Gilgayu (NA)
: Just 1 advice, when you have a long bio, put it as a separate thread and link them to each other (not in the link section, I mean put their link at the bottom of the page). A lot of people don't like to read long bios (I love long bios!), and therefore some really good concepts just... get ignored. ______ Now moving on to Jabari's gameplay _____ For his passive, I highly suggest lowering the base AD ratio and increase the bonus AD ratio. Currently there is a chance of this actually doing less than Jabari's normal AA if he is going full AD (that is, if he didn't use the edge of that empowered auto). Total AD ratio vs. bonus AD ratio is definitely a tricky thing, and whenever I make a concept I basically sees total AD ratio = bruiser/tank and bonus AD ratio = skirmisher/fighter/assassin. I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for, but since you mentioned dualist, more bonus AD ratio can do wonders _________- Q is a decent aa reset. That little flip can also make some sick plays (q e flash aa? idk). >reduces the cool down for 'Pole Strike' by 3 seconds. This part, though, is a bit too strong considering how impactful his passive is. With this leveled up to rank 5 and 40% cdr, it will have a 4.8 seconds cooldown, meaning his passive will also have a really short cooldown. It seems that the cool down reduction from his q is quite important for this champion, so how about making q's passive? Something like > Passive: Pole Strike's cooldown will be lowered by 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6 second everytime Jabari kills a unit, increased to 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds if the unit is a champion or epic monster I like your version of q a lot though, so perhaps make his passive a bit weaker to compensate for the power from his q? If not I think this^ can somewhat make him weaker while still preserving his playstyle _______________ His w is awsome. Neat little ability to provide the needed mobility and cc for a skirmisher/duelist. ( I can't deny I favor this ability because I just love abilities with more than one parts to them) A month ago I also created a two-in-one ability Here it is >Narico swings his sword, pulling enemies behind him (the opposite direction of where you targeted, kinda like thresh’s e) 100 - 300 units (depending how far they are from him; the farther they are the farther they are pulled). 1.5 second later, Narico thrust his sword toward where you first targeted, dealing 10/20/30/40/50(+80% bonus AD)(* 1 + 0.1 for every 20% bonus attack speed from either items or passives) physical damage and pushes them 100 - 500 units back (so it’s an additional 100 units to the range). This applies on-hit effects The [concept is here]( in case you have nothing better to do lol. ____________________________ This passive needs a cooldown (even as little as 10 seconds), besides that it's a decent spell that allows tank builds rather than just full AD raw damage _________________________________ R is pretty cool too. It has two uses --- engage and disengage. The damage is a little on the high side though, moving some of the power from the point and click initial cast into the emblem will benefit his teamplay more and make one-shot harder for him. _________ A quality concept. It's a shame that I'm the only one to comment. (Still reading the bio, if you want some feedback. I'll be more than happy to give some tomorrow)
Going to be honest, I didn't expect the lore to be as long as it was. Usually my lore sections are rather small. This champ I felt like trying to really get back into writing and give him an actual story. Will consider it for next time it the lore for my next champion gets too drawn out. Still I am glad to be getting some feedback for Jabari here. So the passive enhanced attack is meant to give Jabari a couple things. One is that it fits how the character would move and fight. Instead of just focusing on stabbing, he incorporates large arching swings/slams meant to strike multiple targets from a distance. It would help out initially for wave clear, but it eventually became something as a way for plays to get into a mind set. 'Keep the enemies at blade's reach', that was the motto I sort of followed when going forward. I wanted to reward more people who did this, but not have be a too overbearing part of his kit. That is the thing with abilities that strike multiple targets, numbers can be a pain to tune but I can definitely see some need to do so here. Perhaps changing from base AD to total AD might be a step in the right direction for the initial damage. Then I can have the bonus for edge damage be the one that scales. Just some thoughts given at the top of my head. The thing is, I don't wish to add a passive to the Q. Adding passive abilities to a kit is a little uninspired and bland in my opinion. Though 3 seconds is a bit cool down for the passive especially sense that at max rank the passive's cool down is 6 seconds. Would be good to just tweak the numbers here for this one. Even going to a simple 1.5 second reduction to his passive. Its either that or I could make his passive non-static giving it benefit of cool down reduction too, but will run the numbers. I'm glad you like the W. It was pretty neat and it seemed to fit the combat style well. :D This ability before was kind of a wreck passive wise. It had a clunky bone plating sort of effect before, which was somewhat more of an experiment. Though it might be good to put a small cool down on when it can be refreshed or even just lower the duration. The thing is that its only 20% base damage reduction, which isn't a lot when compared to other DR abilities. Having it benefit more from building damage means that he will be naturally less tanky overall to get a tone of benefit from the passive. Will take thoughts into consideration for the time being. ^_^ As for the Ultimate, the damage can be a lot. Its meant to be pretty damaging for the most part, while offering a little bit of teamplay/peeling potential. Still will look into the scaling on this one for the time being. I will try to look at your concept when I am able. Time isn't always my friend but I will look back into your concept. Thank you so much for the feed back!
: [Champion Concept] Jabari, The Spear of Reverence
2/10/19 Updated nearly all abilities.
