Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: "So once you slap the title of "joke" on any phrase or action, they instantly and automagically become ok." - Nope. And i do not remember saying this in any way or form. Killing somebody and saying it was a joke is very far from ok. Using WORDS (which has no effect), on a group you don't like and expressing your not likingness in a dark joke manner, on the other hand is totally okay, even if some people do not like it. Or do you think there is a meeting in a turbine? I have to ask, because if you honestly think this, then you have serious problems. If you realized that there is no meeting in a turbine, you might understand what the point of this post was. But i have to ask, do you understand what that tweet was about?
You obviously don't get this. It's not the fact that it's a joke. No one cares its a joke. It's the fact that we, the players, are held to a common standard with the Summoner code. Go into a game and tell some one to do the same, you get banned. It isn't about the joking aspect. It's about the community outlash because if we joke about it in game, we get banned. It's about Riot not holding the same standards, and them having double standards. We the player base, who provide them money, and provide them the opportunity to pay these people who are going to be sexist towards their player base, male or female. It isn't right for a company employee to tell it's player base to kill itself. That's like asking for it's own company to implode, which is what's happening. How about you know a little more before jumping on someone's back about it being a joke, when we're talking about an underlying issue.
Brizzh (NA)
: Are non-ADC Bot Laners still viable?
To be honest with you all, I was just curious as an ADC main myself. I main Sivir, but had recently just been experimenting with other champs and wanted to see what the community itself thought about it.
: Are none-adc's Viable? Do you actually believe they ever were outside of LCS? cause they weren't. Just like everyone going miss fortune support when they don't understand it was played into Zyra specifically.
I get where you're coming from, and understand the MF into Zyra pick. At the same time why are we, the majority player base, conforming to the LCS standards and Meta? Why haven't we played a non-ADC in the bot lane out of our own volition? Why play an ADC when the rest of your team has an AD champ hovered and don't want to swap? In my eyes, anything will work, in any lane, if played correctly. Disagree if you want, but I believe the majority player base conforms to what the Pros do because we want to be like them. So we mimic the Pro meta and OUR meta. Why can I solo carry this game? Well if your team full AD? Well that's probably a reason. Why did no one choose an AP champ? Because everyone want to conform to champs the LCS player play. Play what you want where you want as long as you've put the practice and effort into making it work.
Galiö (NA)
: Situationally Vlad, Swain or Heimer. Other than that no. (Competativly speaking) In solo queue u can get away with anything until about mid diamond as long as you dont have someone give up and flame. Even if you do well and they lose lane for example itll be 'your fault' youre our of the game. So even though it's easily possible in solo q, for players mentalities you cannot play anything but marksmen or you'll prob lose.
Yeah I'm specifically speaking for the majority of the player base of Plat and lower for Solo/Duo Q. Because most games are similar to a dice role of who gets less soft inting individuals. I feel like anything would work if the community itself would just accept that ADCs aren't needed all the time. Especially when the rest of the team is AD and the enemy has a Tank or 2. In my eyes, playing comfort picks is fine, and for me my comfort picks are mages, and the occasional Darius in the bot lane. I can get fed easier with 2/3 enemies to kill, and attempt to solo carry. I think in a competitive sense, it wouldn't be necessary because at that stage, people understand team comps. No one understands team comps until you hit Diamond imo. Can't say much as I'm only G5.
: It's still quite viable in my eyes. Realistically the item buffs of recent patches gave marksmen the ability to hold their own come mid game; not necessarily drowned out by a mage mid game. But if you play it right and have a trustworthy and understanding partner, you can still make some things work. Swain + Pyke is still a common and oppressive duo for example.
Yeah, like Syndra+Brand is a agressive poke lane that can punish mistakes. Darius would go well with any support who has good CC, so like Darius+Thresh, or Darius+Morgana, if you land the CC and Darius pulls you, you're either flashing, being pushed out of lane, or getting killed. I feel like a lot other champ combos could be abused as well. Ahri+Morgana, Gnar+Nautilus, and things of similar nature.
