: There are three changes on the PBE: * His ult damage is up at later ranks * Multiple shurikens - no longer suffer a damage penalty on hits beyond the first * Individual shurikens - deal 50% damage to secondary targets hits rather than 60% I added the last line (the nerf line) as a response to playtest feedback that first two lines would power him up too considerably (even considering Duskblade changes). I'd love it if that line wasn't necessary. That's why it wasn't there to begin with. If it looks like Zed actually drops in power, we can just adjust/revert that line. I've said this elsewhere, but I don't expect all these Duskblade comp changes to be perfectly power neutral across ~10 champions on the first shot. We're taking what I think is a reasonable shot based on player and playtest feedback, and if we miss by a bit, we'll have to correct course.
This makes zed's laning even weaker, which is the problem, makes ne sense to do this, i've got 3mil mastery on this champ, and im telling u 8.6 he'll be worse than 8.5 , ask anyone who mains zed they'll tell you.
: i really disliked 4 when they screwed every melee character with their changes to base stats and hp5/ mp5 changes. season 5 was really good after the juggernaut update (ignoring playing versus Morde Darius and Garen)
Ugh, that happened in 5.22(preseason 6) when they removed mana pots and made pots 25gold more expensive, and gave everyone stats you got things wrong, season 4 is where they nerfed most melee because of Brutalizer. Season 4 was everybody builds a DFG.
: season 4 was aids by the way. because the second half was the same shit we have now. riot overbuffed crit itemization back then. it wasnt quite as bad as now, but it was still pretty bad.
In my eyes, its not the Crit items that's the problem its the heals and shields and the tank damage right now its insane, 2many champs can rush 1 tank item and 3v1 literaly.
Naalith (NA)
: In my opinion, season 4 was the most balanced we've ever seen the game. I mean the first 75% though, after the juggernaut update is when balance started go down in flames.
Juggernaut update happened mid season 5 ! Season 4 didn't even have cinderhulk or JG enchantments, it was just the Lantern item
Dasdi96 (NA)
: 4 and 5 Every single balance problem right now can be traced back to patch 5.22 (preseason 6) where they multiplied adc damage by about 1.2 while nerfing other classes itemization.
I'd go for 5 if the Jugernaut update, that update fucked the game up with along everything in 5.22, didnt happen, 4 was best for me, only thing that was really overpowered in season 4 was DFG. But it had good compensation, since there was much more MR items back than that were useful, The HP/MANA Banshee's Veil,Abysal Sceptre , and the AP Athene's unholy Gral, but what i miss most is playing assassins with Hydra,Bloodthirster,Blade of the ruined king ( Zed,Talon, KHA MID REMEMBER KHA MID???) Good days
: Coming from someone who just entered gold
Its because braindead champs and broken tanks can easily get you to plat 1 without even being skilled at the game. I MEAN IT.
: i'd say 4 and early 5. Riot started making crazy decisions after then
Exactly my point i think Late season 4 and till mid season 5 game was at a STATE where i played and im not joking, i literaly had 2500+ games season 4. I think my average was 5 hours a day on LoL.
: Which season do you think was the most balanced and fun to play in?
Thanks for your comments, i personaly think season 4 and 5 were the best, very balanced in every way , each 5 types of champions, assasins, tanks,adc,bruiser,support, everything had counterplay and good items as well. EDIT: 4 has been getting the most votes so far, i think people can relate. EDIT 2.0: Please upvote lets get some attention on this post , thanks.
