Kei143 (NA)
: 2 different Rioters from different departments came here and said that. So now comes to the point on whether you choose to believe Rioters or Dunkey. I choose Rioters.
These shitheads care more about player behavior than gameplay
Kei143 (NA)
: You know that Dunkey lied in his video right? There was no Malphite in the game he got banned.
Kei143 (NA)
: Isn't this just a repost of your previous thread?
: Have you brought this to the attention of Riot Support?
No because they’re a bunch of asshats that don’t care. Take it fromdunkey
: What does complaining about it all game get you? More annoyed and possibly banned, basically. Now you know. Dont bitch all game about the obvious. Just report em when youre done. I feel like you just love drama but idk... i dont see another reason to just talk about it all game like that and make it this huge deal. Omg he said ivern hates black women, report report!!! Wahhhhh...
Reported for hurting my feelings
rujitra (NA)
: How do you know he didn't get in trouble, for one? For two, it may be under review. You don't always get a notification.
He’s still playing this game...
: the invern has a lvl 8 account, I think you need lvl 9 to use smite anyway. anyway, it is better not to type in league at all and just report when you feel it necessary.
He literally at the start of the game said “ivern hates black woman”
rujitra (NA)
: A loser flings shit at you. Innocent bystanders get mad at him because now the air is full of shit. You start flinging shit back. Innocent bystanders also get mad at you because you're contributing to the air of shit.
Yeah he was inting and didn’t get in trouble. Guess riot wants a more friendly game than good gameplay.
: Asking for reports is punishable. Plus your negative attitude doesn't do you any justice as well.
Well he asked for reports and he wasn’t punished. He wasn’t punished for troll building or inting in the first place
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: It does not matter what he has, Riot has stated that No one player OWNs minions, OWNS CS. Supports allowing adc to farm uncontested is a -courtesy-, Not an obligation. Support has just as much of a right to the minions as you do. If you cant get gold through cs, Find other means. even if it means YOU have to get a support item to make up for the missing minion gold. Again, Supports allowing adc to farm and not taking CS is a COURTESY, not a rule. You may not like it, but there is no rule saying support cannot take minions REGARDLESS of what gold income item they have.
Then what’s the point of a gold income item if you already take all my cs then? And why should I get a support item if they called support. I think you jut want me to lose at this point.
: Then practice in draft where you get assigned a lane/position.
Do you not understand how much yasuo is banned in draft
: You can actually do that. Last season I went into a blind and majority of them wanted to do 5 adc top to quick push and win fast. Other guy and I went "sure wth." and we did it. We actually managed to win it too.
Idc about winning. I care about practice
: "Called my lane first" just to clarify, if this was blind pick that actually means jack shit. Lane call is purely a courtesy, not a rule.
Ok then I guess we can have 5 bot if that’s what you want. I went to blind to practice my champion
: Yeah, I looked at the live stats on I meant to respond sooner but had to run and do something. He was just a troll. You can tell especially from what he bought at the end. With games like these, if you do play through to the end and you or someone doesn't dodge, mute them at the start and just do your best to ignore what they're doing. Then afterwards report them.
K but reporting never seems to do anything
: And, which if your accounts was this on? As, according to, the Match History on site, and your match history in the client, your last game was a Caitlyn game yesterday, which did not have an Ivern in it.
K it’s up. My score is bad because I had to share so with ivern aginst a fking zed
: And, which if your accounts was this on? As, according to, the Match History on site, and your match history in the client, your last game was a Caitlyn game yesterday, which did not have an Ivern in it.
Oh it’s going on rn it’s al ost over. I’ve typed it while I’m dead
: Riot can you fix your player base?
Not to mention him Andy my teammates all sai din all chat to report me for feeding.
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Xyzx (NA)
: because of people like you who use 1 person to depict an entire role.
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: No, you can't report your lanemate for getting farm...
But he’s a support with a gold income item. He’s not supposed to get cs he’s supposed to poke with abilities to get gold income and also get to 500 gold for wards... I told him to stop repeatedly
: no. there is no rule that says each team must have an adc bot lane and that player is entitled to the cs. it is just a thing that people usually do.
He had 120 cs at the end of the game with em at 70. He had a support item and was building attack speed brand so he could take more cs while managing an amazingly fast waveclear
rujitra (NA)
: Those items give the equivalent of about 2-4 CS per minute .. at most.
They aren’t supposed to have 120 cs at the end of the game when I have 70...
: You cant report for taking farm, but you can report them for purposefully trying to grief you. The examples of this is: 1) them saying you are useless, so they are doing it on purpose after you asked them to stop. 2) following you around after you tried to avoid them.
That is exactly what happened. And his insane waveclear made it so I got barely any cs
: I dont really think that is the case generally. Often times if someone leaves lane it is because their ADC can pretty much 1v2 the bott lane (usually someone like Draven) and often times the support will be in and out of lane (especially if someone like Bard, Blitz, or Thresh are common roamers). These do not generally require the ADCs consent, and if the ADC pushes up too far when the support even pings "careful" to let them know they are going out for a bit, then it is NOT reportable, nor should the support be punished for it. It also depends on the INTENT. If the adc asks you to not roam so much, and you go and say "no, youre useless" then yeah probably. However if its something more like "this lane needs more help, and you are a cait. You can farm relatively safely. Ill be down again soon" or something, then that is COMPLETELY different.
