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: Dr. Mundo uses hp, Rek'sai can only do it while burrowed. Anyways Shen was the only one that also had utility.
Mundo regenerates 0.3% health per second and his Q is pretty good utility. Rek'sai simply has to auto something a few times, burrow, and then regenerate. Rek'sai also has really good utility with the knockup.
: Shen had all of his unique traits that made him a niche counterpick taken away, and he was just made into another strong bruiser. Now he's going to have to share a role with Gangplank, Renekton, Olaf, Garen, etc etc when before he was pretty much the only melee champion with both ranged poke and reliable sustain while being manaless.
Besides of course Akali, Mordekaiser, Dr. Mundo, Lee Sin and Rek'sai.
: ***
Laughing Fish basically embodies what information we tend not to divulge. You see someone say, "Take it out", your inner 14 year old (Laughing Fish) says to indulge that feeling, and cry out, "That's what she said." He's says what we're all thinking, but don't really care to share it. He's a legend.
: When you start using your most hated champion
Arakadia (NA)
: Again.... you just said: Your arguments that acutally make sense and I can't argue back with make me wanna say their "moot and pointless". You can't play a champion once to know their whole kit exactly... You've been around since S3 and during 3 years champions can change alot as they do. I made good points and you just don't wanna look out how their right. Now wether those points are right, but that doesn't mean I am. Nasus really isn't broken. Whoever was top just let him stack, your team didn't gank him like you would a proxy singed, and/or counterplayed him. Sincerely! **Bows**, Arakadia
Oh, right. Forgot to reply, because I literally don't give a shit anymore. Since before I started playing, Nasus has had the exact same kit.. So your point there is irrelevant. I'm not looking at "how your points are right" because I'm kind of tired of arguing with someone who doesn't understand the basics of champion design, balance and the meta. I don't need to address every point- That's SUPER tedious. If you watch a debate, they don't address points they find to be.. And excuse my french.. Totally fucking useless and nonconstructive. Nasus is broken. A champion that becomes an unbeatable supertank from simply playing the game, is the epidemy of broken. Time and time again, whether on my team or on the enemy, the Nasus gets ahead and literally 1 mans the outer top turret, all the way to the nexus. I shouldn't need to reiterate what I've already said, because all I've said is enough to prove that you're wrong. Look at other replies to this thread, they say the same thing. Look at Reddit, they say the same thing. You don't need to look to me to find out that Nasus is seriously ridiculous; you can do that by looking at his lolwiki page.. Which by the way I did for you already. And now this reply is already way damn longer than I planned it to be.
Sveno (NA)
: My favorite champ is ashe. With Team Builder, I could queue up as Ashe every single game. Now I get punished for 15 mins for dodging a game because I ended up in a role I don't want to play. Thank you Riot. I'm done. Time to find another game.
Or just put primary as Bot, then secondary as Mid. You'll always get Bot.
Arakadia (NA)
: Definetly seems like you don't play nasus at all. Its your fault for letting him stack. You also ingored half my post that you couldn't counter argue. Not literally everything I said was only applicable to me. Everything you read was which where I said not every nasus player gets the exact build your saying. The AoE stun is easy to dodge, but keeps you within its perimiter which is just as strong as its basiclly terrain. Veigar explodes the enemies. Nasus W is point and click. Yet its single target and ganks destroy him as he's slow, immbile, has 1 esscape which is his W which only affects one target. Nasus can be kited so hard. In 1v1 duels, he wins most often. 2v2 or bigger and he loses. Hes easilly ganked so stopping him from stacking is ez. Your screaming to me you don't play nasus. Veigar's E is so strong.... Your getting stuck in the center or stunned. Yeah.... I know what a late game champion . Nasus is that. He only takes 3/4 your health if your an idiot who builds no health or armor, let him stack all game 4 free, and let him get in melee range. If your melee, than you should be more or less fine. P.S reply to my whole argument or don't at all. I made points you ignored only to insult me.
Why would I reply to points in an argument you should should know by proofreading are entirely moot and pointless? I don't have to play a champion to know them inside and out. The most you get from playing a champion a lot is knowing when do to what thing- You can know anything and everything there is to know about their kit by playing them even once, or playing against them 90 times. I know quite a bit more about this game than the average player, Mr. Silver 3. You've been around since S5, I've been playing since S3. In that time you can learn quite a bit about the game. In your time you've learned how to spout bullshit. Good day ***fedora tip***.
