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: Hey, nice job! Keep up the good work[/img]
> [{quoted}](name=Final Spark Lux,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2evHEUBl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-01T02:52:10.813+0000) > > Hey, nice job! Keep up the good work[/img] Thanks man I'm trying
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: > [{quoted}](name=Bronze II Yasuo ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vayetIbb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-01T19:06:29.380+0000) > > Rengar was still one shotting people reworked so I don't know why all those Rengar mains were crying for a revert. The reason we were was because the Q overall just freaking sucked to use. It was clunky, slow, and overall just not fun to use. Before duskblade became the thing it is now, Rengar's Q came out slow enough that people could literally just walk away from it when you ulted. Plus, it was an animation lock, meaning you often would end up dying because the animation happened too slow so the ADC you were trying to kill ended up killing you while you were in the animation. It also in general interupted the smooth flow that Rengar's kit is supposed to have, ruining the combos you could have. TLDR; Animation lock meant it removed everything people loved about Rengar, the smoothness of the kit and the lock also gave Rengar a shit ton of problems every other assassin in the game doesn't have.
Damn it’s like the goal of the assassin rework was to make them have delay burst? Oh wait didn’t matter because he still dealt a shit ton of damage either way, I would prefer the old Q for the same reason because it’s a delayed burst
: Thank you Riot
Rengar was still one shotting people reworked so I don't know why all those Rengar mains were crying for a revert.
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: Yes, and then you have characters like Zed, with mobility to be able to catch up to them. A Yasuo can E to them and Q to blow them up. It's your own fault for thinking that having a long cooldown escape on an ADC is broken.
Maybe cause they use their escape AFTER they an enemy uses their gap closers. No one is dumb enough to use it before.
: You act like they have no counterplay. While everything you said is true, they also have near the lowest health, the least mobility comparatively, few armor or MR options, and little movement speed. They're glass cannons in every sense of the term. You're the one that needs to adjust to that. While ADCs could use some tweaking, they're not broken or unbalanced. You had a bad game where an ADC got fed. It happens to everyone. Move on.
Least mobility? Unless you’re an idiot to play Ashe these days good luck with Trist, Ez, Vayne, Kalista etc
Akaviri (NA)
: None of those are true except some of them scale the hardest, yes. Don't know why you would think they have infinite range lol...
Clearly never played against a good tristana and rfc is an option tool
: And the "Hilarious Lack of Self Awareness" award goes to....
I’ve only played Yasuo once take a look at my S7 champs. Stop talking out of your ass, thanks. And the “Hilarious showing of Bigotry” award goes to.....
Aimléss (NA)
: A Yasuo shouldn't be having problems with ADC's at all, you literally have a windwall which makes them about as useful as minions for nearly 4 seconds.
Who the fuck says I play Yas?
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TylerBrah (EUW)
: Are you complaining about an early game Lane bully (Draven) having early impact? Is this really what this board is coming too?
Yes. You know what's funny? ADCs even having early game strengths. They have the best burst damage that scales harder than any other class so why he able to shine at all stages of the game?
: This is why people hate ranked and become toxic.
*This is why I hate ranked and I become toxic FTFY
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Eedat (NA)
: No, I explained the difference when you would nerf an item and when you would need a champion. I never said nerf both. I was merely ***explaining*** the difference. You're implying I want him Sej'd when in reality I just want him nerfed
Right you made a thread asking for Ez nerds but also state he should be balanced around Klepto. There’s no assumption here, just contradiction.
Eedat (NA)
: When did I say exactly that I wanted them both nerfed? Pretty sure this thread is clearly about nerfing Ez directly. At no point do I ever elude to nerfing Klepto as well. Getting Sejuani'd is getting direct nerfs then having your itemization nerfed which ends up guttering the champion. I never once suggested nerfing them both
You’ve stated champions are balanced around their items which is no different from balancing a champion around runes, then you made this thread asking for Ez nerfs. Ok
Eedat (NA)
: Yes. And?
You're arguing champions are balanced around items such need nerfs first before the items. I mean this term didn't make up itself. > [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1P4Z5nH0,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-27T19:34:44.695+0000) > > This isn't an item and champs are balanced around their itemization legit all the time. > How much is Klept even being abused that the entirety needs to be nerfed?
Eedat (NA)
: This isn't an item and champs are balanced around their itemization legit all the time. The way it's done is if an item is overperforming on the majority of champs that use it, nerf the item. If the item is balanced on the majority of it's users, tweak the outliers. You're implying I don't know how this works when in reality you don't.
Are you familiar with the term "Sejuani'd"?
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: Damn Calad, it takes actual cojones to show a riot flair in these kinds of threads. Especially now that the entirety of the front page is littered with complaints.
I mean it's better to get a response, them going silent is probably the worse thing they could do. I'd rather hear their side than them refusing to talk.
: this is the most bronze thing I have read. I'm not going to argue about what u have to say I recommend you play the game for urself and realize that if ur ahead, u can abuse people that arent
> [{quoted}](name=silverscope98,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q4GEUh1i,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-11T18:59:25.644+0000) > > I'm not going to argue about what u have to say Cause you have nothing to argue.
: So u dont want a rengar thats lvl 14 to be able to one shot a mage thats lvl 11???? This has nothing to do with preseason, rengar and other assassins always work this way. Once they get ahead, they have high kill pressure and there is counterplay. Just because you dont see it doesnt mean there is none.
While assassins should be able to kill someone fast I don't think they should be able to fuckin one shot them into oblivion, like 940 dmg? lol..
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: ***
Why does it matter what I do in solo queue? Glad to see you can make a rational argument over assassins. Oh wait you can’t you just make some completely unrelated argument But then again you provided no “facts” besides the obvious stats on my OPGG
: i don't really like the specific riven main all that much but he actually had a point in that post.
