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âdí (NA)
: How do you last hit under tower as Tristana?
I admittedly don't play much bot lane, but I think that's another reason she's generally played with an aggressive support, not just the all-in itself, but the threat of said all-in allowing Trist to push the opposing laner instead of getting pushed in.
NY64 (NA)
: Why does Illaoi buy black cleaver first but other juggernauts get trinity force
I mean, trinity force honestly isn't bad on her either, I'd almost say it's preferable in certain cases if you're having to chase the other guy down.
: Late 2019-2020 Mordekaiser top is basically season 3 Renekton
IDK if this was actually season 3, but I seem to recall people talking about "The Renekton Bar," As in, you cannot top lane unless you can survive Renekton.
5050BS (NA)
: What? If the target is dead then the Tentacle still slamming is useless 80% of the time. Illaoi's W is useful for a lot more then just making Tentacles slam
Unfortunately yeah, it's mostly just for waveclearing, unless the other team was all huddled together for some reason.
5050BS (NA)
: @Riot: So can Illaoi's W get the WW bug fix too?
I could be wrong, but I feel like I remember that the change they made instead was that the tentacle still slams if the target dies, so since you're still getting that effect it doesn't refund.
: Aphelios and Champions like him are a problem.
Okay, I get how you can get over 100% ban rate, but how exactly do you get over 200%?
: What is Sona suppose to be?
I'm a bit late to the party. But honestly, like most other enchanters atm, she exists almost entirely to keep the carry alive. The details may vary (amounts of CC/shielding/healing), but that's about it. Her abilities admittedly benefit the rest of her team as well, but that's more a bonus than anything. EDIT: Not that that's what I want her to be. IDK about that tbh. I just miss when Gauntlet had AP and I could rush that first on her.
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Moody P (NA)
: Irelia passive and R are her biggest design problems
I think it would help if they allowed autoattacks to stack it, but Irelia was unable to stack on minions (I suppose they can leave it on monsters), because as it is now, it just allows her to trade too favorably simply by last hitting with Q to keep passive stacks and fishing for an all-in on an E hit.
Ifneth (NA)
: Jayce VGU
Would he be like Udyr (in terms of being able to level any ability whenever?).
: Please don't nerf Kled around having GW on Q. Nobody who plays Kled wanted that shit.
I'm curious, as someone who has only dabbled in Kled, is this really affecting his matchups that much? I can see it working on Vlad in particular, and maybe that time warp tonic rune, but...
: Why is there only 1 AD Support Champion?
My best guess is they're worried about making them too feast or famine. If you have good numbers on abilities and base stats (particularly auto damage) and can consistently make use of them, they'll be overbearing from ahead. So you have to hit something. If you hit numbers, they can feel unsatisfying to play. So that leaves reliability. Skillshots work well for CC, but that's just Nautilus or Leona then. Who are probably magic damage so that they can't build things like Black Cleaver. As for autos, reliability pretty much depends on range, gapclosing, and tank stats. Putting aside range for the moment, the ability to close is pretty standard at this point. That leaves tank stats. Which brings us back to hitting numbers, which will probably get balanced around a tradeoff between damage scaling and tankiness. Which... sounds a lot like Pyke, in retrospect.
Nairoval (NA)
: Phase Rush Vlad Balance?
1, Early game shove him to tower, he'll have to use his abilities to farm (rather than harass) or else miss CS. 2. If he uses pool, try and punish him while it's on CD--it has a 28 second rank 1 CD, minus whatever CDR he'll build.
: Riot intentionally gives lower gains/higher losses in diamond.
The part I think is kinda WTF is "We don't have reliable enough contact with those teams." Even if that's true, is there really not an in-place procedure for inter-department contact? Or is that reserved for the highest priority issues? I suppose they might be saying, "If I try and message someone, they'll probably just ignore me."
: most efficent crit user that is not meta.
I like throwing a crit item or two on Jayce if I think I'll need the autoattack scaling.
