: Can we have a new champ that uses her hair as skills
http://i.imgur.com/PkDfqA4.gif?noredirect http://i.imgur.com/fhkTW9D.gif?noredirect
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: I....also play League......League takes no skill...................I have no skill in League..................................
That right click skill, olympic in magnitude.
Dr Top (NA)
: idk why you are getting downvoted, you explained what happened perfectly
People don't like coming to terms with their own mistakes.
: didn't the lux blow her ENTIRE combo and then some just so have that hecarim still live?
She face tanked everything, didn't even try to run around the tower.
: Turrets are a joke when will you buff them ?
She rooted him and stood there face tanking everything. This guy left with 1 HP because that Lux can't kite. Not to mention he is ahead of the curve and has begun to outscale the tower like we already know compounded by the fact hecarim scales with levels, he would be dead if he wasn't 4 levels from cap. Not to mention half the damage was dealt outside of turret range. But ignore all of that, towers are meant to be guardian angels that erase all your bad decisions.
: Just carried an int feeder.. He actually helped alot.. here is how.
: In na, I have almost half a million points. If I had points from before the point system I would have 200 mil
: A better idea, have Lifesteal regenerate HP over time instead of just instant healing.
Actually yeah that is a better idea
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: Not Ghostcrawler (obv.) but they already hotfixed {{item:3147}} 's damage down. Basically the proc needs to be guaranteed damage since otherwise it won't be a good first buy. It needs to be on an auto-attack to make sure they aren't proccing it on spellcasts and out of range from enemy retaliation (like zed shadow Q, Talon rake, etc.) May I ask how you would change it to be more "appropriate?"
You can juke lots of spell casts, sometimes using your own abilities reactively, sometimes by anticipating aggression by player movement and even by prediction if you read well in to player patterns. You cannot juke auto attacks, auto-attacks cannot contain counterplay, they are binary mechanics, the inability to counter balance them makes it unsuitable for high power or core identity in champion design. There are two things I would do: * Make the player earn the damage * Back load it instead of front load it How you can do these things: The first part is obvious, attach it to free form abilities, as an assassin item it needs to delve into the theme of surgical precision it trumpets, back loading the damage is where you can get more creative to give the target a fighting chance: * [SIMPLE] After hitting the same champion with an ability 'x' times within 'z' seconds deal bonus 'y' damage on your next ability * [COMPLEX] After hitting a champion with an ability they get a stack of {{item:3147}} for 'x' seconds, trigger the item to consume stacks to deal tons of damage as Draktharr's blade descends from the shadows, each stack reduces the CD when consumed Darktharr would act as a high damage finisher for Assassin style gameplay where nailing multiple abilities rewards you with tons of damage, not just an auto attack damage steroid that will inevitably be nerfed into oblivion and then reworked patches later or forgotten/removed.
Ralanr (NA)
: {{item:3147}} does require you to be unseen for 1 second. So it does have a condition. The difficulty of that condition varies from champion to champion.
This condition is non-consequential for most champions within the 5 second limit, and free for all in a bush gank or bush flash combo.
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Sciela (NA)
: Yeah, and metal is garbage. ^^
Are you trying to tell the millions of people who enjoy bands like Metallica, that their taste in music is garbage? Who gave you that rite? What makes you so above the rest of us, to dictate what people can and cannot like.
Jbels (NA)
: I remember all of those and more. I remember when Poppy didn't tell jokes, I remember when Yorick was so toxic and unbalanceable that he wasn't allowed to be part of the free rotation. I remember when Graves had a shotgun that used little pellets for auto attacks. I remember when Ashe's slows on her autos was a toggled ability. I remember when Garen used to do front flips during his Q. I remember when Nasus had a voice like silk that could turn legs to butter. I remember and miss all of these things
I too remember when Poppy's personality was unique and not anime cliche. I also remember bringing this up after the VGU and getting tons of hate for it. Nobody cares about us, the aging generation. {{item:3070}}
ChuShoe (NA)
: Drunkblade broken?
~~totally broken~~ Just Ashkyaw being Ashkyaw
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: And a GP that got 5 man'ed is a Gangedplank.
: Being a shaco in a teamfight
{{champion:86}} *pings assist* lane pushed in free kill top {{champion:35}} *exits top jg, afks mid brush* {{champion:103}} shaco help pls!!!11 *has been slain* {{champion:35}} *recalls*
: I thought that was a joke... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
The law can certainly be a clown fiesta from time to time, it is run by apes after all. {{champion:74}}
: Heard he was permaban for feeding.
