: New Health Bar GFX
Everyone was complaining on the PBE about the New Health Bars (myself included). Yet they STILL PUSHED IT THROUGH. You could say they're BLIND to the criticism. Hahah. No really (insert name of Rioter reading this), this is like Flex Que, No one wanted/Asked for Health Bar changes.
: Is Doran's Ring being nerfed just due to Galio?
It's a bigger problem in Proplay. Galio will get a nerf tap to his Q or something. Which should be enough to bring him in line.
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: So what's the deal with Quinn's eyes?
Like I like the splash and all her other splashes. I figured.. one tiny change to the eyes and everyone is happy? Like they're giving all the champs animated recalls, can' t someone take 5mins to Photoshop the eyes a bit? edit: was supposed to reply to you valor bot :(
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: Serious talk : How do feel toward ARAM gamemode?
We need to be able to ff at 10mins.
: RIOT I ask of you a reply regarding Viktor
Like I've said before: Here's the truth about the creative team when do something like this: It's too much work. It takes too much effort, and actual balance to write characters in shades of grey and such. It's just easier to be very black and white, and have simple relationship between characters. And to throw them a bone, they probably had some mandate thrown down on to them as well: "Make this guy the asshole turned cool good guy, and his 'friend' the crazy evil cool machine killer!! the kids will love it $$$$' Cause really, there's no other explanation or justification for this. We have the proof written right in front of us from old and this new lore. gg p.s Also this new lore reeeeeeks of rip-off. This sounds like a cheap version of Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom origin.
: Jayce's new lore now implies that Viktor is a full-blown Psychopath
Here's the truth about the creative team when do something like this: It's too much work. It takes too much effort, and actual balance to write characters in shades of grey and such. It's just easier to be very black and white, and have simple relationship between characters. And to throw them a bone, they probably had some mandate thrown down on to them as well: "Make this guy the asshole turned cool good guy, and his 'friend' the crazy evil cool machine killer!! the kids will love it $$$$' Cause really, there's no other explanation or justification for this. We have the proof written right in front of us from old and this new lore. gg
inplane (NA)
: Anyone else feel like Botlane is too vulnerable and is basically the lane that loses it all?
Yea playing Botlane with buffed assassins and overtuned jungle isn't fun atm.
ybuR (NA)
: "Viktor would need buffs if rylais gets nerfed" -mage mains
Yeah he does. Rito made him clunky cause of rylais. I'd rather the E detonation and R ticks nerfs reverted. Rylais was so OP on vik it made his buy path for 2 items almost set in stone. Also Morde, Singed, Azir definitely need compensation. Fortunately for Vik mains, even with buffs, Vik will fall out of meta as right now there are even bigger problems and better options. I will miss the Tibbers+Rylais combo though. So fun to tilt people with.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Edit: also Malz would need some compensation off the top of my head. Also, note rito will let these champs rot in the dumpster for a month before buffing them. So try to have some empathy for people who enjoy playing them.
: So... Who is most likely to see a post-worlds nerf the most?
I would agree with Syndra only because, they kept giving her damage/ratio(can't remember which) buffs every once and a while and then towards the end they fixed a bunch of her bugs, and didn't revert the multiple buffs. I noticed this and wondered how it would go .. and here we are.
SIayton (NA)
: Is it just me or is Ahri secret OP?
High Burst? EL OH EL Just Play Viktor to win. Edit: or Leblanc, I love playing her into Ahri with the recent change to her charm no longer stopping the W mid transit.
: Hi Mounting Dread, Thanks for the thoughtful post. You're spot on with how serious this problem is for new players, and I'm hoping I can solve it. We do run retroactive ban waves against bots today. They can level so quickly though, that we're often too slow in banning them before they affect a bunch of real players. I've been working on improved detection that should catch more bots as well as detect them more quickly. I've got a candidate model that looks promising, but it needs some thorough testing before we start running ban waves. The last thing we want is a bunch of false positive readings that result in real players getting caught in the ban waves. I'm shooting for larger retroactive ban waves in the next couple of weeks. Once that tests well and we don't see too many false positives, we'll automate it in a way that can issue bans closer to real-time.
You know what also helps a lot in getting bots caught? Giving us the satisfaction of knowing our reports led to a bot ban. There are a lot of people who simply stopped reporting because they thought nothing would happen, or saw no results. Give us that pop up notice, and you'll get a lot more people in the community actively helping to stop bots.
DJ Sona (EUW)
: "... we've made the decision to not bring back solo queue"
: How to Nerf Annie Without Making Anyone Mad
smite killing tibbers gives the JG gives him the enraged tibbers buff...would be hilarious.
: So CertainlyT is going to work on warwicks rework..