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: So riot removed my post saying I was going to quit until they fire Daniel Z. Klein
I don't get why Riot is calling what you said a "witch Hunt" because it isn't. This individual isn't calling for him to be fired. In fact, they are exercising their freedom of speech and the right to protest. This individuals way of protesting is quitting until said person corrects themselves. This isnt a witch Hunt. It's not disrespectful. He's protesting.
Lakega (NA)
: Want a good laugh? grab ur popcorn and watch...
Sounds like my games last night. One game I had a Xin jg, I was pyke, their team invaded our blue. Instead of the Xin giving it up he was to fight for it. That's fine I suppose. So as pyke at the last possible second I pull the blue buff to our Xin for him to mis-smite and then die to the enemy Caitlyn. My ADC had to back because they lost too much health in the fight. Our mid laner just left and went back to lane before the fight even started. So after Xin died it was a 2v4. My ADC also used both summs in the fight. Then a few games later. I'm playing Akali mid. It's 20-25 mins in. Our Riven fed, but everyone else was doing well. Our Yas ADC was 19/3. And then we started team fighting and the Yas would dash through minions, in to 5 of the enemies die as we arrived and then it's a 4v5 and we're stuck. He ended 19/10 because he had no team play skills. Such ass.
: > [{quoted}](name=touchmyraf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TIBPBPUX,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-08-23T19:07:32.249+0000) > > Okay well that's not true... It takes the same amount of macro skill to play a champion like Riven as it does a champion like Garen. im not just talking about macro play. im talking about entire builds down to runes and items and item build pathes and different playstiles of the same champion. do you actually know how many different ways there are to play garen? you can run resolve with grasp and {{item:3071}} into tanky teamcomps, or you can run conqueror domination with predator and {{item:3078}} {{item:3142}} into squishier teams domination with electrocute and {{item:3077}} into certain champion matchups sorcery with phase rush and {{item:3751}} inspiration with glacial augment and {{item:3800}} when your team lacks utility and needs a strong frontline without playing the champion before, can you just tell which of these playstiles makes sense in which situation and for your own teamcomp? can you as someone who picks up garen for the first time tell me the difference when its better to start {{item:1054}} and when to buy triple {{item:1006}} ?
Here is the thing. Macro play includes building different items based on team comps, and changing runes because of match ups. There are different BUILDS for Garen, however the way you PLAY Garen, is the same. His kit gives no variation to the way he is played. You head roll on the keyboard and then R. With Riven you have many Animation cancels. Many ways to trade, different ways to use each ability. Much more mechanically complex, and with riven, I'm sure there are plenty of other items to use. In Akalis case, don't say there is only one way to play her, you're dead ass wrong, and obviously someone who hasn't taken the time to learn her and all her tricks. When to use W, when and where to E, managing her Ults CD while being dead ass in the middle of ateam fights. Managing her Energy that depletes pretty quickly, knowing when to Q for that heal, and when you use the enhanced Auto to re gain Energy to do more. See, already way more complex than Garen. Don't argue micro play vs a high skill cap champion. Just because the overall Macro may be slightly higher, doesn't mean anything in the face of the skill cap gap.
: Can We Stop Rewarding People for Picking Easy Champions?
While in some rights you may be right where, a first time X shouldn't beat my X whom I've put tons of time and hours into. Some Champs are way too easy. However I'm the same sentence if you have 50 games Riven and are against a 1st game Garen, even though it's a counter match up, you should still be able to win if you know the match up. Champions who are hard to master should have more damage/utility. Easy Champs should deal consistent dps not burst. And those in the middle, well should be a medium between the 2.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Can we not nerf stormrazor without nerfing mages?
Mages aren't broken lol just dodge skill shots.
