: EXECUTED: The Terrible Truth About Jungle Monsters
What about execution by minions? I mean that has never happened to me,I was asking for a friend.
HentRex (NA)
: Cry quietly in the corner and buy more wards.
Already ahead of you. {{item:3070}} {{item:2049}}
HentRex (NA)
: Why you no good, slimy, weasel-eyed, low down, fur-bearin’ carpet-bagger. you long eared galoot, buck-toothed barnacle. Your trying to double dip heals. That would actually make sense. Keep your trapt shut. :P
What's a lowly support main gunna do? ;)
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Wuks (NA)
: Hey **Bowlbo**, For your convenience, the following chatrooms have been made for the Pool Party event: 1. poolparty 2. poolparty1 (NEW) 3. poolparty2 You can easily recruit and invite players through these chatrooms, and find other players who are looking to play the same mode! To join a chatroom, open the buddy list, click on the center speech bubble icon, and click on the folder with a plus sign. If you're recruiting for a match, you can use the shortcut "R > ", for example: > "R > 3 players for SRift", or even "R > SRift Support" If you're looking to join a group, you can use the shortcut " LF", for example: > "LF ARAM"
Great, thanks!
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Shavoe (NA)
: ARAm 5s for Pool Party (NA)
: "Nice ult sejuani, you got all 5 of them. Let me assist you with an ult of my own ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" {{champion:432}} has been surpassed
LOL you hit the nail on the head though!
: It was predicted a few months ago he will have an ult that resets time by 4 seconds. So basically the trolliest champion ever concieved is on the way
You realize that Bard is a champ who currently exists on Live right now? It will take a lot to dethrone the current troll-king. ({{champion:48}} not withstanding)
: My own custom skin
This is great! Cool dichotomy of a reaper and a nature spirit. The art is also beautiful!
: Have you seen this top 5 ?
The video was well made, but these weren't particularly compelling cases for being the Top 5 escapes.
: Well when we take a look at the words origin bard comes from Celtic, Welsh, Scots Gaelic, and late mid English so it may seem a bit off setting for this supposed champion to be related to a nation related to Asian cultures.
I agree on that point. Stylistically I wouldn't associate a bard with Ionia, but there is some definite cultural cross over between some of Runeterra's nation that makes it possible. Based on the past words from Riot Lore folks, they remind us that Ionia is not Asia, Freljord is not Scandinavia, etc. I just hope that this new character builds on some of the setting lore or integrates some of the underdeveloped lore of other characters. Fingers crossed for lore integration!
MadLock (NA)
: Riot it has been 3 years since Zilean has been given a skin. I have some high quality skins for him.
Just saw your link to this thread! Love these ideas, too bad this must have been buried, but really great skin ideas. I hope that they update him soon and pave the way for some new skins. His partial gameplay update on the PBE might be part an eventual update for him! Here's hoping.
Gixia (NA)
: Look where they are. High mountain peaks above the clouds, looking to the celestial skies? This is gonna be Mt. Targon related. Possibly the only remaining people who have properly recorded history of the lunari prior to their being wiped out? Constellation has reappeared due to Diana's attempt to resurrect lunair ways? EDIT: Haha, look at all these upvotes I'm getting. Man, I wish I wasn't because rereading it a second time, I realize I misread the wording on the final page and I no longer think its Mt. Targon afterall. I'm gonna go with what a few other people have said and lean towards Ionia.
Could also be Ionia. Consider the trees on the outside of the screen and the peoples' clothing. The terrain is consistent with some of the Ionian champs splash arts (Syndra, Karma) and the clothing more fits that style.
: I'm sorry it's cute, but not gnar enough. Gnar is still a hunter at heart. I want to see a yordle team skin with him in it. Also it be cool to have a skin with him and rengar for their lore.
Night Hunter Gnar has a good ring to it, tbh.
: Mega Gnar
Haha dark. But I can't argue with Witcher!
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: Almost ALL ap items are more than cost efficient while most of tank/bruiser items aren't
This is why I am not afraid to take the odd Braum kill. Building tank ain't free. Especially rough for a poor support.
Conncept (NA)
: New Official Riot Policy: NO REFUNDS FOR REDESIGNS
: Don;t Guard base... You get flagged by leave buster...
Yeah that sounds really frustrating :( I do have a real problem with people being toxic and leaving as a result, but honestly (getting off topic here) when a player has legitimate technical issues, I don't think they deserve any repercussions. If this is something that happens daily, or even 2-3 times a week, perhaps that is valid, but I have had lots of teammates DC and I have convinced the remaining teammates not to report the missing member. It is awful enough to have your system go down during a game, when you just want to play, there really is no need to come down on people over leaving for that reason. I realize that differentiating these technical problems from actual troll AFKers is no easy task, but seriously, I am not content with Leaver Buster in its current state. Holy sorry for the rant. Leaver Buster makes me sad. But I agree with OP, that sounds really awful. :(
: ***
: This assumes they'll read it while diving in. They can't divert their eyes, but they can divert their ears. A ping is a genius idea.
