FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Saying unlimited money supply is ridiculous. If you have omniscience you can win a few million at Poker then just invest it all in the best few options and become the richest in the world without trying.
Not to mention lack of distinction means you don't know what kind of money supply you'll even have. Imagine if you just get a neverending supply of Monopoly Money lol.
: From one support to another; how do y'all keep your cool?
Sit down child, it's time for a talk. I've been supporting for around 6 years or so, and you see a lot in this role you really do. What's important though, is to make sure you're focusing on what you *can* do, how you can improve, and where your time is best placed. ADCs are a varied bunch, some are really dumb, and some are absolute monsters, and you can't expect to get the latter every time you queue up. That said, some ADCs are dumb because they're overconfident, and some need guidance. Good communication with your carry can make the difference between a hellish lane phase, and something resembling actual teamwork. When you can, try and get on the same level as to where you and your carry want to be. If you don't feel confident in trading, let them know, If you think they're being too aggressive gently warn them that you either can't or won't match that aggression. Being honest, but sympathetic tends to be how I keep a lot of my carries out of trouble, and honestly I've found that I rarely get flamed. By and large I do feel that the vast majority of Marksmen I've played with over the years have been great people, with only the occasional bad apple. Second, establish rapport. I can't stress this enough, supports often complain about not getting enough credit for doing good things, well sometimes you have to give to receive, and in this case, it can really help your carry if you compliment them on things they do right. Not only do a lot of people reciprocate the compliment, especially if the two of you are doing well, but I find it makes them trust you a bit more, because they know you're not just on their asses because you hate them. A little bit of trust can go a long way, and help lend that critical bit of validity to criticism you do give, and can help both of you be in a position to adjust to the other's needs. You don't have to kiss ass, just a simple acknowledgment of things they do right, generally kills, CS, etc. Third, some Marksmen are just completely too far gone. Either they're tilted to the moon, or they're just not very good people to partner with. If a Marksman decides that they're going to spew nothing but ridicule, then make use of the mute button. An ally who is more likely to tilt you, is likely more detrimental to your play than any potential insights they might give later down the line. If they're assholes, but are doing well, continue to support them so long as its beneficial to the team. If they're tilting and they're really bad, come mid-game once you aren't bound by lanes, seek out the most impactful member of your team and attempt to help snowball their lead instead. Supporting the Marksmen is part of our job, but our overarching role has always been to "Keep the damage rolling". If the marksmen isn't the source of damage that needs protecting, you don't always need to go out of your way to save them, especially if you fed mid who is cooperating with you might be better served by your protection and CC. Just because you start with the carry doesn't always mean you have to stay with the carry, especially if they aren't....y'know...carrying? Final tid-bit. Always remember that you aren't going to win every game. Ideally you win more than you lose, but remember that part of the whole experience is learning how to improve. If you're losing, that generally means there are things you can improve on. Just because we aren't the main damage dealers doesn't mean we have no agency as to how our games go. Sometimes it's about roaming and finding good places to help snowball more competent players. Sometimes it's about being able to talk a team of misfits into getting their acts together. We're a powerful asset to any team we're on, so we have as much say as anyone whether we win or lose. Focus on what you might be able to improve, and gradually as you get better, you'll find yourself being able to handle situations which seemed completely unwinnable to the you of the past. {{champion:432}} ~~Also Pick up Bard because he's great, no I'm not biased~~ {{champion:432}}
: <3 <3 ;____________; thank you so much for the kind words!
You guys deserve it, These are really great! Similar to OP I'm just sad that none of my mains got one lol. ~~By the By if you guys were looking for other Papercraft champs I just want to Elect Bard KthxBai~~
: What are your opinions on the visual design of Sylas
Sylas' design in my opinion is pretty plain, and at least from a narrative perspective I have to dock him some points for the same reason I'm critical of Kai'sa. The problem that I had with Kai'sa is that she looks too healthy, well groomed, and conventionally attractive for the type of character her lore presents her as (Survivor in a constant hard environment surviving only by adapting the very things that hunt her, thus making her feared by other humans). In game she's too clean, and her design is sleek and beautiful which makes it kind of hard to imagine that people immediately fear her when they see her, as she's essentially a hot girl in a bodysuit. Sylas, on the other hand is a highly attractive beefcake with incredibly well-kept musculature in spite of him being held prisoner, and theoretically sustaining himself on a very limited diet and with highly restrained movement capabilities. It's not necessarily that he shouldn't have muscles, but rather that his physical shape actually looks incredibly healthy comparative to the trials and tribulations he should have been undergoing. Outside of that there really isn't much to talk about. He has big chains which are the highlight of his champion design as any Champion's weapons need to be highly visible for gameplay clarity, and he has pants. and a collar, but that's kind of it. Outside of his highly detailed Shackles, Sylas could be effectively anyone, which I suppose is thematically consistent with the idea that he's a lowborn everyman who rose up against Demacian oppression, but doesn't really make him stand out in my eyes moreso than I just have to know what he looks like for gameplay purposes. I'm not intrigued to learn more about Sylas, I'm just kind of there and he exists. I appreciate Riot adding more beefcakes to the game as I am a personal fan of the male presenting nipple, but if I'm being honest here I think Sylas is the weakest and least inspired design Riot has put out.