Arakadia (NA)
: Bard is late game and veigar is very relevant late game. You obviously don't play bard because utility is invaluable late game. Your making gigantic assumptions too that every nasus player builds exactly what you said and maxes just what you said. You can't max your E by level 13 and have a 95% slow for 5 seconds for multiple reasons: A: His E isn't his slow its his W and not all nasus players max his slow anyways. B: Its long cd and high mana costs rek nasus early game and if out of position gets locked down like the infinitly scaling champs you said above. If any champion gets piled onto they'll get rekted. C: It slowly gets better over time... It's not a 95% slow the whole time. D: As nasus I personally max my E second so I can't get my slow maxed rank also at lv.13 Many nasus players don't get full cd and if they do, spamming your Q isn't possible often times. Hes so easilly kitable and and getting close enough to use your Q with the small extra range which doesn't stack with his ult isn't easy. If the enemy only has an AP midlaner and they don't affect me much, I sometimes don't even get spirit visage. Hes a late game champion 2 so its not weird seeing a champion get LS as time passes. He can't 1v4 with two items.... course if you were stacking for 5 days straight you could but even then you would be to squishy. In 10 minutes a PRO nasus player would likely have 150 stacks if hes not countered by the many champions and lane bullies plus jg there are. He will probably have 80ish AD so.... thats basiclly 150+80= 230 damage not including armor and his low damage E and Ult (Not really low damage but low range and doesn't do alot of damage compared to sayyyy lux ult or rammus ult). I don't see how you can 1v4 with 2 items 10 minutes in unless your incrediblly fed, where allowed to stack the whole time, and the enemy was behind. Nasus ain't broke. So many counters, so much counterplay, so immobile, Q relient, and only 1 cc ability as to oppose another top laner like Naut, Riven, Chogath, Rumble, Swain, Liss, Sejuani, etc. P.S A 2.5 AoE stun is better than a 5 second slow that ramps up over time and is single target. Forgot to menetion Veigar has range, easier, better damage, and point and click pure damage ult.
So basically.. You have no argument at all? Literally everything you just said is probably only applicable to you. What I'm talking about is the general, overarching consensus of what people build and max. And every Nasus DOES get 40% cdr. They would be stupid not to. An aoe stun is not better, because it's easily dodgeable with how telegraphed it is. If you get stunned either they landed it REALLY WELL, or you did something stupid. His damage comes in one, major burst.. After you blow your load on someone, you're left with nothing to do. Nasus' W is a point and click slow that ramps up to 95% in a few short seconds. "Easily kited" is bullshit, seeing as he can just W you, walk up.. Q, 3/4 of your health gone. A late game champ is someone who can go through the teamfights and deal consistent damage, becoming a major threat. Nasus fulfills that exact thing, except with ridiculous tankiness, a point and click glorified stun, and an infinitely stacking Q that has base damage.
: Ya, except when Ori ranges her ball it snaps back to her, Shen's Spirit Sword just hangs out at max range waiting to be called by his Q.
Will there be a range indicator if you hover your mouse over your passive or q?
Arakadia (NA)
: *85%. It costs huge mana, long cd, single target so ganks slaughter him. Hes super slow 2 and immobile. His Q has potentially infinite dmg, but thats not toxic. Bard, Veig, Thresh, Sion, etc. all have this. Their late game champions. They need this or they'd be too weak. His slow isn't as strong as it sounds. He's not broke, not cancerous, and many other champions are much more broke. Look at veigar: Infinite scaling, AoE stun for 2.5 seconds (Better than a slow), and a point and click pure damage ult.