He's prolly gonna make him super OP.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sotere,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h6H0bA7Z,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-13T20:08:51.836+0000) > > We'll be taking a look at her for 6.11. Please gut jungle nidalee, but bring back spear nidalee that was way more healthy
: Master Yi is now officially the number 1 lowest win rate champion in the game at 42%
Meddler (NA)
: When balancing champions one of the primary statistics we consider is a champion's win rate when played by experienced players. Comparing average win rates can be really misleading as you point out, so comparing win rates when all the players involved have a decent level of experience on a champion tends to be more valuable for champions once they've been out for at least a little while. Looking at champion win rates for May when those champions are played by people with more than 30 games on them Aurelion Sol's got the highest experienced win rate in the game and still has a lower average number of games played than many other champions, given he hasn't been out as long. He was strong before 6.9, and we were talking about whether he was sufficiently out of line we needed to nerf him. The 6.9 changes, Catalyst in particular, have pushed him to a point where don't feel we can afford to leave him as strong as he is, even if his play rate isn't high. In terms of the changes we're making in 6.10 we're hitting the ult damage because, as a powerful initiation and/or peel tool it doesn't need to be as high as it is on base damage. That makes it a good place to hit when we need to reduce overall power. The W change is aimed at giving a bit more reward to opponents who CC Aurelion Sol or force him to pull his stars in (increased time until he's got longer ranged sustained threat again). It's possible that will hit him harder than intended in terms of ability to deal with closing threats, that is meant to be a core weakness for him though. We'll assess post 6.10 ship, see where he ends up. Regarding the bug you mention with his Q and Windwall/Braum do you have a video of the Q using its edge, instead of core, for Windwall/Braum shield collisions? Just had a look at that in game and I'm seeing the core used as expected. It does look like Braum E's blocking the CC on the Q though. It was scripted that to be consistent with Anivia's Q, that doesn't seem like the right approach here though, Braum at the least should be getting CC'd.
Sciela (NA)
: How do you beat bullshit?
dodge in champ select
: I do think Dead Man's Plate compromised the intended strength/weakness profile of Juggernauts. I don't know that everyone here feels the same, however.
Some juggernauts are fine having DMP some others not really. Garen is still easy to kite with it imo.
: In my experience she feels infuriating to play against... Her range and zone is insane, I can not trade back at all . It seems not fair to me. And also it feels like the zyra player doesnt really break a sweat to do her poke and zone. It feels almost effortless. All in all I think she needs number tweaks and she will be fine, perhaps some quality of life changes too to make her feel more skillful to play.
I feel she needs slightly higher mana costs, i dont mind she can poke/zone so hard, but at least from lvl 2-7 i want to play league of legends.
Idrolas (NA)
: Anivia 6.9
There's some stuff for her in 6.10. Mostly making the R less garbage.
: Annie Tibbers
yea sometimes just attacks a near by minion or the wrong target you pyro'd
: What about the stun bug for Annie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvM3Toy3Nsc
: I don't think Anivia is dead, but...
There are changes on the PBE coming for her. I think they'll help with her 'R' Issues.. hopefully. At the very least Riot is listening.
Meddler (NA)
: 6.9 balance hotfix going out soon
Random Question: Anything in 6.10 in dealing with the bugged Annie Stun/Clunky Tibbers Ai ??
Ännie (NA)
: Protobelt + Annie stun not working. Bug perhaps?
I thought it was just me, but yeah there were times I was 100% sure my stun was up, and it did not stun. Also the Tibbers Ai is kinda bugged too, sometimes Tibbers won't go after the target I selected on cast.
: Please explain why Tibbers needs that buff.
So you're saying you want Annie to have her burst back?
Chake14u (NA)
: On Anivia
I agree with you bro. Upvote.
: This 20 minute herald buff.
This is going to be a nightmare and headache for low elo. Good Job on making Top lane/JG less fun to play.
macdooney (EUNE)
: The Anivia changes feel absolutely awful to play.
The ult change was brutal. If you're going to have the stupid 'growth', can the mana cost be lowered? and down time between casts? Cause it is hilariously easy to avoid it(like an enemy adc can just studder step around it), and before in a team fight you have to place your ult VERY WELL to have an impact....so this makes it even worse..Sigh. She still will be a niche pick to counter seige comps.. but that's about it :\ thank for the 'update' riot.
: Viktor's Patch 6.9 entry shows that whoever worked on Vik has no idea who he truly is >_>
You better not read the Mage update thread then, there's a particular red who I won't name who made the most idiotic justifications for the viktor changes, for the sake of your health just avoid it.
Laraso (NA)
: Is anyone else concerned about the potential state of mages with the upcoming mage rework?
RIP anivia. ;_; That ult change.. sigh. Annie will still be viable for certain counter picks but loses her 'burst mage' identity as compared to before. Get ready for Swain Cancer in toplane, and Zed in Midlane all day everyday (if you didnt pick or ban him).
: Can Lissandra PLEASE get a new passive with the MYMU.