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Arakadia (NA)
: Hey Bowie! Welcome back. First I actually like Arho Pala. I'm sure part of it is the art but the potential for her character seems really cool and sinister. I also just generally am interested in a spore character and mages. So lets get into the review! > Innate - Spore Spinner Passive: While Arho'Pala is within one of her spore clouds she will collect some of them for future use. Her next basic attack deals an additional 18~69 magic damage and will apply each of the spores effects to the target. While within one of her spore clouds, Arho'Pala will decrease the rate in which the clouds decay by 30%(+ 100% of cool down reduction). Does her passive constantly refresh while in a spore cloud? Right now it seems like she's going to have every auto applying this. Which sounds like it would make her too busy, auto attack oriented, and give her a lot of targeted power. My only issue with this otherwise is that reduces the decay speed by standing in the cloud doesn't seem worth it at all. The only reason the cloud is useful if the _enemy_ is standing in it. If she is standing in it too, than she's going to be awfully close to a not so friendly foe. Otherwise I think this is a cool passive. Fitting for the character. > Q - Stinging Cloud Range: 400 cast length - 350 width Cool Down: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds Cost: 40/50/60/70/80 Mana Active: Arho'Pala will expel a cloud of purple "Stinging Spores" in a targeted direction. Enemies that enter the cloud will have "Stinging Spores" applied to them. The cloud persists for 4 seconds. *Stinging Spores: Enemies with Stinging Spores take 12/20/28/36/44(+12% AP) magic damage per second and slowed by 20%(+4/5/6/7/8% per 100 AP) for 2 seconds. The damage and slow are increased by 50% while the affected target is in a spore cloud. So at first think spell isn't an issue. And by itself it isn't. In fact on a caster like Arho Pala, it works just fine. It gives her some zone power and its a just a ranged kite ability. My problem with the spell (which isn't taken care of in the rest of the kit) is that it makes her play style clash with itself. Her passive, E, and R encourage her to get near the enemies. If she tosses her Q and uses W winds to blow a cloud to the enemy, that means she's going to want to be very close so she can stand in her cloud and reap the benefits. Arho Pala doesn't come across to me as a character who wants to be close to the enemy, but if your shooting your spore area at the enemy your required to be near the enemy. If you were going for more of a Leblanc assassiny-mage champion, than all the DoT doesn't make sense on her. > W - Wind Gust Range: 800 skill shot length / 250 skill shot width - 450 cone / 80 degree cone - 100~325 knock back distance Cool Down: 8 seconds Cost: 20/25/30/35/40 Mana Passive: Any spores clouds that get effected by a wind gust will have their current duration extended by 10/15/20/25/30%(+ 100% of cool down reduction). Active: Arho'Pala opens her skin flaps before releasing a gust of wind in a targeted direction dealing 20/40/60/80/100(+25% AP) magic damage to all targets it passes through. The gust can either be a cone or a straight skill shot depending on the cast distance, close range for cone, long range for straight shot. If the gust goes through a spore cloud, it will extend the spore cloud to the end of the gust range. When cast as a cone, the wind gust will cause a knock back to enemies that is stronger the closer they are to Arho'Pala. Every good zone champion needs a way to preposition their areas of power. Syndra's got W, Azir Q, Heimer can just re Q, and so on. This ability is generally fine. I do have another question. Does her Q effectively just make her spore cloud bigger? So it drags it out in a line kind of? I don't think the knockback against champions effect is really necessary. Her E and R encourage her to get near the enemy, so knocking them away wouldn't be useful very often. And Arho has plenty of tools to escape enemies. Although it just being a "wind gust" is kind of boring. I think you should fill this wind gust with a couple spikes or something just to make it clear just how lethal Arho Pala is. > E - Blood-Letting Glide Range: 400 dash distance - 350 damage radius - 250 cloud radius - 50 knock back distance Cool Down: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds Cost: 85 Mana Active: Arho'Pala will dash in an target direction colliding with walls or enemy champions. When reaching max distance or colliding with a target she then leaps into the air knocking away enemys dealing 30/65/100/135/170(+40% AP) magic damage. Once up in the air she opens her wings gaining 14%(+2/3/4/5/6% per level) movement speed, the ability to move over units/walls and releases "Blood-Letting Spores" as she descends over 2 seconds. Blood-Letting Spore clouds last 2 seconds. She can cast abilities will descending but not basic attack. *Blood-Letting Spores: Enemies that take physical damage will consume the Blood-Letting spores. After a small delay the target will take 30/60/90/120/150(+30% AP)(+1% per 1% of the targets missing health) magic damage after the spores are consumed. This probably needs the most change. Its a 400 unit dash. Thats okay, but than you give her a minor knockback in case the enemy managed to stick to her, a second leap, a considerable movement speed buff, _and_ the ability to walk over walls and people for 2 seconds uninhibited. Good luck catching this girl if she's in the jungle. Every >6 seconds late game she is going to be able to use this phenomenal escape. The other issue with this ability is just that it doesn't feel write at all on a squishy ranged caster. The _last_ thing she wants to do is get in melee range of all her enemies for as long as she does with this spell. At least Leblanc can blink away immediately. Unless you just inject all of her power budget's damage into this spell, I very much doubt it would ever be used offensively and almost always saved for cheesy escapes. > R - Void Lotus Range: 300 damage radius - 350 cloud radius Cool Down: 120/110/100 seconds Cost: 100 Mana Active: Arho'Pala will start spinning gaining 50/75/100% bonus movement speed and being able to freely move through units for 5 seconds. Upon passing through an enemy the first time she deals 80/150/220(+50% AP) magic damage and pulls them to the opposite side of her. She releases a cloud of black "Decaying Spores" each second in an area around her while she spins that apply "Decaying Spores" to targets within them. Any other spore collected currently by "Spore Spinner" are added to each spore release for the duration. Spore clouds persist for 3/4/5 seconds. *Decaying Spores: Enemies effected by Decaying Spores take 30/60/90(+20% AP) per second for 3 seconds. Damage from Decaying Spores is stored on the enemies health bar and can't be recovered for 3 seconds. None recoverable health is refreshed every time Decaying Spores damages the target. I'm really confused about how Arho Pala is supposed to succeed. She isn't even like Elise who is a mobile mage but has access