Neither Bard, Veigar, or Sion are lategame champions.. All three of them get utterly destroyed when piled on by more than a single person. Now lets take a look at Nasus' kit again, directly from the wiki.. 35% slow for 5 seconds, increasing by 15% every second at max rank. So.. 15 x 4 = 60, 60 + 35 = 95. 95% slow. And seeing as every Nasus maxes Q first, E second.. He can get that 95% slow off as early as level 13. His Q at max rank is 4 seconds, and every Nasus gets 40% cdr within 2-3 items, making his Q go off every 2.4 seconds. Q at max rank does 110 base damage, plus infinitely scaling damage that you get just by _playing the game._ Not to mention the fact that Nasus maxes Q first, so he gets that 2.4 second Q as early as level 9. He gets bonus health from his ult, and it also increases his range by 50 units, and it gives him bonus ad based on the damage dealt by the aoe. If Nasus gets spirit visage (which most do), it increases his health regen and his natural lifesteal he gets from his passive (which scales just by existing in the game, btw.) Every Nasus builds full tank, not ever needing to build AD.. So on top of his ult, Q, his W and E.. He can 1v4 with 2 items. Which I've done. At 10 minutes. By standing still. Nahhhh, Nasus ain't broken! It's not like I just literally laid out all of the information without any sort of additives to make him seem more op.. It's not like I didn't use any methods at all to make his kit seem more broken than it is! I just tossed around so many arbitrary points that don't connect to my main conclusion at all! P.S. A 2.5 second stun is not better than a 5 second 95% slow.
: Thats way off. Galio is the latin term for a gallon.
It's Reddit humor. I mean, when you are posting on a clone, you might as well post clone things, amirite?
: Have they seen a full tank Galio sit under turret with his W on him? Turrets don't do anything lol.
Wait.. What's a Galio?
: So Our Vayne Went AFK at Level 3...
They're all low silver, and their Gnar was pure garbage. How were they in any position to be trash talking? This community makes no sense.
: I have always just called it e, alternatively 'that skill that doesn't actually do anything'
Ah! Someone who doesn't know how to play Twitch!
Meserion (NA)
: For those saying it would be possible to ban out entire roles, I'd like you to direct your attention to the LoL wiki [League Wiki]( If you follow the list you can see there are: 15 primary Assassins 36 primary Fighters 26 primary Mages 20 primary Marksman 12 primary Supports 17 primary Tanks Aside from supports, I really don't think we would be in danger of running out of any one role if we where to ban 10 of one type. Also increasing the requirements to enter ranked mode should be a thing. Making the minimum champion requirement is a start but I'd also say maybe require a certain number of matches played in either team builder or normal queue so we don't have complete noobs who enter ranked after only playing against bots at level 30.
Wait a sec.. That doesn't account for every champ. That adds up to 126, not 128.
: I think its awesome Fiddle mains are finally getting a jungle item they can use. But now it kind of sucks for other AP junglers because the runeglaive passive worked really well on them and they are already weak as is. :( RIP: {{champion:76}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}}
Diana, Nidalee and Elise I imagine will still be just fine in the meta. But I don't really mind Ekko or Fizz not trudging around in the jungle, about to come out at a moment's notice to melt you.
: create boots with the passive to walk through minions
Just make Furor take away minion collision while the passive is in effect. It'd encourage kiting and escapes more interesting.
: You've Cat To Be Kitten Me
Omg the Tristana cat.. My heart melted ;-;
: I called Gamestop and asked if they had any RP cards
You probably pronounced it Shaco instead of Shaco, that's why he hung up.
: Snowdown is coming!
Oh my god.. So when I get Dragon Trainer Trist I'm getting ANOTHER skin as well? Swear to god if it's a Soraka or Nunu skin..
: The fools build armor... Nyegh heh heh!
Lol everytime.. New Kog is ridiculously fun. Been playing him and Gnar a bunch.
: When a Mage Pretends to be an ADC
{{champion:96}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3036}} ADC? Hah, yeah keep calling yourself that Kog.
Red Ryu (NA)
: Sona has the 4th highest winrate, best overall performance of supports and she got a lot of new toys
People simply don't understand the ebb and flow of a meta. Remember when everyone thought Pantheon was incredibly OP during Preseason 5? Riot didn't touch him at all, but suddenly he was a hotly contested pick. Pantheon is frustrating to play against, sure. But he's not incredibly OP or not prone to counterplay- Quite the opposite. Certain champions are powerful under certain circumstances. {{champion:80}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:33}}
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Keystone masteries ruined diversity
Lol at least it's readable. I, with it working quite well, had the same mastery page for every single ADC in the game. Now I can at least understand what I'm putting my points in to, and why.
