Melori (NA)
: Talon is a strong laner and a strong roamer but some matches are very difficult. You wont learn if you dont just play him. You might start off with poor scores and mostly losses but you'll learn and get the hang of how to deal with certain matchups eventually. Generally if enemy has some tanks you will want at least some AP on your team before you pick Talon but that shouldn't stop you from playing him anyway. Just gotta end sooner but you gotta end ASAP as Talon anyway since he falls off the later the game goes. But some champs you will just want to ban as LeBlanc and Fizz. Hate those two. But in short...there is no 'when should I pick him.' Just pick him. Even better if enemy is very squishy.
Thanks for the comment
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Rexxiee (NA)
: I dont know what game you're playing where you actually lose to an "fed adc". A fed top/mid/jungler/anything > fed adc. Adcs are free 300g bags for the other roles right now, a 10-0 jinx will get destroyed any time of the day by a 0-1 irelia as soon a she completes trinity force.
Idk i just lost a game where top mid and jungle played great but bot lane fed hard to an ezreal and he hard carried
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: welcome on the internet? like is this really a surprise?
I mean its pretty wild dude?
: PSA: Zyra and Brand are NOT supports
Then why did reddit absolutely berate me for asking why nobody plays zrya mid? :/
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: 2019 Shaco skin ideas , enjoy .
They should probably make him fun to play&play against before they entice more players to pick him up. He is both frustrating to play, and to play against
: MFW I asked what counters this champion & they answered "just CC him"
Please please please attempt to play a melee fighter into a CC loaded team and tell me that shit doesnt counter you
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: Why is camille allowed to be the jg she is?
Try clearing camps with her lol it feels like total shit. Power farmers could double your cs early if they path well
: Pretty shocking to see Riot not even talking to us anymore.
Bro dont worry they are just on winter vacay :)
: Want to Know WHY You Think League is Dead?
Youre having fun because you are smurfing... lmao and playing yasuo and riven. I too have fun when i abuse new players with op champs. Level 19 lol
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Every single time I get a reminder of how stupid Galio is in high elo
Hes terribly designed. He SHOULD NOT, have ANY abilities dedicated purely to dealing damage. If Sion Q didnt knock up, and it only did damage, sion players would have to choose between tanky or damage playstyle. Just as Galio has done in the past, full ap to do some dmg, or full tank. To shove him in one corner they add more damage. On a champ with one damage ability. So the player expects his Galios Q to be equal to a fuckin nuke, while his enemy has to sit and ask why one ability hurt him so bad. Pissssa poor design
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ProjecL (EUW)
: Maybe you would have won the game if your team's keystones weren't complete garbage? Yeah Dark Harvest is too strong right now, but c'mon, Conqueror on Twitch? Comet on Morgana when both Aery and DH exist?
Losing games because weaker runes. Ya thats a strategy game lmao. Woops didnt pick the most broken shit, i deserve loss
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: > You wanna be a tank? > You wanna be an assassin? > You want to be a mage? What if I want to be Tracer?
> [{quoted}](name=Jayce Top Lane,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ImWRf31k,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-28T05:36:51.512+0000) > > What if I want to be Tracer? Im already tracer
: So why are you allowing players to intentionally feed again?
Talh (NA)
: I am now a Forumer, NOT a Summoner
Its sad that this game has little to no strategy involved. I used to describe it to my dad as " future chess" now i would describe it as , " an arena where characters destroy eachother"
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: ok... im starting to have doubts on how inters are detected now.
Yet they chat restricted me for complaints about game balance in game lmaooo
: > [{quoted}](name=Bretonnian,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a8s7t4Q6,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-23T20:26:16.916+0000) > > This was the only game provided. Was kinda funny to me given I didn't really say anything offensive. But looking back I was being a total rage baby and shoulda just let my team play if that's what they wanted. Correct, thats why you got banned. > Would be cool if riot would perma mute people to be honest. I cant control my anger lol/ RIP $200 in skins And there you've also given the correct answer as to why Riot doesnt mute people. Because you cant control yourselfs. So, if they mute you, you would simply be toxic in another way, as you cant control yourself. Thats what happened when they tried this over several months. No hopes there. In addition, having someone who is unable to communicate is an unfair disadvantage for the team.