: Jax was probably playing the lane wrong. Vlad pool has a 28 second CD at rank 1. Jax leap strike has a 10 second CD at rank 1. All Jax has to do is leap strike at Vlad WITHOUT counter striking and force Vlad to pool away or lose the trade heavily. Then the moment Jax's leap strike comes of CD he leap strikes with his counter strike and Vlad will either have to flash or die. Rinse & repeat. However if Vlad freezes the wave in front of his tower, Jax starts to have a bad time.
Maybe I never played against a good Jax, but I've always found that at early levels, a Jax who does as you describe will take too much minion aggro and at best will come out only slightly ahead on the trade if Vlad doesn't pool, which essentially means Vlad won the trade since he can heal.
: Why doesn't the bushes hide illaoi's tentacles?
Invisible tentacles slamming you would be pretty spooky. I just wish they wouldn't go dormant when you're not there, it kinda sucks that enemies know whether you're nearby.
Zezilian (EUNE)
: Is Shyvana considered as weak champion ?
Her early is really weak. But once you get a bit of health, you can start beating everyone's face in with your base damages.
: Is ADC the worst role to climb?
Depends exactly how much better you are than your rank. The closer you get to your "real" rank, the harder (longer) it'll be to climb.
DeusVult (NA)
: Poppy W does not stop dashes if they do not move at least 75 units
QQ. I assume model size comes into it too, since I've tried to do a stationary E on Zac. It did not go well.
: Hybrid should be swapped for Adaptive
Sounds neat, but might be a bit much to deal with in practice, if they can switch from one damage type to another with a visit to the shop.
: Pro Players Can Barely Make Aatrox Playable...
I think the revive is almost the entire reason he's being picked. It makes focusing him down a bad idea, but it would be bad if they actually got hit so they simply kite backwards and use CDs, creating an opportunity for his team to exploit.
: So Murumana/Manamune
Problem is that if you build a tear, you're giving up stats in the early game--if you don't -need- said stats to lane, then either you probably could have pressed your opponent more heavily with them, or you've probably just been farming from range to avoid interacting with your lane opponent, which most ADs can't do quite as well as APs.
Cloud273 (NA)
: So how come Yasuo got nerfed but Tryndamere is lerf untouched?
Did Trynd get compensation buffs with the original item changes? If not, that's probably why.
: Since Darius isn't OP what are some melees that can consistently beat Darius pre 25 mins?
Anyone with a dash should be able to force a favorable trade whenever he uses his Q, only issue is that you're probably fucked if you get ganked.
: Yasuo hate train
Sometimes, I think part of the problem with Yasuo discussions, or just general balance discussions, is that even those who are attempting to argue in good faith don't consciously recognize that experiences can vary immensely based on the champion picked. For example, assassin players are drawing from their experience vs. Janna or Lulu, meanwhile playing someone like Lux there's legitimately no way you should ever kill the Yasuo without jungle help.
Naalith (NA)
: I'm getting really tired of being held hostage in games by toxic teammates saying no
There's certainly some debate to be had about the line where a game can't be won. A general rule for me is not to surrender if the enemy team hasn't even taken an inhibitor tower yet.
: > [{quoted}](name=nelogis,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3g6h7t90,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-05-04T07:49:36.605+0000) > > No they just lasted too long and you were moving into unfavorible situations, I never really had a problem with Taric / Sion stun and after the nerfs to Rammus and Fiddle those were less frustrating too. > > The game was very simple back then, point and click stuff was bearable other than some outliners. > > Skarner still has a long lasting displacing point and click cc and that isn't a problem either. You may not have but they were still very strong. In fact, both were removed due to the fact that they were point-and-click ranged spells that ate an inordinate amount of power budget. Rammus gets to keep his partially due to it being melee, as well as extemely telegraphed. Fiddle's is more about flavor but he's do for some more long-term work. Both of these champs are also predominantly junglers while Sion/Taric were not, meaning they have to dump points into the skill for it to be good and thus costingt hem in other departments. Skarner isn't an issue because it's a big, impactful ult. Much like Vi, Camille, etc. Doubt he'd keep it if it was a normal skill. > Yeah you could say that but the damage has been buffed more than the cc has been nerfed. > > The runes (I guess more like masteries) alone are around 250% more powerful than the previous ones and don't get me started on comparing them to the ones in season 4. > > You would have to nerf damage, then nerf it again and propably one more time before buffing cc. Not....really? Runes are more powerful than before but they also came at the cost of runes and masteries being removed. Old masteries were actually stronger because they tended to be flat bonuses in % situations. Even so, you don't need to nerf damage to buff CC. Not to mention the abundance of both CC cleansing items and the prevalence of QSS, CC really needs to be stacked. Still, this is under the assumption **ALL** CC gets buffed. Realistically, I think melee units should have stronger CC while ranged can retain most of what they have now barring some circumstances.
