: Runes Resetting
Been having the same problem ever since the start of the MSI events basically, everyday when I log in for the first time I get the stats and season explanation, runes are all reset, summoner spells are reset to ghost and heal, and the skins are all default. Really annoying especially with the client lag which makes changing runes a pain already.
Vasaris (EUW)
: Is there a way to remove preset rune pages? They're distracting and I'm never gonna use them
What I don't get is that these new runes are meant to combine runes AND masteries together into a single, editable page, yet we only get the old amount of rune pages. Sure it does that job perfectly well, but before this patch every single player at L30 got 18 Mastery Pages and 2 Rune Pages, with masteries having the bigger impact in play style. Everyone was basically taught to have a generic AD and AP rune page and then a mastery page for their best/favourite champs if they weren't going to buy extra rune pages. Now we have "runes" that act as both runes and masteries, but since the rework has blanket termed them all "runes", we get "rune" pages and are given the old amount of 2 free editable rune pages. What if the rework made everything "masteries" and we got "mastery" pages, would we have gotten the old amount of 18 editable pages? These new "runes" are stronger, for the most part, than previous masteries. Taking 1 wrong "rune" can really mess up a build or play style for someone, much like taking the wrong keystone mastery could alter your play style, yet we get 2 editable pages that are as valuable as the 18 mastery pages from before. In your old AD and AP rune pages, if you queued up to play a tank it didn't really matter that you had AD marks, Flat MR blues or AS marks and Scaling MR blues on your AD page because outside of early game the effects weren't noticeable and you could get away with just 2 rune pages. I do get that before you couldn't edit rune pages in champ select, and now with the single page you can, but at some point I don't want to have to change my "runes" every single champ select unless it is absolutely necessary to give me an advantage. There were people before that would edit their mastery pages in this fashion, changing them every champ select, but they also had 17 other pages if they wanted one of their already built and checked pages that they knew fit the play style or role they wanted. Now we get 1 "rune" page that can be static, while we have to leave our other page open to change it for every new play style/champ/role that we want to play, because those 5 preset pages don't do the new system any justice offering only 5 of the primary + secondary combinations and not even letting us choose the actual "runes" themselves. The presets basically are just 5 wasted pages that may be useful every once in a while if you have no idea what you're going to run on a champ. If you wanted to have a way to make sure no one got into a game without any runes, I like the suggestion that I read on this thread where you have recommended runes that you fill all the missing runes on the current page the person is editing if they don't save or finish in time. This still ensures the person has runes when they load in, but also enables them to still have some of their choices they made before failing to save. Hopefully then you can make those presets editable giving everyone 7 editable pages which would be enough to solve the number of pages issue. Just my 2 cents worth, I'm sure I can get used to editing a page every champ select once I figure out every new "rune".
: Fps lag
I've had the same thing happen to me, downloaded the new patch and when I started playing my games were all at 15-20 fps when typically I get a constant 60 fps on max settings. Not only that I've been getting a lot more disconnects from the server, even after looking up previous solutions and trying them.
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