: but diana can still for the most part solo carry and use Q + R to one shot any squishy. And respectively if shes not fed enough to Q + R = kill she does W + Q + R for the kill instead, her design is very limited in the late game
She was also hit with the electro nerf for all-ins. She's a very specific champ that goes in and gets out. She's not really meant to get out unless you Zhonyas and Q+R to another target after CD is up. However, phase rush could be more of a viable pick now with Nimbus Cloak to get in and then out and Zhonyas behind your front line so you're in less danger. I dunno I've only put like 15-20 games into Diana
Elohaven (NA)
: PSA | Riot and the Boards lost the goal of the ADC nerfs
It was a good starting point yes. I can agree. But now comparatively, they're weak and the reason is because no other actual nerfs that are worthwhile are coming through. You shouldn't die in <2s however, I feel like I spend a solid 10s or more just trying to kill the enemy front line because I'm not doing enough damage. Every other champ but a late game adc, a tank, or support (who builds support items) can delete you in 1-4s team fights are decided in about 5-6s. And because adc scaling takes so long before they do damage in return, all other roles get to delete them first. I don't find it fun when my role was gutted and now a Darius can barrel through the front line and delete me because I can't do damage quick enough. Until 25-30 mins or later when most games are already decided before then
: If Ezreal's VGU goes well: Jax, Blitz and Kennen are next in line!
@Reav3 is there any insight of any VgUs for Sivir? Her kit seems to be getting a outdated I think.
: I could see that but I still think my main point needs to be addressed by Riot.
True. I feel like a few Fighter mages would use it well, especially like Diana. She's been weak for a while D:
: One or the other not both
Then keep the the AD per level and reduce the True damage. The true damage is what hard to play around and why tanks rarely even work anymore imo
: because lets put bruisers back into the shitter, im not even a top lane player and know this will be bad, bruisers will just be troll picks again, we dont want that now do we
I don't have a problem with the Keystone, but it's WAY over tuned for being a Keystone. 10% True damage would be acceptable and 1-20 (based on level) AD
: > [{quoted}](name=Brizzh,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Yd3ve4eE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-23T15:47:43.691+0000) > > So a majority of new players get placed S3 and below. yeah i fucking love this part of it, there's not a new player on earth aside from someone who maybe was pro at dota who could actually hold their own in silver on their very first account.
> [{quoted}](name=T I L T B O I,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Yd3ve4eE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-23T16:24:36.679+0000) > > yeah i fucking love this part of it, there&#x27;s not a new player on earth aside from someone who maybe was pro at dota who could actually hold their own in silver on their very first account. I have worked my ass off to climb from B3 to G5 as an ADC and did most of my climbing during the patches where ADCs we bad (8.11-8.12). Now Im working on a Smurf as a support main. Once you get to S1, it's a pretty quick climb to Gold.
: How exactly does the ranked matchmaking work?
So a majority of new players get placed S3 and below. So climbing through silver is and can be difficult. These new players are usually NEW to the game and still don't understand the big picture on macro, micro, shot calling. Not to mention they're toxic and grief.
: Defense items need buffs
I think Tank specific items need a slight buff in both health and AR/MR. Not a huge buff tho. I feel like all tank damage also needs to be nerfed. They're the front line. Take AD ratios down and add better base stats. They're supposed to TANK not deal tons of damage and tank at the same time. It's unhealthy. Also, I would like to see mage defense items buffed. Such as Banshees and Zhonyas. {{item:3102}} needs to give health again. Even if its only 200 hp. {{item:3157}} should also give HP. To counter act this you take some HP away from items like {{item:3165}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} to compensate allowing builds to feel better.
: > It is the only factor into why assassin's, ad and ap, can reduce Armor and MR to below 0 on a squishy. ... > Because sudden Impact can drop base MR below 0 is she E+Q+R+Qs you. If you have no MR and she has Sorc boots and Morello, and void staff, with SI you have less that 0 base MR. So it does more damage than intended. I'm sorry, but this is just plain wrong. Armor/Magic Penetration can NEVER reduce the target's AR/MR below 0, only flat AR/MR _Reduction_ (as it was on the earlier versions of Abyssal Scepter) can. At this point, the only way to get somebody to negative MR is by stacking Wit's End's passive with Corki's E for up to - 50 MR (or if you're facing Sejuani or Orianna who have less than 30 base MR, then Wit's End would be already enough).