TJFish (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BoxOfDOG,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hLn3ZUeW,comment-id=003c,timestamp=2015-11-15T00:35:04.994+0000) > > I seriously don't get the love for Season 5.. > Games got drawn out to ridiculous lengths. I'm not saying things are perfect the way they are now, but at least I can fit in 3 games in the time it took me to do 1 this last season. > ADCs need to be toned down, AP junglers need some help, the first jungle clear is super painful and RNGesus has brought forth the glorious Crit-age that so far we're not liking. > > Despite all that.. This is the most fun I've had in ages. Tristana is Rapid Fire Cannon is easily the most ridiculously entertaining thing in the world- AND IT'S NOT EVEN OP! People need to stop being a bunch of little whiny babies. Riot knows what needs to be fixed, so stop focusing on the negatives and think about the positives. It's pre-season for God's sake.. Quality over Quantity. I have had MUCH better games that went longer. Edge of your seat victories/defeats. Nothing like this..
Edge of your seat victories? For me it was, OH MY GOD WHEN WILL THIS HELL END, victories and defeats.
TJFish (NA)
: Anyone else just not interested in playing right now?
I seriously don't get the love for Season 5.. Games got drawn out to ridiculous lengths. I'm not saying things are perfect the way they are now, but at least I can fit in 3 games in the time it took me to do 1 this last season. ADCs need to be toned down, AP junglers need some help, the first jungle clear is super painful and RNGesus has brought forth the glorious Crit-age that so far we're not liking. Despite all that.. This is the most fun I've had in ages. Tristana is Rapid Fire Cannon is easily the most ridiculously entertaining thing in the world- AND IT'S NOT EVEN OP! People need to stop being a bunch of little whiny babies. Riot knows what needs to be fixed, so stop focusing on the negatives and think about the positives. It's pre-season for God's sake..
: Games Now Pretty much end in Stomps
I love how different the boards are from Reddit xD Reddit: "I love stomp games! I hated the 55 minute slug fests" Boards: "OMG WTF IS WITH THESE STOMP GAMES?! GIVE ME BACK TANK META!" Needless to say, I prefer Reddit.
Pryotra (NA)
: The mage one? Actually, that build path is viable on many immobile mages. Hyper-mobile "mages" tend to be played as assassins, ex. Katarina. Whether or not a champ has mana is really the only thing that shakes up that build. Keep in mind again that mages are different from assassins are different from AP bruisers. Part of why there are more items is due to champ diversity as well. You have FAR more mages compared to adc's. From there, it would follow that a wider champ pool would require a wider item pool. I won't deny that there are fewer adc's, but as a result it makes sense NOT to give them the same quantity of items. Especially when ADC's tend to play one of 2 ways: aa reliant like vayne or caster like Ezreal. Invariably, even if you did there would just be unused items for adc's. Mages tend to have a lot more different nuances in play style form champion to champion. In the end, Adc's have about the same amount of viable item choices when comparing them to Mages on a champ to champ basis. There is only a few item builds that are ok for Kogmaw to pick, but compare that to, say, Anivia, and you will see that there is only a few viable build there too.
..No. No, you're literally just spouting bs at this point xD You actually stated, yourself, in that reply, that it makes sense that ADCs have less items. We're not speaking relative here, we are discussing that MAGES HAVE LITERALLY MORE ITEMS AND ITEM DIVERSITY THAN ADCS. Which is undeniable _**FACT.**_
: Riot classified him as a Juggernaut -_- He is a Juggernaut, albeit a poor example of one
He shouldn't have been part of the Juggernaut update, just like Fiora wasn't. The only thing he fits the bill for being a juggernaut is low mobility, but does that make Galio, Sona, Vel'koz, Syndra a juggernaut?
: That's funny, cause that's how morde was built too. They are actually pretty functionally similar
Functionally similar? You're joking right? Mordekaiser: Built to be a three-hit stacking burst champion in the bottom lane, abusing his ridiculous damage and passive shield to destroy his opponents. His ult revives enemies from the dead, and can even bring a dragon back to fight for him from a distance. All while being insanely easy to pick up. Rumble: Made to punish the player for not knowing how to play him. Uses his low cooldowns to abuse people from range, and go in once his heat is high (his window of power). But you're punished if you use too many abilities, because you get silenced and your damage transfers to your autos. Instead of nuking, his main job is to turn the tide of teamfights with cleverly placed ultimates, and melting people with his Q + Zhonya. Functionally they're opposite. Thematically they're entirely different. Personality they'd might as well be in different universes. Mordekaiser shouldn't have even been part of the "Juggernaut update" because that's not what he is. Mordekaiser is a nuke, not a walking tank that soaks up damage and hits back like a wet noodle.