Oh they tried that? In pbe or something? I never heard about that. I agree with what you said. Though id like to believe i wouldnt int people had i been perma muted.
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: How to (re-)add Metalmancy to Morde's skillset in a very organic/natural way
Damn this guy is still posting long, thought out, well written posts.... and morde is still an abomination lol Its sad how little this game fucking cares. My man could probably be on the riot team somewhere given his vast knowledge and experience of the game. But they probably dont even read his posts. Whata shame
: This game has been dumbed down so hard it's disgusting
Not to mention the amazing sysyem that band players for typing, but not for feeding, trolling, or griefing.
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: Sizzle 30% of my max health away daddy
Just laughed irl on the bus. What a rush
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Eyesack (NA)
: Is there a reason why leblancs ethereal chains range is 865 with a tether of 925?
I feel like the first range is fine, but the second one should be halved. It is kinda hard to hit, but you should be able to break the teather
: "Just CC him" is as retarded as "just kill him"
It is legitimately hard to play Yi or Trynd into a CC heavy comp. You can easily draft a team where everyone on your team has a form of cc. If you chain cc this champions THEY ARE useless. Sona ult a full hp yi, ahri charm, combo blam thats a dead guy.
: For pre season changes there is a big change that is gonna make many of us really mad
: For the average player, the leveling from honor level 2-5 was designed to stretch throughout an entire season. Even If you're honor level 0-1 with 2 checkpoints, I say forget about it. There is no time left.
> [{quoted}](name=Douglas Funnie,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=B8f4evkW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-25T02:17:50.520+0000) > > For the average player, the leveling from honor level 2-5 was designed to stretch throughout an entire season. Even If you're honor level 0-1 with 2 checkpoints, I say forget about it. There is no time left. Oh thats wild haha. At least the ori skin wont make me lose sleep
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: Tyler 1 was right- Inadvertently confirms soft inting > constructive criticism
: Daily reminder of how stupidly strong Ignite is
Feels so bad to die mid lane because someone flashes, uses one ability, ignited and boom you die. You sit there like " am i bad or is game just dumb "
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Rock MD (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bretonnian,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0uGjJELj,comment-id=00070007,timestamp=2018-10-17T22:44:07.496+0000) > > Which champions look to cheese their opponents and then out macro? Super intruiged with this idea. When i play malzahar i feel like i have a fairly low chance of killing my laner and taking over, do you suggest some thing like zed? Id love to hear more from you on this It's generally assassins or mobile champions. For example, in S4 I got to Diamond playing DFG Ahri. I would basically either go full aggro in lane or stall until I had a DFG and then one shot anything, get fed, win games. I only had 4-5 cs a minute but it didn't matter since I constantly cheesed my opponent. Riven's another really good one. Remember, with these champions you're looking to surprise your opponent with a strategy that's inefficient but catches them off guard.
Thanks a lot for the response. Do you consider this strategy to be more reliable than playing things like malzahar and brand? Im in gold v, should i be taking this approach? I realized i dont have very impressive mechanics , and i dont find myself often sure of what my opponent is about to do. So your third point really stood out to me
Rock MD (NA)
: There's 3 ways to be good at the game. 1. You're legitimately good at the game and understand the mechanics and inner workings. 2. You know what to expect from the enemy and know how to outplay it. 3. You cheese your opponent and out-mechanic him. If you actually know how to play the game, you should never have issues with climbing up to D5 MMR... unless you knowingly forego common sense because, "lul it's just silvers." and then it's your fault for underestimating them. They're not mentally handicapped they just aren't efficient players. If you know what to expect and how to outplay it, good fucking luck. Again, they're not efficient players so everything you know about jungle pathing, throw it out the window. Just punish punish punish bad overextensions and force pressure into your lane while minimizing deaths. If you cheese and out-mechanic your opponent... well I don't assume you do since you play easily outplayed, immobile mages. So you're either intentionally playing bad because you think low elos are subhuman or you're expecting them to play the game at a plat level and you're left both confused and frustrated. Neither are inherently the fault of elo hell, they're your fault.