[90 Year Old Man Arrested for Feeding Homeless](http://globalnews.ca/news/1655630/90-year-old-man-arrested-for-feeding-homeless-in-florida/)
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: {{champion:266}} The best draink tank you say? That would be me. {{champion:119}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3812}} Sorry buddy, took your spot.
What is that champion above Draven? Is it a new release, looks like the Rhaast Darkin. I guess Rhaast is so popular they're going to follow up immediately with another Darkin, maybe it's a melee drain tank that actually has abilities to help it do that instead of pretend to be a diver with no inherent durability.
GGLineaR (NA)
: Rhaast actually has a bit of personality. inb4 downvotes I said a bit lol Not comparing him to Ivern.
Ivern needs a tv show about his gangsta jungle life and where them raptors got all dem gold
: I go like this every game. {{item:3047}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3135}} . This is pretty much what you will say bs build that i use. It heals yourself and your ally a ton, deal extra dmg with W because sunfire cape and magic pentration and lastly tank the any type of damage because of your armor, magic and passive. Trust me if you go this build you will be suprised how cancerous it is.
what's your build order?
: It's not difficult to trace back when something changed. They presumably have the ability to go back to old patches to check, not to mention theres probably revision history and 'last edited on' and similar means to tell from the code directly once they know what they're looking for.
It's nice to think people are so organized, but remember Riot is compromised of humans, the same apes we see out on the street like you and me, we're all fallible, much wrong can be done, only how they react to it is what matters.
: Are people who upvote you without a comment lazy pricks too?
Downvoting can censor discussion, bury a thread before anyone can contribute. It's kind of a dick move to disagree and not state why, it creates a lack of closure because there is no reasoning involved to come to a healthy conclusion. If you've ever asked some a 'but why?' and they dance around it without ever addressing it, I'm sure you have felt that frustration.
Acheron16 (EUW)
: The game now officially has too much CC
I feel that who they distribute it to has a massive spaghetti impact on balance as well, if a certain class had control as part of their theme m and made it their niche it wouldn't be the nightmare it can be when CC is peppered across the entire roster regardless of class so you can end up with comps stacking CC without even thinking twice about accepting consequence of doing so because it's simply *there* free of charge. Every lane, class and role has a high ELO strong pick that comes with CC. It can't be undone now, it's too ingrained, like Flash.
Nilok (NA)
: 6 is more than 3, so they are technically correct.
I disagree, my religion teaches that 3 is more than 7
: Dark Star Urgot by Slow Damn
: It's really sad being 1-shot by an ADC as an Assassin.
Will never be balanced till all champion design moves away from right click burst damage and unconditional utility.
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: I would like to thank RIot for the Garen changes.
What a nice thread :3 You have a great day now too
: And that's why lots of people have trouble playing him. You can't build Morde full tank. If you do, you'll have minimal heals, weak ghosts, weak DoT, and somewhat strong sheilds. Keep in mind how his passive works: you get a shield that blocks damage from the damage you deal by your abilities. My ideal build is such as Rylias, Liandries, Steraks, Gunblade, Guinsoos, and your choice of Sorc Shoes/Berserker Greaves/Ludens. An offensive resistances build (which is Op) is say Maw, Zhoynas, Mercurial, Guardian Angel, Abysmall. Try this sometime; you'll have a bunch of damage, and resistances too, debuts and extra shields. But get appropriate resistances. One tank item in any of these builds is okay. ONE. Morde needs damage for his passive. Just for fun, I'll even tell you a strong troll build: rush triforce, and every other item is Steraks gauge. They stack, and the stacked Steraks gives you more bonus AD than with carry itrms. Add that plus the shitload of AP, how bursty your Q is, Triforce sheen proc doing over 700 damage, and the strength of any ghosts you get... just make sure you take ignite because you lack ap on this troll build, so use ignite with your ult on a low enemy to make up for it. Don't forget Morde was reworked to be a melee carry. He's not a tank anymore. Morde is a slow ass Yasuo who doesn't need crit, and can build anything. I literally will build BotRK and What Giant Slayer builds into against a Cho Gath and utterly wreck him. It's funny because Morde can build anything Btw, if you go jungle, get Echoes, and play a sneaky AD morde. Just get dragon, walk into lanes, and Q them to death, OPOP Or solo baron with rank 2 dragon ghost Echoes-Gunblade-Rageblade-INFINITY EDGE-Berserker Greaves - Phantom Dancer/Ludens/Botrk/Deathcap/Nashors I like to go glass cannon as jungle Morde, I'm a sneaky S.o.b. in the jungle!! I'll b3 a Seige lord of onjectives, or just come with dragon and 2 shot people since my jungle builds have such insanely high AD, attack speed, and CRIT. A critting Morde is like using 1st Q without using first Q, so you can imagine what his crit Q is like, HELLO ONE SHOT TO THE ADC, FREE GHOST, FREE PENTA, FOR THE HUES
I'll try all of those, starting with the trinity troll :D When you're jungle what runes do you go with? I'm trying a build where I rush rylai cinder hulk and warmogs, all damage after that, I'm trying to break his passive some how by finding the sweet spot between stacked health vs damage so I can be in the center of fights.