to defensive tools such as her untargetability, healing, and reliable ranged damage. This ultimate is another real fitting spell, but it doesn't really make sense with the other spells. I think what you wanted Arho to do was shoot spore clouds onto the enemy and than have her E>R to the spore clouds and enemies, but she is most likely going to get blown up. I don't know any close range mages that don't have some way to sustain themselves or make themselves more durable without having an escape. Evelynn can do Arho's job but safer and faster. Elise has her human ranged form, pick potential, and some defensive tools which make her better than Arho. I think if Arho was better suited to be a kite/cast ranged dps mage rather than one who wants to get up close and personal, she might prove more successful. Especially with how small the DOT mage pool is, she would have a much better job competing with champions like her. Anyways, if I'm misunderstanding her play style please try to explain it to me. It feels like you gave her the surviability of a kite or dps mage but the range and part of the playstyle of a skirmisher/assassin. This doesn't pair well with her DoT theme either, as a squishy low ranged character needs to get in and out fast. I hope I was at least in some way helpful. Its nice to see older C&C dudes return, so I hope I didn't discourage you!
Trust me, I am not discouraged at all by the feed back. In fact it is rather nice to hear about a game play perspective. I haven't had time to implement the changes that I am looking at. Though they should be up here by the end of my day. With this current feedback, I am probably going to be reworking a bit of her abilities to suit more of her ascetic. Which this is going to be including a new ult and a perhaps reworked E. The spores aren't really going to be changing much which everyone seems to be fine with. For now just gotta wait for the updates. ^_^
rumu11 (EUW)
: Really cool concept, so let's get right into the feedback :3 Passive: I'd suggest adding a maximum duration that spores can be held, as to disencurage using all abilities to store up spores, then wait for the to come off cd (while you can't auto attack, unless you use the spores), and then your next combo would deal the most damage. I would possibly also only let passive proc on champions. Q: looks like a nice ability. I'd personally change the slow towards being more based on ability rank, rather than ap. Ap on movement affecting abilities are usually on supports, who otherwise aren't encouraged as much to build ap. I'm a bit confused as to the shape and location of the cloud over the duration, which could use with some more clarity. W: Awesome synergy with the rest of the kit. The damage and scaling is a bit too low, in my opinion. A suggestion would be to instead of having it be either a cone or a line, have it be anything in between too, so it could for example be 600 units long, in a 40 degree cone also. Can't think of the formula required on top of my head. otherwise, you could also consider making it function more like syndra E, so that it just always knocks back to the edge of the effect. But these are just me throwing ideas around. E: Probably my favourite ability in the kit. I'd again suggest changing the movement to based on rank instead of ability power, because of the same reasons as with Q. 6 seconds cooldown at rank 5 is also far too low for such a powerful ability. I'd also suggest letting it only apply spores once, to each target. Letting you cancel it, to auto, would be a good idea too. For the spores, I would suggest limiting proc's to autos only, or all damage, for increased clarity (right now Caitlin Q proc's it, but Ezreal W doesn't). Finally, what happens if the effects ends while she is inside a wall? Will she be pushed out like kayn, or will she be forced to one side when it is close to ending? R: I don't like this ability very much. It feels like it was another version of E, which she doesn't need two of (and I think E is the better ability). Having movement speed on both E and R also feels weird. The spores are a bit confusing too, as I understand it, it lowers maximum health, which seems quite niche. I'd suggest changing it to grievous wounds instead. I hope the feedback is useful. Overall a good kit, but I'd change the R for something that looks less like E. :3
I am very happy to get some feedback. After all we are all bias with our creations. So sometimes we get blinded by that. Originally the passive did have a duration for how long the spores were held. Perhaps it should be brought back in a much simpler light. Making an abilities slow based on AP isn't a bad thing. Jana is one of those supports with slows that scale with AP. It gives those supports who build a bit more AP some advantage to those who would go straight up tanky. As well even if Arho'Pala decides to go into another role that isn't support, it even gives more of a division between them. Seeing that the slow can be pretty constantly applied through a d.o.t., an a.o.e., and even through a basic attack; I don't want the base slow to be too strong. As for how the ability acts, think of the cast as something like Illaoi's Q. It basically just spreads a linear cloud of spores in front of her. The suggestions here are good ones. At least regarding the casting parameters. As for damage, the ability isn't really designed for damage. Specifically it is meant to spread the spores around and have a knock back effect. Though I was thinking about changing the damage type to current health, but I am not sure if that is a good idea. Yeah now that I am looking at it, 6 seconds is a rather short cool down especially sense there is incentive to build cool down reduction. Going to adjust this accordingly. As for the spores application, I get the warning. Though not sure if I will look into changing the application of the spores unless too many people bring up concerns. It is a wait an see scenario. Once again I am going to see about the spores damage proc. I chose physical damage so that her own damaging spores wouldn't proc the blood letting constantly so she would either have to work with another team mate or have to land a basic attack herself. If she is in a wall by the end of her decent she will be pushed out to the nearest end. At least that is how I see it working. Upon hearing your thoughts on the R, I think that it does deserve to be changed heavily. The thing was that the very early designs for the champion had her more of being a dancer like character and I overlooked her old ult when re-imaging her into the void creature you see currently. Going to be producing a new ult with more premise on how she is supposed to be as a creature and how exactly she hunts. I appreciate you looking into her for me. I will be working on the changes soon enough. ^_^
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Swegmec (NA)
: This seems like an execution item more than anything. IMO could be abused on a lot of champs but still pretty good. Solid :)
Thank you, and yeah its meant to be an execution type item. I mean its built out of executioner's call for one thing xD.