The passive does the job, yea it's kinda eh late game but she falls off late game as it is. Also the insta-gib protection you want would hide some of her weaknesses she's intended to have. She has to decide to use the ult on herself or others, and/or follow up with zhonyas and give time to her team to follow up. If you don't like the passive fine, everyone has got an opinion about it (I think it's 'fine' not bad but not OMG AWESOME ). But with the MYMU there's A LOT of items getting mana stats slapped on. Like {{item:3165}} is still the stat stick, and the current passive and lissandra as a whole will be fine. (I suspect she'll do quite well, since she is losing some AP but will easily be able to hit 40 CDR, and a not worry about mana. So there will be a lot more options now..heck even change runes around and only have a net loss of like 12 AP and get so much more)
: how the community can improve Dynamic Queue with role rotation
: It feels a bit wierd to punish a premade for a person in it Dcing.
It's a step in a right direction, and no system is 100% fool proof. You have to admit it will solve some of the issues.
: How is Diana unhealthy? She's quite balanced right now, and quite frankly has some of the most counterplay out of all of the assassins.
Yea she's in a good spot at the moment. Even with the new changes to the items, she'll easily get an extra +20% CDR at the cost of about 40 AP, I love building abyssal and zhonyas for her. (though you can drop the cdr blues and get scaling ap blues so like its only a loss of like 12-18 ap really...and I also like building nashors.. so easy 40% cdr for diana wooo!..but a bunch of other mages are looking super OP unfortunately. :^( )
: Deaths dance and bloodthirster should be your first items. from there get a phantom dancer streaks gauge and maw of malamortius. if you want, look up LCS graves games and see their builds
MAW + Steraks combo getting a nerf.
: QSS / Mercurial change for 6.9
Competitive is going to be so boring, seeing Trundle everywhere now... sigh. Also Zed is going to be like banned all the time now for regular people lmao. Rip Zed Mains.
Beuhlakor (EUW)
: Ok, I got a friend who has a PBE account and he tested quickly everything regarding Guinsoo in a custom game : 1) Ranged attacks and melee attacks both grant 1 stack. 2) "Guinsoo Rage" passive works EXACTLY like the live Sated Devourer. It means that {{champion:24}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:266}} will proc every 2 AA instead of every 3 AA. 3) I'm sorry Riot, but are you OUT OF YOUR MIND ? It is also going to push {{champion:10}} and {{champion:203}} back to their "BAN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE" status, back when Sated Devourer was working for every ranged AA.
Coranar (NA)
: @Meddler, What would your opinion if the randomized order of dragons was revealed during champion select? This would allow teams to adapt in champ select and need to have numerous different strategies at hand. Would also eliminate the complaints saying pure RNG dictated an entire game.
That sounds like a really good idea for Pro Play at the very least.
Meddler (NA)
: Mid-season stuff that may be harder to spot on the PBE
I mean this with no disrespect, but the enchant removal seems... lazy. Why not just hit the drawing board and completely change Alacrity, and nerf/mod the other enchantments? Though the removal of distortion will quell the QQ from the scrubs who get destroyed by Annie, I'm concerned how this will effect pro-play and certain compositions/playstyles.
: Another Diana skin I won't be buying.
Diana Fan here. I think the skin is "ok" but I just don't like the hair. Something about it is off.. maybe it seems like shes bald too much. idk. I agree though it could be a lot better.
PinguinZo (EUW)
: Quinn top is literal cancer.
Play Pantheon into her. Free win.
Lyless (NA)
: Un-winnable games
Is this some sort of reverse troll Lyless thread? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Should Quinn be NERFED?
Like Yi, if you dont got much cc or a tank, quinn will just run rampant.
Xantak (NA)
: The farthest IMT advanced in that game was TSM's top inhibitor, then they got stuffed.
Not even a TSM fan, but I like this post the most.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Low-Scope Mage Directions
> Anivia > Effortless waveclear makes her hard to interact with when strong ‘Feels old’ from a usability standpoint. Anivia’s one of our first champions and it shows. She has to get certain items before she can reach that state of wave clear and it takes a fair bit of TIME to ramp up to be a threat(which is annoying in this snowballing/fast meta). Let's not forget the AP item changes. I'd still probably get RoA on Aniva but I'd never get that new athenes so waveclearing with her mana costs will require more effort and thoughtfulness. Also in terms of time, by the time she has this 'effortless' waveclear (in which she has to be careful cause it is rather close-ish range), usually opposing midlaner has very good wave clear as well if not sooner than her. Maybe you used poor selection of words, but it's not anymore effortless than a wave variety of other mid lane champs that are NOT zone control types. Please don't fix what isn't broken. As for Veigar..I AGREE the passive is bleh, but the ult.. well that fits his theme very well, and it is actually quite clear why you die from it. Lots of AP? you're dead. No MR ? You're dead. There is also the decision making in that: Do I blow up the AP laner, or maybe the fed ADC? or use it to chunk out the Massive HP top lane Garen charging at me. If you're gonna remove the AP scaling from the enemy for instance, you better have something really good in mind to replace it with, cause these choices and the 'threat' of the R deletion is now basically a kind of core theme behind the little terror yordle.
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