: Oh boy...First the Lux ult buff...now her ultimate skin on sale!? ARAM going to be lux 24/7 now.
But... ARAM is random... so you don't get to choose...
: Client Update Open Beta Now Live
I cant update yet...{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Patch 6.22 notes
plants are cool
: Jhin Q&A 2/2
{{champion:202}} I really like champion lore so I have an issue. Why is the lore of so many champions so little when you click lore in client. I want to be able to read about champions while waiting for a match! You put so much work into making such awesome unique champions like {{champion:202}} , why don't you fill out their lore. Now before you tell me to head on over to {{champion:202}} 's bio I want you to go there and copy it. Then I want you to paste it into Jhin's Lore page. Do that for champions, or at least the ones you release and rework. {{champion:98}} has lore, but where is it? Not under {{champion:98}} 's lore page. Please make me more happy! Like {{champion:99}} , she is always happy!


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