Saezio (EUNE)
: I don't even need to do that. Go watch a unranked->diamond series and see how few games it takes pros, and how many games it would take YOU. Those pros, get like 80-90% 1st-2nd place before reaching diamond and they NEVER end up bellow 4th in those games either. Do you get these results when you play? And it's just that you simply don't have the time to hit challenger? Even though you end up only in the top 2 in iron-plat. IF so, sure, it's number of games holding u back. P.S. Your other points were again bitching about how the game is unfair and luck based. That's why I didn't respond.
Weird I was able to answer your question but you can't answer mine lmao and when did this become about me? I play the game to have fun and yes. like everyone else hopefully win, I never once said I was as good as anyone or better, I just want to have a fun game where you can express skill, if you have a game where you find no units that suit your RNG items you eventually just bleed out so thats just me getting outskilled or bad luck? Also you sure have a lot knowledge for someone who only plays normal games {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} WeirdChamp
Saezio (EUNE)
: > There is little to no skill expression in this game, I guess you are challenger? How come so many people have multiple accounts in challenger with not many games if the game is RNG? Might be a bit RNG when you are already playing with your equals. But prior to that. It's not rng at all. Just tell me how the challengers just get their accounts there in no time when millions of people struggle to get into plat or diamond. I guess they have non-stop luck. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Name me 3 people that are challenger with 100 games or under that WEREN'T already Diamond + last set. Most of these people in challenger are putting in 8+ hours a day into TFT, casual people who play ranked do not have that type of time, so obviously the people who are above average at the game with a larger sample size are going to be high ranked. Most of these people agree with the game having too much RNG, also love how you ignored my other points. The game is mediocre at best. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Some things never change... (and some need to)
Just another broken unit in this trash set, have you dealt with double RFC Olaf yet? It's like the devs didn't even test anything in this set before releasing it.
: Zephyr
Because the game is awful and has too much rng in so many areas of the game. There is little to no skill expression in this game, you're forced to make due with whatever the game gives you and if you get worse units/items the game is just over. And yes the matchmaking is awful, I love when I'm last place early in the game with no leveled units and they put me up against the guy in first place, really great game design.
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Heroboy10 (EUNE)
: Hyper-rolling makes this game more fun. This tactic is not for climbing high divisions. The risk is too high to fall behind. Is no META here, set 1 was the same. They didn't change anything about the chance of getting gold units.
True but they did buff gold star units stats causing more players to start hyper rolling, but I respect your opinion
Socraph (NA)
: Aggreed, I often try something off meta just for some changes but its is harder to find some units, like Soraka and Janna. Consequently, we are wasting more money rerolling than building a strong strategy.
I agree with both of you the champion pool needs to be fixed, it's so annoying when you scout for a comp you want to go for and still can't get it even when no one is going for the units you want.
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Bultz (NA)
: I'm not playing another game of TFT until it's actually balanced
Game is awful imo. Set 1 was a mess but I feel like set 2 is even worse, really no skill involved at all unless you make it top 3 and actually have to make important choices.
Brodka (NA)
: Please fix LP win/loss ratios for next set
Update: just lost 1 lp for grinding to 4th place lmfao this game is a joke.
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: Hextech Disable might be the reason I quit TFT
Ever since they added hextech the game has been on a free fall of horrible patches imo. I'm making the choice today to just wait until the next set for TFT or ill legit lose my mind lmao. Everything about this game is so frustrating right now.
: Glacial perma stun & Hextech disable is so fun & interactive
It's soooo much fun, patch after patch this game gets so much better!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Yea no the play button is grayed out and my whole friends list is deleted, It also happens some dude who is raging at league just so happened to say " Btw, I got the solution now and I will use it, just wait and see :)" That to me today. Just putting it out there.
Someone said that to you in game when the servers were working?
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jusho1 (NA)
: Whats the point?
Feel you on this, no diversity whatsoever everyone just forces the same comps every game and this one is consistent enough for people to spam it, then they just throw a random Asol in with new epic magic crit item. Fun game.
: It's impressive
Agree 100% every single patch they've done has just ruined the game. Shit is damn near unplayable but I have nothing else to do but force myself into suffering.
: It does this when your hidden MMR is lower than the visible one. The game thinks you are mistakenly higher ranked then you should be. Win more consistently and this issue goes away.
I'm trying my best I already got demoted from plat just feel like for an rng game mode this ranking system is very tough
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Ztoka (NA)
: RFC Change Is Not Cool
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: dear rito, can you at least improve the LP gain/loss system a little bit
It doesn't make sense at all the game is awful. They want people to stay at the same rank while struggling to maintain it as well.
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: Hypercarries oversaturating
The whole game is a shit show and Riot does not care
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: TFT LP Loss/Gain
Game mode is awful and riot doesnt care lmao. Winning a game gets you 25-29 lp then losing makes you lose an upwards of 50.
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: Hi, Hextech was a terrible idea
The funny thing is Riot thinks theyre doing a good job and tft is in a good state currently. Shit is sad that they dont see how bad they ruin things in such a short amount of time
: > [{quoted}](name=VorpalKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=a50RE2Il,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-14T14:44:22.555+0000) > > I've tried to play a couple games, but everyone is running hextech pretty much, which really ruins the fun of this autochess version. The main thing that really stood out tft from others was that items played a pretty big part of it compared to the others I played. I really loved it! Now, with hextech it just feels like it took that out, so now it is honestly a less enjoyable verysion. Its just like, "yes!!, I got some items that makes a certain champ work..... oh, now I am facing hextech". It honestly makes it feel like it don't have any option except not run things that don't work with more than one item. Just not enjoyable at all. This exact thing. I've run 4 DIFFERENT builds now in my run to Gold ranks and sometimes I shift my strategies around what I get NOT ONLY CHAMPS BUT ALSO SPECIFICALLY ITEMS... because of that, now losing items completely makes items essentially a situation where you will be using 1 item on a "decoy" champ, and then the rest of your items on someone in the very back. What I see happening really quickly here is something like a fully item loaded Rengar or Assassin + 6 Bruiser wall + Hextech - if you aren't running 6 bruisers + Hex then you are done and done. This doesn't seem like fun to me - so I'm genuinely sitting this patch out and watching patch notes. Not even a threat. I may actually just lose interest in this game now because of this change. What I don't get is how something this huge makes it out of testing... how the testers thought this was good for the game... even the dev who designed this? Like... it really boggles my mind. Nullifying 6 items for so long basically may as well not even have items in the game.
I agree 100% its insane how they've made this game so much worse over just a couple of patches. Kinda makes sense since they can't even balance real League correctly so I don't know what I was expecting.
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