Which champions look to cheese their opponents and then out macro? Super intruiged with this idea. When i play malzahar i feel like i have a fairly low chance of killing my laner and taking over, do you suggest some thing like zed? Id love to hear more from you on this
: Also still not working, and they are giving me the run around when i sumbit ticket. I have turned off add blocker, i have re-verified account, i have turned rewards on and off and relogged on and off etc. At this point I want them to just grant me the watch rewards and Icons. I have spent over 5,000USD I think i've payed them enough to do that for me.
I kept watching vods till it eventually just randomly worked. it feels kinda bad to push so much money into a game that has a terrible client and a never ending list of bug issues. I bet a few rioters are so fuckin rich XD Our money clearly doesn't go into fixing real problems.
: Watch Missions
I think its just bugged. I made a post about this yesterday but it eventually nust worked
: I am someone who hates losing,i started playing off meta picks and even if i lose i still have fun..
Cool to hear this. I quickly made sure to try out every single champion in the game when i started out. Its been a long time since ive played something fun...
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Asamas (EUNE)
: The pass doesn't give the watch and earn. It's something that we all get.
Oh for sure i didnt realize that. You can only claim the tokens with a pass though right?
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: Garen Mains defending a blatantly overpowered champion: classic. Because it's very fair to watch a Garen win the game with one item that he gets from one kill. "He has no disengage!" It's called pressing Q and W; but sure, you can stun him, no Garen-tee you'll kill him though. "Kite him" This nonsensical myth is ridiculous. Unless you're playing Cait top, he will see you are trying to poke him and Q W E on your ass. The only champions I can think of being able to kinda do it safely are Quinn and Teemo. Besides, you're suggesting playing a Ranged Champion top, which will neuter your team because = no tank. Unless you wanna play Gnar. "Play something that beats him!" And why? Why is playing one champion such a damn crime in this game? In my case, it's a small selection of champions. I'd rather be really good at a few champions than mediocre on a lot of them. There should be a way to itemize against a Juggernaut, not just "counter-pick him" - leave that shit to the LCS. By having some way to itemize against Garen, you can at least reduce the disadvantage you have and remain viable for your team (the same treatment Garen gets from being himself). Garen rewards people who don't want to think too much and yeah, he's a beginner champion, but everything in his kit is so fool-proof and requires a lot more from the opponent than it should. If you wanna main Garen that's fine, but you can't just sit here and tell me the concept of a Juggernaut is fair or that his "wait 3s to heal all your damage back" passive is very fair. I agree, every champ has a bad matchup, but very few champions can still be viable (even in a bad matchup) like Garen can. Alright, dissect it and break context now, Garen Mains.
Well said i agree with eveything. I am curious tho- howd you even come across my post?
: Beekeeper Malzahar
Wow i am so in love with this
: I LOVE having my games held hostage by one fucking troll
It is UN REAL that players will say no to a vote when the game is 7-25. This is not even an exaggeration!!! In gold and below almost half of all games are STOMPS. You could move on after 15 minutes and get in a new game.... or you might just get held hostage for 40 minutes in an awful experience that will likely lead to you becoming angey or toxic
: This is the stupidest thread I have ever seen. No shit the winning team, AT THE END OF THE GAME, will have a more fed ADC. Whereas in G2 vs SUP just THIS MORNING, Zeitnot CRUSHED bot lane, and massively overperformed Hjarnan in teamfights and they still lost the game. Or when EDG iBoy MASSIVELY outperformed INF's bot lane, but STILL lost because he got 1 shot by enemy 0/4 Irelia every teamfight. Neat. Every actual analyst says mid/jungle duo is the most important this worlds - but Silver/Bronze analysts on boards hiding behind second accounts think differently I guess.
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