: I pretty clearly hear enchantress. Unless you think the pronunciation, the division that writes the captions, and the champion creation team are all trying to trick us.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was a female support, but at the same time I can't hear Enchantress in there. There's a very definitive stress on the hard R of EnchanteR, that leads into the S on support. From other comments it sounds like the Closed captions have been hiding certain emphasis on words or little puns, so I'd honestly not be surprised if captioning it as 'Enchantress' instead of 'Enchanter' is more like an easter egg for the champion's gender. It's been since Nami that we had another female support anywho, so I'm down for us getting another lady, but I wouldn't mind getting a Male rep in the Primary Enchanter lineup. Either way, we'll see whenever they finally get revealed.
Shmeeve (NA)
: 1 Word I want about this champion that affects gameplay the most... Books.
for the love of god yes. I want a character who actually uses their spellbook, PLEASE. Like Ryze and Karthus *have* spellbooks, but they're such minor aspects of their kits they might as well not even have them. Give me a bookworm character who uses their book of spells as a part of their character plz.
Larriet (NA)
: >she My hope is for more male enchanters.
I would love more male enchanters, but I do also have to chime and mention that the last female support was Nami. We actually haven't had a female support in a Looooooooong time.
: Why not? Why are support forced to be a biatch role for then having people saying it take no skill to heal/shield and ignoring positionning, windows of trading/power, lane pressure, etc. It is not like people recognize the strength of some other support or praise their gameplay, I am okay with having an assassin support if I can properly retaliate. I just want Pyke health regen to work differently, like he regen more HP if he got out of taking damage quikcly but the more damage he take, the less his regen will be. Something that reward actually fighting him well while also allowing him to not be a b*atch in lane. Every top elo ADC say that pyke is strong but overrated. He is just a strong soloQ champ.
Supports aren't forced to be a bitch role, and most players who aren't whining children already understand the value of a good support, what they do, when they're effective, why they're needed. Sure, support tends to be the role that gets less glory, surprise surprise our role is an enabling one, but any player worth their salt understands and acknowledges when supports have done a great job, even if they don't vocalize it. The problem with the concept of an "assassin support" is because the term itself is contradictory. Assassins are built on their ability to catch out and kill singular targets, whereas supports are designed to augment allies and hinder opponents. In general Supports trade off kill-power for utility, because even if their damage falls off, the strength of their crowd control or the value of replenishing allies' HP or mitigating damage are meant to be emphasized instead. For a support-assassin to work, aspects of both classes need to be compromised on, as the support must do damage, and the assassin must have utility. This honestly creates a pretty awkward tight-rope for Pyke's champion design as if he doesn't do enough damage, then there's little reason for him to be picked over better catchers like Thresh and if he doesn't have enough utility then who is going to take him seriously as being a support in the first place. Riot has made several tweaks to Pyke's basic formula to try and make an intentional kill-support, but the thing is that kill-supports are generally other champions whose kits and base damages can be abused in a bot lane situation. You don't play kill supports for the purpose of supporting your team, you play them to snowball the lane, and that's precisely what Pyke's goal is. Pyke isn't a support, or at the very least his gameplay loop is not about supporting. He has support elements tacked on to reinforce his main gameplay loop, but the nature of his design isn't to help his team, that's a side-effect of him doing what he's supposed to do, which is kill the enemy. He's not a bad champion, and I won't comment on his balance because I'm less concerned about that than the underlying principle of what his role is. But in all honesty, Pyke feels like a mid-laner who was crammed into support. He's a support for people who don't like playing support, or in the case of some, people who are bored of playing support, but still want to keep the role. At least that's my take on it.
: If they are gonna have iron they could at least put it in the historically correct order...