: Those are all AP/health or AP resistance items. He's harder to kill than your average squishy, immobile, and deals damage at close range. Sounds like a Juggernaut to me.
That's not what a juggernaut is -_- Garen is a juggernaut and he builds one damage item and full tank from there. Skarner builds 1 or 2 damage items then full tank. Darius builds 1, 2 or 3 damage items then full tank. Rumble builds 6 damage items with some resistances and health tacked on. He's a fighter, not a juggernaut/tank.. Jesus..
: I found riots choices on who is/is not a juggernaut to be interesting. Fairly high damage/low mobility tanky people fits a lot of characters who got absolutely no work on the "juggernaut patch". Contrasted to this upcoming marksman patch were every single marksman is getting at least some level of looking at. Low mobility damaging tanky guys include - The above 4 "Juggernauts" Rumble Mundo Sion Cho'Gath Olaf Shyvanna Nasus Volibear It's kind of frustrating how much smaller scope the "juggernaut" update was VS this upcoming marksman one. Especially given how many of the above champions are struggling right now.
Rumble is not tanky. He builds like, half a resistance item. I hate it when people act like a champion that builds Liandry's, Abyssal, Rylai's, Zhonya's, Void Staff and Sorc boots is a tank..
I prefer the term hissy fit, over temper tantrum. I used to main adc. I still play it some, but I can't handle playing in that lane.. Not because I was the toxic ADC, but because people have this preconceived idea that adcs are toxic, and deliberately make my life hell.
: This must be your first time playing a competitive game. Or using the internet. Get some thicker skin and get back out there, champ. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Baunjo (NA)
: I think what he is getting at is every stat in an AP item benefits a mage. TF is not good on every ADC because it wastes quite a bit of stats, as does muramana and essence reaver. Health is also wasted on Black Cleaver, and frankly maw of malmortius needs reworked desperately. Sure they have about the same items as mages do, but useful items is a different story
YES! Jesus christ, finally someone gets it. I can name 6-7 different marksmen that conform to the same build path every game. I, however, (even with how many mages there are in the game) can't name 5-6 different mages that build the same thing as each other every game.
Pryotra (NA)
: lol, you literally toggled 2 items for 3 slots, and forgot items like manamune/essence reaver for ADC's like Ez or Corki. Believe what you will, Adc itemization isn't terrible. And it will only get better next season. And yes actually, about 95% of mages get Zhonyas, especially as a defensive buy, especially immobile mages. Most mages will pick up Rabadons unless for some reason they are not trying to stack AP. Most mages go Rabadon's, Zhonya's, Morellonomicon/Athene's/Archangels, Void staff, Luden's/Rylai's/Liandries. Replace the mana regen items on Manaless mages with one out of the other toggle. Mages may have good items, but ADC's aren't that far off, especially if you factor in next season.
But what I'm saying is that I'm NOT factoring in next season. ADC itemization as it is is _extremely_ lacking in diversity, why do you think they're updating it for next season? What I'm getting at is that mages hardly ever conform to one build path in the same way that ADCs do. The most unique thing is, "Hm, do I get Stattik, PD, or Youmuu's?" Other than that it's so linear that most people build the EXACT SAME THING EVERY SINGLE GAME ON 5 DIFFERENT MARKSMEN, and have like 90% success. That 10% is when they forget to get QSS. Not only are there more mages, there are more items for mages to build. More paths, more viable options. Orianna has what, like 5 different viable build paths? And Corki has what? One viable build path? That build path you mentioned is a solidified only-build-this-every-game for what like, one champ?
: Am I the only "Quinn Main" who is excited for her rework
Personally as someone who just had the rough experience of playing Kog'maw vs. a Quinn.. GRA-GHRA!!!SKGNASkl GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! ASDO!!!AGFKFK GFAB!!!Gkkassfnagakjuiqwareu8904890N!!!FJKAGA UUGHGHHGHGHHG!!!$ But yeah her update should be great! Looking forward to it.