: http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/206/766/lol___playing_support_by_arwenudonnoodle-d4fwihb.jpg
: You gotta time his heals. Mobility is tong on him, and so is pen. Know when to build AD, and know when to build AS. When in doubt, rush Liandries, tho I normally rush gunblade.
Are there any good tanky builds? Right now I'm testing jungle kaiser
: a lot of juggernauts have movespeed bonuses. Darius doesn't because he's got 2 slows and a pull on a low cooldown after laning ends different strength profiles are what imo makes the newer juggs so flexible. Garen doesn't have the hard-carry potential of Darius but he's much better at softening people up for his team. I think he's better late game because of that and the fact that he's much more resilient to burst and CC, whereas Darius will go down quick if he's chain-stunned. he's pretty good at leaving fights and healing up quick, too, Darius goes in and he stays in. I like that they serve different purposes and want this to stay when/if Garen is given bigger changes The easiest way to improve Garen is to give him a crit item that he likes. zeal items are mediocre on him and IE+ER only gives 40% crit. late game critical Garen is monstrous but he struggles getting there without snowballing
If they removed the true damage from Garen they could replace it with built in crit, but it's not fair to give any Juggernaut flat power unless it's strapped behind some kind of condition that the player works toward like Darius stacks.
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Sinlaire (NA)
: My brother would just equip light armor, two hand the lantern and sprint through. He didn't like playing around in that area at all.
Did he not fight the black knight down there too? I always take a moment to murder that bastard that pushes you off the edge, then I jump down anyway xD
: > [{quoted}](name=Brascus,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=fznkQf8E,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2017-07-14T08:27:43.090+0000) > > when I finally got a lantern, I was all EUREKA but then I found I didn't need it since I was in the dark so long I had memorized the layout > > *♪♪ hello darkness my old friend ♪♪* When I play Dark Souls (once a year b/c I am a nut) I always do the tomb last. The place give me so much anxiety even when I've played through it a hundred times.
I read a lot of people have trouble with skeleton boss, but I always go strength build so it's never been a problem, there must be a lot of sauskes out there rightfully hollowing out >:D
: No, juggernauts are meant to be immobile carries, or semi-carries, depending. There are 2 of them that I would say are interchangeable with an actual tank right now, Cho'Gath because that's just his intended role I guess now, and Volibear because he's trash and has no incentive to buy damage. The difference is in their function, and unless you're doing an off-build Sion will be picked primarily for his crowd control, where most juggernauts will emphasize damage or at have the THREAT of high damage (Cho'Gath again), and their crowd control is meant to help themselves more than it is their team. > Darius is the only Juggernaut currently that functions well as one Disagree. In 7.14 I think there are several viable and strong choices. {{champion:31}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:27}} The first two I think might actually be stronger than Darius right now; Singed definitely is. Mordekaiser is plenty strong, too. Nasus may come out of the next patch in VERY good shape as the late game carry of his subclass. I think that Illaoi is underperforming right now but that's more a result of other champs and Bramble Vest being OP To me, the biggest problem with Juggernauts is two-fold. One, a lot of them are still archaic champions who have aged poorly; Shyvana, Udyr, Nasus, VOLIBEAR, etc. They've been fixing this with small changes, we've seen that progress and we see more of it with Nasus on PBE right now, but it's still an issue. Two, their main competition, the Divers, are still very generic and generalist; as a result, they tend to share a lot of the same strength profiles, but with mobility attached and for some reason, usually much more hard CC. We should be seeing more work on these champions soon, though, so hopefully they move a little further away from one another. sorry, i wrote more than i thought xd