I'd have to agree to be honest. Like not even in regards to the whole Bronze Age > Iron Age ordeal, but just generally Bronze has been the whipping boy for generations, I don't really see much reason to oust it from that role unless we're going into Meme Tiers like Wood or Cardboard. Since getting out of Bronze has been a challenge since the dawn of ranked, why not just put Iron above it, and give the higher tier'd Bronze players another rung to separate themselves from the classic burdens of Bronzedom. I dunno, I just feel like Bronze is fitting as the lowest tier, and reaching 'Iron' should feel like a sense of progression not regression.
: What do you call a Support with good map awareness?
I {{champion:497}} 't believe we're doing this again.
: Aatrox: The Darkin Blade | Champion Trailer - League of Legends
: Champ select pulls data from every league match to determine the most-played champions in that role *for the previous patch*. Because Pyke came out this patch, he has no "previous patch" data. Next patch he will be listed as a support, assuming people keep playing him there.
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Fasmodey (EUW)
: Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper
Oh the Bot lane is going to run Red when he comes out and I am going to love every second of it....y'know when he's not permabanned/picked. That said he looks solid. Good mix of Damage and CC that looks like he won't be too overbearing by himself but also not too useless when behind. I dig it
: Uhh... its just me or his lore sound a litte bit similar to the lore of Nautilus? -But with extra revenge-
Personally I am rather excited for Pirate Kalista {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: When Riot themselves keeps downplaying the importance of Wolf, they might as well rename Kindred to Lamb at this point.
Novalas (NA)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.9
Personally I'm rather concerned about the removal of early mana regen from the spellthief's line, particularly because it's often taken on Mana-hungry supports, but also because the Spellthief Questline requires supports who take it to be as aggressive as possible to make it effective comparative to its more passive contemporaries. Though supports do have access to more mana regen items as the game goes on, I'm curious as to how internal testings are showing spellthief supports doing under the mana changes. If at all possible I'd rather not have to go a patch or two having to abandon the line if it can't even support the aggression it requires of its users. Thanks for your time, and hopefully these mana changes will be less cataclysmic than people are making them out to be. (Side note: Why are we nerfing the mana regen of Remnant of the watchers? You've hit the components hard enough that I don't imagine getting them is even notably useful for mitigating Mage mana output, especially comparative to other mana options that turn on much faster. Likewise only a few patches ago the spellthief line was nerfed to reduce it's viability outside of support as a mitigation for abuse.)
: This is by far the most clearly expressed critique of the champion that I've seen yet. Thank you for putting so much thought into it. :-) I'm going to go away and have a think about all this, and speak to the writer. We had some other plans for Karma that didn't end up happening in the lore update... but the new bio was not intended to be the definitive, set-in-stone truth of the character forever...
Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it. I know the boards can be a pretty hostile environment for these kinds of conversations, especially when it's about characters they love. I think too often on the boards we forget that there are people behind these stories, fans just like us, doing their best. Hopefully over time we can get better at this together, so that we all benefit from these stories we're all so invested in. I look forward to reading anything else that comes by for Karma, and if I have any concerns, I'll do my very best to present them in a way that doesn't go out of it's way to be malicious or rude. We all want good stories after all, and sometimes that takes multiple perspectives. So once more, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. All of you.
: I think the multiple spirit Karma thing could work if they do it in a different way. Instead of them being the literal embodiment of peaceful pacifism, let her past lives be just that, past lives. Let them be farmers, warriors, men, women, high born, low born, etc. Have them all be different aspects of life and let Karma simply be the latest iteration of this. (I also just want her name to be Karma from the get go, instead of forcing another name on this character) I can see her communicating with her past lives to help solve a situation in the present day, even perhaps allowing one to speak through her to give input on something that happened many years ago. She can become a leader this way rather than just being the Avatar. Let her inner turmoil be from the many lives she's had up to this point warring inside her head, and then Karma, as a person, makes the decisions. After all, one of her lines at the moment is: {{champion:43}} : "I have seen two paths, and made another between." This taking a third road option is something i've always loved about Karma. She knows that people like {{champion:39}} and her group want Ionia to move towards a more militaristic or at least less passive form of life. And on the other there's the traditionalists who want to remain passive. Karma attempting to find a middle ground between these two vastly different groups is something i always liked about her. And if you count her past lives who would either agree or disagree with both sides, you can have conflict that way. But at the end of the day, Karma should be the one in control of the body and make the decision. Karma's always been a favorite character of mine. I liked her pre-rework cause no one played her and i felt special for being able to play her effectively during that time. I like her post rework, visuals and all, despite many protests. This iteration of her however, I must agree doesn't really make for a Champion. She can't be one of the greatest people in Runeterra like the other Champions are if she's simply a pacifist who refuses to act because the voices in her head say "No".