Swegmec (NA)
: Okay, entry is closed! It is going to take quite a while to process everything so I'll probably see you in early January for the next Item Contest Series (ICS). Good luck and thank you!
Is there any sort of ETA for the results? Out of curiosity of course.
Swegmec (NA)
: Item Creation Contest #1! Registration Closes Dec. 10
[Mercy's Calling]( So hey I wanted to put in this entry hear. I'm glad to see another form of contest on the boards for concepts and creations. Lets hope I am not too late to enter. ^_^
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Atinizer (NA)
: [Champion concept] Iaraan, the smoldering smith (update)
So I am going to drop a nifty review here on this concept. The last time I did a review has been a long while. Sense you were wanting feedback I might as well try to see what I can come up with. Innate Being a black smith I would figure he would create weapons. Having a point system based off of assists is a good way to go about it. Seeing that he doesn't start off with it means that he has to work to get his materials to begin. Though there is something that concerns me about the created items. That being the +damage on them. Does this mean that he gets an additional flat amount of damage on all of his abilities and attacks? Cause their isn't anything like that on any items within the game. As for the items themselves I don't think any of them are bad. Most of them have unique effects. Though I would try to revamp the utility tree if anything. When I think utility, I think of something that helps the team. Instead you have more of a tank stat. Plus going giving health for utility puts it on the lower end of the three. Cool down reduction is a stat you should try to think about when you do utility. Q A fantastic ability I want to say right off the bat. Having an ability that not only increases the effectiveness of slows and even shrinks model size hasn't been seen yet. Though the ability itself is a little on the weak side. Mainly due to duration and damage. My recommendation is to give the model shrink a flat duration that way it is consistent. Other then that it is a fine ability. W Such an odd one right now. Not in context of how it works or thematically, though of one thing in particular. Mainly the initial damage from it doesn't scale with rank. All abilities if they do damage should have an increase in damage over all with rank. Cause late game, this will hit like a wet paper towel even on squishy targets. Now the utility granted from it is fine as it provides a damage slowing zone. Though I just hope who ever is in it doesn't get tetanus from the nails. E I love the idea of this ability. Having armor that literally knock a target back if they attempt to smash their weapons against it. Honestly its pretty cool and the added shield is even adds to his survivability. Though you have the same problem as the W being that the base shield doesn't scale per rank. Something that should probably be fixed. R Now this ultimate ability is something that is pretty cool as well. While this is a fine ability, I feel as though it doesn't belong on this type of character. Thematically you have this blacksmith champion and then out of nowhere he is able to manipulate people's souls? The ability just doesn't belong on the character I feel. You should think of revamping the ult to reflect the character. That is my advice. Overall You have the basic premise for the champion that you want. Though I feel like there is a lot of work that could be done here. Like for the innate passive for instance, you have the items there for one thing. Have you ever thought of having each item effect his own abilities? Having something like that would make the kit feel more akin to him then just giving him random passives from his created items. With that you can revamp the basic abilities to really make his item creation choices have more impact on his playstyle. The only thing is that the ultimate should be revamped in a way that fits his 'blacksmith' persona. Hopefully this makes sense. This little review wasn't my best. I seem to have lost my edge when it comes to reviews, but I hope this helps none the less. Anyways don't take anything I said to heart, it was not meant to be hurtful. ^_^
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
Ýones (EUW)
: I have a few ideas. Since it's a large gameplay update I thought changing his playstyle a little. :d **Passive: Bloodrage** Aatrox' attacks mark his enemies with **Bloodrage** for 6 seconds, granting his attacks 6 - 32 bonus magic damage and healing him for the same amount. He could still have his resurrection passive. **W: Bloodshed** Aatrox consumes all stacks of Bloodrage around him, dealing 10 / 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 (+ 100% AD) physical damage to them and healing him for 3% of his missing health per enemy. Extra notes: Low cooldown, low range, no health cost **E: Tides of Blood** (A man's got no time to think of original ability names) A slow cone! Aatrox slows enemies in a cone by 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% and applies **Bloodrage** to them. Extra notes: Long range, slow projectile speed. For his ult I have 2 ideas: **R: Darkin Charge** Aatrox channels for up to 4 seconds. Upon re-activation he charges forward, dealing massive damage to enemies hit and knocking them up. One ally may click on Aatrox to end the channel and charge with him. **R: Massacre** Aatrox takes flight and deals 3 / 4 / 5% (+ 2% bonus AD) of enemies' maximum health in physical damage per second and applying **Bloodrage** to them. Lasts for +/- 5 seconds. _Rough numbers and probably not well balanced. _
Alright I will admit the mark mechanic for blood rage is a pretty good one. Seeing that you basically admitted an entire kit I will add it to the kit section. It will be later though, on my phone right now and need to get on my comp to do so. Some interesting stuff especially with the follow up ultimate.