It's actually true. LDR and Void staff both apply before Armor Penetration, and Lethality is FLAT PEN. And so is Sorc boots, and Morello's. Which both of these are applied last. Reduced with LDR OR void staff, then add flat pen, +flat pen from sudden Impact you can get below 0 of BASE AR/MR
: I mean with those numbers it seems like it is a partial version of {{item:3031}}
1/2 AD but twice the true damage. And people who build {{item:3031}} and run Conquerer do 30% true damage
Brizzh (NA)
: That's still where we're at tho? To do any real damage you need at minimum 3 items, with this you'd still need the same 3 {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} and {{item:3031}} it states every 5th attack, to the first target up to 10% additional Crit damage, nothing like the old IE that was 50% Crit dmg EVERY hit. This is literally only 10% as strong of what old IE used to be (passive wise)
Also, if tank Meta comes back, Crit ADCs are screwed as a whole. The tank WILL try and CC you. If you get CCd you're not doing dps. And if they don't CC you, it still takes forever to kill as tank because IE does 10% crit dmg as true damage. And it not even gold efficient to build say{{item:3094}} {{item:3085}} because IE makes it 120% Crit. But with the {{item:3095}} I suggested you get exactly 100% Crit from 3 items and not 4. It's more cost efficient. And now you have 2 item slots left to build a LDR, Mortal Reminder, GA, Maw of Malmortius and get this...MAYBE A DEFENSIVE ITEM!! WOW.
: Cool. Then adcs get to be the undisputed gods of late game and no class should even come close to their damage. If we have to have the absolute worst early game, and can’t do anything before 4 items and 30 minutes, we get rewarded for that. But I don’t think you’d really be ok with that game state.
That's still where we're at tho? To do any real damage you need at minimum 3 items, with this you'd still need the same 3 {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} and {{item:3031}} it states every 5th attack, to the first target up to 10% additional Crit damage, nothing like the old IE that was 50% Crit dmg EVERY hit. This is literally only 10% as strong of what old IE used to be (passive wise)
: > [{quoted}](name=FrozenFrostFyre,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jNTrTOus,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-23T13:27:46.847+0000) > > I like how you actually believe adcs are the problem in this meta and then you are sad about Zoe getting nerfed. > > You obviously don&#x27;t have the slightest clue about what&#x27;s wrong with this game. ADCs aren't, this bullshit is {{item:3095}}
The best way to fix {{item:3095}} is to remove the passive and add 20% base Crit. New passive could be similar to old IE but no where near as bad: +65 AD +30% AS +20% Crit Chance Unique Passive: Storm's Edge: Every 5th Crit deals 5%(+1% per 20% Crit chance)(max 10%) and only applies to the first target hit. (Cannot be procced twice with Rageblade)(Stacks don't fall off for this passive) Total cost: 3000g However doing this takes pushes ADCs to the late game, so how do you compensate when it an early game meta? This is what you do: You don't do anything. An Attack Damage Carry shouldn't carry early game, they should do massive late game (post 30 min) damage and carry that way.
: I like how you actually believe adcs are the problem in this meta and then you are sad about Zoe getting nerfed. You obviously don't have the slightest clue about what's wrong with this game.
Zoe isn't getting a nerf, she being gutted like Azir, Ryze, and Kalista. Anything that does well LCS gets gutted. In our eyes ADCs were fine, in LCS they were too good. So, they gutted them. Riot only looks at High Plat and above for balancing as stated by Ghostcrawler I believe in on of the Dev posts. If anything with Zoe, her Q should have to travel farther for max damage, W loses AP ratio and does no damage because you already get free summs, E puddle is smaller, but range is increased, and can no longer travel through terrain, R gets 50 range increase, and passive AP ratio is increased to 50% but has a 7s CD. She's not even that op at the moment. Her WR is ass now, she only really has her Q to do any actual damage. Hearing people complain about Zoe is like low elo players complaining about Blitzcrank because they just can't dodge abilities. And to your reply Frozen, the problem is there is too much damage an no counter play. You can counter play Zoe assuming you're good enough to dodge abilities that she obviously telegraphing. However the real problem lies with the community complaining too much about things. Delete this, rework that, nerf this, X is too OP!!. Like no. Most champs are counterable if you have good game knowledge and decent mechanics to avoid skill shots. There are a few who are doing way too much damage.
: [Fun Discussion] If you were on the balance team what changes would you add to the game?