: Probably because every ADC currently does the same thing almost- right click and auto attack. They've got some other choices but in the end that's what it comes down to. Season 6 will be changing that to make them more niche. Also, who do you think you're fooling when you named like 10 items for an ADC but only half that for Mages? > You're saying that every single ADC getting Infinity Edge, Stattik Shiv/PD, Bork/BT, LW and QSS/GA is called item diversity? You forgot a few items: {{item:3078}} {{item:3004}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3141}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3508}} It's almost like there's just as many options for an ADC as there is for a Mage isn't it?
Triforce is two champs. Manamune is one. Youmuu's is one, sometimes two. No one that actually knows positioning buys Black Cleaver. No one buys Sword of The Occult. No one buys Maw. No one buys Essence Reaver. Everything you named excluding Youmuu's and Triforce are just that: OPTIONS. I have all the options in the world, so I could get archangel's staff on Ezreal.. Does that mean I **should **do it? HAHA! Hell no. The items I named, practically in that order, is _THE_ ADC build. The mage items I named are just a mere inkling of how many items they can build within this meta. ADC is the least diverse role. Period. You said it yourself, that's why they're updating marksmen.
Pryotra (NA)
: Your support argument fails when utility based champions in other roles invade the same space and perform well. Your Mage argument only really applies to mages with that kind of range. Not all immobile mages do, and Mage itemization is on par with ADC itemization. Your assassin argument is a straw-man argument. Your bruiser argument is a bad straw-man argument. Your tank argument is a really bad straw-man argument. Literally here is the only place I've seen it. Most tank mains don't care about doing that much damage, but rather wish that it wasn't as hard to peel due to the rampancy of mobility. Which is a fair complaint. Your adc argument is fairly spot on from my experience. Your jungle argument is all over the place. It's my opinion that while everyone is biased, junglers have a pretty good grasp on whats problematic due to being all over the map at early stages of the game and therefore dealing with everything. You need to do more than farm for power, and even then the spikes aren't over the top outside of the blue/red/dragon buffs, but even then those are balanced around their difficulty. Diversity hasn't really been a problem since season 1, and outside of a few items the itemization has been ok. Overall? 3/10. You got 1 right out of 7, 1 wasn't even coherent, 1 was pure fantasy, and the remaining four were just wrong. While your over-arching point that everyone is biased is proven, it is only so when you look at how biased you are being.
Woah woah woah.. Wait, what? Mage itemization is on par with ADC itemization? I used to main ADC, but still play it a ton. You're saying that every single ADC getting Infinity Edge, Stattik Shiv/PD, Bork/BT, LW and QSS/GA is called item diversity? Lets look at mages for a sec.. Does every mage get Luden's? No. Does every mage get Athene's? No. Does every mage get Rabadon's? No. Does every mage get Void Staff/Abyssal? No. Does every mage get Zhonya's? Yes. No matter what angle you look at it, Mage itemization is FAR surpassing ADC itemization. It's not just on par, it's legitimately diverse in comparison. You can't compare ADC items to any other role, because every single other role has them beat.
Fadedpf (NA)
: "We removed grievous wounds from MF its hidden power and toxic!"
What I think is kinda funny is the massive difference in meta between Gold+ and Silver and below.. Up there Nasus is garbage tier. Down in Bronze and Silver he's basically a god. A very slow scaling god, but eventually he'll just start 1v5ing your team and doing a one man base race.
: Well, the "tanks" you mentioned are mostly really tanky health-stacking mage-bruisers. _________________________________________________________________ {{champion:31}}: He literally builds AP and health. He's naturally more tanky than any tank in the game, yet he's played like a mage. I understand that % HP damage is necessary for killing abominably tanky threats like him. {{champion:79}}/{{champion:113}}: Mage-bruiser hybrids that build a mix of HP and tank in order to CC-lock and deal damage to their enemies. I don't consider them to be true tanks because of the mage-like qualities of their kits. I see them more as an engaging AP bruiser class of their own that can deal considerable damage in trades. {{champion:12}}: He's meant to ruin your day. There's nothing much I can say about him other than the fact that it's difficult to kill an Alistar when his ultimate is active. Other than that, he brings mostly utility to a team when built NORMALLY. {{champion:57}}: This guy's a tank. Although people build RoA on him sometimes, he's a tank by nature. CC engagement, team utility, and overall low damage. He is what defines a tank. __________________________________________________________________ Other than that, tank games were ridiculous, I admit. But I'm not asking for tanks to become the master race of LoL like ADCs are about to become. I'm simply asking for ways to not get deleted in team fights and against toothpick warriors. {{champion:114}}
I feel that. When I play Shen or Amumu I want to feel significant before I get deleted. Instead they give these cancer champs CC and %health true damage, so I can't even get a W in there. I think we've agreed with eachother the whole time without realizing it :P I'm just expressing my utter disgust, hate and loathing of the cinderhulk meta.