Thanks for the reply! I whole-heartedly agree with you here, one of my biggest issues with the Karma spirit is how it's taking agency away from the character. Karma's fight for a third path has always been a big draw for me as I'm definitely more of a mediator in most situations, and I've always been more interested in finding a solution that works on multiple angles than one that is too rigid and only benefits one side or the other. If the Karma spirit becomes less of an over-powering force on Karma's character and more of a guiding light, I could see this Karma going in some interesting directions, but as is, Avatar Karma feels like a mouthpiece for pacifist ideals moreso than an actual person. As to my history with the character I'm in the same boat as you lol. Picked up pre-work karma because people said she was bad and I was intrigued, got a little miffed when they changed her but decided to pick her up again and she's been one of my most played champions ever since.
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: Dividers for yours post
Thank you, I'm definite I'll get some good use out of these. >#
Barcid (NA)
: Karma and balance
I' disappointed in this lore. Like the more I read, the flatter she felt as a character, I literally felt Karma's character depth drain from her. All we have left right now is a paper cut-out masquerading as Karma and spouting out meaningless platitudes with nothing to back it up. There's apparently suppose to be some sort of philisophical quandry here, but nothing in this lore update supports it. Who knows maybe the flavor story will do more for her....but I just don't like this direction. Before you felt that Karma was her own independent power, a strong woman with a will of steel who sought to create a path that was neither exceedingly pacifistic, nor outright aggressive. She was a diplomat, a leader, and now? "Killing is bad guys", is all I'm feeling here. Karma feels less like her own person and more like a tool to spout off condescending ideals about how people who do bad things get what's coming to them. Who, Karma? Who is going to make the bad guys pay for their actions? Are the soldiers who've killed your people going to get struck by lightning? Is that any solace to those who died, or those who laid their lives on the line to defend those lives? It feels like there's no nuance to her beliefs, and I just can't really accept that. Riot please, Bring back Karma's inner flame, because she's getting a bit dim.
: Starcall and Rejuvenation
I'm kind of really confused by a lot of the comments here, particularly because while I do believe that Soraka could use some more tools to show skill expression, many of these suggestions are just straight buffs to Soraka, which in all honesty she doesn't need. If we want to encourage better skill expression from the champion that means we're going to need to give up some consistency in another area in order to make the expression more apparent. Now to respond to OP first, I don't really think that Raka needs rewards for hitting multiple opponents, as more often than not you'll hit multiple enemies either incidentally to stop a particular target or because they've grouped up, seeing as Soraka doesn't have any types of Crowd Control to herd people together. What ends up happening here is that you just raw buff her ability to fight groups of people but not exactly in a way that encourages skill expression as much as punishing poor positioning on enemies. While her passive healing is probably the safest raw buff you could give her which doesn't break her inherently (Depending on the amount), the Multiple hits application is probably a bit to wide as while not small Soraka's Q is fairly decently sized. In regards to bringing back some of Soraka's skill expression, my Go-To has always been focused on the original state of Soraka's Q post-rework, albeit with most of the more broken aspects (Multiple/Burst self-healing - 975 Range) kept as they are now. If I was doing a rework of Soraka I would definitely focus on Soraka's Q and Passive as main ways to encourage skill and reduce frustration when fighting her. For instance, say we reduced the ambient slow on Soraka's Q, but re-added the sweet-spotting mechanic of Post-rework Soraka, not giving the additional damage, but once again giving the double slow and maybe a stronger variant of Rejuv (Combined with broader changes to W to keep her healing in check). Lower slows on grazing shots makes Soraka better at peeling things that get in close, but only if she's able to land the significantly smaller ranged Sweetspot, but also improves Soraka's ability to keep targets in range for more Qs so long as she keeps aiming her Qs right. If we make W more Rejuv dependent we could improve the HoT effect, or maybe instead swap the current aspects of her healing, (HoT on non-empowered cast, Burst-heal when empowered) (Self-healing must remain HoT because you need to be able to burst the healer, she's made for Sustained fights, not burst). Final and broader point to Soraka's current state though is that since the loss of Soraka's sweetspot mechanic (Since you only got the slow on Sweet-spotting), Much of Soraka's Skill expression has boiled down to proper use and leading of her Equinox ability. Soraka is my most played champion, and while I only have about 300k on her since I switch often between a trinity of characters, I feel like Soraka herself is a massive force to be reckoned with, especially once you understand how to utilize Equinox. Sure enemies who get really fed can pop you like a cherry, that's the trade off for playing the best healer in the game, but with good prediction and some fancy footwork, you'll find that Soraka is a lot trickier to take-down than you might assume. (Also Just saying Soraka's Lv1 trading with Starcall is honestly oppressive. I love it, if you haven't tried playing Aggro with Soraka Qs, seriously, try it, it's glorious)