: 🌟 [The Future of C&C] Part 2 - Big Questions!
The idea of splitting the boards is one that is pretty good in my opinion. Though my preference would be leaning towards option A if anything. Reason being is that the more you split into different subcategories, the less overall viewing each one gets. Which is why if a split is needed, it might be better to with the less amount of new forums. It makes sense to me though i hope some the others can see where I am coming from. As for the rules, I think the first and third rules are good ones to implement. The second one isn't that much of a problem in my opinion. If a person wants to put all caps, then they can. It won't change too much besides maybe being a minor inconvenience. Personally I would love to see a Creative Community Discord. It would be a very nice addition for the community. :)
: So I'm going to go out on a limb here. ---------------------------- **Q: DARK FLIGHT** After a short delay Aatrox dashes to the target area, dealing physical damage to nearby units upon landing. Units in the epicenter are knocked up for 1 second. If Aatrox strikes an enemy champion or a large minion he gains 20% lifesteal for 4 seconds. **E: BLOOD FEUD** Aatrox marks all enemies in a line for 5 seconds, dealing physical damage. While enemies are marked in this fashion, Aatrox and his allies gain 8/16/24/32/40 health over 1 second each time they damage the target. Enemy champions, Large Monsters, and Epic Monsters are additionally marked by a Greater Mark, and Aatrox's first attack against them during this time consumes the Greater Mark, dealing 100% of his AD in bonus damage and instantly healing himself and any nearby allies for eight times the normal healing amount. ------------------------- The balance is pretty screwy, probably, but this was a slap-dash concept. The idea is to create a jungler/top-laner *who can also play as a diving support*. His best sustain is limited to going all-in on the enemy team, and I think that nicely fits the character. I'd probably re-balance the idea with some %AD scaling to make him a diving, AD/Tank character, but I think the direction of making him a Tahm Kench style character who is functional solo lane OR support is an intriguing one.
Hmmm that is a different way to approach it. Creating a diving like support could be rather interesting. Unlike Leona who locks people down and is far too tanky to deal with, I feel like this would make him sustain through the damage then reduce it. Which this is a cool take on it, especially with the E. Balance shouldn't be much of a problem considering we just want to get ideas on the table. :) So I will put them up without hesitation.
: This is a fantastic community project! I love this. More threads like this, please! ------------------ Will definitely be contributing my own thoughts later, but I'd recommend finding a format that can allow you to keep abilities together if people suggest features than synergize intentionally. The first/second/third structure is GREAT for figuring out suggestions for EACH ability, but misses out on potentially cool interactions people build into their kit suggestions.
Thanks! I just thought of it out of the blue. I want to bring the community a bit more together and so I figured this might be a good way to do it. Heck I might try something like this every month from now on. You are very welcome to participate o As for your suggestion I think I might put a separate sections for suggested kits. If one person wants to suggest an entire kit it might be better to put all those together so it wont get confusing. Doesn't help that I don't know how well to format on the league boards. Might need help with that one.
