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: I noticed this too, I kinda like it tbh
I'm glad I'm not the only one! I love the darker colors too.
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: Thank you for reading! It was a pleasure writing these, and I had a lot of guidance/support from the rest of narrative.
Are you aware if we'll be getting more Garen story soon?!
: Riot messed up Kayle/Morganna lore
I love their new lore, but that's just me.
Volcanuz (OCE)
: Plus size characters please riot?
There are a ton of Asian champions actually. Ionia!
Raoul (EUW)
: Why do Morganas wings come out of her ass now?
Read her lore. They explain this.
: Why betwen the champs only? This isn't that Institute of War bull shit anymore. I'd rather have a cinematic with a full battle betwen armies where some champs are involved too.
Not sure if you read what I said, haha.
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: >but I feel Garen's first VU came out **right** before the new Demacian lore updates .......{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Um, Garen's VU was in 2013 & the Demacian lore updates started back in 2017. I'm not against the idea of a Garen update with better visuals & VO to reflect his lore counterpart, so I'd be cool with it.
Yeah, I could of worded that better! I more so just meant he got an update before we got new Demacian lore in general. I feel like he could use a new model/voice lines to reflect the changes.
: That could be the new Dauntless Vanguard emblem
That would be cool actually!
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: Why Do You Play A Champion?
I love a lot of these responses so far! Riot has given us such an amazing cast of characters! Hearing why you all enjoy them really excites me. :D
: Gangplank, because Gangplank.
Hmmm, no other reason? LOL
: I only ever touched Poppy once before her rework. I barely played her (despite being first bought champ at 450 cause I didn't know). After her rework, I better understood how to play (and she was busted on release. We all know this). What I loved most was honestly the comic. Her visuals are cute. Her personality is aloof, but the comic somehow struck a chord with me that drove my obsession. She is determined. She is persistant. She is an overall good person who wants to do what is right. She has a mission, but often feels like she isn't worthy to fulfill it. She is in search of a hero who may actually be herself, but she refuses to believe it. Whether it's out of delusion, humility, or an in-bred sense of doubt and sense of self, she still at least tries. And also, even though she was griping and started losing sight of her drive and purpose, she still had to save the people. Because SOMEBODY had to do it. Period. ___ Oh, also I like Rakan. Poppy is my idealized thoughts when I was in highschool and shit, but Rakan. He's me. Loud. Flighty. Easily distracted. High-energy. Will have very brief moments of being very romantic. "CHOCOLATE! We're eating chocolate!" Poppy is my ideal. Rakan is literally just me. (I had 5 people say we're the same, so I'm not even projecting that hard.)
Poppy is a great one! She's another champion that just wants to do the right thing which is what I love about her! I hope we get some more lore with her and Demacia soon, great choice! Also Rakan is hilarious. He has a charm about him for sure!
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: {{champion:6}} His ult is perfect for dealing with annoying champions. Right into the meat grinder they go.
Hey, I am not one to judge if your favorite part about Urgot's lore is that he pulls foes into a meat grinder. >_>
: {{champion:126}} {{champion:104}} are the apex of manliness and wit also they're deranged self absorbed assholes so naturally I feel a deep and strong connection to both of them because I'm the apex of manliness and wit and am a deranged self absorbed asshole
Ha! Simple and to the point, nothing wrong with a little bit of arrogance and manliness!
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