: Can we have an automatic punishment for "kys" that just boots you from the game and bans you?
Someone is saying "kys" to you over a video game. If it bothers you so much that you want them automatically banned for a year then you probably shouldn't be playing this toxic ass game.
: how are people having a hard time climbing in ranked, and blaming it on teammates? Im not buying it.
Dude, you're playing Jungle, calm the fuck down. There is no way an ADC is gonna climb that easily. Way too dependent of a role.
Admeia (NA)
: While you are right on this subject honestly, locking off an entire role is insane to do. Tons of problems would occur such as the fact they wouldn't know how to jungle at all once they actually do reach gold. The meta would flip on them instead of duo top they would actually require to have a jungler and depend on their own in top lane (or jungle). People have bad games and then some other people just are... questionable but you get your good people every now and then. Just tell them to lock in Rammus for low elo. Easy stuff really.
I dont hink he actually wants it to be implemented. This is the rant boards afterall.
: Or armor scaling needs a buff. The % reduction got heavily nerfed so tank's couldn't perma soak damage with the bonus armor pen when it existed. Now that total exists, there should be no reason why armor cant scale that well later on.
Armor would really benefit from an overhaul. Tanks should be great against burst damage, but weak against sustained damage. Maybe making armor break off like tower plates, giving really great defense at first and breaking down with each consecutive hit. Might fix a lot of these problems. Cause if you think about it, the 2 problems with tanks are that they either get blown up too fast or become unkillable. I feel like this would kill 2 birds with one stone.
: Teammates should NOT be allowed to ban declared champions
If it's normals I understand, but ranked isn't the place for far off meta picks. And though you may be experienced with Shaco support, you can't expect your teammates to know that or want to take that gamble. Riot designed the ADC role to be dependent on teammates' peel, and playing in a game with no peel can be a miserable experience. Yeah, Shaco sup might cheese in lane, but what happens late game when the Irelia and Rengar are diving your ADC? It makes sense that they would not want to deal with a Shaco or Teemo support if you think about it. Their champs were not designed to function with a Shaco. If an ADC was locking in Garen or Nautilus I'm sure you'd have a problem too. At the end of the day, yeah you can play whatever you want and they can ban whatever they want. To be honest, neither is right and compromise is the best way to ensure a healthy lane. Barring you to Sona is not okay, but expecting you to choose a champion in the realm of the already gigantic pool of supports is not unreasonable. Try to convince them that it works and what ADCs might synergize well with it, but if they're not comfortable, compromise and you both should pick something you can both agree on.
: In Promos for Gold!!! So Excited!
You might be better off playing a normals to warmup rather than ARAM. The fiesta of that game mode could impact your mind's focus and strategy.
: does no one who makes these posts understand that without autofill queue times would be in upwards of 30 min or more? riot said it themselves somewhere (forget the exact place)
Did u even read the damn post, it's literally not even asking for that.
Rioter Comments
: who eat chicken
yes, me go store
Moody P (NA)
: ADC players don't seem to grasp the reason they are squishy
ADCs dominate late game teamfights, and are the best at or near full item builds. This is true, but people forget that there is a whole pre 30 minutes of the game where crit marksmen are the worst combat class in an even gold situation. They cannot 1v1 anyone, except the Sup, and maybe not even the support, some of the time. They are the most team reliant class in the game, etc. etc. we all know this stuff. The vast majority of your post, critiqued ADC gameplay at the post 30 minute mark of the game. That is not even half the game, yet the majority of the flaws you have with the class stem from it. If a class is as team reliant and weak pre-30 as (crit) marksmen, it is not unreasonable for them to be the "best" class after that mark. Especially, when they need the support of your team before and after you scale. Now I'm not gonna argue that that is the healthiest way to handle a class, but I'm not going to pretend like the class is just overall better than another class because it's the best at showing up in its team's kill feed in a late game fight.
: Im getting 13 LP per win
You aren't supposed to climb. In order for it to get that bad, you have to have lost a ton of games at the bottom of a rank without falling. Either way, Riot wants you to sit where you are or fall a few divisions and focus on improving your play/improving your MMR for now to make up for the things I said earlier.