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Poske (EUNE)
: I think that your generalizing is bad.. Role shouldnt be asigned to a specific timeframe However I do agree that assassins need stronger early Talon cannot snowball good players Katarina lost her early power Zed is gated so hard by his W cooldown and energy early on I laugh Ekko is extremly overated trollpick at current state Akali is in good state Le blanc is in good state if you are me... else aparently she needs a revert because none has idea what they are doing Ahri needs mini buffs Kha zix is overpowerd Evelynn is extremly debatable to strong imo Twitch is cancerous whenever ahead Swim Q was more healthy on rengar despite looking dumb... + made him more in depth Nidalee relies on 1mm wide spear to a point she is enchanter in high elo Kassadin is to strong often banned.. if meta ever changes he is permaban Blue kayn is balanced Shaco is receiving some hopefully good changes on PBE Darknessssssss is just .... ETC ETC
IMO, CDR and MANA is way 2forced on every item, cdr should be put on utility items not on ERM, Ludens echo 20% CDR, or even worse Archangel's now, Anivia goes 1 item and she is CDR Capped , can u imagine playing against anivia who has almost to no CD or Mana loss at lvl 10? its fun as Zed,Talon, i walk into lane she R's 6 minions and goes back to tower, and than i spend 5-7 seconds clearing everything and losing like 10% hp in the progress, and that's if she decides to back off, usualy they'll come and slap u with 7 autos because no minions to aggro , and throw some free spells at you while at it. (Anivia,Vel'Koz,Oriana, etc) 4 problems in league right now 1:CDR and MANA, not punishable at ALL, this is golden era for mages 2:ADC and Tank items TOO CHEAP, WAY TOO CHEAP. Except maybe , Warmogs. 3:NInja tabi 4: Forced to buy lethality on every ad assassin because nothing else is viable. ( Good old days of Hydra+Bt+Youmus+Bork zed , GLORY DAYS). And also, since low elo players dont know how to itemize or play against assassins, is why assassins meta will never be back, eventho it was the best for me, since almost every champ could outplay every champ unlike now, where everything is decided by 1 item and the Jungler. Just try make a new account , and just try using ASSASSINS only to get to diamond, i'll laugh at how u'll fail , even if u are Challenger. That's how much they suck RN
: Oh you mean like {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:91}} All have?
Bruh if u dont use W as zed for Dmg , u cant kill anyone its a fact, and as soon as u use W , RIP dead, (coming from a zed who has account in every elo bronze->diamond, and total of 3mil+ mastery) And these champs here exlucing katarin,akali, eve and somewhat ekko, are borderline shit, Kha is the onlyone that's strong and thats because of Duskblade+Evolve R at lvl 6 ( which is broken), i mean unless u are in like silver or gold, u pretty much get PUNISHED hard if u pick these champs , especily zed, Seekers Armguard+ Tabi rush insta, and the enemy team ends up building 5 tabis and , thats the point where u lose the game. IMO just giving Buff to Black Cleaver should fix ad assasins, just give it 4 stacks x7% and they're pretty much back.
: I have no issues of having AA being the strongest form of damage, because it's the only forms of damage that has typically the shortest "CD" if we don't consider the 0 CD oddballs like Yasuo, it has no cost whatsoever, and will never miss within normal circumstances, hence augmenting it with AD items and whatever makes strong and reliable source of damage. So that is fine, at least when it comes to LATE GAME damage, after when the AA has been seriously boosted by items. What is NOT fine, is as briefly touched on, the fact the game is heavily skewed towards making AA FAR more appealing than any other forms of damage (think the assassin rework that delayed assassin burst for the supposed counterplay reasons, but then leave crit AA 1shots, which is definitely far more problematic than an assassin blowing someone instantly because at least the latter rotated their skills into CD, completely scot free), with things like the removal of spell vamp but keep lifesteal, AD items being far more diverse than the AP component with all kinds of unique procs and whatnot, late game ADCs spike "late game" way too early, crit items being way too cheap and scale way too well or otherwise the continuously borked crit balance, and things like that. I wouldn't say the problem is rooted in AA itself, per se.
Its the cost of Tank and Adc items that's the problem with the game 2 cheap but 2 good, dont let me get stared on runes , hello electrocute 50sec cd till lvl 5, while FFW gets charged every 2.5 sec , and literaly heals u back for free, The fuck ?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Even every streamer I watch is hating on league really bad.
Even LL stylish and shiphtur said it , game is shit, and it is, and im glad i got banned, Junglers and Bot lane 2 much impact on the game, its stupid fix it. Sick and tired of ganks every 30 seconds, fix this riot, Jungle gets lvl 3 before mid now, for real. JUST REVERT EVERYTHING TO PATCH 4.19 , LEGIT MAKE THE GAME GOOD AGAIN ( and yeah season 4 and 5 were the best not many argue about that)
: > [{quoted}](name=Break It Down,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PTPRAtgm,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-12T01:01:16.695+0000) > > Choice? Cool, more like every game is :Tabi, Tabi, and more Tabi, and sometimes merc treads. > Cause Tabi are overpowered. But the armor isn't the part that makes them so strong. What makes Ninja Tabi powerful is the fact that every champion uses auto attacks and it blocks a percentage of damage instead of a static number, which means it scales even if you fall behind. The AD enemy gets a lead, you get Tabi and now they're instantly useless because it gives Armor and has a busted passive that blocks a huge percentage of auto attack damage. Simply put, auto attack negation shouldn't be a mechanic that is allowed in League of Legends. Riot already removed it from Doran's Shield for the same reason, I'm not sure why they allow it to exist on boots.