: Any questions, guys - I'm right here. :-)
I put this in the ask Riot as well, but I am genuinely curious about the potential for paired Voice-over updates with these lower-scale Character updates. I've really enjoyed reading a lot of the new lore and think there's a lot of potential in future character interactions, but I am kind of worried that leaving the in-game completely untouched until a full-scale VGU could make the characters seem much more flat than they're shaping up to be. In cases like Varus, who had a massive Lore change, it feels kind of odd to have a character who narratively is 3 people, but only the vaguest notions of one. I know you guys mentioned that the "Lore Team" as it were is fairly loosely based and you're doing these character updates to expand upon existing characters faster than they'd get VGU's otherwise, but is there any potential that in the future these bigger lore updates might be paired with updated VOs to tether the Lore and In-Game characters more closely? Also minor question, is there potential for already expanded characters, {{champion:110}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:1}} to get any such adjustment within the year?
Acheron16 (EUW)
: You do know you can sell that broken watch and buy a new one, right? That what I mean for a stasis effect every 600 gold.
Friend. Read. From {{item:2421}} "Unique Passive - Is Broken, but can still be Upgraded. **After Breaking One Stopwatch, the Shopkeeper will only sell you Broken Stopwatches**. If you have a {{item:2420}} , and use it. It becomes a {{item:2421}} . If you buy more, you will get Broken Watches. It's quite literally a one-time use item.
Acheron16 (EUW)
: You can only do a stasis effect every 600G. Considering the VAST majority of mid laners take that rune ON TOP of building Zhonia's, they are getting more value out of that at all times. AD's usually only get one per game.
Friendo, you can't do a stasis "every 600g" when you use your first stopwatch it breaks for the rest of the match. Part of why the whole League of stopwatches thing has been happening is because of how strong opening up a Zhonya's Stasis, even as a one time use, is when it comes to saving lives or baiting out kills. Yes AP champions still have the ability to use Stasis multiple times, but Stasis itself has been made readily available from the start of the match (After its timer ofc). His issue is pretty simple. With Stasis broadening in application, it feels a bit odd that we're not getting any new defensive itemization options for mages, especially since the number of defensive options for AD champions has steadily increased.
: Moved on to Nami, but I decided to try one last time: Sona's whole design just sucks
Sona holds a very special, yet very muddled role in my heart. On one hand, she's the champion who got me into supporting in the first place, but at the same time, just as you mentioned, I can't find her interesting to play because of how difficult it is to express your skill and mastery of her, not only whole playing her but to those you play with. It isn't that Sona "Requires no skill" but rather that the skill that Riot has allotted for her to express herself has been relegated to positioning knowledge that most people know, and passive knowledge that most people don't even notice beyond the AP Sona Q-Passives. I really do feel like Sona's concept and character could be really interesting and innovative, but as is, I just don't feel like she has the tools she needs to really show people just how good of a Sona player you really are. I really do hope that Riot genuinely decides to give Sona a full pass, because she really needs it. I know people are attached to her, and I get that, but I hope that who Sona is, doesn't prevent her from being what she could be, and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. I don't think Riot needs to toss her out the window, just give her more agency. I feel like practically every other support option has more agency than sona does, even if her AP burst is ridiculous. Either way, good post friend.
Montag (NA)
: What push-to-talk key do you use for voice chat?
For most games I use C or V as my PTT keys, but that's also with the knowledge that my hands are placed in WASD fashion. Since League doesn't use that, maybe T would be better.
: Once again, takes time. I realize this is the least satisfying answer to all of this, but it's just the reality of the way Riot does things. They knew they wanted to retcon Varus into a Darkin before they could get a voice actor around to re-do the lines. They might get those lines re-done in the future; they recently did this with Lux, so it's not like they're opposed to it in theory. I haven't noticed any lines that are totally out of line for Annie, Miss Fortune, and Varus. I think they wrote them to try to keep core personalities intact so that the VO still made some amount of sense. It's just a little dated, now. We *do* see MF taking advantage of her sexuality in the comic of her that was released recently (and in Burning Tides), so it's not like "sexy pirate" isn't related to her at all. It just isn't her whole character, and the VO is incomplete.