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Echoing (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Wieland, the Steel Savage
Seeing as though the LBAT didn't go as planned, I am going to be dropping a review on Wielands kit. Keep in mind I have been a little out of it when it comes to writing up one of these, however I figured its the least I can do considering that you wanted to be apart of the contest. Anyways so without further adieu lets get on with this. Innate So off the bat I actually enjoy the passive. Basically it makes it so that each bullet will pack a punch hitting everything in a small radius. Something about this reminds me of monster hunter, though being called wyrmslayer rounds does help with the remembering. As for the actual effect it is kinda nice. I like the idea of having these AoE sort of basic attacks, even if some exist in the game already. Though being able to increase the splash damage with critical strike does give incentive to build like a ADC. Seeing different ways to incorporate different stats always gets a plus from me. The draw back of having decreased attack speed is a good sort of way to balance it out, though I am unsure if it is what it needed. Now I get that these shells are meant to be heavy, so it would make sense for it to take some time for each shot. Being in a literal tank however I feel like attack speed wouldn't matter was it would be fixed between reloads. Just my thoughts however. Q Alright now for an ability and how it works, I believe everything is fine. Trying to look at this from multiple perspectives and one of them is biting back a bit. It feels as this ability sort of comes out of no where. Like this viking berserker who is on a tank, pulls out the ability to release a cone of cold out of thin area? Kinda is just like a 'what?' moment. However I can see where this comes from or I have an idea of where it does. Being a berserker from Lokfar and it being related to Norse mythology I can believe it stemming from there. For an ability it seems pretty standard so nothing to really say about mechanics. W In all honestly this reminds me a bit too much of Olaf. Seeing as they are from the same region it would make sense if they have some similar traits for each. Sacrificing health for true damage is I think a good trade off compared to some certain mechanics held by other champions. I would expect there to be a travel time with the bolt. Something similar to how Viktors death ray but that is how I visualize it. Over all not bad. E I would call this ability the blend between an Alistar and Poppy. Something that I feel is much stronger as well. Though this brings up a few questions on how it works. So it does hit multiple targets and it can only dash towards a target champion. From what I getting off this is that you gain the ability to strike multiple targets but at the lost of being freely choosing where you are going to go. Though does Weiland stop after hitting the champion or does he keep going? This can be a big difference in game play making it either a strong initiate or strong peel. It would make sense have the guy go balls deep so this fits him. R So sacrificing an ultimate ability for early trading capabilities? Honestly I don't enjoy the ability on how it functions. It requires to be in combat for a certain amount of time for one thing, which is a fine mechanic to have but one that is harder to maintain then you think. Not only that you take something that he had from his passive, the 50% less attack speed and completely negate it with doubling his attack speed. Even on top of that you add even more damage on top of the increased damage his basic attacks already do. All of this for his current health cost on each attack. The explosion while active I will give you credit for being pretty cool. Though I will admit that their needs to be an overall on this ultimate. It does match his search for a good death, but there could be more done to make it match more thematically and functionally. Overall When I was first reading the kit, I was excited by the passive and his kit interacted with one another. Though as I went on, there seems to be little coherence throughout it. Each ability on its own, I feel like is rather good with some minor tweaks of explanations needed. Putting them all onto the same kit, for a berseker who got attached to a tank, just doesn't do well in my eyes. Wieland is like a collection of immiscible liquids in the same container. They don't mix to well. Hopefully that is understandable. Wieland I feel like needs work as a character and revitalization of the kit before I can say it being well done. Just keep in mind this is just opinion. Don't mean to be harsh or put down by any means. Hopefully this was a bit more helpful for you. Have a good day Echoing.
: > [{quoted}](name=BowieTheNifty,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=FpaKxkR8,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-06-20T09:01:48.578+0000) > > Is there perhaps a concepts and creations discord? It might be a good idea to get one. :) We're talking about the idea, and I have one prepped and ready to go just in case!
It would definitely be good. It would help build the community a little more and allow everyone to communicate effectively. Plus it makes it easier to get a group together to play some matches if everyone is down for it.
: 🌟 [The Future of C&C] Part 1 - Meet the Archivists!
Is there perhaps a concepts and creations discord? It might be a good idea to get one. :)
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: > [{quoted}](name=Arakadia,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=FpaKxkR8,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-06-15T23:31:07.734+0000) > > So Archivists are unconnected to Wardens? Were you contacted out side of the boards? The Archivists and Wardens were picked from the same community outreach. Our title is a little unique because, after a bit of discussion, we found our goals go beyond simply moderation and improvement of an existing board, as we're looking at how to improve the entire creative experience -- possibly up to and including restructuring ***Concepts & Creations*** into more than one board to better suit content (a separate board for streams/videos, for example, is an idea we're tossing around), reaching out to encourage participation from outside the boards community, and so forth. Take those ideas with a grain of salt though -- nothing is set in stone yet, and we'll be gathering thoughts and ideas from the community every step of the way. If you have any input or ideas, be sure to let us know!
Honestly I couldn't think of better pepole for this job.
Candurill (EUW)
: Nice :D Good to see some people standing up for our forum!! This is definitely the beginning of a better C&C board!!!
Echoing (NA)
: Looks like the CCOS is eating all the contestants that would have entered here. Guess you'd need a more diverse/different qualifier for this contest to avoid direct competition with the CCOS.
Yeah...but I could just shut down the contest and come back to it another time. Probably for the best.
: Last day. LIVE!!!!!!
For the reservations yes. Hopefully some more of the slots get filled.
: That sounds very nice, but it might be a tiny bit to situational. I think it could be good enough as it is, but maybe a 10/15% seperate GW effect, which stacks with GW, or that new shields/heals will be reduced by 20%, or that they lose/get reduced tenacity, aka cc will last longer on them. Normaly shields dont last that long so you will reduce a shield just once anyway. What do you think? I would definitely give it a pass as it is, but a minor extra might not hurt ;D
I don't think applying an effect that reduces shields would be right. I can understand why GW is a thing but like you said shields last a short time and health is permanent. Though the cool down is to counter act Dot effects placed on a champion. It would be way too strong if every tick of damage ate a maximum percentage of the shield. Hmm a little extra might you say? I have an idea for that. Instead let's up this class to a greater rune. (G) Shield Breaker: Damage dealt to shielded targets from spells or basic attacks deal an additional 10-44% of the shields maximum capacity as true damage to the target. True damage is calculated after the original damage. Damage from Dots reduce the true damage by 50%. Has a 2 second cool down on each target. This makes it so that the true damage not only damages the shield but allows it to deal damage to the targets health if it's enough to break the shield. A higher percentage makes it pretty valuable and a lower cool down on each proc makes it more effective. Though I up a little hindrance on Dot effects as it would be a bit crazy. Nothing would save you from Malzahar if he had this an ate through all the protective shields in an instant.
