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: Riot, You reaaaally make things hard, huh?
Riots an absolute joke when it comes to their banning system. It's so beyond fucked up, because noone moderates it, and if you ticket support, they don't care, Riot are in it just for money nowadays. I literally got chat restricted for my first time on a smurf, because I was nice in game, didn't flame, but my teammates were trolls, and they all reported me. The logs literally proved I wasn't toxic, it was in ONE game, when it normally takes two for something to go through, and I had to play through a restriction, thus damaging my account. When literally the only way to not get restrict/suspension/banned is to not even talk in chat, there's something wrong with your game. Trolls dont get banned, feeders dont get banned, but people who are chatting and trying to pull their team together to get the W get banned. I legit hate how ass backwards Riot has become. Bring me back to Season 6 if you're not gonna ban the people who deserve it, and let me be toxic again so I can just play through 500 game chat restrictions, cause your system, and your entire team is absolutely bullshit. I've been nice, I've been toxic, I've been everything in the 8 years I've played this game, but never once have I been banned unless I typed in chat. I've fed, I've built stupid, I've done all of that, yet chatting and saying things to pull the team together gets me chatted. Fucking absurd, you're all a joke.

Bring Splitzer

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