: To be honest, if Riot did more crazy buffs like we're seeing on the PBE right now
Would sell more dumb skins if they kept doing funny buffs like that {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Why the 7.1 Kennen Nerfs Were Unecessary
OP, as a Kennen main I read every wall of text you wrote and do agree with your points as well. How some of you even delude yourselves to calling it a buff cause he can maybe do 40 more damage on perfect scenarios (which I guess happens often if we were against most of you that posted) is hilarious. My real gripe isn't the fact that they wanted less front load, I could tolerate that. My gripe is that they chose the most frustrating balance route for the Kennen himself instead of many different ways they could of addressed the ult damage. They could of lowered the base a bit and reduced the diminish of each tick and accomplished their goal but no. They could of made each tick the same number throughout with numbers adjustments and accomplished their goal but no. They chose the option most awful for the Kennen himself and made the frontload extremely weak that it actually needs all 6 scaling ticks to break even lol. And people really even understand the reasons why sucks a lot. Manage to hit a person during the late duration of your ult? Well nice, mega weak frontload that you can't scale up cause time ran out. People flashed out and you had to flash back in to catch them? You lost around a tick or two of scale up that you can't use now when you need all 6/6 to break even. Riot you couldn't even throw a bone to us to have the ticks scaling not be dependent on hitting them instead of the ult duration for the scenarios where people got hit late. There is no "feels good" reward anymore with the ult. Most of us aren't going to think "that was rewarding" when we do all 6 ticks, were just going to think "Enemy so bad" like the people who delude themselves to call this a buff.
Fflarn (NA)
: Champions that enforce the meta
Riven wouldn't exactly be the champ I would consider one that enforces meta. I believe Renekton was that champ at one point where if you couldn't survive against Renekton you weren't a top laner.
: Why Everyone Ganks Bot
7) It's always fun to clownfiesta it bot lane.
: I don't get why junglers are immune to playing bad
Some definitely are, and these forums enable them to suck knowing they will get pity. Humor me and excuse farming junglers being outfarmed by a ganking one, or a person picking an early pressure one like Shaco or Lee and pretending they are Shyvana.
Amici (NA)
: What is peoples issue with kennen support?
> [{quoted}](name=Incendia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6YNhBgv2,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-25T14:22:59.879+0000) > > Are people in this game just sheep who follow whatever the pros play? Basically yes.
Rioter Comments
Brighton (NA)
: @Meddler Can you at least consider adjusting the new Ken ult changes in a different way.
Also did not mention that health wise, the change of having the same damage throughout each bolt without increases or decreases would promote clarity in the game as both the Kennen and the opponent can accurately tell and predict the damage they would take for the next set of ticks, especially in cases with people sometimes going in and out of the ult or going in later.
: Perhaps change ticking speed? That would compensate changes of his ult, what do you think? Or make less ticks but with more damage
Thematically changes in tick speed would make sense as only 3 bolts provide marks and 3 would be the new total, but it would likely still pose the same issue riot doesn't like in which the first tick would hit too hard for their liking.
Laran (EUW)
: Hi, just came here to give my 2-cents on the kennen nerf. Hope Meddler will see this. Kennen is my most played chamoion ever. I love this champion. He is basically the strongest reason i still play league tbh. I just discovered today the planned kennen nerf on his ult and honestly, i find it sad. I dont deny the fact that his ultimate is really strong but i dont understand why you are getting it nerfed. Kennen isnt the godly champ top lane he used to be. His winrate is near 50%. Items nerfs hit him hard. And its not even a counterplay problem, there are many many options to get rid of Kennen already ( Tristana, Janna, Alistar, flashs, qss, etc etc... ) . It doesnt matter that the damages with full duration are better because 90% of the times, ennemys dont stay in your ultimate radius for that long. So theres really few situations where this bonus will matter. Kennen has distinct strengths and weaknesses already. He is a burst champion. But he relies so much on flash and hard engage that his ultimate must be rewarded. With that nerf, there will be no more reward. Overall, i just dont understand the nerf. Or at least the violence of it. Meddler, can you please explain ?
They find the front load damage too strong for his first 2 ticks.
ofart (NA)
: My Thoughts on Fizz
Fairly easy to dodge ult is very deceptive. Seen it plenty of times do hilarious curves that make no sense.
: As an assassin main, this is becoming a joke at this point...
Some still manage, but riot took their counterplay philosophy to new levels of shit with most of them.
Arkayed (NA)
: This would be a little more severe. I'm not sure if having to hit Level 16 to get the same benefits you currently get at Level 1 would be a fair nerf. They would have to compensate by removing the crit damage reduction, and I'm not sure how worth that would be.
The trade would be worth it. If the idea of his design was to be a hyper carry late game and make sure he doesn't spike so hard with two items then both would goals would get accomplished.
Arkayed (NA)
: An Acceptable and Effective Yasuo Nerf;
Well they could also make the passive crit scale with ult rank starting at 1.25x and going up .25x per rank, if they really want to do anything to him that is.
: Who counters your main
{{champion:61}} https://i1.wp.com/hypebeast.com/image/ht/2016/01/chris-brown-black-pyramid-clothing-line.png?quality=95&w=1024
Brighton (NA)
: @Meddler Can you at least consider adjusting the new Ken ult changes in a different way.