I understand where you're coming from here, but my particular issue primarily lies in how the old VOs are incomplete. My post may have sounded a bit too harsh, but the core of my argument comes from the fact that the vision that Riot has introduced for these characters in-lore are not really done justice by the lack of new Voice-lines. The Incompleteness of their representation is why I'm concerned here, and given that Riot has control of when they release this new lore, I feel like they could be doing a better job in regards to how they time these events, relative to how complete they are in integrating the new lore to the game. For instance, my argument for Miss Fortune was that without reading her lore, you'd be forgiven for thinking she was just a cocky sexy pirate, but because her lore was updated, given the new comic and the events that took place in Burning Tides and the Harrowing event for 2015, the character has been left as a more or less 2 dimensional representation of Miss Fortune, not necessarily Miss Fortune herself. The same can be said for the others, the issue isn't necessarily the fact the characters have changed too drastically, but rather that these new characters aren't properly implemented into the overarching game. In regards to your point about Lux, I agree, Riot has done this right before, and they've shown that they're willing to update Voiceovers and provide more interactions in-line with the lore. What separates something like Lux's VO update with the Demacia Lore update, and Ashe's VO update around the War for the Freljord update, is the timing. with both Voice Overs hitting in the same month as the changes to their lores hit. I understand there are constraints on when Riot does what they do and when they do it, but I'm not sure saying that having these events with no notable changes in-game to match as "Just the reality of the way Riot does things" is quite as helpful as it may sound. I understand Riot has their own concerns, hell they have no obligation to listen to what I say, but I do have the ability to voice my own concerns. Again, in my post, I mentioned that these are concerns that I have, that potentially we won't see these characters realized for a long time to come and that doesn't sit well with me. At the very least I can provide my view, and explain where I'm coming from. Things "being the way they are" doesn't account for what they could be, how they could potentially be improved, or necessarily if the issues of timing and incomplete character representation are an issue. That said, I do appreciate your feedback, and looking back I hope I didn't come across too aggressively in my post or this reply. Have a nice day!
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: Let's talk about everyone's favorite Demacian to forget - Quinn.
I really miss Tag Team, to be honest Quinn just never really felt the same without it. I miss the surprise turn and burn from her ultimate, or how the speed boost could be used on demand. There was a real high to changing forms in old Quinn's design, but now, she just feels a bit too flat, and that pains me to say. Valor went from being an awesome ultimate to being a glorified cab driver. Skystrike feels like pinpricks even though it was a pretty shoddy execute even prior to the update, and while Quinn might be more powerful now, and arguably in a better state, I do miss playing her. RiP Valor
: Enchanters aren't weak. Tank supports are just broken.
I'd say that in general Enchanters aren't weak so much as everything does so much more damage. The enemy of sustain is always burst, and nowadays there's more burst than ever. That increase in burst makes Tanks (Who can take a hit) more useful as they can block and survive through more of the burst than an Enchanter otherwise could. I think I'm overall fine with them tuning Shield/Heal power in general because especially last season that got ridiculous, but I do think there's also a broader issue of the sheer amount of power creep this season has had in store for it, which is going to hurt Enchanters a good bit, at least in regards to protecting their carries.
: That feel when you get off a losing streak
: Riot has said that Varus will get a brand new VO after they finish up Swain (Possibly after Irelia), along with MF and maybe another character.
I understand that they're planning to update his VO. The issue I'm primarily talking about here is really the execution of the event and the reveal of his new lore itself. I mentioned that this was taking into account where they've left Varus as of now and the near future. Like I said, it's a big event, but it's execution is poorly done. Because the character in game is only facially who he's supposed to be. Even if he gets fixed up and made consistent in the future, there's still going to be an uncomfortable amount of time where none of them actually exist. I don't like being super harsh on the teams working on new lore stuff because I really do enjoy knowing more about the universe in league, but the timing is just super awkward, because essentially it means that Varus could potentially be left unfinished for weeks or months after his re-entry to the universe. It would have made more sense for them to either push a new VO forward to match the timing of the lore reveal, or to hold off on the lore reveal until they had the required assets to make this event truly about Varus. Either way, thanks for responding lol.
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: Fair - this is our first go round doing something like the essence emporium. We're planning on bringing it back in the future, so knowing what other kinds of things people would like to see is helpful!