: > [{quoted}](name=kingDeDeDarius,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t1w9sL14,comment-id=00060000000100000000,timestamp=2019-02-05T16:50:41.844+0000) > > I agree, I propose a truce! Nonmobiles must muster our forces and mobilize against our common enemies: the yasuos, Zed's, jax's, irelias, and vayne's of this world nope. the problem is still the reliability of the main damage source(s) of marksmen. lets not forget, that the original champion who started the mobility and power creep in league of legends was {{champion:22}} pre season 1. if marksmen werent carrying almost entirely off their auto attack damage, and were outplayable, they could be more resilient to gap closing and burst without being broken.
"and were outplayable" No Garen is losing to the average ADC 1 v 1 in any even circumstance. The only time he loses is when he's being peeled off by the ADCs teammates. I don't understand how because when peeled properly, an ADC can avoid being killed by dashless melees means they lack counterplay. You probably kill an ADC 3 times in a game and fail to kill them 3 times, because they were peeled, yet only remember the later. Yeah, late game they are gonna mess you up way more often than not, but don't pretend to not remember when it was 15 minutes and you tanked 15 autos from them with just a Cleaver and Tabis as you destroyed their tower and walked off like they weren't even there. Fair is Fair, my dude.
Saezio (EUNE)
: But adc is still integral to any composition, so how can we even debate their relevance? I mean last year when adc wasn't relevant for _ 1 FUCKING PATCH _ they were insta buffed directly and indirectly. Tanks have not been relevant for how long now? And no tank buffs yet. Only nerfs and more damage in the fucking _RESOLVE TREE _
Relevant? We just had 6 months of 20 min stomps where teams didn't even know they had an ADC unless he was feeding, in which case they'd throw out a quick "0-5 trash botlane" in the chat and proceed to win/lose the game for them. The only reason ADC is integral is because even though they're useless for most of the game they're late game insurance. And that right there sums up the class's problem.
: quality of games in bronze/silver elo
Plat is still worse in my opinion because you will often get people who think they know everything, but are really feeding and making a bunch of poor decisions. And since the enemy players are plat and at least half decent mechanically, it becomes pretty toxic to beat them once they get some gold under their belt.
Rioter Comments
: Well she is literally the main protagonist of the whole game, even much more threatening than the void since her organization is unknown (Black Rose). And no she isn't part of Noxus, she use Noxus for the greater good of her organization. I would not be surprise that her gameplay is linked on how strong she is.
Dude that is terrible reasoning lol
HàrrowR (EUW)
: Honestly {{champion:238}} to me is much much worse than {{champion:107}} , at least rengar is kinda useless without his ult, Zed can still one shot you even without it, Zed is also much harder to punish when he makes a mistake cause he can just W out of it, worst case scenario he has to pop his ult to avoid some damage first. Also a flash can really mess Rengar up, while again Zed will just dash towards you or hit you with his shurikens while his R deals 1400 dmg anyway, i tested it out in practice mode, his full combo without ignite deals around 6k dmg to a 100 armor dummy, you need 1/3 of that for a carry, no wonder almost every Zed that killed me lately didn't even have to land his Q, just RE+Auto+Duskblade, he deals astronomical damage compared to any other assassin
: It aint just league, its every moba. Assassins are a devs worst nightmare. Too weak? Everyone bitches, too strong? everyone bitches. The problem starts with ADCs, Assassins are supposed to be able to kill them near instantly, because if they dont they are now just dead to high damage and sustain. Most assassins are all damage no sustain with some exceptions, removing adc sustain would be a step in the right direction you arent a "glass cannon" when you can just lifesteal back to full.
This is not Overpowered or not Overpowered thread, they have a design problem. Stealthed assassins have the easiest time getting to carries so they should have the hardest time actually killing them. That's why the system is flawed, and the OP is trying to address this.