They shouldn't be diving if they see their teammates empty mana bar. I only type OOM when I am concerned that they are neglecting to read chat, based on their positioning. But it should really be an ADC's responsibility to watch their lane partner's mana pool, just as it is the support's job to do so for the ADC.
: And have to move our hands out of 'QWER' position? No thanks.
I mean typing during combat is a superb way to hone your reactionary keyboard skills.
: We need an "Out of Mana" ping
or type OOM in chat
: Dear Rito, I don't like your balance decisions
Good thing you went into detail about your problems with the balance issues. If you want to leave, then farewell.{{item:3070}}
: "Server is busy"
I got this too. I tweeted to support, but I am kind of glad to see that this isn't just some tumultuous turn with my internet and/or toaster. Hopefully response + resolution soon.
brad (NA)
: first it was yasuo with no cost, no cooldown, targeted dashes
: Depends on how clarity is defined. You still retain complete control of your champion during Hex, and seeing how odd and unique the ability is, I'm sure one could put two and two together. With some defining visuals (icons being swapped around, some glow around the HUD that indicates something is off) one could quickly realize they had been hexed and look at their abilities and see where they are. If anything I might leave items alone and just have abilities and summoners. As for the ultimate, is has several gates that imo would stop it from being overpowered. The fact that people have to be dead in order to use it means that you may find yourself hard pressed to use it in a lot of scenarios. If Muirim is the sole survivor the enemy team has a lot of ways to negate the ultimate by either not dying (shields, heals, blocking vision, going untargetable via Zonya's/trollpole/trollpool) or by killing the champions that get resurrected, which isn't that hard at all as one autoattack kills them. Interesting point to bring up though, but why would Muirim prompt his enemies to raise themselves? Seems rather pointless as he can kill them immediately. As for Q, could you explain your thoughts on that? I personally think that the fact it has a high cost, that it requires a lot of aiming, and relies on the positions of his enemies allows for several gates to its power. Thanks for the feedback!
Great response! I can tell a lot have thought has gone into this character! I would say my issue with the revivals comes in when you hit late game. Say 3 allies are dead at 45 minutes in. Their corpses remain at their death location until revival. I feel like there would have to be some way to help the revival feature scale with game time. A main part of the late game revolves around teams' abilities to make movements and respond to picks. Still seems a little overpowered to have the potential to revive up to 4 teammates, negating that revival time. I realize that it might be difficult to pull off but there would have to be some provision that keeps that down. I don't disagree that the concept is good, but I know that it would need some rearranging in order to make it into the game.
: [Champion Concept] Muirim, the Mire Shaman
Sounds cool. Q seems a little overpowered. I like the Hex concept, but Riot would never go for something that gets in the way of game clarity. also the revival on his R seems a little over powered. I love the idea of channeling nearby corpses (i.e. to clean up after a fight) but I don't think that being able to resurrect a bunch of players at once is such a good idea. Perhaps if enemies are also raised and able to fight back? Otherwise a lot of interesting stuff, just needs some honing to fit well into the game space.
: Tips to be a better player.
One more for ADCs: When your support has a Face of the Mountain with four charges all up, PLEASE LET THEM USE THOSE CHARGES. In all likelihood that support is building tanky and every bit of gold helps. Tanky items are inherently expensive, especially for a support as they can't just be paid for from getting kills. Watch your supports, there is a reason those FotM/Targon's/Relic Shield spheres are visible for all teammates. {{item:3070}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3097}} {{item:3302}} {{item:3070}} -Poor Leona {{item:3070}} {{champion:89}}
50West (NA)
: Why would they make a Rune Page sale just because a new season starts?
I don't know, might be beneficial for people jumping into ranked for the first time at the start of the season. Just seems logical seeing as they haven't had one of these sales since last year or so around this time.
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Phil Fly (NA)
: New summoner's rift is laggy
Try turning down your settings.
: Charred Maokai VU
It's still on PBE. I sort of agree that a 975RP should have some clear particle/model alteration. They may still change this yet, Riot is pretty receptive to the concerns of its community, just look at the pulled Ahri splash. (Not that I agree with that- loved the new splash) Be patient and wait for more upvotes, you'll get em.
: @Riot Ability Icon Designers and Splash Artists: Please stop.
These new splashes can be hard to discern. But honestly, I think familiarity is the driving force in your argument. Given a couple of months if you are playing regularly enough to be concerned about this you will probably be able to make distinction between these champ icons. Considering the work and care that has gone into this new art, I say bite the bullet until you get used to them. (I am biased by being someone who incredibly appreciates all these new splash arts).
