Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: When you start rank newly you really get a lot of LP
Kai Guy (NA)
: When your new to a Que you have a High K factor that impacts your MMR gains and losses more dramatically. So that it can shift you around the ladder to a point your not hard carrying or deadweight. So Luck can be a factor in making ya mismatched early on creating a rubber band effect largely off who your teammates are. Flex and Solo are tracked separately, Your Solo games tend to be in the range of S4. Entirely reasonable for a B1 player. Your Flex games shift around more and are a bit higher but your still in provisional state where your placements are unfinished. The expectation you should have is that your going to run a risk of being misplaced on ladder up until you have 100+ games. Right now your sample size of information just to little for the system to know and your gonna see dramatic MMR changes for a while off games to try and dial you into the right ranges. If you get up to far the odds of you costing your teammates games increase... don't get discouraged. Keep trying to improve every game. Playing vs people above your skill is a very good way to see where and how you make mistakes. Its the things they will abuse you over. It will balance out with time, just aim to win and learn from matches.
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