> You may not have but they were still very strong. In fact, both were removed due to the fact that they were point-and-click ranged spells that ate an inordinate amount of power budget. Rammus gets to keep his partially due to it being melee, as well as extemely telegraphed. Fiddle's is more about flavor but he's do for some more long-term work. Both of these champs are also predominantly junglers while Sion/Taric were not, meaning they have to dump points into the skill for it to be good and thus costingt hem in other departments. Skarner isn't an issue because it's a big, impactful ult. Much like Vi, Camille, etc. Doubt he'd keep it if it was a normal skill The issue with saying, "Well, it's an ult," is that someone like J4 can essentially force flash every gank once they're 6, and then once the CD is up again, they just go back for the free kill. I suppose you're supposed to countergank or play much safer in that scenario, but it also applies to teamfights, where getting ulted once means you're kinda fucked for the next teamfight.
: Lissandra's Base Stats Are Simply Too Low
I like LIssandra but I don't play her much cause I always fuck up the self-cast. She does have low base stats, but I think she has enough tools to mitigate it. Guessing she's not played just cause her E too is slow, allowing for the enemy team to react more easily. I get why that's the case, but it does limit her potential.
: @RiotRepertoir, 2 out of 4 Reworked Assassins have been reverted
Technically not an assassin, but I kinda wish they would revert Xin Zhao. Yes, I get that he needed more skill expression and all that. But like Rengar, he feels clunky, probably because of that same swipe/thrust thing that locks you out of doing other things you'd like to be doing. And blocking all damage outside the circle sounds cool in theory, but it's almost always useless in 1v1 and in practice it has weird incentives for teamfights. Specifically, to get use out of that damage block, you're better off jumping onto the enemy tank so that the carries can't damage you. And maybe this is a subjective thing, but I'd rather have the attack speed on literally any other ability than the dash. Despite all my complaints, I'm sure he's still balanced or even strong, he just feels worse to play.
Ärchaon (NA)
: What do you guys think is the strongest role in the game?
Potentially jungle, but usually ADC (assuming rest of your team, particularly the support, is baseline competent for your elo).
: @RiotRepertoir Syndra is ''Fine''
Obviously there have been changes since then, but if I recall correctly Worlds was basically Syndra vs. Cass every goddamn game, or at least Finals were. Now before you yell at me, there have obviously been some pretty big balance changes since then, and potentially those changes made her weaker, but it's possible they're cautious about buffing her explicitly because of pro play.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: How strong is Evelynn?
Uncertain if I remember this correctly, but I thought there was something about her effectively having no power over a person unless they allow her to seduce them.
Niyume (NA)
: The guide on never losing to Zoe
To be fair, I don't think there are that many complaints about her laning barring RNG W spells. So Howling Abyss 1v1 wouldn't necessarily be the best test.
Gadola (NA)
: Bring back old Quinn ult with lethality and new runes
I mean, I feel like the reset thing would make her even more Master Yi-ish than the old ult already was.
Friesear (NA)
: Xin now feels incredibly satisfying to play.
In any case, I used to play Xin a lot, it feels pretty bad to me. I can't definitively say so because at least some of it is probably muscle memory screwing with me, but there are various things that seem off to me. First is having a long cast time on W on an autoattacking champion. Second is having the attack speed on E, I'd rather have it on anything else. The ult sounds cool in theory, but in execution it feels rather weird, their carries are likely to be ranged so dashing onto them prevents you from using the invincibility properly. And finally, getting a ton of number nerfs when he gained counterplay feels really terrible.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Why heimer Q doesn't give gold from FQC?