Immediate damage does not take fun away from anybody. Unnecessary delays and unreasonable changes is what takes fun away for the user of a character and changes made so that the opponent can have "fun" cannot ever realistically be done as the only true way your opponent will enjoy dealing with whatever champion you are using is for it to suck and be free kills so they can climb their elo. There is no reason that riot cannot come to terms with a closer range of damage for Kennen's ult ticks then what they have planned. The way it will soon be will basically be punishing the player that picked him for getting into melee range as a mage and hope people are bronze enough to actually let him get at least 5 ticks of damage. And this isn't even getting into situations where people can get in and out in which determining the damage you will do will be too difficult to keep track of when it doesn't even compound itself based on the time his R was on. And ffs none of the proposed changes buff the ult compared to live, all of them still nerf it.
Rioter Comments
: Can we give Kennen less damage on his ultimate and put it somewhere else?
Sure, we would like this over what they want to do atm.
: Am I actually the only player who thinks Yasuo is fine?
Bandwagon, but he does have a very low CD ult at late game which feels "interesting". That said he is always a easy lane to win against for me but I could care less what they do with him. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
cdXsm (EUNE)
This champ always yells Hasaki, idk what it means but I get nightmares now hearing Hasaki over and over as I am knocked up into the sky and done unmentionable things. Please rito for my sleep.
Meddler (NA)
: Kennen's ult hits 6 times, not 3. Using your example of 10 and 5 damage that means you'd want to compare: * 10, 7.5, 5.0, 5.0, 5.0, 5.0 = 37.5 And * 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5 = 37.5 So same damage, but back loaded instead of front loaded. That is a nerf still though certainly (burstier damage is more powerful), but not as large a one as you'd identified. We're testing this change because we don't believe Kennen should be as bursty as he is at present, given the other tools he brings.
His R is 90% the reason he is even picked. His Q is single target with below average damage, W also below average, and his E is not the most reliable form of damage. Compared to plenty of other mages they bring significantly more tools of practical use that he does not. His waveclear is pretty bad till he gets a high amount of AP vs a lot of popular picks that do it with far less effort. If he is being nerfed cause of his use in top lane that is 100% a issue with ranged characters in general going up there which you people have failed to respond to adequately and no amount of number changes will ever fix that problem as long as ranged characters with any form of disengage exist. Coming into season 7 it's pretty clear after all these years that you people feel his ult is overall not toxic and fair enough for the risk he has to put himself in (Would of just been truly gutted long before then right?). So what's the complaint right now? My complaint is that he isn't being rewarded with this new change in comparison to the old for hitting 6 bolts. His damage overall on the first 5 is less with this change then what it currently is and if he hits 6 (Which is very impractical in real use) the damage just merely ties.
: Why do people think cloud drake is Bad?
Cause no moar damage, but I like the movement speed too ever since it was buffed.
: Is there any reason at all to pick Akali over Diana anymore?
Cause she has a nice nurse outfit http://orig09.deviantart.net/df8f/f/2014/189/c/8/c8966d62f6cfaeda28ad554f75f12550-d7h7jba.png
: Why do people hate zed ?
From my experience, it was simply from seeing him far too much that it made mid very dull at one point.
: I DARE anyone on the forums to show me a video of this...
Can't, have a headshot vid instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0vDp9HEFBk
Numb3rs (NA)
: Oh look yasuo is 0-7 at 15 minutes
Don't stall games, and having deaths doesn't give some mysterious debuff that you won't do damage the entire game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Brighton,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MK1xeGwf,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-11-24T22:54:20.859+0000) > > Your acting like she didn't get money in this game. 8 kills will do that even if she happened to die 6 times. You're acting like any champion should be able to AA you for 1K dmg besides Draven and Jhin. Ranged + Invis + mobility + 1k dmg auto attacks = broken as fuck. This is the Invisible, Ranged Yasuo with 700AD.
ADCs can hit those numbers and have been hitting those numbers for six seasons when they get items, which you definitely didn't have a problem with last week till you followed the QQ herd.
: Wanna hear a joke?
Full build adc did damage, news at 11.
: Wow! Vayne is super fun to play against!
Your acting like she didn't get money in this game. 8 kills will do that even if she happened to die 6 times.
: In my oppinion: True damage is way over the top in this game! >_>
Nope it's fine, one of the few remaining sources of threat for a tank and their degenerate builds.
: Perma'd For talking shit to a guy that talked shit first?
League is like school, where if you stand up to a bully you get in trouble for it.
Frius (EUNE)
: so you are ok with ekko almost one shotting turrets withlichbane?
: Mages used to have 800-900 ap at full build, not it's more like 700 ap.
: What is going on with this matchmaking?!
According to the statistical win chance, you have the advantage.
Rioter Comments
: My proposed system to lower peoples Ranking based on purposly feeding/other.
: those friends who are better then you at league
No, I wish mine were better then me, or close.
Mozhu (NA)
: So if yordles are now spirits..
Spirits what? Where this info coming from?
: It's your fault you can't climb and no one elses!
Why is LeeSin being circled when he tried.
Roby6969 (EUNE)
: Is it really worth to onetrick?
Some people one trick themselves to challenger so...
: Do you think the difficulty in support comes from
Probably the play style. Let's be real, in your typical solo queue game what is the point of building "supportive" items like locket or Crucible on Karma when your "damage" dealers aren't going to be good enough to output damage either way.
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: Clubs outage Oct 2016 -- November Update!
: Nobody discussing how strong Courage of the Colossus is?
Tried it on Kennen. Very strong mastery especially with Fearless.
Wobobo (NA)
: The Club Post!
Name: Kennen Tag: STR0M Focus: Fans/Mains of Kennen and everything that is Kennen. Looking for other people that main our overlooked yordle to talk about everything that is Kennen. No minimum requirements, add "Brighton" to join :D


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