I wasn’t talking about roaming. He deliberately took my cs and had 20 more than me at the end of the game
: Yes and no. You cannot report them for taking farm if *any* of the following are true: * It's an occasional thing, such as one of their spells accidentally killing a few minions. * They have {{item:3302}} or any of its upgrades. * You're not in lane to take the farm or otherwise aren't reasonable able *to* take it. * The wave *needs* to be cleared quickly. * They only need a bit more gold for a complete item and are taking a reasonable number of minions so they can get the item in their next back. * It's otherwise strategically smart to do so for some reason not listed above, or it's incidental/accidental in some way not listed above. * You have said they can. You *can* report them for it if *all* of the following are true: * It's a deliberate action. * You have explicitly asked them to stop. * They have continued to do so after asking them to stop. * The intent is to grief or otherwise harm your capabilities. * None of the "you cannot if" section is true.
It was deliberate. It wasn’t an accident I told him to stop they continued in. None of the you cannot If section is true and I still didn’t get a report return
: I can share my experiences as a support main. If I am qued with a random ADC that is not last hitting and just missing cs left and right, I will take the farm instead of letting it go to waste. In addition, if I am qued with a random ADC that just cannot carry and is just doing crazy stuff in the game and letting the enemy bot lane get ahead, I will mute him take the farm because it is obvious this person cannot carry and doesn't know how to use the gold. I will do everything in my power to win, even if it means taking my ADC's cs or get a lane pushing so we can siege the first turret, kill a dragon, or allow myself to roam to help another team mate.
Yeah but I was trying to freeze the lane so I got more cash than them but brand was pushing it with all his abilities so he was clearly trolling
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Wilyum (NA)
: LMFAO, Yasuo is not difficult to play. PERIOD. He has infinite dashes through waves, a wall that blocks all but 2 abilities, and has 100% crit with 2 items. He is as hard as learning any champion. 4 buttons and working a mouse he isn't hard at all in my opinion.
List of things yasuo can and can’t block (a little dated but still significant)
Wilyum (NA)
: LMFAO, Yasuo is not difficult to play. PERIOD. He has infinite dashes through waves, a wall that blocks all but 2 abilities, and has 100% crit with 2 items. He is as hard as learning any champion. 4 buttons and working a mouse he isn't hard at all in my opinion.
Let’s see here. Brand w and e mundo auto e and w veig w plus his e cho q e and w Leblanc too mobile to really windwall. Talon, unpredictable zed has a way shorter cd on shurikens . Casseopia. Ryze root and gangplank barrels. Those 2 items cost a fortune. Dash can only be used every 10 seconds on the same enemy until he upgrades it and he still can’t dash the same enemy for like 6 seconds at highest lvl. did I mention the windwall doesn’t block lux r. Have to have minions around for escape. Know when to go in. Explain who takes skill
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Wilyum (NA)
: Haha, I don't really hate Yasuo players, I just hate bad players lol. (AKA Yasuo players)
Yasuo is diffucult as hell to play. You gotta be ready to e to get out of situations. Know when to windwall and know when to go in
Wilyum (NA)
: Sure, play him. He does have a high ban rate but who cares, if you like him, are good with him, and want to then play him. But be sure I will hate you for it, haha jk. (But no seriously Yasuo players are the worst)
The hate is part of the reason I want to play him. I wanna see how many report returns I get
Rioter Comments
: play {{champion:427}} Hes the anti trigger champ. I almost never get flamed for playing him, even when going something stupid like top or adc. (despite the negative kda)
Why the fuck do you keep messaging thst?
: Playing with friends reduces the chances of the number of toxic players that there will be so I suggest you do that, otherwise unfortunately there will always be toxic players but also nice players
I don’t have any friends to play this game with
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: while calling is generally encouraged i have never called a lane in blind. i just pick a champ and go. allot of the time people flame at me saying i stole their lane but ya know, it is just a fucking lane. it ain't a gold bar or anything like that. you can share the lane. it is not a big deal. so if you can find a way to ignore the toxic that gets thrown at you for not calling lanes then there is no reason to call a lane. besides in the end it does not matter what lane you pick the end goal is all the same. you get to the nexus. don't matter how you get there.
But I’m not looking to win these games. I’m looking to get better. Winning would be nice but I’d like to actually practice my champion before I actually play the game. In the real games this doesn’t happen so I can’t practice Yasuo 2v1 then it suddenly becomes a 1vq
: Do you need to call lanes in blind pick
I’m feeling a mixture of anger and sadness because of how bad the community is now. I’m afraid I’ll get banned under all these reports and I’m not int feeding or trying to be toxic or being toxic from what I see. But brand asked the whole team ot report me and they all agreed “let’s 9x this Yasuo” draven said. “What happened to your main” brand said
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: No. If you are legitimately trying to win, and you are being blown up in .1 second by a leblanc, that isnt really something you can do something about. In that scenario though, i would suggest sending a wind wall when you think she is going to jump on you, because it will block her Q and Rq if she is using it.
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