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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
I like that we are going back to the old direction more but the old system was not perfect, so we shouldn't just completely revert it. Even though the 250% crit damage is being addressed, another problem with the old path was its item diversity. The {{item:3046}} change helped address this. It will certainly be a good choice against heavy burst damage. My problem is that we don't have more of these kinds of changes. In order to build diversity, we need the zeal items niches that can fit any crit marksmen depending on the situation. Because as it stands the same old combos eg. {{champion:51}} {{item:3094}} or {{champion:222}} {{item:3085}} will remain. We need to flush out the item's identities and make them different. Here's an example. **AOE niche:**{{item:3087}} {{item:3085}} Make Statik Shiv an item purchased for its AOE and not burst or {{item:3094}} synergy, so it can be built with any other zeal item or with runaans if you just want to focus solely on aoe damage. Maybe make it activate every 3 AA's but deal less damage instead? Just separate it from RFC. Also, consider giving one of the two some AD, so players can be encouraged to rush that rather than the awkward BF into zeal rush from the old days. **Poke niche:** {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} Give Stormrazor crit so Draven isn't the only one building it after this change but remove the attack speed. I could see it building with {{item:2015}} and being a more AD centered version of Rapid fire cannon w/o the extra range of course. My examples are rushed and not perfect but I'm just trying to show how we can go about making these build paths more interchangeable and diverse than they currently are and have been.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 100% ban/pick rate in kespa cup
Then why didn't they rework her like they said they were going to months ago?
: Nautilus Buff
They could buff his attack speed so he could go into the jg, but they do not need t buff his AD or AP. This game is horrible when tanks can 100-0 squishies without buying a single damage item. Any tank that cannot function without doing damage is not a tank and needs to be reworked. Period.
Seen (NA)
: The problem with ranged steroids botlane
I don't know why you mentioned Jhin and Cait. Alone those champs can't poke you out of lane unless you play like shit or something. The problems are Xerath and Velkoz, but even they have their weaknesses. All in sups like Pyke or Blitz counter them pretty hard tbh.
Lan Fan (EUW)
: Well, Irelia is at 45 % winrate and she's getting nerfed again too x3
Irelia is in the same boat as Zoe, they need to make her healthier rather than gut her. I saw a clip of her getting a Quadra in a 1 v 5 because she dashed through all of them over and over with her resets. I think if they fixed OP but uncommon shit like that then people would be less inclined to ask for nerfs all the time. Instead Riot guts her in other places, so she becomes inconsistent and only thrives in those specific comps/situations, which is why her winrate is so bad.
Rioter Comments
Aeduan (EUW)
: Can't remake if there is a first blood in a 4v5 (from the start of the game)?
I've remade before after first bloods. I think this support person just didn't know what they were talking about.
Arakadia (NA)
: On Reddit there were thousands of upvotes and generally lots of support for Riot to make Frost Blade Irelia even sexier. And Riot did. And thats okay. I'm not quite sure what your saying is accurate.
Are you implying that there weren't any people in those comments criticizing the people that wanted that? Cause I'd find that hard to believe.
Eedat (NA)
: I mean they've already made it so if you spend 25 minutes getting ahead and fuck up a single time you pretty much lose your entire lead. How much more do you want before we just not give gold on kills, remove gold from minions, and give everyone the same amount of gold at all times via gold per second?
They would obviously tone that back if the lowered snowballing. No point in reasoning with you though, you've obviously been throwing a ton of games recently and are butt hurt about it.
Rioter Comments
: You outlined the only situation where it'd be met with criticism. If Riot gave Jinx an overflowing bust, people would call Riot out on it. If Riot shaved off Tryndamere's muscle in the same way they slimmed Sejuani, people would call Riot out on it.
The Jinx one is not relevant. What I'm saying is that if they released a Caitlyn skin but her bust was much smaller than usual, the people who'd asked for it to be bigger would be called perverts. In the Jinx scenario, the perverts would be Riot lol. I knew I'd get down voted for this but regardless, I know I'm right.
Rioter Comments
: Firecracker sejuani SERIOUSLY needs more muscle definition.
Tbh, if someone asked for a bigger butt or tits on a female champ's skin because the skin portrayed the champ's assets as smaller than what was previously established, they would likely be met with criticism. It's interesting how people see this post in a different light though.
Elohaven (NA)
: Vayne still has the shortest range in account of abilities which is what is mainly addressed. It'll be ignorant to account for only range when abilities aren't factored in. This is why most of the ADC pool can zone Vayne early on and thus she has a "weak" early. If this was not the case, then Vayne should be winning matchups early if she's equal at least and not have a weak early.
Vayne's range only matters in lane. Once she's ulting and dashing/disappearing in teamfights she's gonna fair a lot better in a team fight than any other ADC outside of the ones with over 600 range.