I don't know much about {{champion:83}} {{champion:27}} but for Garen he has no sticking power like Darius, he only does damage if you build it or are attacking a villain, Darius does decent damage regardless of his build where he can legitimately pick ramp or burst. Darius has sticking power and minor peel, Darius has team fight sustain, Darius has clean up in ways Garen cannot comprehend, Sion also has these things with variance in strength in comparison. The Juggernaut as a class has not been consistently defined, Riot did not take changes far enough to reflect the strengths and weaknesses of it. Originally they wanted to slow Garen down but they weren't willing to change his kit to support it so they removed it, so Garen remained mostly the same but is now called a Juggernaut. As a Juggernaut it feels weird that Garen speeds up with his Q, at what point do you draw the line of immobility? Movespeed is ok because it's shut down by slows? Might as well not even have it then, Sion and Darius' bread and butter doesn't and they do great without it. Garen doesn't really function like any particular class because his kit is so old (many old champs are in this limbo). What happens if a Camille ults your carry, what is Garen going to do? Darius and Sion can punish that, Garen who's theme of a chivalrous knight/soldier can't do anything meaningful, the irony is tragic because Garen will always have a special place in my roster. The way I currently define and design Juggernauts is like this: * Immobile (no displacement, nor movespeed) * Durability / Sustain * Sticking power * High Ramp or Conditional carry damage * Highly telegraphed * Short to mid-range telegraphed Utility I definitely agree champs like {{champion:102}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:75}} have not aged well at all, they have the weaknesses of Juggernauts but not many of their intended strengths.
: In preparation for next week's VGU announcement
I bought Morde when I first started league not too long ago, I looked at him and thought 'this is exactly the character I would play' he has a big weapon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) he's in a suit of armor, he's metal af, what could go wrong? Refunded that mf asap I hadn't played Morde for long enough that when I saw him for 1k IP I was like sure let's give it a go what could go wrong. I can't get a refund anymore so I'm trying to make the masochism work.
: way too much cc to be a juggernaut
Juggernauts are about lack of mobility though, Sion should really be a juggernaut, Darius is the only Juggernaut currently that functions well as one Sion reflects everything that can give Juggernauts great counterplay, his utility for catching out folk father away is highly telegraphed and does not displace him, giving a chance to get to a target while the target can also avoid it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Brascus,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=fznkQf8E,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2017-07-14T08:27:43.090+0000) > > when I finally got a lantern, I was all EUREKA but then I found I didn't need it since I was in the dark so long I had memorized the layout > > *♪♪ hello darkness my old friend ♪♪* I wish I was that much of a legend. I need a little less darkness in my souls. I usually pref Dex like a fa g, though the time I actually cleared the game I just cheesed it with Zweihander. 4 Kings every fucking time.
I did a lot of dumb shit it my first play through that made things significantly more difficult, I was really lucky and got the Black Knight Spear and then I found the stone armor, I thought stats meant everything and I didn't even know how to run or summon, I look back now and wonder how I beat snorlax&pikachu without solaire & running, I even farmed souls to buy purple moss so I could get through the swamp.
: > [{quoted}](name=Brascus,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=fznkQf8E,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-14T04:06:21.007+0000) > > On my first play through the lantern hat dropped, I was like 'what are these garbage stats, don't need this, go ahead and eat it mr.snake, daddy needs some souls'. Never dropped again. FML it makes cata so easy I'm a little bitch that needs the lantern hat to feel safe, lets me use shield. Also prevents me from being "Eh, I got this" and stepping into a deathpit.
when I finally got a lantern, I was all EUREKA but then I found I didn't need it since I was in the dark so long I had memorized the layout *♪♪ hello darkness my old friend ♪♪*
: > [{quoted}](name=Brascus,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=fznkQf8E,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-14T04:06:21.007+0000) > > On my first play through the lantern hat dropped, I was like 'what are these garbage stats, don't need this, go ahead and eat it mr.snake, daddy needs some souls'. Never dropped again. FML it makes cata so easy real men play it without the lantern hat.
real men play with a steering wheel blindfolded
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