ranks. You are in control of your games :) Want to point out that in Korea they quit by the 7m mark and they are better than all of us. Also you are probably not seeing them because they are climbing higher than you. I mean my "never quit" friend is B4 and i am G5 and i quit so that should tell you something.
Man, I climbed to gold 5 in season 4 because of Afkers and quitters luckily. those quitters were NOT on my team. So not because they are higher. It is because they are frustrated by the freaking attitudes of people ;0
: League of Quitters
if people quit more often, you won't see in them in queues so, let them keep quitting til they're banned or grouped together so yeah. quitting helps you in the long run for better ranks. You are in control of your games :)
: What's so epic about riven destroying him? Aatrox is so bad right now, with a little bit of brain riven can dodge everything he has except his auto attacks lol.
after playing him for a few games. I was disappointed. I thought each jump is NOT fixed and actually moved. so yeah. but not too bad if you master him need a bit of learning
: Any tips on climbing out of Silver?
Same story bro. The one time I got to gold is Warwick all the time season 4 back then. the thing is I get bored then change my main, drop again. Stick to what you know. play aram to warm up for team fights then go play ranked. don't play when your frustrated call it a day after few wins or loses. then play for fun with solid strategy and good communication with team
Crocele (NA)
: ad champions that work mid lane?
with good plays, you might make (almost) anything work. try it out; experiment, in normals and tell us how it turned out :)
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