If this is more of a seasonal thing that you guys could get more prep for, I have a few options in mind. 1. Unique BE Chromas for each champion's Classic. - One of the issues I currently have with buying Chromas with BE right now is that the current set of Chromas are either for Champions I don't play, or Champions' skins I don't own. While getting a new Chroma for every champion would take time, having at least 1 unique Chroma for each Champion that could be bought without RP from any player who owns them would be nice incentive. 2. Expressive Unique Emotes - Personally I'm in the camp who thinks that Emotes should just have a BE cost in general (Or a price re-evaluation) , but the current two emotes seem like they're just BE dumps, rather than being desirable icons for me to express myself in a match. Having solid and expressive BE exclusive emotes, and importantly having emotes that aren't just BE dumps, would be nice. 3. Seasonal BE Skin. - Simply put, something similar to how HexCrafting has their own unique skins, only this seasonal skin could be used as the big BE dump item. Have 1 per year with a high BE cost to reward habitual players, and we've got something to look forward to at seasons' end. 4. Rotating BE skin Sales - If we have a BE store only open at very specific times of year, you could have a rotating sale going on, spread out depending on the time the store stays up, and how frequently the store comes back. Change the sale every few days or each week while the BE emporium is in town and you can keep people checking up on what the store has to offer.
: > [{quoted}](name=Variks the Loyal,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bAKG9m5F,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-10-30T17:36:37.275+0000) > > Battlecast would be so sick, that&#x27;s what I voted for. But... illaoi isn't a void creature... Don't let riot ruin the niche of a skin line...
> [{quoted}](name=Faceroll Tactics,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bAKG9m5F,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2017-10-30T18:27:33.291+0000) > > But... illaoi isn&#x27;t a void creature... > > Don&#x27;t let riot ruin the niche of a skin line... Viktor isn't a void creature, and the Battlecast Lore does talk about people fighting back iirc, so having a member of the battlecast line that aren't aligned with Vik and the Void Gang wouldn't be too far out there.
Atuko (NA)
: Choose the next Illaoi skin
These are all really cool and interesting choices, but my vote ultimately went to Deep Space, because I think that the idea of her using an Alien Parasite to fight is pretty cool and on point with her theme, moreso than Controlling Robot limbs or Jungle Tendrils. That said lowkey we need a saleswoman Illaoi with Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Tube Horrors to assault her opponents with ONLY THE BEST SALES.
: I wont be buying any emotes
Like I'm fine with Emotes costing some amount of real cash, but seriously.....Why are Individual Emotes more expensive than Chromas? These things aren't animated, they're just pictures which splash up. I mean they're cute, but........
: It's definitely something to keep an eye on in the preseason, but I don't think it's something we ought to act on preemptively. I had a pretty similar reaction to Nullifying Orb when it was first introduced, but its effect seems a lot more subdued than I expected (maybe because I was more used to Hexdrinker's effect, I'm not sure). It also competes with some pretty attractive runes in Manaflow Band and Ultimate Hat, so there could often be a difficult decision to be made there as well. Anyway, agree it's worth thinking about, and we may have to rethink the values on one or the other (or how the two specifically interact/combine to avoid abuse cases).
To be fair, I don't think that most people are going to be too sad about skipping over Manaflow, even if I like its effect. Then our Choice is mostly between Null Orb and Ultimate Hat, which is a compelling decision based on whether you think you'll win or not. Give or take, I do think there is a potential issue to look at regarding how AD champions can Spec against AP, but not vice versa. The Resolve Tree won't be appealing enough to splash for bonus armor, and with the introduction of Stopwatch, even AD champions can now have access to stasis (Even if it is single-use). I'm interested to see how this all turns out, as there's more than enough damage floating through the pages to make defensive specs worth it, but might not be enough both ways.
: So qss the knock up apparently Other than that the video is just saying counter pick him, which is not the same as counter play
You can't QSS Knock-ups. The reason it works with Yasuo's ultimate is because his ultimate is considered a "suspension" which is a specialized form of stun that counts champions as 'mid-air' for the purposes of Last Breath. Since Suspension is a stun, it can be cleansed, Other than Yasuo himself {{champion:267}} 's Q, and {{champion:161}} 's E also count as suspension skills.
: Let's play a game : Choose only 1 champion of each.