Elohaven (NA)
: Vayne facing a pool of assassins or mages is zoning. She has to wait until CC is wasted or blown to go in or she gets destroyed by one ability often. The basis of Vayne is timing and exploitation of player mistakes, not pure strength and DPS. Anytime Vayne has been stronger in raw DPS, she's been nerfed. MF, Jinx, Kai'Sa, Twitch, Tristana, Draven, Caitlyn beat Vayne in purely autos. Vayne risks more agains teams which is why she doesn't see pro play often. It's risky to go in constantly if you aren't aware of what can hit you once you go in as she's an all-in champion.
Vayne beats every ADC in a duel once she gets her items and that was before this buff. Before you had to work to get 1 auto off on her, now if you aren't on the ball you might not even get 1 auto on her before she returns to stealth. Plus she still has condemn.
: ranked is broken currently.
Silver deserves more respect now that they have Bronze and Iron under them.
: well lets think about it .... its typically a 2 vs 2 lane so if one of them wins/ gets ahead thats 2 strong players on one team and 2 behind players on the other team and then if jungler helps thats 3 strong players on one team if you get ahead you should baring major mistakes/out plays should stay ahead and win. but now with the bounty system it dont matter. last night i was supporting a karthus bot vs a morg/trist , trist went 8-0-2 in lane with akali roaming from mid and ganks from malphite jungle. we were getting smashed early. i all in them as sona with flash ult and kill trist and got a 1000 gold bounty and from there i legit was strong enough to heal any of their damage out put in team fights.
That's basically 3 kills worth of gold on the support. Trist had 8 kills worth of gold plus CS. There is no way you had anywhere near Trist's gold from that. She just probably didn't have IE yet and couldn't deal any damage even with her lead.
: {{item:3742}} {{item:3068}} both have only around 80% gold efficiency, while beeing core items. to nearly ever tank. Tank masterys are not even close to be as gold efficient, as any other mastery is. Noone does force you to buy a item that is not only ment for crit champs. When stormrazor was introduced many assasines and bruisers bought it aswell. It gives you a free guaranteed extra dmg crit with its passive, so i dont see the problem? Alternatively you could just go for {{item:1038}} into {{item:3086}} into{{item:3046}} or{{item:3094}}. Items that are close to be exclusive adc items. {{item:3031}} was changed to its current state, because you adcs, like every other champ complained about actually needing skill to kill tanks instead of just rightclicking for 3 times (also looking at assasines). Now they gave you even more truedmg, not even considering conquerer, so you can easly whipe out everything, but you are still complaining. remember crit can be counterbuild, true dmg however cant. And exactly that is the problem lol has atm.
The stormrazor winrate is better than the {{item:1038}} into zeal item build path, which is why people build it. I'll try to help you understand how bad their items are using tank items. Stormrazor would be the equivalent of tanks being forced to build ludens echo 1st item before they were allowed to build armor/mr. Imagine having to build damage (a useless stat to you) in order to survive early because armor/mr sucked so much early you couldn't rush it and still be a champion. Infinity Edge would be the equivalent of armor capping out at 200 in a world where every health item also gave armor so you'd have no choice but to overcap armor in order to get health but with no compensation. Now that there is inefficient. Essence Reaver would be the equivalent of Iceborn Gauntlet being your only mana choice, but the activation for its passive was to do 60% of your opponents health in 1 second. Would literally contradict what a tank wants to do right? The same way forcing marksmen, a primarily AA centered class to use their ultimate in order to get the passive is right? Tank items may have problems, but it's nothing number tweaks can't fix. Marksmen itemization is flawed at its core and is fundamentally broken.
: Star Guardian Urgot
I guess I just don't have enough troll in me but I feel like it kind of makes a mockery to a skin line that is iconic for its cuteness. The same way someone like {{champion:142}} would make a mockery of the Bloodmoon skin line.
: Thats not true. Have a look at tank items.
No way bro, just look at {{item:3095}}. It gives them no crit and is a burst item on a dps class, but marksmen items are so bad early that they have no choice but to buy it. {{item:3508}} isn't even built on anyone because it has the most niche activation ever with a lackluster result. And {{item:3031}} makes you waste hundreds of gold on over capping crit just to go full build, this is on top of already wasting gold on {{item:3095}}. Please explain to me how tank items are this bad.
: Get Vel out of the bot lane
Leona shouldn't be losing to him since her ult counters his ult. He's countered by all-in sups and heal sups. I agree he needs to go, but I wouldn't call him uncounterable.