Tabi and Merc treads negate the penetration/lethality , which costs a ton to get with just 1100 gold, they're overpowered its a fact
: NO on lethality boots. There's a reason why flat armor pen got removed. You'd have to nerf assassins (who already are weak in meta) and bruisers (again, not favored compared to tanks). AD outshines AP in a 1:1 ratio with AA & AA resets. CD between autos is much shorter than CD for abilities. I don't think you need to increase the cost of t1 boots to 350. MS isn't direct combat stats, even if it has its own uses like dodging skillshots and stutter-stepping. You shouldn't be punished by spending 50g that doesn't help you to trade/farm safely. Tabi/Merc idea I like, though I'd probably add a small cripple FX (reduced atk speed) to tabi instead of reducing more dmg. It shouldn't punish crit builds, which are for tank-busting. You don't need AD/AP on boots. That is what your other 5 slots are for. Selling your boots for a 6th item should also be a choice.
Tabi and mercs are what's the problem they're negating the Penetration items for both ad and ap , and they cost just 1100 gold!
: What are you talking about? Almost every single game is a choice between the different boot options for me, unless I'm playing a mage.
Choice? Cool, more like every game is :Tabi, Tabi, and more Tabi, and sometimes merc treads. Cause Tabi are overpowered.
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: How to fix every ad based champion: 1: Remove HP% dmg 2: Make Tabi armor less but gives u 15% less dmg taken on auto attacks like a str8 upgrade boot to improved boots, (IMO every boots should just have an upgrade an not an item that they require ) 3:Bring back 45% Total Armor ignore on last whisper , make it 50 ad , and just remove the 20% more dmg against targets with higher hp thing 4:Cap crit at 45% 5:Make it so shields only absorb 35% dmg per 1 skill 6: Game is fixed! I will go into detail in in reply to explain why will this make the game better.
1: Basicaly removes the problem of Tanky as hell, but takes all my hp ( Hello Tahm Kench ) 2:Boots should have a unique stat which is limited by other items example: Tenacity ,Tabi effect Mpen,arp,minor attackspeed(35% is overkill RN), Summoner CDR, Extra CDR, etc etc, mostly utility stuff, by doing this, u simply remove an item which is 1100 but completely negates 3 items of lethality ( early game) 2 late game, or merc treads literaly making that +33 Mpen from boots/oblivionorb useless. 3:Total Armor ignore for compensation of lethality removal, will also give bruisers and other AD based tanks the opportunity to choose if they build dmg or for defensive items depending on their matchup. 4:Crit is a stupid stat whatsoever, and its even more stupid once u get IE+Statikk, the Marksman turn into assasins , because they literaly 2shot everything, altho many will disagree that RNG is unhealthy for the game so is 2x 2600 gold items + IE giving u crit almost every basic. 5:Shields and heals , have been insanely overpowered troughout season 7 and 8, ( previous seasons we had them but not to this extent) what do i mean by 35% per skill, for example if i throw 1 spell, only 35% of that dmg is absorbed example Leblanc Q instead of absorbing all 200 and than dispersing, it can absorb 90-100 and still have 100 shield left.
: [POLL] Zed Changes Feedback Thread
How to fix every ad based champion: 1: Remove HP% dmg 2: Make Tabi armor less but gives u 15% less dmg taken on auto attacks like a str8 upgrade boot to improved boots, (IMO every boots should just have an upgrade an not an item that they require ) 3:Bring back 45% Total Armor ignore on last whisper , make it 50 ad , and just remove the 20% more dmg against targets with higher hp thing 4:Cap crit at 45% 5:Make it so shields only absorb 35% dmg per 1 skill 6: Game is fixed! I will go into detail in in reply to explain why will this make the game better.
: It lost a significant amount of proc damage, but it's probably still a powerful proc, and the Blackout passive is great. Currently, I'm not too worried about it. But that could change. We'll see.
Honestly , Duskblade was overpowered, and desirved a nerf, if you ask me i think it should be totaly removed, (Zed/Jayce/Talon main here), since no item should have that much of an impact for that low amount of gold, However, i do think that Last whisper, should be reverted back to 45% ARMOR ignore, not Bonus, but TOTAL, so that we can actualy build Youmus->Cleaver->last whisper, and last 2 slots optional whether we want a Maw, Hydra, Steraks or Crit items as in IE->PD Also, a new Lethality item wouldn't be that bad.

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