1. A character whose Theme I love but I don't play : {{champion:164}} - I absolutely adore Camille's cutthroat attitude and obvious superiority complex. She's a woman who demands respect and will kill you without a second thought. That said, I'm a support yeah.... 2. A Character I love but hate fighting : {{champion:16}} - This one is a bit of a difference in playstyle, because Soraka is my main champion and I really don't like it when people play passive on this goat. She gets this spot by default because Most characters I dislike fighting I don't like playing. 3. A Character who I like playing with : {{champion:114}} - I had an old friend who used to main Fiora back when I was first getting into the game. He was a bit of an ass, but I nonetheless grew pretty fond of Fiora and the impact that his guidance had on my entry into being a support main. Nostalgia is a bitch. 4. A Character who I don't like playing As/With : {{champion:25}} - This could quite literally go to any passive support, but Morg takes the cake for me for basically being my go-to example of binary playstyles. A good Morgana player hinges herself on her ability to use her Q effectively and how good she is at shield reactions. I like my lanes full of blood, and more often than not if Morgana misses her Qs, she tends to have virtually no impact on the match, besides suicide bombing with her ultimate and trying to force plays that way. 5. A character whose base visuals i dilike but enjoy their skin Library : {{champion:245}} - So rounding the list off, I gotta say Ekko's Skin Library may be one of my favorites in the game, if only for how well each one of them reads. Comparing his street-rat base skin to anything else in his Library is pretty unfair I think because they all are just so well made.
Winterwings (EUNE)
: The root is supposed to be more effective though?... because it's her only hard CC It's only downside is that it's too damn easy to avoid getting rooted in the first place (Unless you already got hit by some other Hard CC) making her E more of a "follow-up" tool, and therefore sorta negating Soraka the ability to set things up by herself (And indirectly hurting her skill expression in the process). Iv'e noticed that even with the slow from her Q it's still sorta easy to walk out of her Equinox zone.
That's actually precisely why I note Equinox usage as an indication of skill. Using equinox directly on an opponent is hardly ever grounds to get the root off, so you have to think predictively about where your opponent can and likely will go. Account for the delay, and you can find yourself ignoring the silence to set up a snare-trap just when your opponent thinks they have the time to get through it. With proper placement, even if your Equinox doesn't succeed in rooting them, you can successfully zone them away from key areas by using the root-delay as a viable threat. Likewise if you use your Q at the right time you can slow them just enough to make an otherwise simple jaunt a nightmare, since they only need to be in the area for the root to go off. If they think they can move through it, they may mis-judge your ability to affect their movement and get themselves caught. It really has become one of if not my favorite skills in the game for just how much it rewards good planning and prediction.
Winterwings (EUNE)
: Yeah, it's removal basically ham-stringed any form of skill expression with her... Not to mention that it now doesn't matter how many ppl you hit with Q as long as you hit a champ (From what i remember you previously got more self-heal for hitting multiple people) Not saying that even that mechanic was prefect, if it ever came back it would probably have to be different, but id love it back.
To be fair the amount of HP Soraka used to be able to regain from hitting a 3-5 man Q was absolutely insane. I remember there were times where I'd restore half my health bar instantly off of 1 Q. I think Rejuvenation is a much more balanced mechanic for soraka even if I do miss Q's old skill expression. Recently I've been mostly turning to Equinox as a form of skill expression since you can really make life hell if you place those right. to be honest I'm finding the root on it just as if not sometimes more effective than the AoE silence itself. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Could Soraka's sweetspot ever come back?
Soraka sweet spot was {{sticker:sg-jinx}} . I'd love to see them bring it back, but there was good reason it was taken away. Particularly because it opened up some absurdly powerful trades and waveclear. I do miss it as a form of skill-expression and I think there are other ways it could come back in the future, but I'm also mildly scared if Riot taps my dear sweet child again.
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: Eternal Sword Yi Chromas
These Yi Chromas are obnoxiously sexy
: 2017 Star Guardian Product Collection Coming
I would rather hear that the skins themselves are out, but I suppose this is okay...Rito plz give Star Goat I'm dying over here {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Yep. These are the Silverwing raptors from High Silvermere in northern Demacia. Apparently there are very few people who have been able to befriend and ride them. So I imagine Demacia's winged cavalry is not actually very large in number, but rather a small elite section of the military. I'd love to see one of these raptor knights as a champion in League!
But the real question is when can we get a Q&V skin with this theme?
I'm unsure what you expect us to do. At best you can fish for a red-response but other than that we really don't have any power over this situation and nor can we really confirm any of your claims. Other than that the only thing I can really say is keep pestering support until they can give you a more cohesive answer and that's about it.
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