Farkinob (NA)
: It's ridiculous how bottom ADC is garbage.
Playing ADC right now is like playing with weights on, when they finally fix how horrible it is, ADC mains are gonna feel like Rock Lee. :\
: Adcs have 0 trouble stop saying that. What Riot did wrong is to whipe out supports entirely so you as adc have no back up. A brand or a zyra wont tank dmg when ints needed, they cant shield, brand only has weak cc. If mid mages hadnt takwn over the support role entirely, adc would have no trouble at all, because item, stat and mastery wise you are fine id say. Sure Bruisers and Assasines are to strong.
The current ADC Itemization is the least gold efficient, most counterproductive item system I've ever seen since I've started playing this game 4 years ago. There is most certainly a problem with the role itself.
Xebelon (EUW)
: aatrox nerfs when?
Maybe delete this post and try again without being so disrespectful, while actually putting some effort into the post and I'll consider not downvoting.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bronze GOAT,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=87hQwqzA,comment-id=000000010001,timestamp=2019-01-06T14:15:51.640+0000) > > Ali and Brand have about the same pickrate, It doesn't matter Plat games are shit, so people not being able to abuse alistar is not relevant any players playing in a real competitive environment would tell that alistar is x50 superior to brand
> "are they talking about iron/bronze games?" You literally mislead people by claiming iron/bronze games to be the only elo where mage sups are relavent in the OP. And the instant you are met with facts stating that other elos besides the rock bottom ones also have the issue you run and pretend that Master+ was all you meant. Congratz, a tiny fraction of the community aren't spamming mage sups... I guess there's nothing to worry about.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: in which elo? https://i.gyazo.com/32f88b8f9d0a237bdf9b4bc43a933183.png this is alistar in master+ https://i.gyazo.com/7cbe7df0774eb6602ac1876259497ed1.png this is brand in master+ there isn't a single support main in high elo who goes for brand instead of alistar the only brand players are midlaners who are autofilled and thus go for brand instead of alistar https://i.gyazo.com/ca55f46759b3e3150c7bffcfdca3c46d.png if you take plat+ even pyke is absurd, and morgana still has a higher pick rate than support brand and support zyra
There are way too few people in masters to be using those stats, are you serious? That's less than 1% of the community. In Plat+ which is only about 10% of the community, Ali and Brand have about the same pickrate, and Zyra is following like 1 point behind. Pyke is literally second. People can be so misleading with statistics I swear. 2 one tricks alone could skew that data, that's how low that population is. How could you even use that?
sobi999 (EUW)
: I mean, in soloq, there is nothing worse than playing a "Real" support when your allies dive 1v5 and you have the option to either follow and die with them or leave them to their state. With Brand, at least if my adc messes up, i can always pick up kills and carry. Many games where i was fed as a brand support, i have single handedly carried the game but this also meant that my adc was lackluster and the enemies adc was non-existent. That's what you get for nerfing shields and buffing damage.
ADCs struggle with bad supports as much as Sups struggle with bad ADCs. It's a team game, and even more so when you're playing the duo roles. If you can't stand having bad ADCs so much that you must carry yourself then by all means do it, just do it in the APC role. Picking Brand support makes it that much more difficult for your ADC to carry. Sure you may win lane and the game but overall, the ADC will have done less than he could've with a real support and in a lot of cases the ADC ends up entirely useless. Now wouldn't it just make more sense for you to just play APC Brand so your team gets a strong carry and a support to protect the team, instead of a useless ADC and a Sup Brand carrying, but less effectively cause he's on support income?
: I agree with all you had to say. Sorry if it seemed as if I was arguing with you. I am right on your page about support.
No problem bro, glad we could get on the same page.
Saevum (NA)
: Not everyone has the champion pool of the teammate that you want to swap with. Except probably borrowed LCS accounts.
I'm pretty sure you can swap more than once, so swap again and again till it works.
: 5 vs 5 rank game problem (pick order)
Just swap champions. If its flex, you should all be communicating anyway. They expect you to do this, which is why they didn't bother making it random.
Regality (EUW)
: The defensive stat shards that you can choose feel worthless
I don't get why they aren't all 10... Especially, since the only harm is that damage will be a bit lower. Which is something everyone complains about, at least on these boards ig.
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