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: Jungler forgets to take smite and it's GG. Proposed help/solution to this problem.
They could make machete / talisman available for purchase by one player until 3:00 if no smite is present on that team. Jungling without smite isnt optimal but jungling without exp boost is nearly impossible.
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: I laugh when people say this "You're Lucky you're playing Yi"
While I understand what your saying, I think it just feels bad when you devote time into mechanically difficult champions and your killed by someone who put almost no thought or effort into their champion/gameplay. Yet, when you die to someone who simply just outplays you there's a level of respect there and personally I dont mind being beaten by someone who's a better player. I know you've played a fighter against someone who mashes the sweep kick until they've won. Sure there's ways around that, but dont you just sit there and wonder how that person enjoys winning that way? Sure I could do it too..or maybe we both agree thats just not fun for either of us. Anti-fun champions exist, that's reality. Its up to you whether your here to have fun or make sure others dont. P.S. {{champion:11}} is not anti-fun
: The reasoning for no sandbox mode is wrong. I don't even care about sandbox mode, but your argument makes no sense. If someone wants to practice fundamental skills to the game to get better, you should allow them to do that. No sport requires people to play full games in order to practice. 2 hours in a sandbox practicing a specific skill, combo, or whatever, will be worth 100 hours of game time in terms of getting it right. If you want to play casually, nobody's forcing you to practice these fundamentals. Think about soccer. If I want to play soccer with my buddies down the block, I'll go play a game. If I want to be a professional soccer player, I'm going to be in my back yard practicing ball control, passing, shooting, and other skills. Playing a game does not afford me enough chances to practice these skills, so I create an isolated environment in which to do it. Sure, it's not the same as playing a game, but it's a lot better way to improve the skills I need. If I want to get better at early game last hitting, I'm going to need dozens of games to practice it. If "playing a game is the unequivocal best way for me to improve," it's going to take me dozens of hours to practice just this skill, where I could do it in an hour or two in a sandbox. As much as you want playing the game to be the best way to get better at the game, it's just simply not.
I agree with this. Wouldnt I feel the same "pressure" to play coop vs AI if my skills didnt seem up to par in PvP? I just dont see how sandbox mode would ever raise the barrier to entry, it actually seems quite the opposite. I dont think players across the board would become so much better by playing sandbox that it would force others to do so.Instead it would just enhance the process of learning basic General/champion skills that can be practiced using sandbox, but advanced skills (map awareness, strategy, objective control, vision ect.) are always going to be things that can only be learned through PvP experience. Anyone who thinks otherwise is already telling people to go play bots. Which is really just a lengthy sub optimal training experience in comparison.

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