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Chermorg (NA)
: Statistically, of games that have anyone feeding, trolling, intentionally afk/leaving, etc (varies by elo), you will experience about 50%-2n your team, 50%-n enemy team, and n*n both teams having a feeder (these are rough calculations, see an example calculation below): Example: If there's a 5% chance of a randomly matched player being "useless" (feed/troll/afk/leave/etc), then you will experience one on your team in about **19%** of your games (.95^4 is the chance all four of your teammates are *not* useless, and 1 minus that gives probability of one feeder on your team). Same probability of "useless player given random matchmaking", you have a probability of the enemy team having a feeder of **23%** (all of this math is rounded to the nearest percentage point for convenience). Probability of both teams having a useless player is about 4% or so. So given the games where afk/leavers are present (about 37% of games if we assume 5% of players are useless, which is a **very** high estimate even for bronze), less than half of that 37% have a feeder on your team. It's more likely a feeder is on the **enemy** team. Thus, unless you are simply **extremely** unlucky, you actually end up winning more LP from afk/leavers (as if they're on the enemy team it's very easy for you to win) than you lose. ---- Bottom line: Your premise of trying to blame feeders for **every** loss you have and saying that you deserve better isn't holding water as it's virtually impossible to have intentional feeders in **every** game to demote you 2 levels. Looking at your win ratio of 38% in your current MMR, it looks to me like your current MMR (matchmaking rating, a hidden measure of "skill") is actually a bit high. At your ideal MMR you should win 50%, lose 50%. Your skill level is actually a tad below that of players you're being matched with. Looking at just your ranked games, I have no doubt you have a decent understanding of the game mechanics and how it works. You can't equate that, however, to being **good** at the game. I haven't looked at deathmaps or anything (I honestly don't want to spend the time right now to do so), but there's a lot you can learn from looking at the statistics. I think you can improve and climb in your elo - remember your MMR is what determines who you're matched with and could, for all I know, be woefully different than your **rank** (It's possible you're being matched with players of a silver/gold MMR and that's why your winrate is so low). That will correct itself over time if it's the case. ---- Sorry for the walls of text, I just want to try and provide as thorough an analysis as I can. Best of luck in climbing out of the MMR hole you seem to be in, and try not to blame others for *everything*.
They didn't intentionally feed, they fed, then thought they were useless, then afk'd, I get a lot of teammates like that. I'd rather have someone troll and build 6 {{item:3070}} and split push bot all game, then to just afk at fountain. At least they are productively helping with tower/inhib pressure and trolling to their hearts content.
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