You know for like the past couple of days he made like 4 - 5 posts daily shit posting bot lane with the most illogical reasons.
: forgot 30 minutes everyone walks down mid in a 1v1 fashion and starts trying to make bets on who wins instead of grouping.
split pushing is still an option depending on the game, but this is why assassins are meant to be a gamble when picked.
: wait, so I checked out your OP.GG just now and it says no recorded games.
Guy also claims to be d3+ yet he ended in silver and his stats don't look like a diamond player
Voluug13 (NA)
: > if his job is impossible, he is then a useless champion. I mean, he is supposed to kill the adc, but also he isnt supposed to dive the adc when he is outnumbered. The biggest reason why this adc vs assassin arms race started is because assassins could just yolodive the adc with their entire team there and get the kill anyways. Specially Zed who gets point&click mobility that also works as an escape.
He doesn't seem to get that certain assassins are meant for 1v1
: Idk what people on the boards are talking about when it comes to twitch most of the time. It goes from "they are a huge threat at only 4 items" to "they can 1v1 anyone in the game at 1 item and boots"
It's not even about Twitch, it's the fact most people think assassins are suppose to be some 1v5 god when they are only meant to be 1v1 situations. If you decided to 2v1 in general you shouldn't win unless given you are very ahead, or given certain circumstances like summoner spells being down
: Are you responding to an already existing topic or making a completely original one?
: Wait why are you posting a response to another thread by making another thread instead of just commenting on that thread Why are we doing two threads, one conversation
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: People hate janna because of the ridiculous steroids she gives ADCs. AD on top of the ardent censer buff and the infinite peel she can provide is just too much. hating on one champion=/=hating on all champions of the same vein
> > hating on one champion=/=hating on all champions of the same vein lol
: Are you implying that Janna being permanently put in the dumpster with a 40% winrate just like Ryze wouldn't be a net positive for the game?
people say supports are too tied to adcs but janna is the most team eccentric support yet people complain about her all the time, people really don't know what they want.
Penns (EUW)
: gutted for normal champions: below 46-44% win rate gutted for janna players: below 53% win rate with 20% play rate lel
sorry forgot people on the boards are too fucking literal sometimes and knit pick words.
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: But this makes absolutely no sense. Marksman itemization has not been buffed damage wise except the 5 AD on a few items.
Do you read patch notes?
: #TLDR: Marksman are strong right now because literally everything in the meta favors them right now. **Tanks are still strong as crap on their own** Who counters tanks? ADCs. So having tanks being strong correlates with ADCs being strong naturally. Tanks now have bramble, stoneplate, locket, and many more appealing options to choose from. **Supports are probably the strongest role right now** Their itemization options are borderline disgustingly good. {{item:3504}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3076}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3193}} etc. How could ADCs NOT thrive in this situation? Supports are too good at their job right now, nd its getting out of hand. **Some assassins arent that good right now** Seriously. Lebalnc is up for her rework, AD Assassins are being held back by Duskblade, Diana is still in a weird spot, and so on. Some assassins could use a bit of help so the assassin class can overall do a bit better. ALTHOUGH, nerfing tanks and supports may fix this issue too. **Divers and skirmishers are being completely outclassed by tanks** Seriously. Why pick Irelia or Vi when you can just pick sejuani. Sej can lock you down for ages and still proceed to chunk you hard, and if they build RG and bramble, its really hard to outclass. #In my opinion, we are not in a direct ADC meta, we are in a hardcore tank and support meta, where they make it almost impossible to kill the adc. Nerfing these two will indirectly buff assassins and indirectly nerf ADCs. *Also as a Caitlyn main, Shiv is a disgusting item*
How does this make sense when everyone is saying Marksman themselves are doing too much dmg?
: > [{quoted}](name=XelNiya,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pd6cMuig,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-09-11T23:09:27.579+0000) > > Are you joking ? An all ADC team is shit vs a traditional comp. I just played vs one where my team fed all to fuck and we still won rather convincingly because at group time, all they have is damage and we had damage, peel, engage, disengage, lockdowns, knockups etc. > > To be honest bro, this sounds like a Bronze 5 complaint. the issue isnt with 5 adc teamcomps. but adc are 100% mandatory every game on bot lane, while theyre showing up in every other lane aswell. meanwhile when a non adc champion was a viable pick on bot lane, rioters actually received death threats. they want their champions to be viable picks as hard counters to champions in other lanes, but cant give up their monopoly over the duo lane without throwing a tantrum. stay classy, adc mains.
Did you not read the title of this post? Nice to see the boards bias side.
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: ardent nerfs were nothing lol janna gotta get some skill added to her
: > [{quoted}](name=Love2Lovez,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jGfMj6hu,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-21T18:45:53.205+0000) > > It isn't because most CC spells are higher range than what an ADC can get considering these days they "don't have to kite" the ones with the most amount of cc would be the supports are usually sitting right next to the adc in the backline. in reality, its mostly the frontline and divers that get hit by cc. also a lot of cc types dont affect marksmen much. they dont give much of a shit about movement impairing effects like snares and slows, if they get enough shielding and healing, since they have a high threat range. you can be slowed as a marksman and will still be able to auto attack people. melee champions on the other hand just need to be 200 units away from the next enemy to be completely worthless most of the time. what allows marksmen to facetank without kiting is also ardent censer, lifesteal, support shields and other defensive mechanics on their offensive items.
Incorrect considering most tanks these days are face loaded with CC on all their spells
Penns (EUW)
: because when i play lulu for example i wouldnt even get in range to w the twitch or kog before they shred my whole team hehe
But ADCs don't have to kite with all this cc around
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