: So much this i have all the skins for poppy, 5 for annie, and 4 for trist i need this man
Yeah! This actually encourages getting multiple skins for one champ, which is something I have avoided. I love Celestine Soraka so as excited as I was for Reaper I held off buying b/c I'm already set in my ways. Having that random factor something that the player doesn't have to think about sounds like a good idea.
weihe123 (NA)
: You now wake up as your main. What do you do?
Spend 12 hours doing tai chi{{champion:43}}
: FYI --- It is better to AFK and never come back than Disconnecting and Reconnecting to the same game
Either way, this is important for Riot to see. If it is negatively impacting honest players who had connection issues, that's a real problem. As someone who has had to periodically deal with very unpredictable (rural Canadian) internet connection, it is deeply frustrating to let a team down. I hope there will be some way in the future to limit the impact on players whose d/c is out of their control. :) In the meantime, nothing like winning a 4v5 outright after your jungler d/c's.
: Bi/gay dude here, and I really don't want Taric to be gay, because it completely undermines his type of masculinity by preying on people's associations of gay men and femininity. Instead of sending the message "straight dudes can be gentle and metrosexual and that's just as valid as some aggressive macho type like Tryndamere", they are further reinforcing the (false) stereotype that gay men are naturally feminine and that men with non-traditional masculinity are usually gay. What I'd like to see would be the simultaneous reveal (in lore) that Taric is in a relationship with a woman (doesn't necessarily have to be a champion) and that another, stereotypically manly champion (like Pantheon) is in a relationship with a man. Then bam, presto, we have two progressive messages: gay guys can be aggressively manly and straight men can have a more gentle type of masculinity.
^ THIS. ^^^^ THIS HERE. ^^^^^^^^^^^ 'SCUSE ME, RIOT! THIIISS.
: > The LP system is there so that it is like climbing a ladder. Do not think of losing LP like dropping a rung on the ladder, the entire division is that rung. Yes it sucks when you cannot co-ordinate your team and you feel like they are not playing carefully and assertively. But you're also in Bronze. Managing complete strangers as teammates is one of the skills required to rank up. Besides that, keep playing and you will find players that work well with you and you will have some fantastic games. Just be patient and try your best. I actually had a 5 streak loss after entering g4 due to this and there was nothing i could do about it. Its not just bronze. Its really sad because now i have to win another 8+games just to get back into g4 and start moving up because of things i could not control
Oh, I totally agree. Toxicity exists at every level. I just recently started ranked play and hit silver. There have not been many pleasant games, unfortunately. I just meant that spending time in Bronze gets tiring and frustrating and that anyone (even a crappy Support Main such as myself{{item:3060}} ) can rank up given enough time. :P
: How do you carry a game when everyone on your team is feeding?
The LP system is there so that it is like climbing a ladder. Do not think of losing LP like dropping a rung on the ladder, the entire division is that rung. Yes it sucks when you cannot co-ordinate your team and you feel like they are not playing carefully and assertively. But you're also in Bronze. Managing complete strangers as teammates is one of the skills required to rank up. Besides that, keep playing and you will find players that work well with you and you will have some fantastic games. Just be patient and try your best.
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: The Spooky {{champion:154}} Skin that was on Deviant Art http://mattcomgo.deviantart.com/art/Spooky-Zac-and-pumpkin-Teemo-403362242 RITO PLS MY FAV CHAMPION
The transparency makes me think of a Gelatinous Cube. I like this!
: I would like to be able to cycle through different wards during a game. Like I have a set of 3 and they just place in whatever would be the next one. Also, it'd be awesome if champion-themed wards had a voice line. Rammus says "Ok", Amumu says "Hey, come back!", Draven says "Not Draven, Draaaaaaveeeenn", etc.
The voice idea is great! :) I mean, just as long as only your team could hear audio FX other than the ordinary placement sound. You don't wanna let the less observant of your enemies notice ward placements because Draven is yelling. :P
: To all supports on Teambuilder
As a support main I totally agree with you. The odd time I have played alternate roles I have felt the pain of waiting long {{item:3157}} amounts of time for that bot lane. It seems like an obvious (and valid) suggestion on your part, but my best guess would be players hunting for the remaining summoner icons while still playing support.
: Why are the champion texture balances REMOVING DETAIL? D:
Also consider the new angle that the camera of the game will take once the live servers switch to the new Summoner's Rift. Taking a look at the current ARAM zoom level for comparison (New SR will be at this angle), the default view is far enough not to necessitate that level of detail. I appreciate the colour changes being slightly muted for the new SR, but consider that this change in detail also reflects the new SR. Riot has made it stated that clarity is one of the main goals of the game's evolution. With the camera angle out these lower detail texture models are going to be a good thing. Sure they aren't as {{summoner:4}} y but they are gonna clean up visual clutter and fulfill Riot's desire for increased clarity.


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