Duskblade and Stormrazor share a passive. Duskblade gets nerfed. All runes get nerfed. Conquerer is removed. Sudden Impact is available to all champs. Mage Mana Regen is buffed. Tank items are slightly buffed. Enchanter items receive slight buffs. New champions and Reworks will be on hold until the game is in a better state of balance. Zoe loses AP scaling on W. E puddle is smaller; doesn't travel through terrain, but range is buffed. Q has to travel farther to do max damage. R range increase by 50. Weak ADCs are buffed. Tank damage is nerfed. All support items are buffed slightly. Maokais passive heal is nerfed. Kaisas passive damage scales off AD and AP, but is nerfed. All CC is nerfed by to 3/4 original duration on non Ultimate abilities (not including pulls from Thresh, Pyke, etc) CC abilities have longer CDs Over damaging Champs are nerfed a little at a time.
: Conqueror Should be Adaptive
I think Conquerer should just be removed. It's unhealthy for the game. 20% True damage and up to 35 AD is like getting a Free item. When other Keystone's are like getting a Free portion of an item.
: > [{quoted}](name=Brizzh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EOvjczyO,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-08-23T12:07:27.756+0000) > > In lower Elo I&#x27;d play something that can create peel or carry. And I mean peel for yourself not the ADC. Since your S5, ADCs either tend to be passive to the point they won&#x27;t engage, or hyper agressive to the point where you&#x27;re always going in. Janna, Brand, Rakan, Sona, Nami, Karma, and maybe even Leona (Leo specifically for team fights) she&#x27;s really good right now with her W and Aftershock. If you&#x27;re looking to climb getting good with any of these champs would benefit you :) Just depends on your playstyle, and who you&#x27;re comfortable with. Meta doesn&#x27;t matter in low elo. Not looking for meta, just champs that make it easier to deal with scared adcs Thanks for the help.
Yeah just find something your comfortable with. You can climb with anything. Meta doesn't matter. Just play 2-3 champs you find fun and are good on.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Riot took it too far
What they're doing to Zoe is too much. All they need to do is get rid of any AP scaling on her W since it's already such a good ability. Taking her E puddle away is too much tho. It's such a good zoning tool. She's already fairly immobile. Now with Yi and Rengo, they both aren't that great. Rengar has under a 50% WR until you get to diamond. And Your has just over a 50% WR until gold. Kayn buffs are fine. He has such a weak early game it's crazy. Zed needs to be nerfed. Yasuo and any Conquerer user would be fine if they'd actually nerf it. Fizz is still a bit over tuned. What they need to look at is ADCs who are still really struggling that are Losing to early game ADCs. Champs like Sivir, Caitlyn, Vayne, Tristana, Kalista who don't pair well with how quickly games end. They all need slight buffs because over tuning them could impact the LCS. Also, they just need to remake Sudden Impact or make it viable for every Champion and lower the Armor Pen and Magic Pen. It's still way too good.
: Which Support Champions are good at helping passive ADC players?
In lower Elo I'd play something that can create peel or carry. And I mean peel for yourself not the ADC. Since your S5, ADCs either tend to be passive to the point they won't engage, or hyper agressive to the point where you're always going in. Janna, Brand, Rakan, Sona, Nami, Karma, and maybe even Leona (Leo specifically for team fights) she's really good right now with her W and Aftershock. If you're looking to climb getting good with any of these champs would benefit you :) Just depends on your playstyle, and who you're comfortable with. Meta doesn't matter in low elo.
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: Hey, if you're a laner, don't do this.
You shouldn't have to baby sit anyways << Old mid main >> on should be able to hold lane with out constant jg presence.
: I'm actually amazed...
I feel like with NB they need to take dmg away from SR. Let me get my outplays again..
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Zoe Support
I've done it. It's really annoying. Any mage with CC and/or damage can support. Look at brand/lux/fiddlesticks/Morgana. My roommate took Ahri support and we got first tower at 7 mins in a ranked game xD it works it you're decent on the champion
: That's disingenuous to lump a ton of vastly different AD scaling sub-classes together. An overhaul to tank items has NOTHING to do with other sub-classes, and an overhaul to marksman itemization has little to do with assassins.
But you lumped all AP together. That's all I'm saying lol sure mid laners (mages) have had their over hauls but either way AD champs have a vast amount more items they can build. And still work with their kit.
: Why blame AD champions? Mages have had TWO item overhauls since I started in season 5.