: ᛈommuniᚾy ᚱunᛊ ᛈollecᚾion, a Community Project
(M) Shield Breaker: Damage dealt to shielded targets will deal an additional 10-35% of the shield's maximum capacity to the shield as true damage. This true damage takes place before original damage dealt. Has a 2.5 second cool down on the same target. We currently have a lot of champions and items that grant shields to allies. As time goes on, it seems to be on the rise as well. This will still make shields effective as it doesn't truly destroy the shields but helps break through them.
: Let's Build A Team! [LBAT Community Champion Contest]
Just for an update, all reservations will be due by tomorrow. Though submissions will be taken tell the 18th. We got plenty of slots still open.
Echoing (NA)
: Live, damn it!
I know I really want this to live! BE ALIVE AND HEALTHY DAMN IT!
: Something unfortunate has come up and I am afraid I will not be able to deliver upon the dates I had promised. This contest will be suspended indefinitely, an enormous apology to everyone involved. I assure you that I will judge and post the results as soon as I can, which is unfortunately not possible right now. If you have any questions I will do my best to respond.
So it has been 16 days sense this was announced. Now I know the results were delayed indefinitely, but given the amount of time that has passed is there a possible update to the situation?
: I really want to try this, since I've got a support concept in the wings, but I have absolutely no idea what to write for my lore :/
Hey best you can do is just try to brainstorm or work with your fellow creators. After all this contest is about banding together so see who would be willing to help. ^_^
: So I got until the 13th. Time to get to work. Thanks BowieTheNifty
The 18th technically. The 13th is for those with reservations. So you got plenty of time. :)
Tamur (NA)
: [Throwing down for Top Lane position](
So yeah your concept is over two years old. It needs to be from this month or last month to be acceptable.
Skylarke (EUW)
: Are you aware that Zimn is a two year old concept?
Oh right I can see that now. My bad I am a little distracted at the moment. <.< Damn me and my cooking.
Echoing (NA)
: [So I'm throwing down in the ADC/bot lane position.](
Approved good sir! Will be added to the roster. :)
Ýones (EUW)
: [And _I'M_ throwing down in the support position!](
Approved, that little parasite will be added to the roster. :)
: Submitting a top laner. Expect it probs tomorrow.
Alright I will reserve a spot for you. ^_^
: I don't want to shoot this down (I'd love to see more contests like this), but this does seem pretty similar to CCOS. There's also an issue of building a cohesive team without really knowing what the team is gonna look like. I personally suggest picking 4 champions first (pre-existing, custom, or mix of both) at the start of contest, and creating a champion kit that would fit that last spot well, complementing other champions' kits, as well as having a cohesive kit by itself. Suppose the team comp is like this: Top: {{champion:240}} Mid: {{champion:103}} Bot: {{champion:81}} Support: {{champion:143}} You would ask people to design a jungler that would fit into this composition. We know that Kled will provide a pretty solid engage, and enable immobile champions. Ahri and Zyra will be able to provide picks. Ezreal and Zyra will be outputting their damage at a distance, while Kled will be in melee range and Ahri will be in mid-range. There's also a good mix of Physical, Magic, and True damage. What kind of jungler would thrive in this team composition? I'd say someone with a follow up engage would be very strong here, combined with pick potential and Kled's ultimate. It doesn't necessarily have to be a good engage on its own, although it would certainly help. There's also not a lot of peeling in the composition, so someone who can do that could be nice. An assassin who can help burst a priority target instantly with all the picks might also be useful. There's a decent amount of poke in the composition, so it could be a jungler who can poke well also. So with this in mind, the contestants would try to design a champion who fit some or all of these traits, while having a cohesive kit on its own without being too reliant on specific synergies.
It is something to consider if the current format doesn't work. For now I want to try to keep it to more community concepts at first as it can encourage more creativity to spur from the members and try to make them work together. Most of the concepts revolve around competing against each other, and I wanted to try to do the opposite.
: I don't mean to be mean but this just seems horribly over complicated and redundant. It's novel I guess but doesn't warrant its own contest. Also, why do people get to reserve spots? First come first served means the first to make their concept.
Well reserving a spot has several benefits. It allows applicants a role for the contest instead of being pushed out of it if no more spots are left. As well it gives time for concept creators time to get communicate with one another to put their minds onto a champion for a specific role. Now those with finished concepts will get accepted immediately no matter what. I may need to do some revisions to the text to clarify about the reservations. After all this is my first contest as well and I wanted to bring something different to the table. A bit of diversity you know?
: This is a really interesting contest idea. I'm working on some other projects right now and don't have the time to organize with a team and enter, but I'm going to be following this with interest -- particularly to see if the Board's community is large enough and organized enough to take on a contest of this magnitude with more than one full team of entries.