I don't think they count as a hit for Thunderlord's either. Not really a problem cause you can just use W, but it might have to do something with the whole preventing DoT from proccing Thunderlord's thing.
Euriko (EUW)
: Being able to outplay something 1v1 should not be the golden standard of counterplay
I feel like there's certainly room in the game for consistent, simple champions like old Xin in it. Both teams know his limits and play around it, it creates its own gameplay. Knowing when to go in to avoid CC since your dash is predictable, the enemy being careful of your ult knockback, that sort of thing. Just playing dodgeball with blinks and skillshots can look cool, but it gets stale pretty quickly. And in the end, any champion that sees pro play can probably be considered reliable/low counterplay no matter how many skillshots they might have. Otherwise, they wouldn't be played. Presumably there's something that allows them to bypass a lot of the supposed counterplay (i.e. ward dash on Lee Sin).
: We need more enchanters like Nami
Lulu's targeted abilities make her obnoxious to play against, but when I mained her a few seasons back, I was always struck by the opportunity cost inherent to her kit (aside from Q). Each one, there's generally a choice to use offensively or defensively, debilitating an enemy or attacking an ally. ATM, I feel like the problem is that 7 out of 10 times in current meta the correct answer is use to protect your ADC. You mentioned Nami's positioning with her W--that's basically what Sona is constantly doing because of how short her ability range is. Admittedly, aside from that the only thing about her is not using her abilities frivolously in early game (being mindful of high mana costs and early cds) and power chord decisions. And honestly, I'm okay with that. I'm also a relatively frequent Xin Zhao player, I enjoy having champions where I can focus on tactics on the most part rather than execution, and predictable kits can create their own give and take gameplay, as opposed to playing dodgeball with Zed and Ahri and the like.
: Shiv doesn't work btw If you count splitpush items, you should put {{item:3087}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3085}} as waveclear items, as waveclear is a big part of defending towers.
: Why is lissandra not seen more often?
I play Lissandra once in a blue moon, and I often wonder the same thing. I think it might be the same thing as Annie, opponents can play around her if they're careful. Even if Lissandra has her E, it's quite telegraphed.
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: Can't remember the last time i've ever seen Zac in my games
I just think it's kinda stupid that they intentionally nerfed his E's knockup duration when the rework came through, likely because it would be kinda ridiculous if it were a true combo with R, then decided that they'd buff it to a second again, making his R charge only take .1 seconds longer. So you have a tenth of a second to flash out, assuming someone else didn't chain their CC onto the end of his.
: Why would I pick Cassiopea over Viktor?
I'd argue that saying Vik has more sustained damage is a damn lie, although he certainly doesn't have to work as hard for his, and of course his burst is scary.
Rivuo (NA)
: Am i a horrible player for losing lane to jayce as Shen
Jayce is a lane bully, don't gotta feel bad about losing to him. If you were ahead and landed a taunt, I don't think you should have really been losing that fight though. If you were already poked a bunch that's a different story though.
: Why do people say yasuo and fiora are easy when they aren't.
Let's put it this way--although I don't know if this is still the case, I do know that in the past, Yasuo has had a higher first time win rate than either Master Yi or Xin Zhao.
Joxcab (NA)
: "We made it so Urgot can't kill Tryndamere through Undying Rage with his ult" GEE I WONDER WHY?
To be fair, you could argue that an immortal ground into pieces becomes effectively dead, I don't think Tryndamere has diamond-hard skin either.
: PSA: If you deserve the rank you're in now, you will actually climb.
To be fair, that does imply that you're playing a ton of games for it to average out as such. Not everyone has that kind of time, so some of the people who complain may well have gotten worse teammates than the average. Probably not quite as many people as the number who think it's true.
: Something REALLY annoying on Diana
Admittedly I don't play Diana nor have I seen her recently, but I thought I remembered Riot changing it so her ult reset occurred on cast rather than on landing.
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