ADs have now have an assassin rework is S6 and an ADC overhaul this season. Fights had an overhaul I think, and so have tanks, who are majority AD. Theye more items to chose from for one. Where AP champions are fairly limited and it's limited more if a mid lane mage wants to stay useful.
: I think Players have to come together and be harder on the Balance Team for the greater good.
Instead of looking at which specifically takes Plat+ Korea games, go look at League of graphs. Every region is different. Every elo is different. At Gold+ Yi starts to go under 50% in bronze and silver it's over 50%. Yi is in a decent spot already. Rengar however statistically does need a buff since he is sitting at under a 49% WR until plat, and in diamond it's 50.3%. Sion is at a 53% WR across all regions and lanes. Yasuo is in a okay spot.
: Dude her WR is at 49.06% that’s FAR from “such a low WR”. That’s like an B grade. There will never be a point in time where everyone has a 50% winrate because we’re not machines, there will always be one playstyle better than another at some point. Easy champions can be strong but they can be weak too, being easy to play should have little effect on how strong a champion is. Alistar strong because the meta’s called for oppressive supports, and when defensive shielding was strong so was Janna. Karma and Lulu could definitely use some buffs since they’re winrates ARE actually low. But Janna? She’s fine, especially for the time being. ln fact, the fact that the damage Meta has barely touched her WR means she’s pretty balanced.
So, I looked at league of graphs and globally the only 2 champs in a bad spot are Karma and Lulu. Both sitting at below 48% WR. Janna is fine at a 50.3%, Lux at 50-51%. Even Karma mid is bad at, 49% and Lulu mid at, 48ish%. So these 2 specifically as shield enchanters need buffs (Karma small to medium buff, Lulu Medium buff).
: Or, and I know this sounds crazy, but why not let a different support be #1 and leave Janna at her perfectly acceptable 50% ish winrate?
Why is an easy champ to play and such a low WR? That isn't acceptable. Alistar, has like. 53% WR, and is tanky, harder to play, has heals, and peel. Why isn't he nerfed? Enchanters we're gutted. Especially shield specific ones {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:43}} . Even {{champion:99}} was hit by this. All shield specific enchanters are below a 50% WR 49.5-50.5% is an acceptable area. Since you should win 50% of your games.
SanKakU (NA)
: Oh, you mean like on Pyke? That might not be a bad idea since you have that bounty ultimate.
Lol just meant with any tank or pyke xD really do need better items for supps tho. I feel like GLP-800 would be a good option for Mana hungry mage supps. And it proviy utility. All this support talk makes me wanna experiment haha
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
I understand that you all look at High Plat & Low Diamond for balancing, but you all do realize that the MAJORITY of your ranked player base is Plat 5 and lower? When you cater to the top 10% all the time, the other 90% will consistently be upset because of how much difference the gameplay is in each elo. I believe it was Ghostcrawler stated that high plat/low diamond players feel the changes more. I'd have to disagree 100%. EVERYONE in EVERY elo feels the change the same. That's like saying low elo meta doesn't change when we nerf/buff things. Stop buffing assassin's already. They're all over tuned. Tune them down. Fix mages. Most have such bad Mana problems because you nerfed archangels, reworked manaflow band, and then, to top it off, made all mid mages utterly vunerable early game. It's the same thing thats happening to ADCs. You shifted their Mana to mid/late game and now, non-mana champions have taken over. Fix mages, nerf assassin's. "We think their is too much damage in the game" then you go and make more buffs that aren't needed to damage champions. Also get rid of sudden Impact. Against a squishy, any assassin, AP or AD, can reduce base armor below 0 with Sudden Impact. Get rid of it entirely and replace it. Think more about you're entire player base instead of high elo. Thanks.
: I think Players have to come together and be harder on the Balance Team for the greater good.