: Well, I appreciate the delicacy and bravery in which you disagreed with the majority. I always encourage healthy debate, so here we go. Back in the tank meta, the two tanks that were even annoying to deal with when you yourself were a tank were Sion and Sejuani, both of whom were over-nerfed. I agree that smite top lane was ridiculous (Hey, better than always taking flash, right?), but it brought diversity. A summoner spell to reduce damage for a short period of time would make tanks choose between having early lane presence or better team fight presence. I know tanks aren't supposed to be unkillable, but they shouldn't be so easy to kill either. It defeats the purpose of building tanky.
Oh tanks shouldn't be easy to kill, for sure. This is a fellow Shen main talking here. My issue is that when Maokai, Gragas/Sejuani, Cho'Gath, and Alistar are all on the same team (and this was the norm, mind you), games became so drawn out and boring. In retrospect, a tank game might seem fun.. Until you remember how you felt WHILE playing, when you got 1v1'd by full tank Sej, or cc locked for ten years by 2 tanks and a Morgana (Morg taking up 9 of said years)
: Anybody remember when tanks were actually tanky? I do, and here's how it was...
I don't wanna say "I DISAGREE VEHEMENTLY WITH THIS POST AND YOU SUCK" You're great and I love that you put so much effort into the post, but I do disagree. The tank meta was easily the least fun I've ever had playing league. I could be playing Tristana, Corki, Graves and I would have to spend the next 40 minutes trying to kill Sejuani, and I still have another 1500 health left to take down. Games turned into 60 minute slug-fests ALL THE TIME, and people may say "I would rather a 50 minute battle than a 20 minute sweep." To that I say, you go girl. But the majority of the population can agree on one thing: The tank meta games lasted too effing long, and it made life hell.
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: It's still in last I checked. I had an epic nexus KS on Rek'Sai last weekend. "Don't kill the nexus, let the minions do it." - Me on voice chat right before I last hit it.
Swagl0rd Griftrix waits for no minion.
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: Just because ADCs go bottom usually doesn't make them bottom of the pack. They are picked every game. Position =/= strength.
Lol, what? That doesn't even make sense. Are you actually that literal? xD They're bottom of the pack because the top/jungle meta is currently in control. Bottom of the pack meaning NOT AS IMPORTANT/POWERFUL.
: Are you serious? ADCs have been a must in a team since forever, to be at the bottom, you must see no play at all, and ADC have always been played, HECK they even have a poor dude that has to play nanny just for them. In assassin meta, mages were extinct, that's what the bottom is, in tank meta, assassins were non existant, that's what the bottom is, in the build fucking damage tanks can't tank for shit meta, tanks were never picked, people ran damage dealer top,jungle everywhere. The only constant was and still is ranged phys damage dealer botlane + support, lately Riot tried to push ADC to the jungle with Kindred or to change the botlane with Morde, but guess what, ADC were still a must into a team, doesn't this ring you any bell? I welcome the individual ADC changes, but overhauling an entire class of items to revolve it in favor of one role, the ADC one, is a bit too much.
I never said ADCs weren't necessary. They've always been necessary to the team, but their impact in the grand scheme of things has paled in comparison to top, jungle and mid. An ADC getting ahead used to be guaranteed (not saying that was a good thing), but nowadays a marksman getting ahead has been increasingly unreliable, making way for the top/tank/tp meta to take over.
: 2016 items are so funny
Well seeing as ADCs have been completely at the bottom of the pack for the entirety of this meta, in every region.. I think buffs are pretty warranted. Top lane is still super powerful, and now they have even more riding on their job with the Herald being introduced. Jungle is always going to be just as important as it's always been. Mid lane is pretty much exactly the same, and nerfing Zhonya's is honestly for the better. Tank items have always cost like nothing at all and promoted half-assing your cs instead of doing your best to farm. And nothing really to say on the support items.
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: SPARRRRRKLLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS {{champion:99}}: amidoinitrite?
No you're trying too hard.
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