Well no team is required per entry, it is more along the lines of encouraged to work with fellow concept creators. Hopefully there is a big enough following to make this a decent success. So any support is really appreciated. :)
Arakadia (NA)
: So do we work with other people? Should we form a specific set of five.
While working together is encouraged, it is by far means a requirement. You can go solo and hope that the team works out in the end. So if you want to just create your own concept for the contest then you are surely welcome too. :D
Ýones (EUW)
: I'll do a support. Expect it in a few days. I might also sudmit it to this month's CCOS. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
A support huh? Haha alright I will put you on the reservation list. Cant wait to see it. :]
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Echoing (NA)
: I think I'll start trying to leave some feedback on concepts that are otherwise lacking in the next contest, since Maladect had some nasty problems that could have been sorted fast had someone pointed out that dealing 88% of someone's health in max damage in one combo might not be perfectly balanced.
Having to wait a month for any sort of feed back was a bit disheartening. Like seriously that is what I mainly seek after all xD. Though it is interesting to see the two points of view with the judging. Both of you looked at it very differently. Instead I have begun on work with some fixes, especially with the passive. I knew exactly how I went wrong on the kit looking back on it. Originally the concept was supposed to be a tank shredder mage you see. When I tried to convert him into an anti-caster I made the oversight of not taking out his tank shredding passive and instead tried to fuse the two. A really bad choice on my part. Of course he is originally supposed to have nasty abilities being at the expense of high mana costs and lack of mobility. Though you don't have to leave feedback for contestants my friend. Just stick to what you gotta do. Especially if you are going to be a forum mod soon. I gotta get to work on my next concept and being based on the votes, looks like it will be my Void Support. Plus I gotta tune up little surprise for the boards tonight. :)
: F (Thanks for the shoutout) I've been juggling a lot at the moment and while I've had the time to drop by and make a thread or two and check up on the happenings of the contest, I am not confident in saying I would have been able to deliver as a judge both in this contest or fulfill the deadlines for the CCCCC, as I'd rather be honest with you all from the start instead of stringing you along for a month. I apologize again, as the soonest I will be able to post the CCCC results is most likely the end of June; this is a rough estimate as I am not only juggling my own entry for the June CCOS but a lot of work and family-related issues at the present time. Nothing excessively strenuous, or dangerous or depressing, just very time-consuming and difficult to disclose. Great job to all the contestants, especially to Doctor Fail, you're a rising star and I'd like to see more from you. Pete, you were a tad too generous for some concepts that definitely deserved a lower score. I say that in the nicest way possible, both to you and the contestants, it was just an observation I had. Really good CCOS this month with a batch of solid champions. Next month I'm sure will have even better ones and I'm excited to see the entries begin to roll in - especially my own. One last note, to anyone interested, the Boards powers-that-be are holding appplications for moderator positions for individual sub-boards. If you think you have what it takes, be sure to check out the post stickied to Concepts and Creations.
Hey man life happens. I tried judging for the CCOS a long time ago and I wasn't able to complete my task due to college. Don't be harsh on yourself mate. Though hey I am excited to see the results of the CCCCC. (SO MANY C's!)
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] May Results are Here!
Well I really wish I would of gotten any feedback before the judging started. Would of helped with changing up the kit. Considering what I read from the judges, it was clear what was wrong with the kit and what was done well. Still glad to be apart of this month's contest.
: I've had a few fuckups in the past (to be transparent, I had a two week chat restriction back at the end of 2015, and I've quarreled with a few people in CaC before), which I've since apologized and moved on from, but otherwise I'd be 101% willing to volunteer as a Warden for CaC / S,A,aS. I'd also nominate a few other quality CaC posters like Echoing, Raxistaicho, fugertech, and Arakadia, I'm sorry if I forgot anyone. I'd vouch for these four in particular and I hope they'd vouch for me. I'm an active poster in CaC and have judged contests there before. I filled out the forum and submitted. Oh, I forgot to add this. Some steps I'd take as a moderator is sticky CCOS's and other contests and a running list of champions made by individual posters - e.g. a thread of hyperlinks to other threads containing the list of concepts made by RlVER KlNG, made by Raxistaicho, etc. Would be a lot of work but would help with organization. I'd also like to work with Sharjo and help his content get more visibility.
Totally agree with the nominations. They are all pretty good choices for a board Warden. Concepts and Creation does have a lot of action to it, so it would be good to get someone familiar with the content on it.
: I like it because it provides a lot of counter play to a certain champion: {{champion:99}}. I say that because she has the ability to shield her whole team, thus this item would allow someone to basically use Lux's W against her team. Also, would this work on the passive from {{item:3072}}. If so, then ADC's would feel the affects of this item. There was one tanks used, I forgot the name. I think it was {{item:3053}}.
Thanks I am glad someone enjoys it. Though I will be making some changes to it within a bit to hopefully put it in a bit more of a balanced but dependable spot.
: Add a note for a cooldown against champions, or how many instances of the mark an individual champion can have, since a champion can potentially have two different shields, one pops, the mark pops, and then suddenly another mark for a 2nd pop.
Going to be making some changes soon. Something a bit experimental and make it so that only 1 mark can be applied to each champion.
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