I whole heartedly agree with this. Even with recent nerfs to a few things, a ton of champions are still way to over powered. Zed is over tuned. He got wat too much of a buff for a small dusk nerf, and honestly a lot of the champions that did get buffed are OP right now. The other things is SUDDEN IMPACT need to be removed. It is the only factor into why assassin's, ad and ap, can reduce Armor and MR to below 0 on a squishy. And it's majority used on assassin's. Get rid of it, or make it so everyone can use it. Know why everyone complains about Zoe? Because sudden Impact can drop base MR below 0 is she E+Q+R+Qs you. If you have no MR and she has Sorc boots and Morello, and void staff, with SI you have less that 0 base MR. So it does more damage than intended. Read this Riot. Remove Sudden Impact, and replace it with something more healthy. Something like: After hitting an enemy champion gain 5% MS for 1s (4s CD) That healthy an balanced.
SanKakU (NA)
: I think the current items are fine, but I agree they could use more items. Seems like AD scaling champions get all the good stuff first.
Yeah the current ones are good. Just need more varience. Maybe I'll start build ohmwrecker for early tower dives xD hahahaha
: May we revert my dearest aatrox :3
People complained about a Rework for AA for years, then it happens as soon as he's meta? Not Riots fault. That AA rework was probably in development for a while, and before his meta days came around.
: First, [let's talk about YOUR play.]( You haven't ranked played since Season 6 and (to be honest) a lot has changed. The first thing you need to do is get situated with the current state of the game (though LCS will have definitely helped with this to a degree). The next thing you need to do is [follow the same advice I gave this guy]( so that you don't end this season with over 50 unique champs played. Secondly there's a very simple solution to handle the toxicity of the community - the fullmute button. Does it screw up communication? Yes. Does that matter in Bronze 5 where players are so bad at the game that anything can happen (including your ability to 1v9 if you're decent)? No. Mute them all, ignore them in champ select & remember that since you're in Bronze that every game is winnable as long as you main a few champs and consistency look to improve. Ignore, play, improve.
What Shinoda says is also true. I also commented on the same individuals post. So I would look at what we both said. Both have good info.
: returning after a break
Hmm. This is a difficult one tbh. If you're getting a ton of trolls in your game and you're stuck in B5, start a new account. Bronze has the trolliest players. Or if you want to avoid the MAJORITY of auto fill players, main support. Not a ton of options to help you with. Bronze supports aren't great, mostly because a ton of then are autofilled. Main support and get really good at it. Play carry supports like Brand.
Tegash (NA)
: I appreciate your advice, it's very candid. And you're right - Bot is my best role so I should probably just main that.
That's a good start. But if you truly are encountering scripters, just remember, they focus on you, not farming. Get ahead that way ;D
: Need help or advice to get out of Bronze Elo
Hey Smashed! I thought I'd give you a little advice as someone who has climbed from B3 to G5 this season, as well as some things I've learned in my 600 games this season. Also, as a little insight about my climb, I climbed the fastest playing Sivir ADC when ADCs were in the worst spot (8.11-8.12). 1) Bronze 5 to Silver 3 is the hardest to climb out of. 2) They BEST way to carry low elo is by learning how to farm. Out farming your enemy laner is such a huge advantage. You need to average at LEAST 70 CS Per 10 mins. 3) Watch Videos on how to control minion waves, and watch some on when to play passive, or when to play aggressive. 4) Do NOT over chase for kills. Sure kills give gold, however, in the same sentence, if you can get your laner to recall, you can get a cs lead. 1 kill is only worth approximately 15 CS. 5) Focus objectives. Objectives win games. Not kills. 6) Watch streamers or LCS games, watch videos on your main role/champ. 7) Play simple champions. I looked at your and you have a lot of LeBlanc games. She's fun, but has a high skill cap. Try playing Talon (fairly difficult, fun, and has the same playstyle as LB), Ahri (same as what I mentioned with Talon), Annie (Different, and a traditional mage, low skill cap) 8) Play better macro, such as learning where good ward placement is, and having good map awareness and knowing where enemies are so you don't get ganked. Your vision score should be 1.5 x leangth of the game so 1.5 x 20 min game = 35 vision score. 9) POSITIONING POSITIONING POSITIONING! I can't say this enough. Know where you should be in team fights and when farming. Where to be if split pushing. 10) Find a champion you love to play. Dont worry about the "Meta". Find that champ, learn them in and out. Learn their damage, damage spikes, power spikes, how long you can fight before everything is on CD. 11) Abuse enemy champions who have used their summoner spells. Hope this helps you bud, and good luck in your games!
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